SFVSG Ch.85 Sadness of a father

“Grandma, Taiping and I have come to wish you a long life!” Xia Jinxuan was holding Xu Taiping’s hand. She was holding a glass of wine in her other hand. With a face full of smiles, she walked beside Liu Yangsi.

“Good, Child come here. Here is your red packet.” Liu Yangsi gave two red packets filled with money to Xia Jinxuan and Xu Taiping. After both received her money packet, they touched their wine cup with Liu Yangsi cup and drained the whole cup in one gulp.

“Grandma, you don’t have to drink! We already know your love for us!” When Xia Jinxuan saw that Liu Yangsi was going to drink her red wine, she promptly said.

“My obedient grand-daughter understands how to throw a birthday party for this old woman. I am just happy knowing the care and love you have for this old woman. This arrangement is better than some people’s arrangement. Now you don’t need to do anything, come and sit with me and enjoy this evening. I don’t understand how pitiful my daughter was to blindly follow that thankless wretch. It was god’s concern for me that I could have such well-behaved grand-daughter, otherwise, I would have been already dead!” Liu Yangsi pulled Xia Jinxuan’s hand and said.

“This Xia Xuan has spent all my money to prepare for your birthday, mother.” Xia Jiang resentfully said.

“Did I say that it wasn’t? Why do you always maintain such an image in front of me? Do you have some guilty conscience?” Liu Yangsi asked.

Although, outside Xia Jiang was someone who could kill without batting his eyes and always kept his word, however, in front of this old woman he didn’t have any temperament. He resentful laughed and then touched his wine glass with alongside sitting Song Huben and in one mouthful gulped down whole glass. As if it was the only thing he could do to wash down the gloominess inside his heart.

“Grandma, this is my gift for you.” Xia Jinxuan took out a box and gave it to Liu Yangsi.

“Good, thank you. My obedient granddaughter!” Liu Yangsi took the box and opened it while having a face full of smiles.

There was a grey kerchief inside the box. It had the mark of Chanel.

“This isn’t something cheap!” Xia jinxuan’s big aunt said, “ this is Chanel. It must have cost tens of thousands.”

“Even if it’s a worthless thing, as long as it Xia Jinxuan, my obedient granddaughter have purchased for me, it will be priceless!” Liu Yangsi shook her head and said.

“Grandma, this is my regard for your long life.” Xu Taiping took out a small box from the pocket and gave it to Liu Yangsi.

“Xiao Xu, you don’t need to spend so much for me. As long as any of you two gave me a gift, it’s more than enough. Don’t concern yourself with separate gifts. Youngsters need to understand thrift. Like this, you all could have a good and stable life in the future!” Liu Yangsi diligently said.

“This is something my friend has given to me.” Xu Taiping smiled and said, “I hope that grandma, will like it. Grandma, may your happiness be as immense as the East Sea and you live as long as the Zhongnan Mountains!”

“Grandma, this is Taiping’s regard. You accept it. Oh right, grandma, please look that thing is inside the box. Taiping didn’t tell me!” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Good, let’s see.” Liu Yangsi laughed and opened the box. The smile on her face suddenly froze after looking at the thing inside the box.

There was a square stone with a seal engraved inside the box.

The stone was very small. It was roughly five centimeters in height, width around two centimeters. However, it looked very exquisite. It had a greenish-yellow color. No one could understand what texture it was from looks.

‘This, this is?” Liu Yangsi being flabbergasted looked at Xu Taiping and said, “Is this the Shoushan stone?”

“Yes.” Xu Taiping nodded and said, “Xia Jinxuan has told me that your native place is at Fujian Province. This Shoushan stone is a specialty of that region. I asked a person to look for a good looking Shoushan stone. This stone even has your name carved on top of it. I hope you will like it.”

“Xiao Xu, you, you are kind.” Liu Yangsi with eyes slightly red and somewhat shuddering voice, said, “when I was sixteen years old, I came to this Jiang Yuan city with Jinxuan’s grandfather. Since then I never returned to my native place. This Shoushan stone is the specialty of that place. In my childhood, my father always brought these stones from the mountain top. After looking at this stone, I suddenly remembered my father’s face, my family member’s face. I am already seventy years old, don’t know if I can’t ever see them again. My biggest wish in this life is to be able to return to my native village one day. I want to have my ash spread on that mountain of my native village. Taiping, it’s not that grandmother doesn’t like this thing, instead, it is very precious for me. The carving of this Shoushan stone is also good. I can even guess the value of this thing. Please, you take it back. It is not easy for youngsters to earn money nowadays.”

“Let alone these, compared to you, no one here has greater emotional attachment to this thing than you. It’s nothing that a worthless pile of money could compare to. Just looking at it, you could recall such a long past of yours. You could easily understand the significance of this thing, grandma, please accept it.” Xu Taiping said with a smile.

“Right, grandma, please accept it.” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Good. I am accepting it. When the time comes for you to marry Jinxuan, I will treat it as a groom’s gift to the bride’s family! Xiao Xu, grandma is very happy today, come, let’s drink many a cup together.” Liu Yangsi said with a smile.

“Okay, grandma!” Xu Taiping nodded and then drank with Liu Yangsi. Later he went down with Xia Jinxuan.

“This future son-in-law of yours is not simple, Brother Xia.” Song Huben squinted his eyes and said, “this Shoushan stone, although has a small seal carved on it, however, this stone condition is excellent. Even if you consider this seal, it’s value must be more than millions. If he could take out such a valuable thing like this, moreover something which that old lady is fond of, I don’t think it would have been easy. Either it was delivered by your daughter through him or he is very considerate.”

“What future son-in-law?” Xia Jiang glared at Song Huben and said, “since I don’t know from where this youngster come out from, and why so skilled he is. I don’t even know why did he approach my daughter. This kind of man is like a time bomb.”

“That at once kill him.” Song Huben said.

“I would have if I could. Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun, both were defeated by him together. He even quietly emerged from the darkness in my room. How can I kill such man even if I want to.” Xia Jiang shook his head and said.

“Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun, both were defeated? He is skilled!” Song Huben said in astonishment.

“That matter I am most fearful is about this, even if he has defeated Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun, no one beside me knows this. I couldn’t even understand just how strong he is. Since those two were defeated even before they could fight.
“You know an expert is not something fearful, on the contrary, since an expert put themselves in high regard, that’s why there are many ways to defeat such a person. Do you know what type of person is most dreadful? A completely unscrupulous expert. This kind of person could go to any length to curry favor from you and the same person can give you a fatal blow in a moment of weakness. Guan He told me that on the body of Xu Taiping has the aura of a killer.
You know right, Guan He is very experienced as a killer. She could easily identify the aura of a person who is in the same trade as her.” Xia Jiang said.

“Aura of a killer? Is it possible that Xu Taiping is a killer? Is it possible that he has approached Jinxuan to kill you?” Song Huben asked.

“If he wants to kill me, that he would have already killed me. The reason is not this simple.” Xia Jiang shook his head and after sighing, said, “now, whatever we say it is useless. Look at Jinxuan, the only person her eyes could see is that Xu Taiping. Now, where can this father have a place in her heart. I fear that even if Xu Taiping asked her help to kill me, she would not oppose him!”

“Hahaha, Jinxuan has followed you from her childhood. She is quite stubborn. As long as she likes something, she won’t care about other things. And as long as she doesn’t attain her purpose she won’t give up. Well, Afterall, she has someone like you to worry! Fortunately our Jialing didn’t find such a man, otherwise, my situation would have been like you, hahaha!” Song Huben joked with Xia Jiang.

After eating and drinking to the heart content, Liu Yangsi went back to her bed. Song Huben and Song Jialing also departed from that house.

“Jialing, you have been beating Jinxuan from childhood. This time also, you can beat her!” Song Huben sat inside the car and happily said.

“What are you talking about, father.” Song Jialing sat down beside Song Hubeng and asked while chatting on WEchat.

“That boyfriend of Jinxuan is very mysterious. Right now, we don’t know his purpose, background, history. Your uncle Xia doesn’t even have a bit of a clue. He is getting mad from being anxious. Also, Jinxuan is already dead set on that man. This is making your uncle Xia even more helpless. You should find a bit reliable boyfriend, not someone who will make your father stressed. Can you beat Jinxuan this time?” Song Huben asked.

“So it is like this. Father, I have something I want to tell you!” Song Jialing said.

“You can tell me anything.” Song Huben said with a smile.

“The matter is such. I am also planning to pursue that Xu Taiping.” Song Jialing said.

“Hmm, good…huh …what?” Song Huben suddenly got stupefied. He was carefully looking at Song Jialing and didn’t want to believe what he had heard just then.

“If Jiaxuan could pursue him to be her boyfriend, I don’t believe I can’t pursue him as well!’ SOng Jialing bluntly said, “I must pursue that Xu Taiping.”

“Daughter, you, how can you be like this!” Song Huben angrily said, “nobody knows what history that Xu Taiping has. Your uncle Xia has been anxious just thinking about him. And unexpectedly you want to invite that source of calamity to your father’s head. You, are you trying to infuriate me?”

“Regardless, I will surely pursue that Xu Taiping.” Song Jialing shrugged her shoulders in indifference.

“Alas!, what have I done to deserve such a daughter!” Song Huben looked at the sky and said. Even before he could enjoy the misfortune of Xia Jiang, he was struck with a calamity. No one could describe the grievance he was feeling right now.

Inside the house of Liu Yangsi, Xia Jinxuan pulled Xu Taiping to a corner and whispered, “how did you know that my grandma is from Fujian? I never told you.”

“Didn’t I already told you, I am the number one killer in this world. Do you think these type of things, I can’t research.” Xu Taiping proudly said.

“You are again changing the subject…however, I know that you have many secrets. But it won’t be that way for long. I will surely find every one of your secrets!” Xia Jinxuan said while pouting.

“I already told you my biggest secret, however, you don’t believe it.” Xu Taiping shrugged his shoulders in indifference and then looked behind Xia Jinxuan and said, “Your father came.”

Xia Jinxuan turned her head, only to see that her father was coming toward them.

“Xu Taiping, follow me to my Huanqiu global club.” Xia Jiang left behind those words and walked toward his Maybach.


    • Actually, if he could he would have already break any whatsoever contact with him, how ever since he can’t, he has to play the role of the boss for others. It’s same like an police officer, who knows he might get shot but still have to engage a criminal in gunfight even if odds are against him. It’s all about appearance and hierarchy.

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