SFVSG Ch.83 Every family has their share of problems

Just when 3rd aunt was going to say something, a black Mayback stopped in front of the house.

The alley to the house was somewhat narrow. And that Maybach was covering more than half of the road. Others were forced to go to and fro using a single lane, however, none of the neighbors said anything. They all knew the son-in-law of that house is someone name Xia Jiang and he was very difficult to deal with. Moreover, that million-dollar Maybach was the car of Xia Jiang.

Xia Jiang steps out from the car. He was accompanied by the well-known acquaintance of Xu Taiping, Zhezhi Shan.

Zhezhi Shan was the brain of the Tiger gang. He looked like a straightforward person. And since he was mute, for a long time Xia Jiang let him follow himself to give protection like a personal bodyguard.

Xia Jiang was in a red suit and looked very festive. After seeing that Xia Jiang had come, everyone inside the courtyard who were chatting and being merry, at once became quiet. Soon the aunts and uncles of Xia Jiang also started to walk toward Xia Jiang with a fawning expression.

“Brother in law, you finally came. We were waiting for a long time!”

“Yes, if you didn’t come, we would have thought that you don’t think of us like family!” Everyone was speaking with Xia Jiang.

“Hmmm!’ Xia Jiang nodded and as if he was not willing to talk with them, he gave a few formal greeting and walked inside the hall.

Xu Taiping was sitting inside the hall. After he looked at Xia Jiang, he gave him a nod by lowering his head.

Xia Jiang slightly frowned, however, he didn’t say anything to him. He directly walked to the second floor.

Liu Yangsi was on the second floor. She was chatting with a group of the younger generation while being surrounded by them. She was very fond of the descendants of her offsprings. Xia Jinxuan was also accompanying the old woman with her whole heart. Xia Jiang and Zhezhi Shan reached the second floor and after looking at the Liu Yangshi, Xia Jiang finally smiled.

“Mother, I came.” Xia Jiang walked to Liu Yangshi and stretched his hand toward his side.

Zhezhi Shan promptly took out a big red packet and gave it to Xia Jiang.

“Mother, this is my regard for you.” Xia Jiang said.

“Jinxuan, grandmother is a little tired. Support me to go inside to rest for a while.” Liu Yangsi insipidly said and didn’t even look at Xia Jiang

“Mother, let me help you, Xinjuan is weak, what would happen if she let you fall!’ Xia Jiang said.

“That is something I can’t dare. You, Xia Jiang, is who?” Liu Yangsi coldly smiled and then went inside the lateral room while holding the hand of Xia Jinxuan. Xia Jiang was still foolishly looking at her.

“Jinxuan, you close the door.” Liu Yangsi said to Xia Jinxuan.

“I understand, grandmother!’ Xia Jinxuan closed the door.

“Jinxuan, come to grandmother, I have something to say to you.” Liu Yangsi lay down on the bed and motioned Xia Jinxuan to come near her.

“That grandmother, you say, I am listening!’ Xia Jinxuan sat on the bed and said.

‘Your father, right now he is a very rich person. Many people in the whole Jiang Yuan city point finger at his money-making process. Even though I don’t know much about his industry and how big it is, you know all this. Your mother and your parents had worked very hard to build such an empire. And even though your father has the biggest contribution, your mother has also sacrificed a lot for it. Regardless of anything, this industry should be handed to you in the future. Do you understand what I am saying?” Liu Yangsi earnestly said to Xia Jinxuan.

“I understand. Grandmother, I am the single daughter of my father, if this industry is not mine then whose!” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“You don’t understand.” Liu Yangsi shook her head and said, “didn’t you father have many women by his side for many years? Who knows if any of those women has borne him a child. You must be careful. Don’t wait till some siblings of yours come out and fight over for this inheritance. If he wants to give his ancestral property to anyone, I won’t say anything. However, the empire he had built belong to my daughter. Your mother has half ownership of this empire. I won’t allow anyone else to even have a coin out of it. Others might be afraid of Xia Jiang, however, I am not. So what if he has a big name in the underworld? Even if he is the richest person in the world, in the end, he is a gangster!”

“Yes yes yes, grandmother, my father does work in underworld. Grandmother, please don’t be angry. Since till now, no younger brother appeared in front of me, I think that would be the worst-case scenario. You please don’t be anxious.” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Don’t hurt others, however, must guard against those who might hurt you. Jinxuan, you are a good child. Very sincere, honest. Those aunts and uncles of yours all depend on your father to make a living. They might not help you when the time comes. Even if they want to help you, they will not be able to. That’s why you must protect yourself on your own. Must hold the thing that you are fond of. Your boyfriend is also very sincere, however, you must test him some more. Don’t let a bad-hearted person caught your heart. Do you understand?” Liu Yangsi patiently persuaded.

“Hmm, I understand. Grandmother, your granddaughter is a very astute person. Moreover, the background of my boyfriend is not much different from our own!” Xia Jinxuan smiled.

“If it’s like this then good. Only, you must prepare well. The more prepared you are the better. Have a child with your boyfriend as soon as possible. This way your father won’t excuse of you being a woman to cut off from his will. Like this, you can also have him handover his family property to your child’s name!” Liu Yangsi said.

“Grandmother, its look at how the concubines fought during the dynasty period. I know what type of person my father is. I am his life. He will surely give me everything he has. Today is your birthday, don’t let such sad matter influence your mood. Let’s go out and accept his red packet. And then let’s eat together.” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“Grandmother is a little tired. Let me rest a moment. After a while came back and call me. Jinxuan, you go.” Liu Yangsi waved her hand.

“That you rest a while. After a while, I will come back to look for you!” Xia Jinxuan said and then turned around to go out.

“Did your grandmother said something to you?” Xia Jiang was sitting on a sofa outside the door.

“She asked me to attentively look at the family property of yours so that no child from other women of yours would come out to snatch it with me!” Xia Jinxuan looked at Xia Jiang and said.
“What is she saying. You are my treasured daughter. If not you, who will I give my empire to?” Xia Jiang said in dissatisfaction.

“That’s enough. Didn’t a few days ago you tried to stop my allowance?” Xia Jinxuan said scornfully.
“Who asked you to speak like that in front of your father? Didn’t I quickly restored your allowance? Right Jinxuan, tell me, why did you fall for that youngster Xu Taiping? That person is not simple. You can’t understand the gravity of the matter, however, I advise you, break your relationship with him as soon as possible!’ Xia Jiang said.

“You don’t understand your situation. A pot calling the kettle black. I won’t pay attention to you!” Xia Jinxuan looked at Xia Jian and soon walked down.

After she just reached the ground floor, her eyes got wide.

Unexpectedly Song Jialing was present inside the hall. He was holding his cellphone near Xu Taiping’s and was doing something.

“Song Jialing, why are you here!!” Xia Jinxuan walked to Xu Taiping and asked in a loud voice.

“Uncle Xia has invited my father. I came here with my father.” Song Jialing said with a smile. Then looked at Xu Taiping to say, “did you add me?”

‘Added!” Xu Taiping nodded and said, “Sophia, there is a bird next to your name. This is yours right?”

“Hmm, yes this is me. Later we can use wechat to contact each other. Oh right, I forgot to tell you something, I am Jinxuan’s childhood friend!” Song Jialing smiled, Her two eyes were like a crescent moon. She had long eyelashes. Anyone who looked at it would have been pleased.

“Come with me!” Xia Jinxuan pulled Song Jialing’s hand to go outside.

Xu Taiping was looking at them while smiling, however, he didn’t say anything.
“What are you up to?” Xia Jinxuan pulled Song Jialing to a secluded place and while panting with rage said, “he is my boyfriend. I don’t want you to be like this with him!”

“Didn’t we have a bet?” while grinning, Song Jialing said, “didn’t I said that I will pursue him and get a hold of his heart.”

“Wasn’t there a time limit of one week?” Xia Jinxuan said, “it’s already more than one week!”

“Right. That’s why I accept my loss. Elder sister Xia.” Song Jialing pulled Xia Jinxuan’s hand like a spoiled child and then said, “I lost, that’s why I will call you elder sister from now on. However, I will get what I want. You also know my character.
If you are to pursue a man, I will also pursue him. Don’t everyman think with his lower half? As long as I provoke his desires, I am sure he will fling you and come to me.”

‘SONG JIALING!” While gnashing her teeth, she looked at Song Jialing and said, “those matters of our childhood, I consider it only as innocent games. However, this time, I won’t let you act as you want. It was very difficult for me to pursue him. Don’t come between us!!”
“I cant.” Song Jialing sat down on the stairs and said, “because I don’t want to see you two together. Xia Jinxuan, you don’t understand what kind of creatures men are. I have been with much more men than you. They will never understand the feeling of love. For them, beautiful girls are like spoils of war. And since you are most expensive of those spoils, that’s why that Xu Taiping used tricks and sweet words to court you and he is even successful. However, if you change it to a much better spoil, for example, I, he would come on his knees to court me as he knows, sweet words won’t affect me. Believe me, men are unreliable. You are a foolish girl. You don’t even understand love, that’s why you threw yourself in front of him just after seeing him.”

“If you dare to court Xu Taiping, I, I will never care about you in my whole life!” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Heh, as if we are some sort of sisters who care about each other.” Song Jialing curled her lips in disdain and said, “if he has feelings for you, then even if I try to court him, it would be useless. If he doesn’t love you enough, that is also good. It will drive away that dreg of a man from your life. Sister, I very much think about your welfare. However, instead of being grateful to me, you are threatening me!”

“I am sure that he won’t fall in love with you. At most, he will sleep with you! Moreover, he won’t be responsible for you!” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Let’s wait and see if he falls for me and throw you away or sleeps with me and throw me away.” Song Jialing charmingly raised her eyebrows and then stood up from the stairs and went inside the hall to meet Xu Taiping.

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