To work as a Paramour for a woman such as Xia Jinxuan was the dream of countless men. Wealthy and beautiful, for anyone it would be a very good transaction. Only for Xu Taiping, it didn’t hold any charm. He neither lacked money nor he had the deficiency for women.

Xu Taiping was looking around the shop, however, he couldn’t find the attendant from e years ago. He thought that the attendant might have left this place. This was somewhat good for Xu Taiping. If a person who knew him from the time when he came here to buy clothes to assassinate someone were to meet him, it would have lead to unnecessary questions.

The attendant who was attending to Xu Taiping and Xia Jinxuan was very professionally attired. She had worn a woman’s suit and black shoes. She was quite a beauty. Generally, it was quite common to hire good looking attendants of such level in any Luxury Shops. And if it was something as Luxurious as Hermes, the level was even higher. After all, the basic essence of a shop attendant also augments to the level of a shop. As per Xu Taiping, even if the attendant were to work in a night shop, they could easily get more than thousands of yuan just as a tip.

Even though Xu Taiping was wearing Adi Wang, a local brand clothes, no one looked down on him. Every employee of this kind of shop had to go through the rigorous training before being inducted, that’s why snobbish and arrogant people were already filtered out before being accepted in such shops. It was true that there were many rich and wealthy, however, it was also a truth that many riches didn’t care about their appearance. They didn’t want to risk of provoking someone even if one was wearing Adi Wang, who knew he might be some millionaire or some local tyrant?

To serve a customer with the utmost care, even if one doesn’t buy anything. This was the motto of this Hermes brand specialty shop.

Xu Taiping didn’t have any particular liking for fancy clothes, that’s why even after visiting every corner of the shop, he didn’t pick anything. This spoiled Xia Jinxuan’s mood to a certain level, after all, on the side Zhao Yongliang was buying a lot of things for Zhuang Yayuan.
It’s a miracle that a person could easily find something to compete in it with other people. It was a coincidence, that Zhao Yongliang bought Zhuang Yayuan on the same day when Xia Jinxuan bought Xu Taiping for shopping. And now if the clothes Zhao Yongliang bought for Zhuang Yayuan was more expensive than Xu Taiping, then Xia Jinxuan was naturally going to be unhappy. This was some sort of competition mentality especially exclusive for riches. For them, if other was to buy a dog collar for ten thousand, then someone else would buy it for eighty thousand as if ten thousand was not good enough for a dog.

Zhuang Yayuan wasn’t some dog, neither was Xu Taiping. Since he didn’t like any clothes, he didn’t want to purchase anything from there. There was no shame for him. Only, Xia Jinxuan didn’t agree with such thinking. Her young lady character was grounded into her temperament from childhood, that’s why when she saw Zhao Yongliang buying too many things, she finally reached her limit and finally decided to participate in the battle. First, she chose a 200,000 suit for Xu Taiping, then a 30,000 belt. After that, she chose a 200,000 wallet. After selecting all these, she once more chose an 80,0000 yuan shoes for Xu Taiping.

The total finally came down to 530,0000 yuan.

530,000 for clothes, regarding an ordinary man it was hard to fathom. However, for Xia Jinxuan it was just a drop in the sea. Last year on the eve of her birthday, she had thrown a party at K Wang KTV in the capital and had spent more than 3,00,000. Spending less than a million was eating in an ordinary restaurant for Xia Jinxuan. As for spending money, it might have felt like how an ordinary person saves to buy an iPhone.

An ordinary person couldn’t even imagine the extravagance of a second-generation riches. By relying on the inheritance from their forefathers, a second-generation was living a totally different life from ordinary people. No wonder, sharp and brilliant people liked to gather around such people. Even the leftovers of these second-generation were enough for an ordinary person to live for many years.

Xu Taiping helplessly changed into the genuine Hermes brand clothes.

Xu Taiping had tall and sturdy stature, after wearing those good quality clothes, Xu Taiping’s attractiveness increased several levels.

Beforehand wretched and slovenly in dress and manner Xu Taiping, changed into a handsome and stylish Xu Taiping.

Even the Zhong Yongliang of Four young masters was not comparable to Xu Taiping in looks right then. After all, Xu Taiping had better and trained body than most of the men in the world.

“You look handsome!” Xia Jinxuan stood in front of Xu Taiping and looked at him. With glittering eyes, she said, “if you wear these clothes and pair it with a good leather belt, others will get a good vibe from you. However, I think something is missing…”

“What he missing a watch?” the attendant waiting beside them asked with a smile.

“Right right right. I know. He is lacking a good wristwatch. Taiping, you remove this watch, I will give you a different watch. I have one at home. My father gave it to me as a present. It’s from Patek Philippe. That one is a couple’s watch.” Xia Jinxuan bashfully said.

“It’s alright.” Xu Taiping shook his head. He could compromise with clothes and whatnot, however, this watch had an altogether different meaning for him. It was almost impossible for him to take down that watch, after all, it was something which connected him to his past.

Actually, it wasn’t related to the murder of his comrades, rather it was something he had worn since his college days and the matter was from that time.

After putting that watch, Xu Taiping never had any interest in other watches. And even if right now he had more than enough money to buy more than half shares of Patek Philippe, he never thought about exchanging it.

However, Xia Jinxuan didn’t know the attachment of Xu Taiping with his watch. And since she was through and through a princess, she was soon going to throw a tantrum. After all, right now in those clothes, Xu Taiping had already reached the level of her prince charming of her dream and the only thing that was not in conjunction with her fantasy was that wristwatch on Xu Taiping’s hand.

“Why can’t you remove it. What value does this broken watch have? The brand is also not good.” Xia Jinxuan grabbed Xu Taiping’s hand and started to act like a spoiled princess.

“Although this watch is not good, I am using it for a very long time.” Xu Taiping firmly shook his head.

‘Please, I will buy a good watch for you!” Xia Jinxuan grabbed Xu Taiping’s hand and pouted.

Any other man would have already accepted the request after seeing the appearance of Xia Jinxuan, however, Xu Taiping was still firm. He shook his head and said, “No need.”

“I don’t know, you must take it down.” Xia Jinxuan said and then suddenly grabbed Xu Taiping’s wrist. Then moved her other hand to hold the watch on his wrist.

“Are you mental?” Xu Taiping suddenly got angry and then he shoved away Xia Jinxuan.

Xia Jinxuan was pushed back two steps and got unstable and fell down.

Everyone inside the specialty store was looking at Xia Jinxuan. They were flabbergasted after seeing the sudden change between these model couple.

Zhao Yongliang was also looking from the side. He didn’t say anything and was looking at everything in silence.

“You…why do you push someone like this!” Xia Jinxuan had tears in her eyes. She strugglingly stood up from the ground and said, “if you don’t want to change then don’t change. Why do you treat someone like this?”

Xu Taiping looked at Xia Jinxuan, however, he didn’t say anything. He went to the counter and said, “bill please.”

“this..Ok. please wait.” cashier nodded.

“You mustn’t take money from him!” Xia Jinxuan tearfully said, “if you take money from him, I will smash this shop!”

“Nowadays, only if a customer pays can he buy the merchandise, don’t tell me your shop don’t follow this practice?” Xu Taiping asked sarcastically.

“This, Sir I will call my manager.” that receptionist took out a walkie-talkie and contacted her manager.

The manager was inside a nearby office. After hearing the matter, he quickly came to the counter.

“What’s happening here? Oh, isn’t it the young lady of the Xia family? Which attendant hear didn’t has eyes and dare to provoke you, ma’am?” that manager was a woman. When she entered, she saw the tearful eyes of Xia Jinxuan and at once came to Xia Jinxuan’s side to comfort her.

Although Xia Jinxuan was not a regular at this place, however, she had a clear idea about the identity of Xia Jinxuan. She knew that angering her was not something she could afford, that’s why the first thing she did was to comfort Xia Jinxuan.

“Manager, this happened because of some misunderstanding between this Mister and Young Lady Xia. They might be a couple.” An attendant came to the manager and in her ear whispered while pointing her fingers at Xu Taiping.

The manager turned her head and looked at Xu Taiping.

After looking at Xu Taiping, she became blanked for a moment.

Although it was already three years, however, she still had a vivid image of the scrupulous Xu Taiping from back then. 3years back, this hero had entered her specialty shop and without batting his eyes, he bought eighty percent of the merchandise from her shop.

The amount he paid back then was in tens of millions. He also made the record for biggest sale for Hermes in china in a single day. Also because of that matter, she and her manager’s status skyrocketed and in the second year, after her manager went up a level, she was given the baton of this shop.

Even if Xu Taiping’s body was burned or disfigures, she would have still remembered him. Now, after suddenly seeing Xu Taiping again, she suddenly felt an electrifying sensation running through her body.

Xu Taiping also recognized her after looking at her.

After recognizing that manager, Xu Taiping felt some trouble was going to brew. He was fearful that she might disclose his identity.

Although that identity was fake, however, if someone with a good brain were to perceive anything odd, and using that as a clue was to investigate deeply, who knew how deep one could dig through and what information one would get. And one such person was present here, Zhao Yongliang.

“You, you are Mr. Xu?” that manager doubtfully asked.

“Yes. It’s me!” Xu Taiping nodded. Even if at this moment he had denied, it would have been meaningless. That’s why he admitted on his own.

“Really is you!” that manager pleasantly said, “didn’t expect that I will see you again after 3 years! Mister Xu, what is going on?”

“Just a small quarrel.” Xu Taiping insipidly said, “please collect money. I have to go.”

“Young Lady Xia, Mister Xu is SVIP of this Hermes specialty store of our region. You say what I do?” That manager prudently asked.

“What bullshit is this SVIP. how come I never heard about it before?” Xia Jinxuan angrily asked.

“The rules are like this, if someone bought merchandise worth more than 5millions in a single purchase, that person will get the status of SVIP on that store. 3 years back, this mister Xu bought merchandise from our store worth 5million yuan in one go, that’s why he had the status of SVIP at our shop!” that manager said.

After hearing this, everyone inside the store was stunned.

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