SFVSG Ch.80 Shopping

Xu Taiping finally returned to his dormitory at midnight.

Since tomorrow was the birthday of Xia Jinxuan’s grandmother, tonight she was not spending the night inside Xu Taiping’s room. For Xu Taiping, it was a blessing in disguise.

“I will go on my own from here. It isn’t good for our reputation if we are to spend a night together in my room. Since I am such a chaste and shy person, I will be very embarrassed.” Xu Taiping bashfully said.

Right now, half of the Xu Taiping’s body was wrapped in bandages and it looked quite pitiful to any strange person.

“Tonight, try to sleep early.” Su Nianci said, “no matter how many times I convey my gratitude for tonight, it will not be enough. Later I will ask headquarters to award you with an award for your bravery. You might even get some money.”

“No one understands me better than officer Su.” Xu Taiping said, “ I don’t need any medal. However please give me money.”

“Hmm. you go inside.” Su Nianci said.

Xu Taiping nodded and went inside his room and closed his door.

Su Nianci frowned and then turned and went to her room.

A moment ago Su Nianci received some information from the city headquarters. They have discovered eight dead bodies just a few miles away from the accidental site of Xu Taiping’s car. Since their body was thoroughly burnt by gasoline, the police couldn’t get any useful information yet and they are still trying to guess the reason for the death of these eight people. And she also heard that there were three cars beside their burnt body. Those three cars were the same as those who were chasing them.

Su Nianci had already told the city headquarters to search for Wuling Hongguang. She thought that after tracking that car they could find some clue to this whole incident. As for the matter of narcotic workshop on the mountain top, the police bureau had already searched the premises of the labs on the Huo Shan mountain. Since the matter had escalated to such level, the police had already discarded any consideration for any secrecy. However, Su Nianci did not expect from them. She knew that anything left on the mountain would have been shifted already and the search was just a waste of time.

For now, the biggest problem for the police was to open the mouth of Xue Xiaohang. It was a pity, that according to the latest report from the hospital, due to extreme blood loss, Xue Xiaohang had fallen into a coma. It was also reported that due to the collision his blood had many blood clottings. And now, even if he was to gain consciousness, he would still not be able to remember many things. As long as there was no miracle, it was impossible to get any useful information from Xue Xiaohong.

“I still can’t understand the deaths? Who killed them?” Su Nianci was very much curious about the death of those eight people. Apart from those eight people, there were two more people around that location. Since Xu Taiping fell with his mustang into the gorge, she thought he couldn’t do it. Moreover, Su Nianci was not able to believe that Xu Taiping had such ability. For her, a hoodlum like Xu Taiping couldn’t kill eight people by oneself.

This question was going to disturb Su Nianci for a long time, however, apart from her someone else was also restless due to the same question. He was none other than Zhao Yongliang.

When he heard the news that the Ford Mustang fell from the valley and Xu Taiping was inside the car when it exploded, Zhao Yongliang was happy. He was so happy that he didn’t even care about the possible scenario for the exposure of his narcotics factory. Since Xu Taiping was his only rival in love, he thought Xia Jinxuan would certainly become his. As for Li Sifan, he didn’t give a damn about him.

When he got the latest news that Xu Taiping was not dead and when the car was going down the mountain, he was thrown out of the seat, his mood became gloomy. And later when he heard that eight of his subordinates were killed this made him perplexed.

At the end, who killed those eight people? It is impossible for that young police office Su Nianci. It is even more impossible that Xu Taiping, a small security guard who almost died in an explosion, would do it.

Who killed them? Don’t tell me that someone is protecting Su Nianci while concealing himself?

This is impossible. Even if there are some talented people inside the police force and even if someone is protection Su Nianci, it would still be hard to kill eight people like this without leaving any trace. 

The only relieving thing about the whole incident for Zhao Yongliang was the death of all eight people. Since according to him, the killer had killed all eight people, he didn’t need an oral confession from them. In other words, he was not from the police force. And since it was like this, he didn’t have to worry about the matter of his workshop being exposed.

“Tell everyone to leave Jiang Yuan University.” Zhao Yongliang called someone and said, “as long as I don’t order, no one is allowed to return.”


Next day was Saturday. For university students, it was a much-awaited day of the week. Since they didn’t have to go to university today they all could sleep till late and since the next day was Sunday, they all could try to pick up classmates and have dates in the evening, some lucky few could even go to the love hotel to play all night.

As for Xu Taiping, Saturday was the best day for sleeping. Although, yesterday, he came to know that Zhao Yongliang was the mastermind behind the drug dealers, however, this wasn’t the priority for him yet. Since those eight men saw his fight, he had to kill them regardless of their oral confession. As for that Wuling Hongguang with number Jiang C56773, he could ask for Nightingale’s help in tracking it. However, this was the problem of Su Nianci. Even though he had helped Su Nianci, he was not kind enough to help her so much. After all, she was a police officer. Just the matter of an international killer helping a police officer was like a joke.

However, Xu Taiping couldn’t sleep the whole day, after all, today was Xia Jinxuan’s grandmother Liu Yangshi’s birthday.  

Since Xia Jinxuan’s mother died very early, Liu Yangshi gave all the love in the world to Xia Jinxuan. One could even say that Xia Jinxuan’s relationship with her grandmother was much closer than her father.

Today was the birthday party of Liu Yangshi. Although it was a small party, Xia Jinxuan was preparing for this party at her grandmother’s home since yesterday night. Moreover, first thing in the morning, Xu Tainping received Xia Jinxuan’s call for attending the party of her grandmother at night.

Xu Taiping didn’t want to participate in any late-night dinner party, however, he couldn’t withstand the imploration of Xia Jinxuan and in the end, he had no alternative but to consent.

As per Xu Taiping’s plan, he wanted to sleep till 6 in the evening, then he wanted to directly take a public bus to Xia Jinxuan’s grandmother’s house. And then had dinner there and return as soon as possible. For Xu Taiping, it was the most time-efficient plan. However, this night was very important for Xia Jinxuan. Today she wanted to introduce Xu Taiping to her grandmother. That’s why when Xu Taiping was having lunch, Xia Jinxuan called Xu Taiping and asked him to purchase clothes.

Xu Taiping felt his whole clothes was of Adi Wang brand, and it was good enough. At least, this was an ethnic brand. However, for Xia Jinxuan who was spoiled with every kind of luxury goods from birth, the conduct of Xu Taiping was far from the ideal of her man who was going to meet her important grandmother. According to her, Xu Taiping must wear something fitting to the occasion and for her, the so-called fitting things were the luxury goods.

Right now Xu Taiping was completely helpless. He didn’t have any inclination toward any luxury goods. He also never felt that he needed to take the support of luxury goods and or his physique to accomplish something. Xu Taiping also had a little appreciation for those so-called luxury goods of olden times, when they were hand made and more so when they were made by great masters. However now, these kinds of luxury goods were already very few and the majority was the creation of an assembly line. The reason why they were expensive not because they were much better than other brand product. But because others wished them to be expensive, so they could differentiate themselves from other people. 

Money defines the value of goods and it is these goods which defines the value of a person. Nowadays, this was the system of society. Xu Taiping didn’t like this system, however, he had Xia Jinxuan like a concubine. He had no alternative but to take a public bus to go to the biggest plaza of Jiang Yuan City. this plaza name was Panshi Plaza.

Planshi Plaza was full of these luxury goods and had many specialty stores inside it.

Xu Taiping had come here one time in the past. That time he had to disguise himself as a rich man, that’s why he had bought a Hermes brand whole set of clothes for himself. However, this matter was already three years old. Right now, the present Planshi Plaza was completely different from the plaza of the past he had visited.

Xia Jinxuan had a Chanel brand sunglasses on her face, Chanel brand handbag in her hand, Chanel brand perfume on her body, a Chanel brand pendant on her neck and a Cartier brand hand band on her wrist and an exotic Patek Philippe wristwatch. She was dressed as a debutant fashion model. When Xu Taiping stood together with her, it looked like a country bumpkin from a remote side village had come.

Although he looked like a country bumpkin, however inside that plaza filled with a dazzling lineup of luxury goods, he was not a bit reserved or flustered.

“Do you like any brand?” Xia Jinxuan pulled Xu Taiping’s hand and asked in curiosity.

“Adi Wang.” Xu Taiping said.

“They don’t sell Adi Wang here. LV and Dior are not good enough for today. Hermes is good, but today I want you to buy a custom-made Armani suit. It’s a pity that we don’t have enough time to sew a custom made suit for you. Do we buy Hermes?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“Then let’s buy Hermes.” Xu Taiping shrugged his shoulders in indifference. It was emphatically not important for him what he wears. He just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

Xia Jinxuan was very much familiar with this place. Without any problem, she brought Xu Taiping to Hermes Speciality shop.

The quality of that Hermes was even more high end compared to the last time he visited there. Right now, there were many people inside the shop, after all, China had many rich people. There was a proverb in China, as long as you open a new high-quality store, more than a million will come out to buy your product. Regarding these luxury goods, this type of marketplace was prime.

“Zhao Yongliang, how come he is here as well?” Xia Jinxuan frowned after entering the Hermes shop. Zhao Yongliang was also inside the Hermes shop, moreover, Zhuang Yayuan, one of the four female flowers of the university, was also with him.

Zhao Yongliang was flabbergasted after seeing Xia Jinxuan and Xu Taiping together. However, soon he walked to Xia Jinxuan with Zhuang Yayuan and with a smile said, “this is a pleasant surprise. How come you two are here?”

“Naturally to do shopping. Can one come to such a place to eat?” Xia Jinxuan rolled her eyes and said.

“I mean why did you two become such close?” Zhao Yongliang pointed at the hand of Xia Jinxuan. She was still holding Xu Taiping’s hand.

“Do we need to ask your permission before becoming close ?” Xia Jinxuan asked.


“Haha, there is no need. It looks like today you have come here for shopping. Taiping, when the time comes to pay, you can tell me. I am a gold-level member of this place. They will give you a 9.5% discount. Zhao YongLiang said.

“Do you think we have no money?” Xia Jinxuan laughed in disdain and then said to Xu Taiping, “Dear go and choose. We will buy whatever you like!”

“Why does it feels like I am being treated like a mistress?” Xu Taiping helplessly asked.

“If you are willing to, I will certainly support you for your whole life!” Xia Jinxuan said with a face full of smile.

Xu Taiping smiled and moved ahead together with Xia Jinxuan.


    • It’s the generally what Chinese want’s to read. Chinese were humiliated multiple times in the past, but were never under direct control so, never europeanised or anything. For example hong-kong or Macao or Taiwan never had so much ego problem.

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