SFVSG Ch.79 Can’t leave a speaking mouth alive

After a long arduous journey on that spiral road of the mountains, that car finally left the Hou Shan mountain of the Jiang Yuan university.

During the whole journey, nobody took notice that someone was on the top of their car. The person on the top was just like a shadow. He was neither making any movement or he had any sound. No matter how much jerking the car went through or whatever the speed was, he was motionless as if he was standing on a plain road.

Only after that car left the isolation of the mountain and was dashing through the common road, did some car finally came to notice the strangeness of the situation.

Three cars one by one stopped. From the car, few men jumped down while holding pistols in their hands. And when they were trying to aim at that person without pulling his attentions, they saw that person suddenly disappeared from the top of the car.

In a split second, before those goons could even blink, that person was gone.

Suddenly a stifling sound came from the side and soon someone fell on the ground.

That person’s blood vessel was ruptured and incessant blood was flowing on the ground.

“What’s going on? Who is there?” someone yelled in surprise.

With a whoosh sound, as if something was swung rapidly, a dagger appeared from the blind position of that person and directly pierced that person’s throat and then that dagger was thrust from one end to the other.

That man’s eyes were coming out of his socket due to fear and soon the dagger revolved around that guy’s neck with the spine as the axis and it finally dislocated the head from that man’s shoulder.

That man’s head fell in his front and that dagger once again disappeared into the darkness.

Everyone present there was stupefied. They had never seen anything like before in their life. After looking at each other in their eyes, they, at once, ran toward their cars.


Two more bodies fell on the ground. They both had their chest pierced by a dagger.

After falling, both of them were struggling for their life and soon their bodies become motionless inside the pool of their blood.

In a flash, only five people were left.

Those five men split into two groups. A group of three people ran toward one car and other group ran toward another.


With a loud sound, the car in which three men were sitting exploded. They didn’t even need to have their last rites. The high flames were so high, one could see from afar. Everyone there was almost sure that no one would be able to distinguish those men from dark charcoal.

The two-man group sitting inside the other car didn’t dare to step outside. They felt as if something abnormal was trying to aim for their life with some sort of magical dagger. And they felt as if as long as they made a single movement, they too would be sent to the afterlife just like others before them.

“Come out.” Xu Taiping finally came out from the curtain of darkness. He was standing just behind the burning car.

Both finally stepped down from the car and with a frightened expression looked at Xu Taiping.

Right now Xu Taiping had a very kind smile on his face as if he was someone sort of philanthropist. However, for those two men, that smile was the same as if it was the invitation of a grim reaper. They were thoroughly terrified.

“I will ask some questions and you have to reply quickly. As long as there is a lag of even one second, you will be dead.” Xu Taiping said,

Two men looked at each other and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“For whom you work for.” Xu Taiping asked.

“Zhao Yongliang!” Both said simultaneously.

Zhao Yongliang?

After hearing this answer, Xu Taiping was somewhat flabbergasted. Since he thought of Zhou Yongliang as a mere student. A single student doing things of this level and having people kill for him, it was somewhat ordinary even for Xu Taiping.

“Why were you chasing that AE86?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Xue Xiaohang has stolen our good!” both replied again simultaneously.
“What good?” Xu Taiping asked,


‘Heroin?” Xu Taiping’s eyes suddenly got bright. He asked, “do you all have a workshop on the top of the Hou Shan mountain?”

“Yes!” once again, both replied in chorus.

“Is that workshop belongs to Zhau Yongliang?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Elder Brother Zhao is just one out of many shareholders.!” both replied together.

“Unexpectedly they have made a workshop on the top of the mountain. Looks like he has a little brain. Hou Shan has many labs and one can easily obtain all kinds of raw materials for narcotics in the name of experiments. Moreover, no unauthorised person goes on that mountain. Only in the rarest case will one even think that the mountain has some narcotic workshop. More importantly, the smell arising due to manufacturing of those narcotics will be filtered out due to those dense forests on the mountain, and what will come out will be so little that no person will be able to know the origin of those smell. At most, they would think that the smell is coming from the labs up there. This Zhou Yongliang has some brain. What about that Wuling Hongguang?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Since a police officer has come to the university as an undercover officer, the situation is somewhat tense. Elder Brother Zhao has ordered us to shift the workshop from there, that’s why we are using that vehicle to shift our facilities little by little. Now we are almost finished with the shifting. Only a few manufactured goods are still left up there on the mountain. Today by chance we caught Xue Xiaohang stealing our goods, that’s why we were chasing after him. We don’t know anything else. Requesting you to not kill us. Please let us live.” both requested.

“I want to let both of you go away unscathed. However, you fools didn’t close your eyes before coming in front of me.” Xu Taiping helplessly said, “now that you have already seen my face, even if I want to let you off, I can’t.”

“Then let’s go to the hell together!” one person picked up a gun and pulled the trigger after aiming at Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping dodged and disappeared from that person’s front. Soon a dagger came from the emptiness and skewered that person’s neck.

“Unexpectedly I am killed like this!” this was the last line of that person collapsed on the ground.

Xu Taiping pulled out the dagger from that man’s neck and walked to the front of the other man. With an expressionless face, he looked at him and said, “since a long time, I haven’t killed anyone, I just lost some control. I am sorry.”

After speaking, he skewered another person’s blood vessel with the dagger.

Not only all eight people from those three cars died, but they also died a very miserable death.

Xu Taiping then went to the back of a car and opened its trunk. After searching for something inside that trunk, he took out a bucket of gasoline. Then he picked every dead body and made a heap out of it and sprinkled gasoline on it.

“In the next life try to live a life of good citizens.” Xu Taiping lit a cigarette, took two puffs and then threw it on the heap of corpses.

Their dead body was soon swallowed by the flames.

Xu Taiping then rubbed his hands together and then took out a bottle of water from a compartment of the same car to wash his dagger. After that, he also washed his mud-laden shoes.
After doing all that, Xu Taiping finally left that place.

On the top of the Hou Shan mountain.

Xue Xiaohang was already unconscious due to blood loss. Even though Su Nianci was still giving her all to pull out Xue Xiaohang from inside the car, she wasn’t successful.

Right when she was going to give up, her backup team finally reached there.

They used some specialised equipment to finally broke that car and Xue Xiaohang was finally pulled out and he was quickly delivered to the hospital. And just a few seconds after he was pulled out, that car AE86 finally exploded.

Su Nianci borrowed a car and quickly drove forward. Soon she reached the place where that Ford Mustang was destroyed.

After stopping her car, Su Nianci started to run along the road.

As before, that mustang was still covered in flames at the bottom of the mountain.

Looking at the familiar car, the complexion of Su Nianci suddenly changed.

“Xu Taiping!!” Su Nianci yelled.

No one responded.

Su Nianci started to run toward the bottom of the mountain. Due to running along with the thorny trees and plants, the clothes of her body got torn. Her skin was full of cuts. However, without caring for such, she was as before running toward the bottom of the mountain. Finally, she reached near that flaming mustang at the bottom of the gorge.

“Xu Taiping, reply to me. Xu Taiping!!” Su Nianci once again shouted. However, she again didn’t get any reply.
That mustang was thoroughly deformed due to the crash and due to the large flames covering the car, the inside was not clear. Even though Su Nianci was trying to go near the car, she was not able to move any further due to the heatwave.

“Xu Taiping, It is I who has harmed you. Xu Taiping.” Su Nianci finally kneed on the ground and started to wail, “I let you down, Xu Taiping, I was unworthy of your trust.”

In the emptiness of the night, that sound of her cry felt miserable and mournful.

“How did you let me down. You even come here to save me.” from a distant bush came the sound of Xu Taiping.

Su Nianci’s body violently shuddered and then she stood up and ran toward that distant bush.

She saw, inside a pile of thistles and thorns, Xu Taiping was paralyzed inside. His body was covered in thorns and several big cuts could be seen on his skin. There were some signs of blood on those wounds, however, they right now, no blood was flowing out from his skin.

“Thank god, you are alive!” Su Nianci excited said, “I knew that you will be fine.”

“Yes, I was lucky. Somehow I was thrown out of that car during the crash.” Xu Taiping said with difficulty.

“Don’t speak. Let me help you get out from there!” after saying, Su Nianci started to pick thorns on Xu Taiping’s body.

“Careful. Don’t injure your soft hands.” Xu Taiping dispiritedly said.

“I said don’t talk. Try to preserve your strength!” Su Nianci continued to pick thorns from Xu Taiping’s body. Before long, the hand was covered in blood and soon everything near her hand was dyed in red.

Her red colour hands were looking quite dreadful. However, as before she didn’t care about herself. Right now her heart was rejoicing. She was relieved that Xu Taiping was alive, otherwise, she wouldn’t have forgiven herself for her whole life.

Finally, all the thorns were picked up from the Xu Taiping’s body. Then, Su Nianci pulled Xu Taiping to a plain space and after holding his body said, “ I am very happy that you are not dead. Just thinking about it made me scared to death.”

“Don’t hold me so tightly. I, if I have some reaction down there, it would be embarrassing.” Xu Taiping said.
Su Nianci tearfully looked at Xu Taiping and said, “since after all this, if you still have the energy to talk glibly, I think you don’t have any serious injury.”

“It true that a woman’s heart is the most poisonous thing in the world. Even though I put my life on the line for you, you are saying I don’t have a serious injury?”

“Good. I will bear all of the medical expenses of yours. You just focus on recuperation.!” Su Nianci said.

“Oh! It is really good!” Xu Taiping smiled and then closed his eyes.

Before long, a vehicle of police came.

Xu Taiping was directly carried by them and was delivered to the hospital.

After a checkup, it was found that Xu Taiping had only superficial wounds and didn’t have any serious injury.

After hearing this report, Su Nianci finally put down her heart.

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