SFVSG Ch.78 Chase on the mountain

The sound of Mustang echoed throughout the mountain.

“Fast, drive fast!” Su Nianci said anxiously. She was tightly grabbing the handrail of the side window.

“Do you know where they are?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Don’t know.”

“Do you know where they are going?” Xu Taiping asked again.

“Don’t know.”

“ you are something special. Just tell me where should I drive more quickly?” Xu Taiping helplessly said.

“That… right, try to guess their position from the sound. I think their sound is coming from somewhere near!” SU Nianci said.

“Can you please close your mouth. I can’t track their voice. Let me hear from which direction the sound is coming from!” Xu Taiping said.

“Ok!” Su Nianci finally closed her mouth. Xu Taiping soon turned his mustang and soon enter a narrow road inside the mountain forest. He was skillfully manoeuvring his car and was taking rapid sharp turns at full speed. Su Nianci who was sitting inside the mustang, had her twin mountain peak almost broke free from the confines of her blouse due to the unceasing vibration and movements of the mustang.

Su Nianci hurriedly held her hand on her chest. However. since the seatbelt was creating a gully along her cleavage, she still felt as if they would jump out any second.

8th Floor of the student dormitory.

With a gloomy complexion, Zhao Yongliang was talking with someone on the phone. He said, “You must catch Xue Xiaohang.
He mustn’t escape from the mountain. You can put our every member out there inside the university on the search!”

“Yes. that’s right Elder Brother Zhao, I just got news from the monitor room. Someone is driving a ford mustang on the mountain.” A voice comes from the cellphone.

‘Mustang? Crap, why is Xu Taiping on the mountain. Is that’s Su Nianci together with him?” Zhao Yongliang asked.

“It looks like, she is.”

“Prepare our men, if the situation gets out of control, don’t let them escape from the mountain alive!” Zhou Yongliang said.

“Elder Brother Zhao, She is a Police Office….”

“So What? You understand right, how many people will die if this matter is known by others? She is just a single police officer, later lets fake it as a traffic accident!” Zhao Yongliang said.
‘Yes, Elder Brother Zhao.”

That Ford Mustang was rapidly moving along the routes of that mountain leaving behind trees, lamp posts in the smoke.

“Look something is flashing!!” Su Nianci excitedly pointed her fingers toward a sparsely dense groove. Inside the groove, a dim light was incessantly flickering.

‘Sit tightly!” Xu Taiping said.

Without losing a moment, Su Nianci grabbed the nearest handrail. Xu Taiping changed gear from fourth to fifth, and even though the speed limit on the mountain was forty, in an instant he was already past 90kmph.

On a plain road, 90kmph was nothing to speak about, however, this was a mountain, more so, when the road had sharp turns and elevations. Sun Nianci could only think of this road as the final line between death and life. A single mistake and she would have fallen into deep holes anytime. If she was to believe her general knowledge, she would have already been dead. According to her, drive at such speed on such a road would have already thrown away that mustang off the road. In reality, it was just the driving trick and control of Xu Taiping. He was carefully positioning that mustang so that it wouldn’t skid or roll away due to inertia after taking each turn.

Even though Su Nianci had already visited this mountain many times, however right now, it felt as if she was stranger to this place and it was Xu Taiping who knew here as if his back of the hand. From the current event, one could easily guess that Xu Taiping already had an idea about the structure, turns and elevation of all the roads on this mountain. He was calmly and steadily manoeuvring the steering wheel and one couldn’t even see a single bead of sweat on his forehead.

Finally, that vehicle whose tail light was incessantly flashing came in front of the mustang.

That van’s license plate number was JIANG C 56773.

This van wasn’t anything strange for Xu Taiping. He had already seen it many times on this mountain.

“This, how come this van is moving so fast!” Su Nianci said in surprise.

“That van is Wuling Hongguang, it is a multi-purpose vehicle(MPV)” With a heavy expression, Xu Taiping said, “it is specially made to drive on mountains. It’s something like a legendary van for mountain terrain.”
“It looks like there is another car in front of that van!” Su Nianci pointed her finger ahead and said.

Indeed, a black and white coloured AEB6 was driving in front of that van.

It looked like as if someone was frantically driving that AE86 as if he was trying to run away from that van. And indeed after some time, Su Nianci could see that the van was closely following that car.

“Overtake it. Force them to stop their pursuit!” Su Nianci yelled.

“Do you have a gun on you?” Xu Taiping asked.

“No, I don’t.”

“ So after stopping those cars, how are you going to handle them?” Xu Taiping asked.

“That…..” Su Nianci was somewhat embarrassed.

“I already told you, use your almost unused brain and then take rational decisions. Don’t be hasty and hot-headed together. In this situation, as long as we just follow them, it will bear us a result. Did you have any information from the city police headquarter?” Xu Taiping asked.

“They have already sent a team to take care of this matter. It’s just that the signal on this mountain is very bad, they might need some buffer time to reach us.” Su Nianci said.

“We are already being tracked by someone.” Xu Taiping squinted his eyes and looked behind through his rearview mirror.

Suddenly, a light beam directly came from behind and fall on the rearview mirror. The intensity of that light beam was very high and dazzling.

Using this opportunity, that Wuling Hongquang suddenly took a sudden sharp turn to overtake AE86 and directly rammed its bonnet on the back of that AE75.

That AE86 was still taking the turn, so when that Van hit its back, the whole car lost its balance and rolled over the mountain road several times and finally stopped after colliding with some obstructed stones of the mountain. However, that Wuling Hongguang didn’t reduce its speed, and drive away from that place without any concern for the life of the driver of that AE86.

“Chase that Wuling Hongguang!” Su Nianci yelled.

‘Hmm!” Xu Taiping nodded and stepped on the accelerator.

Right at this moment.


A torrent of loud sound came from behind and soon, the back windshield of the mustang shattered to pieces.

“Lean forward.” Xu Taiping yelled.

Soon, Su Nianci leaned forward and said, “what kind of people they are. How can they open fire in a place like this.”

“It looks like they don’t want you to investigate the matter you are assigned with.” Xu Taiping squinted his eyes to say.

Su Nianci didn’t say anything. Her complexion was pale and she was still lying down. Even though she thought that she was very brave and won’t be afraid of anything, her heart was unceasingly beating violently due to the sound of gunfires coming from behind.

Whenever the bullets were hitting on the metal body of that mustang, a loud screeching sound was reverberating inside the mountain.

“If we continue like this, we will die if any stray bullet hits the fuel tank.” Xu Taiping narrowed his eyes and said, “ when I ask you to jump down, you must jump from the car. You understand?”

‘And you?” Su Nianci asked.

“I? I will have them chase me as far as I can. In the meantime, you go back to that place where AE86 was smashed and look for some clues and trails.” Xu Taiping said.

“Nope. we will go together!’ Su Nianci said.

“Don’t be stubborn. There is a sharp curve ahead and there I will slow this car a fair point, you must open the door and jump down, and at once lie down inside roadside sewer and mustn’t move!” Xu Taiping said.

“And what about you? Don’t tell me you are going to die?” Su Nianci asked.

“I will not die.: Xu Taiping looked at Su Nianci and with a vulgar smile said, “ before sleeping with you, I won’t die!!”

Soon, Xu Taiping accelerated and the mustang took a fair distance from the chasing cars.

The car finally slowed down a bit while leaving behind pitch-black trails of brakes. then the side door of the car opened and Su Nianci jumped down from the co-pilot seat and directly derived inside the sewer running along the road.

While driving with one hand, Xu Taiping closed the side door with the other.


Altogether three cars finally caught sight of the mustang and they continued their chase into the distance.

After noticing that there wasn’t any whatsoever movement, Su Nianci finally stood up from the sewer.

Since the sewer was already dry, it was filled with leaves and soil. Right now Su Nianci’s whole body was covered in soil and leaves and she looked like some sort of distressed wolf.

Su Nianci was limping along the road. Although, when she jumped, the speed of the car was comparatively low, it was still a moving car, thus she did sustain some minor injury, well it wasn’t anything serious, so, all in all, she was fine.

One the one hand she was continuously trying to connect with the personnel sent by the city headquarters, on the other hand, she was incessantly running along the road.

Before long, she finally reached the accident site of AE86.

That AE86 chassis was thoroughly deformed, and the petrol was leaking onto the road and from the gaps of the car bonnet, time to time sparks were flashing.

A thin person was sitting in the pilot seat. He was unconsciously lying on the steering wheel. It looked like he was at the brink of death.

“Hey, are you alive?” Su Nianci shook that person and asked.

That person shuddered and soon he got a little conscious.
“Please, request you, save me.” blood was incessantly flowing from that person’s mouth. From the dispirited voice, one could guess how grave the situation he was in.

“You must hold. Let me help you out of that car!” Su Nianci said. She tried to force open that car’s door, however, the door was damaged and couldn’t open.

“Hurry, fast” that man anxiously said. The smell of gasoline was already filling the car and the surrounding.
‘This gate is jammed.” Su Nianci anxiously said, “I can’t break open it. Don’t worry, the police are already on its way.”

‘Wha…what? Police are coming, here? Asking, asking you to pull me out of here. Please save me.” that man said.

“Even if you don’t say, I am already trying my best!” Su Nianci said.

Right at that moment, a sudden sound of an explosion came from inside the forest and soon, a fire cloud burst open in the distance. One could easily guess the thing which had exploded.

Su Nianci’s heart tightened. She was tenaciously watching the blaze and was praying for Xu Taiping’s safety inside her heart.

Blue and white flames were coming from the body of a ford mustang at the bottom of the mountain. One could easily guess that the sudden beforehand explosion was from this car. Since the mustang’s tyre was punctured by the chasing cars, it lost the control and directly flew from the road and finally crashed at the foot of the mountain and with a bang that car turned into a heap of crap.

The car which was engaged in a life and death chase with the mustang didn’t stop and directly drove away. They couldn’t even imagine that someone would survive that type of crash and explosion. Moreover, they didn’t see anyone jumping down from the mustang when it lost its control and was tumbling down the mountain. That’s why they believed that anyone driving that car was already dead.

Their car was driving on the mountain lanes leaving behind just smoke. Fresh air was blowing on the mountain.

Into the darkness of night, a black figure could be seen kneeling on the car roof.

He was holding a big dagger in his hand. He had a cold-blooded smile on his face, his eyes had a proudness as if he was looking down on everything.

He was the Blood-Wolf. Anything inside the darkness was his territory.

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