SFVSG Ch.77 ruthless and suffocating

The light bulb inside the room was dim, that’s why it wasn’t hard on the eyes.

‘Elder Brother, Wuya is on the line, he wants to talk with you.” Zhou Xiaoyu said while holding a cellphone in his hand.

Xu Taiping nodded and took the phone.

‘I am Wuya.” these three words came through the speaker of the phone. The voice of the owner was somewhat gloomy.

‘I am Xu Taiping.” Xu Taiping said.

“I heard from Zhou Xiaoyu about the matter. He said, Liu Sanren and several of his colleagues crossed the street and were doing business on the Hechi-Street, is it true.” Wuya asked.

‘That’s right.” Xu Taiping said.

“This is indeed their fault and their negligence of rule. They also didn’t know that Hechi-Street is now the domain under the leadership of Elder Brother Xu Taiping.” Wuya smiled to say, “ since they didn’t follow custom, that you can teach them a lesson. As for how to teach them a lesson, it is entirely up to you. You don’t need to care about them being my underlings. You thrash them or kill them, it’s entirely your wish.”

“Really?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Naturally,” Wuya said

“Oh, since you asked, now I can only do as you asked me to.” Xu Taiping said and then he cut the call. After throwing the cellphone back to Zhou Xiaoyu, he said, “cut the tendons of Liu Sanren’s hand, as for other, break their limbs and then throw them outside the gate of Tianshan Renjia. Remember to use unlicensed taxi and don’t leave behind any evidence.”

‘I understand Elder Brother!” Zhou Xiaoyu nodded.

“Xu Taiping, you bastard, if you dare to cut my tendon, I will surely not let you off!” Liu Sanren indignantly yelled.
Xu Taiping looked at Liu Sanren and smiled. Then even without entertaining him he turned around and left that billiard room.

After exiting the room he closed its door and left behind Zhou Xiaoyu, Kuang Shao, Ye Shao as well as Wang Ai, these four people.

“Elder brother Xiaoyu, do we have to cut off his tendon?” Ye Shao asked cautiously.

“Since Elder Brother asked us to do, we are going to do.” Zhou Xiaoyu’s complexion was somewhat pale, however, his tone was steady and dignified. Even if Zhou Xiaoyu had mixed in this society for a long time, most of his works were simple and nothing serious. Cutting off someone’s tendon, was the same as making Liu Sanren a handicap for all his future. Last time when he was trying to teach a lesson to Su Nianci, he was only teaching her a lesson, he didn’t plan to cross any line with her. Moreover, he also didn’t plan to open fire in that restaurant. The only reason he accidentally fired that gun because of his shuddering hands.

“So who wants to do it?” Kuang Shao frowned and said, “if one is grabbed by police for this matter, the one who does it will be the biggest culprit. I am telling you all right now, I won’t do this matter.”
“I will do it.” Zhou Xiaoyu went to a work table and opened a drawer. From inside the drawer, he took out a dagger, and said, “Kuang Shao, you go and prepare a car. Ye Shao, you prepare some medicine for stopping the blood. Wang Ai, you prepare a towel to block their mouth.”



Zhou Xiaoyu walked to Liu Sanren’s side and said, “Liu Sanren, everyone calls you Ghost Hand, only from today onwards, your hand will be good for nothing. Wuya also didn’t save you!”

“Zhou Xiaoyu, I am requesting you, let me go this time. We are like colleagues. Our relationship could be counted as friendly. It isn’t necessary to do something extreme like this. I only overstepped a street. Later, I will arrange a banquet and invite everyone to eat and drink and will show my respect with money to you all. How about this, can you please let me go? At most, please also break my limbs. Please don’t cut off my tendon. My whole work depends on these hands of mine!” Liu Sanren said while perspiring.

Zhou Xiaoyu coldly looked at Liu Sanren and said, “don’t you understand why I am doing this to you? Because this is a test of Elder Brother. Elder Brother isn’t an average person. Who can someone be normal even when one is in front of a fully loaded gun? He is very unusual. I am sure someday he will definitely stand out amongst their peers and will be at the pinnacle of this society. If I am capable of overcoming his tests, I am sure my status will also rise with him. Kuang Shao and all are short-sighted, shallow and timid. They are unlikely to be successful. However, my goal is very lofty. I want others to respect me. That’s why Liu Sanren, today I will even call you my grandfather. However, don’t blame me, blame Wuya, it is he who didn’t protect you. Naturally, I personally think, even if Wuya wanted to protect you, he wouldn’t have been able to. If Elder Brother Xu wants to climb in the ranking, he must put his feet on someone’s head. After going back, tell Wuya, don’t challenge Elder Brother, his natural temperament is not kind.”

After speaking, Zhou Xiaoyu took a deep breath and pricked Liu Sanren’s hand with that dagger.

A loud scream reverberated inside the whole Billiard room and due to the struggle of Liu Sanren, Zhou Xiaoyu’s body was full of blood marks.

Zhou Xiaoyu’s complexion was cold and gloomy. And even though he was cutting off Liu Sanren’s tendon, he was unmoved. After cutting off Liu Sanren’s tendon, Zhou Xiaoyu broke the limbs of other colleagues of his.

“You go and deliver them.” Zhou Xiaoyu looked at Kuang Shao and said, “after throwing them out, get out from there as soon as possible. Don’t cause unnecessary trouble for elder brother.”

“I understand.” Kuang Shao nodded and with the help of other people dragged Liu Sanren and his colleagues to the car downstairs.

A van was already waiting downstairs. After putting Liu Sanren and others inside the car, he drove that car toward Tianshang Renjian nightclub.

Xu Taiping nonchalantly returned to the university. He then went to look for Zhou Nuo to invite him to dinner. Since today was the first day of the university and every student was already inside the university, the pressure on security guards was greater than normal days. Only, Xu Taiping was immune from such pressure. His rank was deputy director. Naturally, there was no need for him to act on the front line. He was only in charge of creating plans and coordinating meetings.

Right now, his so-called coordination was to look for an empty classroom and meet with old sly foxes of the Security department to gamble.

Xu Taiping was not fond of gambling, however, as long as few bets could fortify his relation with others and if he could use those men’s of security departments, he was glad to join the ranks with these serial gamblers.

“You all start, I have to receive this phone call.” Xu Taiping’s cell phone was ringing unceasingly. He left the gambling table and went outside the class.

“I have already received my men.” Wuya’s gloomy voice came from the cellphone’s speaker.

“Satisfied?” Xu Taiping asked.

“This is a big gift. I haven’t received such a big ritual in a long time. I will surely find time to express my gratitude. How about this, this Saturday, I will act as a host for a banquet. I will also invite a few Bao Ruifeng of Fenglin town as well as few other leaders of different areas.” Wuya said.

“Thank You, Leader Wuya.” Xu Taiping smiled to say, “just inform me time and place, I will definitely come.”

“Good. I am really looking forward to meeting with you.”

After cutting the phone, Xu Taiping called Zhou Xiaoyu.

“This Saturday, I am going to attend Wuya’s dinner party.” Xu Taiping said.

‘Elder Brother, I think Wuya has some sinister plan!’ Zhou Xiaoyu said.

‘Are you afraid?” Xu Taiping asked while smiling.

“Of course, I am afraid. However, if Elder Brother is going then I will also go. Afraid or fearless, let’s talk about this later.” Zhou Xiaoyu said.

“Haha. for the next two days, pay attention. Don’t go out at night. Always move in a group. If someone touches you, directly kill them. I will cover you, you won’t have any matter.” Xu Taiping said.

“I understand.” Zhou Xiaoyu excitedly said, “I will pay attention.”

“Ask others to be careful as well. I hope I don’t have to explain these matters to them?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Hmm, I will explain it to them!”

“Good, do these things first!” After speaking Xu Taiping cutoff the cellphone. Then he went inside the classroom and joined others in gambling.

The gambling went on till 12 midnight and only after Xu Taiping lost two hundred yuan, he was allowed to leave.

When Xu Taiping stopped his car in front of the dormitory, Su Nianci room was still bright. Nowadays, he was using this car as his private property. Although it wasn’t anything luxurious, however, it was a perfect match with his security guard identity.

Just when Xu Taiping stopped his car, he heard an ear-piercing sound of someone stopping a car from the back of the Hou Shanshang mountain.
In the stillness of the night, that sound was very clear. After that ear-piercing screeching sound came the sound of two back to back gunshot.

Due to the sound of the gunshot, a flock of birds flew away from the mountain. Su Nianci came out from her room and said to Xu Taiping, “ did you hear that sound.!”

“Heard.” Xu Taiping took a yawn and said, “I am going to bed.”

“Don’t go. First, deliver me to the top of that mountain!” Su Nianci anxiously said, “some major event must have happened behind that mountain.”

“Even if something has happened there, they have a gun. What do you have?” Xu Taiping asked.

‘I…I have this electric gun!” Su Nianci said.

“Electric gun? Officer Su, are you kidding me? Do you have a fever or what? Can’t you think before acting? You have an electric gun and others have a real gun? I think you should call the police as soon as possible.” Xu Taiping said,

“Even if I call, it would be late. Let’s go to the mountain and see the situation up there, after that we can talk about what to do!” Su Nianci anxiously said.

‘I am not free, you yourself drive to go.” Xu Taiping gave the keys to Su Nianci.

Su Nianci didn’t object. She took the key and ignited the engine.

As soon as the engine of the car ignited, it made a very big sound. And soon, after that Mustang of Xu Taiping violently shuddered and the engine suddenly turned off on its own.

“I…I don’t know how to drive this type of car.” Su Nianci rolled down the car window and said with embarrassment.

“You really don’t let anyone be peaceful.” Xu Taiping walked off the pilot seat and after opening the door, said, “ I am the only in charge of delivery you to that mountain. If you really get entangled there, don’t try to involve me as well.!”

“Good!” Su Nianci steps down from the pilot seat and while walking toward the co-pilot seat, she said, “If you can capture some men, later I will turn a blind eye toward your activity as long as you are not excessive!”

“Officer Su, you do have a bit of flexibility. Here, I was thinking you are very stubborn.” Xu Taiping smiled to sit down on the driver’s seat and started the car.

The tires of Mustang violently skidded against the ground and sparks started to come out from the silencer.

Xu Taiping took steering in the hand, released the hand brake and pressed on the accelerator.

That mustang violently moved and after making a beautiful turn on around 80 degrees, it ran toward the mountain.

“Sit tightly.” Xu Taiping smiled to say, “take good care of your breast, if you let them move like that, they will possibly jump out from your blouse.”

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