SFVSG Ch.76 Wuya Chang’s Lackey

Big Buddhist lord of squinted eyes vs Ghost hand Jiateng Ying, this was the biggest contest of the century.

The hand’s of Ghost hand Jiateng Ying was indeed fast. A normal person would have been dazzled just looking at the frantic movement and speed with which he was flipping and was juggling those bowls.

At that moment, that master was giving it his best. San-xian-gui-dong was a famous magic trick of ancient china, and one could even say that he had mastered this art thoroughly. And this pinnacle was no joke. As long as he desired and he was the one to raise the bowl, he could easily shift the bowl to another container, even if the better was right in the first place.”

“Ok, now guess.” Ghost Hand Jiateng Ying sneered and said.

“Middle bowl.” I am 100% sure.” Xu Taiping laughed and put twenty thousand on the middle bowl.

“Think again, do you want to bet on the middle bowl?” Ghost hand Jiateng Ying asked.

“I am sure.” Xu Taiping nodded.

Ghost hand Jiateng Ying smiled in ridicule and finally moved his hand to raise the bowl. however before he could raise the bowl, Xu Taiping started to arrange his clothes. Due to this sudden movement, his eyes were locked on him.

A single glance and this famous Ghost hand Jiateng Yeng was suddenly stupefied and got anxious.

“What happened. Raise it.” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

“I…I am raising it.” Ghost hand Jiateng Ying forcefully swallowed his saliva and with a shuddering hand raised the bowl.

A red ball was inside the bowl.

“Haha, I said it is in the middle. I won twenty thousand!” Xu Taiping proudly said, “give me my money!”

“I think there is some problem with this game!” colleagues of ghost Hand Jiateng Ying who were standing beside Xu Taiping said, “what’s wrong with you, why did you bet on the middle bowl!”

“Who are you? Why can’t I bet on the middle bowl?” Xu Taiping turned his head and looked at the man beside him, and said, “what’s the matter with you? Why are you grieving even if I bet on the middle bowl? Aren’t you all just passerby?”

“Bastard, did you come here to spoil this game place?” someone among them came forward and pressed on Xu Taiping’s shoulder and said, “get the hell out, otherwise you can’t even imagine what I will do with you!”

“Good, I am going. Hey, give me my twenty thousand.” Xu Taiping said to ghost hand Jiateng Ying.

“Yes yes here” Ghost hand Jiateng Ying pulled out twenty thousand from his purse and gave it to Xu Taiping.

“Are you insane. Why are you giving him money?” Ghost hand Jiateng Ying’ colleagues indignantly said to him .

“Don’t you understand, he has a gun!” Ghost hand Jiateng Ying pointed his finger at Xu Taiping’s waist and said.

Only now, when others looked at Xu Taiping’s waist did they see a black colour gun on his waist and it was pointed toward Ghost hand Jiateng Ying.

“Gun?!” the crowd finally noticed the gun on Xu Taiping and at once fled to the distance from the scene. In an instant, the place was almost empty. Those colleagues of Ghost Hand Jiateng Ying were also afraid and they were also hiding in a relatively safe place.

“What gun. This is just a gun toy I bought for my girlfriend.” Xu Taiping pulled out that black gun from his waist and pulled the trigger on Ghost Hand Jiateng Ying.

In the end, instead of bullets, a stream of water came out from the nozzle. Due to this sudden experiment of Xu Taiping, the face of the other party was thoroughly wet.

“You son of a bitch. You dare to deceive me!!” Jiateng Ying didn’t expect that Xu Taiping would scare him with a water gun, and in anger, he directly pounced on Xu Taiping.

“Who is cheating whom? You can cheat these old people and innocent children, but Laozi cannot deceive you?” Xu Taiping coldly said.

“Cheat your mother!” Jiateng Ying waived his palm toward Xu Taiping’s face, however, an iron rod suddenly appeared from his side and hit on his hand.

The rod was swung very ruthlessly. The hand of Jiateng Ying was thoroughly dislocated.

“Grab every one of them, don’t let anyone run away.” Xu Taiping said.

“Yes!” Zhou Xiaoyu replied from the side. Soon several of Xu Taiping’s underling like Zang Ai, Jia Zu, Kuang Shao, Ye Shao and others ran toward those colleagues of Jiateng Ying.

When those colleagues of his realised something was amiss, they at once started to run. However, Kuang Shao ground was especially ruthless to these people. As long as someone tried to run away, he would beat his leg with his rod and make them fall on the ground.

Altogether, three men and Jiateng Ying was caught in just a short while.

“Honorable, this is your money.” Xu Taiping gave that petrified old man his money back and said, “you will always lose 9 out of ten times in gambling. You can bet sometimes for fun, however, don’t bet again using the money for necessity. Are you clear?”

“I understand. I am clear. Thank you Elder Brother. Thank You!” that old man kneeled in front of Xu Taiping and knocked his head several times.
Xu Taiping looked at the surrounding and said, “everyone go back. Just go back and do your work honestly, that way you won’t be cheated in the future.”

Surrounding men looked at Xu Taiping. They all were afraid, however, finally, someone used his courage and went away. Soon, everyone else also left.

“Take these men away.” Xu Taiping said.

“Yes, Elder Brother!” Zhou Xiaoyu excitedly said. He had done a lot of things in his life. He had also assisted many people with their trouble, however, he never had a result as good as this one.

“This is your ten thousand yuan.” Xu Taiping gave ten thousand from the leftover three thousand yuan and said, “you work hard to earn this money, don’t waste it in these things.”

“I understand. Oh right, Elder brother Xu, who are you, how come Zhou Xiaoyu and his group was respectfully calling you Elder Brother?” Zhou Nuo asked.

“ I am the new Elder Brother of Hechi Street.” Xu Taiping was smiling loftily.

“Awesome, hey, can I also become a member of your gang? Zhou Nuo asked.

“What bullshit gang you’re talking about. I don’t have any gang. As long as you want to mix with me, and you can fight, I don’t mind. You must have seen the ruthlessness of Zhou Xiaoyu and other just now, right, as long as you are daring enough like them, you are welcome. A simple swing of the rod and that man’s hand was broken, can you do something like this?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Oh, then forget about this. I am a kind person.” Zhou Nuo shook his head in embarrassment.

“Then focus on your studies, you will have a brighter future.” Xu Taiping patted Zhou Nuo’s shoulder and soon moved ahead.

There were many police bikes were parked in front of him.

‘What is happening here?” police personnel asked in annoyance.

“Brother Zheng, it’s you.” Xu Taiping smiled and stopped in front of that police officer and took out a cigarette from his pocket and gave it to that head of police force present there.

That police officer was Zheng Zhong Min and was in charge of law and order on Hechi-street. Xu Taiping didn’t see him when he was paying respect to heaven. And only when he was having dinner at Fulong restaurant with others, this person came. And being a bit considerate of Xu Taiping’s image, he had few drinks with him.

“Oh, Taiping!” Zheng Zhong Min looked at Xu Taiping and smiled. He knew that to manage a street successfully, he needed the help of Xu Taiping’s type of people and had a good relationship with them. Like that he could have someone to work as an informant and could stop something bad from happening on the street. Nowadays, a police officer like Su Nianci was very rare. Most of the officers understood the reality of the street and were flexible. They also believed that asking protection money is not all bad. Moreover, by relying on these street hooligans, many big cases were solved by them in the past. That’s why Zheng Zhong Min also wanted to have a good relationship with Xu Taiping. And this was the reason for him to attend the party of Xu Taiping at Fulong restaurant. Right now, he was just on a patrol, after all, he was also a respectable police officer.

“Brother Zheng, how come you are here today?” Xu Taiping asked while lighting the cigarette for Zheng Zhong Min.

Seeing the respect of Xu Taiping, Zheng Zhong Min was very happy. He said, “just received a call from some people, that someone is gathering a crowd for gambling.”

“Yes, a few swindlers.” Xu Taiping smiled to say, “ they are tidied up by my men.”

“Is that person nicknamed Ghost Hand Jiateng Ying?” Zheng Zhong Min looked at shacked Jiateng Ying in the distance and asked.

“You also know him?” Xu Taiping asked in astonishment.
“That man’s real name is Liu Sanren. He is a rather famous swindler of Jiang Yuan City. he is the subordinate of Wuya. Why did he come on the Hechi- Street?” Zhen Zhong Min asked while frowning,

“Wuya?” Xu Taiping repeated this name and soon smiled to look at Zheng Zhong Min and said, “Thank You, Brother Zheng, for warning. Later I will ask you for a drink!”

“Don’t mention it. We have orders from the office, they asked us to grab some thieves. You help us with this matter.” Zheng Zhong Min said.

“No problem. After going back, I will find some information for you.” Xu Taiping nodded.

“Ok, I am going back.” Zheng Zhong Min said and started his motorbike and left.

“Wuya Wuya, in the end, what do you want to do? Do you want to hit Xia Jiang’s prestige by eliminating me?” Xu Taiping smiled in ridicule. Just now, when it looked like Zheng Zhong Min was casually talking about Wuya, he was warning Xu Taiping about Wuya.

Something doesn’t need to be said clearly, especially among intelligent people.

Liu Sanren and his colleagues were finally dragged away from the scene and were brought to the special billiard room of Zhou Xiaoyu.

According to Zhou Xiaoyu, this was the headquarter of the previous gang leader. The big lanes and specially arranged room were used for torturing stubborn crooks. The room was fully soundproof. Even if one were to fire a gun, no one could hear from outside.

“Do you work for Wuya?” Xu Taiping sat down on the boss chair and looked at Liu Sanren and asked.

“So you know I work for Elder Brother Wuya and you still dare to capture me?” Liu Sanren sneered.

“Don’t tell me, you don’t know that this Hechi-Street is my domain?” Xu Taiping smiled and asked, “you come here in my domain to work and didn’t even though about informing me. You didn’t follow the customs and rules of underground society.”

“That place was the junction of Hechi Street and Nan-Men Street. How can you claim that place as Hechi Street? Moreover, until now, no one ever dared to disturb my work. Is this your first time working as a gang leader of the street? You like it or not, I believe Elder Brother Wuya will know about me and will destroy you?” Liu Sanren said.

“Wuya is just another leader and works as a vanguard for the upper echelon. You could say he is a little brother of Xia Jiang, just like Bao Ruifeng. In other words, Wuya is just another one of many little brothers of Xia Jiang. Just one of many little brothers. Then what qualification Wuya to be so arrogant in front of me?” Xu Taiping sneered.

“You just wait and watch. If you don’t release me, Elder brother Wuya will surely look for you!” Liu Sanren looked at Xu Taiping in resentment and said.

“Elder brother, that Wuya is vicious and merciless. We have already taught his man, should we give him a bit of face?” Zhou Xiaoyu asked in a low voice.

“When another person didn’t think about my prestige when he crossed over to our side, then why should we give him any face? Call Wuya, tell him, if he wants his men back, give us ransom money, otherwise, we will break these people hand and foot and throw them away to work as a beggar.” Xu Taiping insipidly said.
“Yes, Elder Brother!”


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