SFVSG Ch.75 tricks of the society

“Did you get fucked by someone in ass?” Xu Taiping crossed the street and stopped in front of Zhou Nuo and smiled.

“Oh dear!” Zhou Nuo sighed and went down from the tricycle. He looked at Xu Taiping and said, “Elder brother Xu, you tell me, am I not good enough to be employable?”

“What happened?” Xu Taiping flabbergastingly asked.

“It feels like I cant see things clearly!” Zhou Nuo scratched his head in confusion and said, “even more so when things are happening in front of me”

“Are you short-sighted?” Xu Taiping asked.

“No, I am not talking about that kind of vision.” Zhou Nuo shook his head and said, “I can’t seem to track the movement of hands. I get all confused.”

“What happened to you?” Xu Taiping asked with a bit of curiosity.

“Today, when I was wandering over there on the street, I came across a group of people. They were playing a game.” Zhou Nuo said, “there were three bowls placed on the ground, and the player had to put a red bowl in any of those. After that the master of the game was to move the bowl randomly, then after that, the player had to predict which bowl had the ball. I saw that whoever tried they won, however, when I guessed I never won anything. In the afternoon, many people won but it was I who lost more than tens of thousands.”

“3-bowl-ball game?” Xu Taiping asked with a strange expression, “tell me, did you see the hand of the game master, was he holding a pair of chopsticks?”

“Yes, but, how do you know?” Zhou Nuo was astonished.

“That game is called san-xian-gui-dong. You are an idiot.” Xu Taiping patted Zhou Nuo’s shoulder and said, “Why did you play that kind of game? That game is very profound and strange. Even if your eyes are better than normal, you still can’t guess which bowl has the red ball. In the beginning, even before moving the bowl, that master will steal the ball with his chopsticks and no matter which bowl you select, you won’t win. Naturally, it was one of the best ancient magic performed in old china. Now, the only people who want to cheat others will play this game.”

“But I saw many people winning!” Zhou Nuo said, “someone even won the grand prize of two thousand!”

“You don’t understand. Every play in this world uses some sort of props to make it look authentic!” Xu Taiping rolled his eyes and said,” that prize was one of the props. Try to remember, wasn’t there someone who asked you to bet and talk about easy money?”

“Now that you mentioned it, there was indeed a person!” Zhou Nuo nodded and said, “ I remember, an old fellow was standing beside me who urged me to bet repetitively. He also won a lot. Ahh! It looks like I was cheated by a group of thugs.”

“Didn’t your parent told you to not gamble?” Xu Taiping asked.

“I, when I saw it looked like a really easy game, also I didn’t bet anything big. I was even confident about the position of the bowl, however each time I lost, it felt as if the ball was being transported with magic!” Zhou Nuo said in an annoyed voice.

“Where have they set up their stall? Is it on this Hechi street? Xu Taiping asked.

“Yes, over there, across the street. I just came here after losing, they must still have their stall there. What do you say, should I go back and asked for my money?” Zhou Nuo asked.

“Let’s go and see. This thing is the same as cheating someone who has more money than brains. They must be preparing to runaway after cheating you. We must not allow them to cheat others again. Let’s go and see what’s happening there.” Xu Taiping said.

“Let me first close my stall.: Zhou Nuo said,

“What close your stall. Let’s go and ask for those tens of thousands you were cheated.” while walking, Xu Taiping said.

“Yes yes yes!” Zhou Nuo hurriedly followed after Xu Taiping and both ran toward those cheater’s stall.

A crowd was gathered near a pagoda tree on the side of the street.

“Hurry, here is my bet. And the ball is inside this bowl. I saw it with my eyes!”

“I also saw, that left bowl has the ball!”

Several men started to shout in succession.

An old man was tightly clutching a plastic bag and was nipping his lip under his teeth. It felt as if this was some sort of life and death game for him.

“I won’t lose!” someone from the crowd pulled out a few notes and placed it on the left-hand side cup. Soon after the master raised that bowl, there was a red ball inside.

“See, didn’t I tell you. The ball was indeed inside the left-hand side bowl. You all really couldn’t win any money, it is a shame.” that person said to the surrounding people after winning.

That old man was also very annoyed. He was sort of money for the treatment of his grand-daughter. Right now, he was rebuking himself for his cowardice and how he would have sufficient money if he were to place a bet when that man asked him to.

“Oldman, next time don’t hesitate. Try to use this opportunity and place a big bet to win big and go with a bang!” someone said.

“Good. this time I will observe and bet!” that old man nodded and soon he crouched down on the ground and asked that master to deal again. Soon that master started to move bowls rapidly and after a few seconds, he stopped.

One could easily see, he had placed that red colour ball in that middle Bowl.

“Middle one!” someone shouted.

“I am also betting on the middle one!!” that old man took out a ten thousand folded note and after placing it on the middle bowl said, “ if I win you cannot give me money!”

“I have worked here for many years, never I have reneged on debt.” that master proudly said.

“Then, raise the bowl!” the old man said.

“Good, I am raising the bowl!” that master raised the bowl and contrary to old man’s expectation red ball was not inside it. Then he raised the left-hand side bowl and unexpectedly the red ball was indeed inside it!

“I am sorry Oldman, you misjudged. The ball was in the left bowl. This money is mine!” that master proudly smiled and tried to take the old man’s money. However, old man tightened his grip on the bill and said, “I won’t play, I won’t play. This game doesn’t count.”

“Honorable, if you agree to bet you must accept to lose. What you are doing is not good!’ a young man came out from the surrounding and said.

“Right, even if after losing you don’t give money. It’s the same as cheating!” someone else came out from the crowd and said.

“This money is for my granddaughter’s treatment, I, I was just blinded by my greed, I am requesting you all, please don’t take this money from me. I am even willing to kneel in front of you!” that old man kneeled on the ground.

“In the line of gambling, there is no father and mother, leave alone you or someone’s treatment money since you agree to bet then you must pay for your loss. Now give that bill to Laozi.” that master sneered and suddenly exerted force on the bill to pull it from the hand of that old man. That old man was kneeling and not stable, due to force he fell on the ground.

“This is my money, this is my money. This money is for my granddaughter’s treatment!” that old man started to weep and howl, however, no one from the crowd went out to help him. Some men could guess the scam, however, they all were afraid of getting intertwined into something unpleasant. Some men also genuinely felt the stupidity of the old man, they were thinking that the old man was cheating.

“That old man is pitiful. Why don’t you return his money.” Xu Taiping came out from the crowd and kneel to support that old man.

That master ignored Xu Taiping and started to pick all the thing on the ground. Today he had already won more than twenty thousand yuan and even after splitting with other colleagues, he would still have a few thousand. It was enough for him to live a few days, that’s why he was planning to run away.

“Honorable, please stand up. I will make them return your money.” Xu Taiping said to that wailing old man.

“Really?’ as if he was grabbing onto his last hope, that old man held Xu Taiping’s hand.

“Absolutely.” Xu Taiping smiled and said, “but after I return your money, you can’t bet again. You should go back and treat your grand-daughter as soon as possible.”

“As long as you can give me my money back, I promise I will never bet again in my life!” that old man said with excitement.

“Deal!” Xu Taiping nodded and then looked at the opposite man and said., “what do you say, what to play two hands with me? I am confident with my eye-sight.”

“You also wants to play?” that man looked in ridicule at Xu Taiping and said, “let me tell you, if you lose then honestly accept your loss, later don’t act shamelessly like that old man.”

“Of course!” Xu Taiping shook his head and put out a folded bill from his pocket and put it on the ground to say, “here is ten thousand bill, let’s play. If I lose it’s your, otherwise, you will give me ten thousand.”

“Good, remember what you said!” That man smiled and arranged the game setup and once again started to move bowls.

Xu Taiping saw that the ball was inside the right-side bowl.
“Right-side bowl.” Xu Taiping put the money on the right-side bowl and said, “the ball is inside it.”

“If in the end there was no ball inside, don’t wail!” that master said and extended his hand to raise the bowl.

However, even before that master could reach the bowl, Xu Taiping’s hand was already on that bowl and he was already raising it.

“Yes, yes. It’s is here!” Xu Taiping picked the red ball inside that bowl and laughed. He said, “I guessed right. I won!”

“You…. how can you touch my bowl without my permission? Only I can touch my bowl during the game!” that man yelled angrily.

‘You didn’t tell me before!” Xu Taiping helplessly shrugged his shoulders and said, “You didn’t inform me beforehand, moreover, how it matters if someone else raised the bowl. The red ball was already inside it. It’s not like it will change bowl just because you lift it. What difference does it make if it was me not you? Please give me ten thousand yuan.”

“This doesn’t count. It only counts if I raise the bowl!” that master said.

“Why? I think it will only matter if you are cheating somehow?” Xu Taiping said.

“Impossible. I am mixing in this society for so many years, and all because of my integrity!” that master shook his head.

“Then why are you so adamant on raising the bowl yourself. Why can’t someone else raise it? I cannot understand!” Xu Taiping said.

“This is the rule of the game!!” that master said.

“However, you didn’t inform me beforehand.” Xu Taiping shrugged his shoulders in excitement and said, “I only know, there was a ball inside that bowl and you must give me my money!”

“This doesn’t count!”

“You are acting as if nothing happened?” Xu Taiping attentively looked at him and said, “don’t forget so many people are looking at your shameless act. If you act shameless, then it won’t be justified in their eyes.”

“You!!’ that master frowned and looked at several of his colleagues standing in the crowd. He wanted some sort of hint from them. He wanted to have them say something to manage this situation, however, before he could say anything, Xu Taiping said, “you give me ten thousand first, then I will again bet ten thousand. At that time you can raise the bowl yourself!”

“Remember what you said!” that master sneered and gave that same ten thousand bill he won from that old man to Xu Taiping and said, “come, you bet. I don’t believe that you will win again. You can’t have such good luck every time. In this society, Laozi is famous for his Ghost hands. They even call me Ghost hand Jiateng Ying !”

“You continue!” Xu Taiping put out two bills and said, “Laozi also has a nickname in this society, I am known as Buddhist lord with squinted eyes.”

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