SFVSG Ch.73 Dare to Shoot.

“Like hell you have, I can say with surety that they have not eaten anything from this restaurant!” A waiter countered.

“You all should go somewhere and ask for justice like this, does it look professional?” Xu Taiping moved toward Lao Yao and stopped. The distance between them was just three-four metres. He then looked at Lao Yao and said, “good or bad, right now, you and these underlings of yours came here to dine, right? Now eat here and go back and then if you again have bad stomach then only will be any credibility to your accusation. .By the way, can you even afford a meal here?”

“Of course we can’t afford such a meal. However, Elder Brother Xu, would you give us some food. We are really hungry.” Lao Yao smiled and said.

“This place had more than enough food. Just go inside the kitchen and after you open the back door, you will see a few buckets full of cooked rice and soup. What kind of, do you want it!” Xu Taiping asked.

“Elder Brother Xu, I can’t feel any conscientiousness from your word. Several brothers of mine came here and you are asking us to eat that spoiled food from drainage? Let alone these, my brother’s stomach got upset after eating food from this restaurant. I just want Fulong restaurant to pay us. Otherwise, we will smash this restaurant.” Lao Yao said.

“What? Do you still want to smash this restaurant? There are rule and law of land. But you are more than welcome to come inside and have delicious food and hard liquor !” Xu Taiping said with a smile.

“We were talking metaphorically, of course, this is the era of law. Naturally, we can’t just smash a place. However, if we are not compensated, then we will certainly not leave this place. Boss, can you prepare a compartment for us. Of course, it’s not like we will not spend? Please send a packet of peanuts to the compartment!” Lao Yao said.

“We don’t do this kind of business here.” Xu Taiping said, “if you want to eat shelled peanuts, buy it on the street. You all are shameless enough to come to this type of family restaurant to eat shelled peanuts?”

“Big or small, if you have opened a business, then I have the right to come here. It’s not like just because someone is ordering less, you will make them go back. Do you all want me to give a call to the industry and commerce department?” Lao Yao sneered.

“Fearless. I know you can hit, regardless, from now on this Fulong restaurant is under my protection. If I allow you to go upstairs, I will lose my face.” Xu Taiping said.

“Then it is even better.” Lao Yao shrugged his shoulders in excitement and said, “brothers be prepared to flex your muscles.”

“Brothers, take out your weapons!” Zhou Xiaoyu yelled.

Kung Shao and others took to pick up nearby bench or stool at once. Although these men were inferior to the professional gangster but good or bad, they were used to this type of things on the street. If one asked them to hit they would hit and wouldn’t be terrified of this kind of situation at all.

Naturally, the most crucial factor was their belief in Xu Taiping. If they had not seen the ability of Xu Taiping, they would have some doubt. They have seen with their own eyes, how capable Xu Taiping was and how easily he could bend an iron rod with his hand.

“Lao Yao, you choose. Do you want to go out by yourself or do I throw you all out.” Xu Taiping sneered.

“Then I am also giving you a choice. Kneel and called me your father!” Lao Yao said. He then moved his hand toward his trousers and took out an half-meter long shotgun and pointed it at Xu Taiping.

“ if by mistake by pulled its trigger, your face will bloom into a beautiful flower.” Lao Yao said while feeling pleased with himself.

After seeing that gun, every bystander there started by move around in fear of it being misfired.

“Elder Brother, careful.” Zhou Xiaoyu said while standing in front of Xu Taiping’s body.

“Zhao Xiaoyu, you are a courageous loyal dog.” Lao Yao laughed and said, “but isn’t this person responsible for feeding you in jail at that time. If it wasn’t for Elder Brother Xia speaking for you, you would have still been rotting away in jail. In such a short time, how did you become a loyal dog?”

“Lao Yao, you are still young. Don’t play with a gun or there will be some accident. Put that gun down, now.” Zhao Xiaoyu said with a sinister expression.

“Ask you Elder Brother to call me father. Otherwise, I will blow his face.” Lao Yao was unyielding.

“Xiaoyu, go back.” Xu Taiping pushed away Zhao Xiaoyu.

“Elder Brother, be careful. This is a high recoil gun. The scope is very big, and it is very difficult to dodge the bullet.” Zhao Xiaoyu said.

‘I understand.” Xu Taiping nodded and then looked at Lao Yao.

“I don’t have much time, choose!” Lao Yao yelled.

Xu Taiping didn’t say anything. He just lifted his feet and started to walk toward Lao Yao.

“What are you doing? Stop there!’ Lao Yao yelled.

“Possessing illegal arms, a minimum of three years imprisonment. Deliberately injuring someone,  another three years of imprisonment. This is a high recoil metal ball gun. If you fired then, I would have been lightly injured only. Now I am just one meter away from you, if you fire now, I will sustain major injuries and you will get a minimum of seven years. Xu Taiping spoke while moving toward Xiao Yao. After reducing the distance between himself and Xao Yao to half a meter, he said, “ Now I am this close, if you fire now, I will surely die and you will be given a death penalty. Now I want to see what you will do. Do you have the guts to open fire and kill me? At worst we will meet in heaven again.”

Xu Taiping was standing still. Moreover, everyone else was also quite. There were quite not because of all the rules and laws Xu Taiping said, but because of the confidence and indifferent expression, he had on his face.

That shotgun is aimed at his head and he isn’t nervous at all. Even those Leader don’t have this type of confidence and nerve. And this guy is just a new gang leader.

Lao Yao was still holding his gun and aiming at Xu Taiping’s head. He looked at Xu Taiping and said, “you think Laozi doesn’t dare to open fire?”

“Then you shoot. If you don’t shoot then you are my son.” Xu Taiping said.

“Laozi will shoot you now!!’ Lao Yao was emotionally shouting, however, his hand was shuddering.

“Shoot. If you are a man then shoot!” Xu Taiping shouted.

“You don’t have to shout!!’ the shuddering of Lao Yao was even more evident, he yelled, “ at worst, we will have a death match!”

‘Come, let’s have a deathmatch. Shoot. Don’t talk such rubbish. Fire on Laozi!’ Xu Taiping yelled.

“Utah!” Lao Yao yelled and suddenly change his grip on the gun and swung its butt toward Xu Taiping’s face.

With a smack, Xu Taiping’s face was hit by the butt and there was a crack on his face.

“You are not afraid of death?!” Lao Yao shouted.

Xu Taiping turned his face and looked at Lao Yao and while smiling at him in derision said, “Laozi is very much afraid of death. But Laozi know, you are more afraid of death than me.”

“You, you..” the hand in which he was holding that gun was violently shuddering. Even though it was him who was holding a gun, but somehow it was he who was feeling the pressure, not Xu Taiping. Obviously, Xu Taiping didn’t do anything. But Lao Yan felt as if an impassable mountain was standing in his way,

“Good. Now put down that gun. Children should play with it.” Xu Taiping pressed down the gun in Lao Yan’s hand and said, “if you don’t have the determination to die, then don’t aim a gun at other. Sometimes you can scare a few people, but the day no one gets scared, it will be you who will lose face. Now get out.”

Lao Yao was looking at Xu Taiping. His lips were shuddering. And after a long time he understood, the person standing in front of him was not someone he was capable to deal with. Even if he had the gun, the fact remains so.

He finally put down the gun and said, “ We are going.”

When Lao Yao was preparing to walk away with his underlings, Xu Taiping suddenly raised his foot and kicked on Lao Yao’s belly.

Lao Yao was kicked back a few steps and fell. With blood dripping from his mouth, he was almost unconsciousness.

“I don’t want to see any of you on this Hechi street again.” Xu Taiping insipidly said.

Lao Yao didn’t reply. His underling’s supported him to stand up and quickly left that place.

“Elder Brother, you, you are really cool!” Zhou Xiaoyu excitedly ran toward Xu Taiping and said, “how could be so calm even in front of the gun and more so for such a long time? If that pig fired, that would have been certainly dangerous.”

“If he had the calibre to fire, he would have already fired. Only those who don’t dare to fire like to threaten others with a gun.” Xu Taiping smiled to say, “never play with a gun. Those who have to choose between success and death use this type of things. And if you are only using it to scare others, you will lose face.”

“Yes, Elder Brother!” Zhao Xiaoyu nodded.

“Good. let’s all go back and continue our feast!”  Xu Taiping said with a smile.

“Elder brother Xu, let me toast you three cups!”

“Me too. Have someone like Elder Brother Xu on Hechi street, we can put down our heart and feel secure!” ‘’

Xu Taiping was smiling when he went upstairs. Actually, Xu Taiping didn’t tell a secret to Zhou Xiaoyu. The reason he was able to confront Lao Yao so confidently was because he was confident enough to cut Lao Yao’s hand even before he could pull the trigger.

He already had a dagger concealed in his sleeves, and as long as Lao Yao tried to press the trigger, he was not going to show even a bit of mercy.

“Send two men to track Lao Yao.” Xu Taiping told Zhao Xiaoyu in a low voice.

“Do we want to….. kill Lao Yao? Zhao Xiaoyu whispered.

“I doubt that someone is behind Lao Yao.” Xu Taiping insipidly said, “just track him and try to find anything odd with him, so that after going back, we all could have a carefree time.”

“Yes. I will order a few men to follow Lao Yao!” Zhao Xiaoyu said and walked to a desolate corner and made a few phone calls.

The banquet hall party finally came to an end around midnight. The whole floor was trashed with bottles of baijus and red wines.

Xu Taiping could only return to his dormitory by 3 in the morning.

“Oh, isn’t it our respectable police office Su?”  with a smiling face, Xu Taiping looked at Su Nianci who was standing at the door and said, “Office Su, it’s so late. Why didn’t you sleep? Don’t tell me you are so afraid of the dark that you were waiting for me?”

“Xu Taiping, did you become a member of organized crime syndicate?” Su Nianci asked while frowning.

“What organized crime syndicate? Did you see with your own eyes?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Do you think that I don’t know the matter of you going to pay respect to heaven? I know that you have even invited all proprietors of Hechi street. I used to think that, since Zhou Xiaoyu and others were bested by you that’s why they called you their Elder Brother, I didn’t think you will take a path from where no one can return. Xu Taiping, tell me the reason!” Su Nianci looked at Xu Taiping and asked. She was feeling resentment toward Xu Taiping for failing to meet expectations and how he was impatient for changing his economic status.

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