SFVSG Ch.72 Upholding Justice

Guan He felt an impulse inside her heart. It was very strong. She wanted to embrace this man who was forsaken by the world. And while having him in her embrace she wanted to quietly listen to all his tales.  Only, Guan He knew that this couldn’t become a reality. They were not from the same world.

After going through the whole ritual, Xu Taiping official became the gang leader of Heichi Street. Although, this status was not worth mentioning, however, at least now, he had an identity apart from being just a security guard. Right now, there were less than ten men who were working for him. If he were to exclude these four with Zhou Xiaoyu, there were three-four part-timers.

So-called part-timers were just local level hooligans and scoundrels. It wasn’t even worth mentioning their wages, they were only there for keeping appearance and came to fulfil the quota of a crowd whenever Xu Taiping needed. At those times they were paid a few hundred yuan.

It wasn’t like anybody could come out and had an occupation on the street. Nevertheless, a lot of them would still be considered a borderline gangster. They had made a fine balance between a bad person and a good person. They depended on any gang so that they could live longer. Having these part-timers to make numbers, made any faction look prosperous and imposing.

Xu Taiping didn’t have any whatsoever idea about these secrets and only from Zhao Xiaoyu, he came to know some superficial things.

The proprietors of Hechi Street were very respectful to Xu Taiping. And although he had only four people who could fight and genuine gangsters, however, good or bad, he was still the gang leader of this Hechi Street. And from now one, they had to go to Xu Taiping to solve their matters.

The way Xu Taiping was intimately meeting with these men, it didn’t feel like he was even a bit affected by Xia Jinxuan’s matter. Moreover, Guan He was still standing beside Xu Taiping and she was looking at him with a smile, and only on a few occasions, she was speaking a few words. And she was representative of Xia Jiang, she was afraid that if she were to speak something she shouldn’t have, it would give fancy thoughts to other people.

“Time is right, everyone let’s go to Fulong restaurant and have a midnight meal together.” Zhao Xiaoyu said with a smile. Today he was also wearing a western-style suit and even if it was night, he had a sunglass on his face. Today was Xu Taiping’s big day and he already looked like Xu Taiping’s most trusted aide or his right-hand man. However, Zhao Xiaoyu was convinced that Xu Taiping would surely take one step further and at that time Zhao Xiaoyu would naturally rise with the tide. That’s why he was creating his image and trying to uplift his status. So that in the future one could understand, he, Zhao Xiaoyu was also a different but big tyrant.

“Many thanks, Gang Leader Xu.”

“Thank You, Thank You. Oh, Gang Leader Xu, we all want to give Gang Leader Xu a present as our regard for you, It is just outside the Guan Di Temple. Don’t know if Gang Leader Xu will give us the chance to show our regard!” Xiao Bingkuai said to Xu Taiping while laughing.

“Present? It’s good. I was thinking, how come you all didn’t give me any red package when today is such a big day for me. You all bought me a gift!” Xu Taiping said with a smile.

“We bought this present from the bottom of our heart. You could say, it’s just a goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind it. But we still want Gang Leader Xu to receive it. Gang Leader Xu, let’s go!” Xiao Bingkuai said and guided others outside the temple.

“You can call me Elder Brother Xu or Elder Brother Taiping from now on. Gang Leader gave a vibe of someone associated with the organized crime syndicate. Now is the time of peace and prosperity, we cannot have criminal syndicate anymore.” Xu Taiping said.

“Yes, Elder Brother Xu!’ Surround people affirmed in succession.

Xiao Bingkuai led Xu Taiping and everyone else across the plaza beside Guan Di Temple and stopped near a roadside.

There was a vehicle parked on the roadside. It was concealed by a piece of clothes.

“This is everyone’s regard!” Xiao Bingkuai laughed to walk beside the car and pulled aside that cover from the car.

A Ford Mustang appeared in front of Xu Taiping.

The colour of that Mustang was blue and white. Although it was quietly parked, one could easily guess the wildness and animal spirit of that car.

Xu Taiping didn’t have any big interest in cars. Although he could be considered a professional driver and drive every vehicle out there, he always used them while carrying out a mission. Although he had a lot of money in his bank account, he never thought about buying a car. He liked to travel on foot. And incase his destination is far, he always took public transport or subway. If there was no public transport, he used to book a rental cab.

Even just using a taxi created a very big gap for enemies to attack. An enemy could easily ambush someone when one in a vehicle. And in case of a personal car, these are the easiest to track and ambush and great pain of ass for someone who mixed on the street.

Nevertheless, Xu Taiping was still happy that someone else had delivered him a car. Although, this car would have cost them around forty thousand yuan, however, this was after all other persons regard. He was a Gang Leader if the people below them didn’t give him any regard, what value did his name tags would have been?

“This is expensive.” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “it’s beautiful. From today onwards, I won’t allow anyone to have any idea about your businesses. No one will disturb you all on this Hechi Street.”

“That is your graciousness, elder brother Xu!” Xiao Bingkuai and everyone else laughed together.

“Let’s go to Fulong restaurant.” Xu Taiping waved his hand and said.

Everyone gave an affirmation and left in their car.

‘This is the key. Elder Brother Xu, I have an auto repair shop. If you ever have a need. You can come and find me. I will repair it for free; moreover, if you need to buy any car, be it through illegal means or official, I can arrange it for you. Surely you will be charged the base price!” Xiao Bingkuai laughed and gave Xu Taiping his car keys and his business card.

“Good!” Xu Taiping nodded and sat inside the car to say, “ let’s meet again at Fulong restaurant.”

“Good. Elder Brother Xu, drive carefully!’ Xiao Bingkuai bowed and said.

Xu Taiping gave a nod and then dashed toward Fulong restaurant.

After Xu Taiping disappeared from Xiao Bingkuai’s eye, he moved toward his own Benz GLK parked on the roadside.

Xu Taiping had already booked the big reception hall of Fulong restaurant for tonight.

He had booked four tables to welcome all the proprietors who had come to visit him on his ceremony. Moreover, several part-timers of Zhao Xiaoyu’s gang were also asked to come here.

A group of people eating and drinking and getting jolly with each other could be considered as a positive step toward deepening each other feeling.

Tonight, Xu Taiping was the hero of this feast. Naturally many people were toasting to him. Xu Taiping’s tolerance for liquor was good, naturally, he accepted everyone’s toast. That’s why the scene was bustling with noise and excitement.
It was already eleven. And even though it was somewhat late, a group of people entered inside the Fulong restaurant.

If Xu Taiping saw the group he would have been stunned. The group which entered just now was Wu Gui Gang and its leader Lao Yao!

Compared to the time Xu Taiping saw Lao Yao in the university, he was giving a different vibe today. Inside the university even if he was a flamboyant or young master, he still had the appearance of a student. But right now, no one could tell he was a student. He had worn a black sleeveless shirt. And on the back, there was a big print of Guan Yu. He was wearing a gold necklace and skin-tight black jeans. He had his dyed his hair from brack to grey.

“Boss, Boss!” Lao Yao had both hands inside his pocket and he was shouting while standing in the middle of the hall.

“Here, here. Excuse me, Sir,  Do you have any problems?” The manager came outside and asked with a smile.

“These are my friends, and we just had a meal at this restaurant. Now his stomach is really upset.” Lao Yao pointed at the belly of this adjacent man and said, “tell me what we should do about this?”

“Do you sir ate at our restaurant?” That manager asked.

“Certainly, do you think that Laozi will cheat you? Lao Yao said angrily.

“Then sir I can only ask you to show me the bill and report. If it turns out to be true, your medical care reimbursement will be borne by us!” that manager said.

“What bullshit you are talking about. Laozi never does that type of thing. Call your boss here. My younger brother’s belly got upset after eating this restaurant’s food. If this matter is not handled by your restaurant carefully, Laozi will destroy this place.” Lao Yao shouted.

“Mister, did you come here to cause trouble?” That manager asked.

“You bastard, what you are talking about? Lao Yao directly threw a kick toward that manager. Since he was a Taekwondo master, the strength of his kick was extraordinary. In an instant that kick finally fell on that manager’s chin and soon manager fell on the ground and lost consciousness.

“Woah!!’ the nearby waiter shrieked and soon, surrounding waiters dash toward the fallen manager.

“Don’t you dare, everyone, keep standing where you are.” Lao Yao scolded and soon everyone came with him took out an iron stick from their waist. They were coldly staring at surrounding people while holding a rod in their hand.

“Call you boss. By the way, I heard that someone is throwing a big party here? Lao Yao asked with a sneer.

“Go quickly and call Elder Brother Xu!” Someone shouted and soon a waiter dashed toward the second floor.

On the second floor, Xu Taiping had arranged the table for his guests. Right now the atmosphere of the whole floor was very harmonious and everyone was drinking and gossiping.

“It’s bad, someone had come to cause trouble here!!” the waiter who dashed to the second floor, opened the door of the banquet room and shouted.

“Cause trouble?” Xu Taiping raised his brows and put down his wine glass and said, “who is causing trouble?”

“I don’t know. They are seven eight-person groups. They all are young” That waiter told.

“They must have come here to provoke!’ Zhou Xiaoyu whispered to Xu Taiping, “during the ritual of this kind, many unscrupulous groups come to cause trouble and provoke. If at that time those ruffian isn’t suppressed, it would become difficult to sway the feeling of mass latter.

“Let go and look.” Xu Taiping smiled and said to the surrounding people, “ Several Elders, let’s go down and look, which little idiot have come here to disturb our good time.”

“Hahaha, Let’s go down and look!” Everyone laughed. Regarding these several people present there, it was a good opportunity to finally see the background and capacity of the mentioned new gang leader.

Xu Taiping, Zhao Xiaoyu and Kuang Shao, they all went down. After them, ten more people went down behind their back. Only, all of them stopped at the staircase.

“Oh, isn’t he, our Jian Yuan University security department gatekeeper Xu Taiping?!” Lao Yao looked at Xu Taiping and in a stunning voice shouted.

‘Lao Yao didn’t last time your men kneeling in front of me at this same restaurant. Did you can here to take a beating?” Xu Taiping asked with a smile.

“Hahaha, if I didn’t come here, how would I have known? The gang leader of Hechi Street is a small security guard of Jiang Yuan University. Hechi street is losing its shine. Now any tom, dick and harry can become a gang leader. If you can be a gang leader then don’t you think I can become a Leader?” Lao Yao laughed heartily.

“Lao Yao, you bought so many people, is it to scare us?” Zhao Xiaoyu asked in a cold voice. He knew Lao Yao very well, after all, both were the product of the same street.

“I didn’t know you are also drinking here. We just had dinner here and soon my friend’s belly got upset. We just came here to demand justice. Since Gang Leader Xu is here, I want him to give us justice. Or do we directly collect it from this restaurant?” Lao Yao said in ridicule.

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