SFVSG Ch.71 Being Lonely From Birth

Guan Di Temple was a very famous place on Hechi street. A statue of Guan Yu was placed inside it. It was said that the history of this temple and its statues go back to 100 AD. There were even rumours that when Leader Xia left the Hechi street, he went after performing some rituals here. It was believed that whoever worshipped at the Guan Di Temple and paid their respect to Guan Yu, their journey would be smooth and he will be safe.

Without this temple, the street of Hechi was incomplete.

The street of Hechi fell under the jurisdiction of Fenglin town. From its name one couldn’t hope to see anything strange here, however, this street was the biggest street of Fenglin town and ran from one end to the other end of this town. Also because of the relationship and proximity with Jiang Yuan University gate, this street was very flourishing. And in those old days when the first time the name of Xia Jiang started to reverberate in the underworld, this was the place where he started from. In twenty years, from a regional hooligan to the hegemon of Jiang Yuan city, all had the colouration of legends. And this place where Xia Jiang gave his first respect became a place of great respect and a place of blessing for many people.

The only thing that made other flabbergasted was that after Xia Jiang, no one from this street was able to leave his mark in the underground world of Jiang Yuan City. On the contrary, many from different streets and cities came to this street to pay their respect and few of them were even more outstanding than Xia Jiang himself.  Moreover, two of them, Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun, who was working for Xia Jiang were also from other places. Due to the spotlight of all the ruffians from all over the place, the Heichi street always had a muffled and chaotic environment. Even if the situation was such, the importance of Guan Di Temple never dwindled. Since Xia Jiang had such an important relationship with this place, even people from different cities come here to worship and with time this became a habit for a lot of people.

Today, after a long time, someone from this street had come to pay respect at Guan Di Temple. The people from nearby vicinity and shopkeeper were already present to be a witness.

So-called paying respect to heaven was just a gimmick. Originally it was the ritual to introduce oneself as the new Elder Brother to others on this street. Even though it was Zhou Xiaoyu, who was the leader of this Hechi street, however, it was Bao Ruifeng who was the real leader of this street. Zhao Xiaoyu was just an underling of Ruifeng and naturally, he never came here to pay respect to anything. However, Xu Taiping was different. On an ambiguous instruction of Xia Jiang, Bao Ruifeng had decided to give this street to Xu Taiping. Now, Xu Taiping was the Elder Brother of this street in the truest sense. That’s why he had to come here to pay his respect to heaven and let meet with others on this street and to avoid any scruffle arising out of a mistake.

Many big brand cars were parked outside the gate of Guan Di Temple. This Heichi street was very famous and prosperous, naturally, many people business was connected to this place. The protection money one earned from this street was more than any other street in Fenglin town. Certainly it could be also considered as something bad, but still, the proprietors and bosses of those big gathering places and store were also printing money here.

“I heard that this young man is the next Elder Brother of this street, I think he is not even thirty. Indeed the younger generation has already surpassed us in everything.” the proprietor of Qifu pearl store sighed in lamentation.

If one were to talk about the so-called gang leader, it was true that everyone called these small leaders of these streets as a gang leader, but in reality, it was just a custom. Only the real leader of these ruffians and these streets would be called Elder Brother. Naturally, the street has its own hierarchy. The person who was in charge of a street was called as Gang Leader. The person who was in charge of the whole district was known as a leader. And Bao Ruifeng was such a leader. As for someone like Xia Jiang under whom there were many districts and had many such leaders as his underling, he was known as the Big Elder Brother. One could think of him as the Elder brother of Elder Brother. These were the true gang leader.

“I hope the appetite of this gang leader is not very big.” Hengshun Qi store owner Xiao Bingkuai said, “this year my business is really not good.”

“How come your business is not good? I heard that last year you have sold more than several hundred cars. Don’t think I don’t know about that car smuggling business of yours!” Zhu Rongyao said.

‘Hahaha. We can’t talk about that business in the open.”  Xiao Bingkuai suddenly closed Zhu Rongyao mouth and then said, “actually, as long as this gang leader is capable of taking care of here’s business, that I can pay more or less. It is not something important.”

“Hahaha.” Zhu Rongyao nodded.

Everyone inside the Guan Di Temple was discussing spiritedly among themselves. And since no one knew anything about Xu Taiping, no could understand his character. That’s why there were as many guesses as many people were present there.

Near Guan Di Temple, Xia Jinxuan was sitting inside a relaxation room, and she was excitedly looking at Guan Di Temple.

From her own network, she came to know that today, her man was going to pay respect to heaven!

Since she was Xia Jiang’s daughter, Xia Jinxuan knew the importance of the moment when a man goes to Guan Di temple to pay respect to heaven. Of course, it was to claim territory under one’s name. It was a ritual were under the eyes of heaven one was telling others about not thinking about this place.

Xia Jinxuan still remembers how her mother used to tell her stories about her father’s valour and imposition when he came here to pay his respect to heaven. Her mother and father closely stood together, so that everyone would know, this territory belong to Xia Jiang and this woman standing beside me is Xia Jiang’s woman.

It was Xia Jinxuan’s dream of standing beside the Xu Taiping and pay respect to heaven together. However, Xu Taiping was really firm and wouldn’t allow anyone to change his stance on this matter. That’s why she also didn’t go to Xu Taiping to request about this matter. And could only come here secretly and watch over him from afar.

Even though she was only looking from afar, she was still satisfied.

A BMW 740 slowly came to a halt near the gate of Guan Di Temple.

Zhou Xiaoyu who was driving the car stepped down and opened the gate for Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping steps down from the car. Then he turned around and held Guan He’s hand and led her to come down from the car.

Guan He was not someone very famous and that’s why when Xu Taiping held Guan He hand, everybody present there considered her as Xu Taiping’s woman. Moreover, Xia Jinxuan who was watching from afar stood up from the chair excitedly.

“How come that woman is there. Why is she together with Xu Taiping?! Don’t tell me she is trying to seduce Taiping? Surely is such!” Xia Jinxuan’s face was bright red from anger and after looking at the merry image of Xu Taiping and Guan He together, her blood pressure must have crossed its limit. And soon without considering others, she left the premise of the hotel and ran toward Xu Taiping.

At that time, Xu Taiping was exchanging pleasantries with surrounding people Zhou Xiaoyu was introducing. He was a very well known face among all the prestigious and big shots on the Heichi street.

A candle was already burning inside the Guan Di Temple and it was scheduled to have Xu Taiping and other will go inside to pay their respect after finishing their pleasantries.

“Lowly Woman, get the hell away from my man’s side!!” the lovely harmonious feeling there was shattered with a single curse.

Xu Taiping had a slight frown and when he turned his head to look back, he saw Xia Jinxuan in rage running toward himself and after stopping in front of Guan He, she swung her hand to slap Guan He face.

Xu Taiping in the nick of time somehow grabbed Xia Jinxuan’s hand.

“What are you doing here?” Xu Taiping asked with a blackened face.

“This woman, she, she is a good woman. Why is she following you? If it wasn’t for her, my mother wouldn’t have gone into depression and died like that. All because of her. Not to mention she gang up with my father, now she has come here to seduce you. Taiping, you leave me, I want to hit her!” Xia JInxuan roared like a crazy person. She was violently struggling to lose her hand from Xu Taiping’s grip.

“Jinxuan, your mother is dead, but I don’t have any relation with it.: Guan He said in a somewhat timid voice.

“How can you have no relation to my mother’s death? Before your appearance, mother and I were very happy every day. But since you came up in our life, I never saw my mother smiling even once. Tell me how is there no relation? You are a cheap person. Just get away from my man’s side!” Xia Jinxuan crazily roared.

“Have you gone insane or what?” Xu Taiping calmly said, “don’t make me lose my face.”

“She, did she already seduced you?” Xia Jinxuan looked in Xu Taiping’s eyes and said, “please don’t be deceived by her, she is really bad, in the truest sense.”

“Xiaoyu, take her away.” Xu Taiping said.

“That…” Zhao Xiaoyu could only foolishly stood there. He didn’t know what to do. This is Xia Jinxuan, the daughter of Xia Jiang. How can I kick her out of this place?

“I said something, didn’t you heard?” Xu Taiping asked with a gloomy complexion.

“Yes, Elder Brother.” Zhou Xiaoyu nodded and walked to Xia Jinxuan’s side and in a low voice said, “Young Lady Xia, let’s go. Today is a very big day for our Elder Brother. Please think about Elder Brother’s reputation.”

“Regardless, Taiping, I want you to ask her to leave this place right now. Only then I will be with you in the same place. Either she or me, you choose!” Xia Jinxuan shouted.

“Then you get lost.” Xu Taiping coldly looked at Xia Jinxuan and released her. Then he embraced Guan He and walked inside the Guan Di Temple.

“Jinxuan, it really is not like this…” Guan He really wanted to clear misunderstanding, however, Xu Taiping forcefully embraced her waist and led her inside the temple.

Xia Jinxuan was stunned. She couldn’t understand how Xu Taiping suddenly changed into such a person. Compare to the person she knew, he looked like a stranger to her.

“Hey, did he just asked me to get lost?” Xia Jinxuan was still in doubt and she asked Zhao Xiaoyu, who was standing behind her.

“I think Elder brother just lost his cool because of temper. Please, don’t be angry. Please, go from here. After he paid his respect, I am sure Elder Brother will look for you.” Zhao Xiaoyu said.

“He really asked me to get out, all because of that cheap woman!” Xia Jinxuan while holding tears in her eyes said, “Am I bad compare to her. I am much younger, have better stature. How can he treat me like this just because of that woman? Am I not good enough for him?  How can he be like this, doesn’t he have a bit of conscience?”

‘Young Lady Xia, please don’t cry!” Zhou Xiaoyu anxiously said.

“You don’t have to care for me. Xu Taiping, you are a bastard, a through and through bastard. I … I won’t acknowledge you anymore!!” while crying Xia Jinxuan turned around and left.

Zhou Xiaoyu could only helpless look at wailing Xia Jinxuan leave and then entered Guan Di Temple.

“You didn’t need to do it like this.” Guan He stood beside Xu Taiping and helplessly said.

Xu Taiping was holding a lit bundle of incense with both hands and the fragrance started to spread inside the temple.

He was moving his hands in a circular motion. Soon, a heavy fragrance spread inside the whole temple.

Xu Taiping face was expressionless. He lifted both hands above his head and three times paid respect in front of Guan Yu statue. Then he turned around and he places the incense in the burner.

Looking at this silent and quite Xu Taiping, no one could guess the reason for this emotion of Xu Taiping. Guan He though that he is pitiful, apparently, no one in this world could understand him and his heart.

At that moment, one might think, Xu Taiping was a lone independent wolf. He was someone who lifted his head with pride. He didn’t need to understand anyone else nor he had any need for another person to understand his heart.

After all, from birth, he was lonely.

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