SFVSG Ch.70 Guan He Identity

“This smells really nice.” Xu Taiping brought his nose near Guan He’s neck and after taking a deep breath, said” Generally I don’t like those women who use perfume, however, you can be considered as an exception. Moreover, your body and style are really good.”

Guan He started to laugh and intentionally threw out her breast and softly started to rub Xu Taiping’s chest with her breast.

Xu Taiping hand slowly started to move down from her waist and finally stopped on her buttock.

Today, Guan He was wearing a short skirt and even though she had worn panty, however, the material of her panty was very thin and it felt like Xu Taiping was touching her naked skin.

“You.. what are you doing?” Guan He asked with a smile.

“I have still not eaten that day’s midnight snack.” Xu Taiping slowly pushed his tough near Guan He’s ears and licked it. Then he said, “after paying respect to Heaven, will you go out with me to perform the old-style wedding ritual?”

“ I am two days into my menstruation cycle.” Guan he helplessly said.

“Originally is such a matter.” Xu Taiping was suddenly enlightened. He said, “ I was really in doubt that how come your body has such a beautiful smell, a smell I am fond of. Originally, it was the smell of blood.”

“You can smell blood?” Guan He squinted her eyes and asked.

“Not like a dog, just a little bit.”  Xu Taiping suddenly had an evil but charming smile on the corner of his mouth and said, “You should take care. Don’t let your skirt dye red.”

After speaking, Xu Taiping lightly pressed a soft spot on her buttock.

“That I can only go back to change my skirt.” Guan He said.

Later, in these times, make sure to wear dark skirts. Then even if your skirt had some marks it would be concealed. Even today the mark of blood is not clear on this brown coloured skirt of yours. It’s your bad luck to come across a man such as I who has an eagle eye. I can tell it even from a fleeting glance.” Xu Taiping said.

‘Good, I will later pay attention.” Guan He nodded and then gave an ambiguous laugh. She placed her lips on Xu Taiping’s mouth and sensually opened her red lips and bit on Xu Taiping’s lip. She said, “ wait for me to come back, I am you eyewitness.”

“Good.” Xu Taiping nodded and then released her from his embrace.

While smiling, Guan He rearranged her clothes and then walked outside the room.

“Go help your elder brother with the arrangement. I am going out for a bit. I will come back soon.” Guan He said.

“Yes! Sister Guan!” Zhou Xiaoyu repeatedly nodded and followed Guan He’s back while she went away. After Guan He disappeared from his vision, he finally went back to the compartment.

Guan He was carrying a handbag while she went down. After exiting the building she stopped in front of the gate of an Audi TT.

After sitting inside the car, she took out a cigarette and lit it. Soon, the whole car was filled with smoke.

Guan He pressed some button and her seat became flat. Then she cautiously removed her brown coloured skirt from her body.

On that short skirt, the place where Xu Taiping touched was slightly darker than the shades of other places.

“His eyesight is really good.” Guan He smiled. She threw aside that skirt and then opened a drawer beside the front seat.

There was a bag inside the drawer. Guan He opened that bag and took out a skirt and wore it.

Right then, Guan He cellphone started to vibrate.

Guan He opened her handbag and took out her cellphone. The cellphone screen was flickering. The most interesting thing about that cellphone was that there was a very small pocket behind the cellphone and a small flat pistol was inside it.

‘Leader Xia.” Guan He finally answered.

“You perfectly understand the situation right. There mustn’t be any trace at the scene. Show me the worth of white falcon number one killer.” Xia Jiang said on the phone.

“This is the last time.’ Guan He somewhat helplessly said, “ you do understand that I don’t like to kill people.”

“Hmm, After today, I won’t ask you to do these things. Oh that right, did you see Xu Taiping?” Xia Jiang asked.

“ Saw,  young lascivious fellow.” Guan He said.

“This man is really not simple. If it’s not too much, I want you to find out his identity. Of course, I won’t insist on something like that, but if you can pull him into our young falcon gang, we will have a very great advantage.” Xia Jiang said.

“Isn’t he already your future son-in-law?” Guan He asked.

“He is still not good enough to be the son-in-law of I, Xia Jiang. Good, you do your work.” Xia Jiang finally disconnects the call.

Guan He smiled and then picked up that spiled skirt and went down from the car. Then she went toward the nearby riverbank and burned the skirt with her lighter

The skirt quickly caught fire and rapidly started to burn away. Under the effect of the light of her burning skirt, the beautiful face of Guan He could be seen from afar.

Shang Yi Villa night club, room number 888.

“Elder Brother, I have picked this leather brand from my collection. It is the original Hermes brand. In normal times I don’t like to part with, and this Armani suit is prepared for you just a while ago, I think it will look good on you. Accept it as Kung Shao regard. Moreover, this necktie and these leather shoes are prepared by Ye Shao for you. Elder brother, we have spent a lot of money on this suit. Tonight you must be the most elegant person inside the Guan Di Temple!”  Zhou Xiaoyu said while arranging Xu Taiping clothes.

Xu Taiping was standing in front of a mirror. And after looking at his reflection in the mirror, he said, “this belt of yours, did you bought it for one or two thousand yuan?”

“What one or two thousand, this is original Hermes, this cost more than several tens of thousands!” Zhou Xiaoyu said.

“On a closer look, it looks authentic.” Xu Taiping touched the belt strap and said, “can you look for the person who sold this belt?”

“Elder brother, this, this is authentic.” Zhou Xiaoyu said with an awkward complexion.

“Quality is comparable to the 1st copy of the original, even isn’t someone seasoned, they can can’t say it is fake. I think even if it is fake, it must have a manufacturing cost more than one thousand yuan. One can easily get three-four thousand for this belt.” Xu Taiping said.

“Elder brother is worthy of being the gang leader. One can not conceal the truth from your eyes.” Zhou Xiaoyu gave a thumbs up and said, ‘it was a friend of my older cousin who sold me this. I also didn’t want to spend so much money on this type of belt, so finally, after a bargain, I bought it for one thousand yuan, hahaha.”

‘One thousand? This is indeed your profit. These clothes are really good!” Xu Taiping nodded.

‘Elder brother, this wristwatch was sold by that friend of my older cousin, as well. It is of Jiang Shijing Dan brand.

If one is to buy this watch outside this city, he would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars. I bought it for one thousand and eight hundred yuan. The important point is that only a few can tell it is fake. Do the girl who will come at night have such astute eyes? Are they eagle or what? In the end, as long as someone can’t identify it as fake it is original. Do you think if it was so easy to recognise, that person would have come again and again to sell this thing? Elder brother let me put this wrist watch on you. It looked like this watch is made for you. It suits you!” Zhou Xiaoyu said.

‘This suits me. Later when I put on glasses and hat to go out, no woman will be able to take her eyes off me.” Xu Taiping laughed while shaking his head.

“Elder Brother, if you think that this ‘Jiang Shi Dan watch is not suitable enough for your hand and I can at once order thousands of Korean watches for you. He also takes private order for this type of luxurious goods, male-female bags, wristwatches, jewels, clothes, diamond beads. Normally he would sell others for several thousand, but for you, he will give it for one-two thousand yuan with guarantee, and most important thing is that he provides cash on delivery service! Moreover, he has a recruitment agency as well, he does recruitment of agents on the national level. I am also thinking about becoming an agent.” Zhou Xiaoyu said with a smile.

“No need.” Xu Taiping shook his head and looked at his wristwatch and said, “this model of watch suits me. I like it. It just that I just recalled a matter of distant past. You all follow me as your elder brother and I as your elder brother naturally have to accept your regard. Give me the Wechat id of that friend of your older cousin. Later I will ask him to deliver different things for you all!”

“Elder brother, you are really good. I have remembers my big older cousins wechat id. It is yaoya7713. You can add it. Oh right, you have to persuade my cousin that it is I who have given you that id. My cousin will give you some discount.” Zhou Xiaoyu said.

“Hmmm, good. Wechat id yaoya7713, ok, I have memorized it.” Xu Taiping nodded.

While these two were talking, someone pushed open the gate of the chamber from outside. It was Guan He.

Kuang Shao and Ye Shao were waiting in the chamber with a strange expression. After seeing that Guan He came back after exchanging her skirt, they started to make various assumption inside their head.

She must have somehow spoilt her skirt inside the chamber, but what she was doing to make it such dirty?

That naturally can’t be described in front of us.

“Didn’t expect that you will wear a suit. It is looking nice on you. I didn’t expect you can afford these clothes!” Guan He walked in front of Xu Taiping and said with a hint of amazement.

‘I am such an evil man. If I wear something, I look astonishing, If I don’t wear any clothes, I look even more astonishing. Don’t you already know?” Xu Taiping asked with a smile.

“If you wear these clothes and go to the night shop, I will surely order you for the night.” Guan he charmingly smiled.

“Are you a regular at those shops?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Hell no. are you ready? It’s almost nine o’clock, can we go now?” Guan He asked.

“Almost! Car is also ready!” Zhou Xiaoyu said.

“Then let’s go!” Xu Taiping went outside the room while smiling. Guan He was walking beside Xu Taiping and was touching Xu Taiping, time to time. Zhou Xiaoyu and others were being considerate and were walking slowly behind them.

“It looks like these two are very close to each other!” Kuang Shao looked at the back of Xu Taiping and Guan he and while licking his lips said, “ really is admirable. If I could have her, then my life would be fulfilled.”

“However, That person is Sister Guan. do you think your this fellow is capable of seducing?” Zhou Xiaoyu said in derision.

“That is also true. Not everyone can have someone, such a perfect person.” Kuang He said while looking at Guan He back. His eyes had a fire of lust, only, no other person took notice.

A group of people went inside the lift. A BMW 740 was waiting at the door of the night club.

“You have a BMW. did you stole someone’s car.” Xu Taiping asked.

“I have hired it from someone who does car related business in the city.” Zhou Xiaoyu somewhat embarrassedly said, “We still can’t afford this type of car. Today you are going to pay respect to heaven, naturally, we must have a heroic car that matches your graciousness.”

“You are considerate.” Xu Taiping patted Zhao Xiaoyu’s soldier and said, “ the matter of you shooting me, I won’t haggle over it again.”

“ oh, at that time I was muddle head. Elder brother, you can punish me any day for this matter.” Zhou Xiaoyu said with a flattering smile.

“Later always follow me closely. Work for me diligently. Have me, everything will be fine. I won’t treat you wrongly.” Xu Taiping said.

“Yes, Elder Brother!”

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