SFVG Ch.67 This is a misunderstanding

Wang Li jumped down from the foremost truck and at once, ran toward the chaotic crowd. He stopped in front of the crowd and yelled, “What is going on here?! Stop this insanity at once!!!”

“Everyone stop!” Xu Taiping yelled.

Along with Xu Taiping’s order, every personnel of the security department, present there, stopped his hand. Even though it was natural to expect that security guards would stop there assault after hearing Xu Taiping’s order, it was highly improbable for the Guards of Tianlong Security Company to stop. After all, they were yet to receive any further instructions from Cai Guihua.

After noticing that the opposite party stopped their resistance, they naturally got excited and continued to chase after the Guards of the Security Department and beat them. Especially those four bodyguards, who were beaten black and blue, when they saw that the opposite party had given up all resistance, how could have they given up the opportunity to their revenge? They, together with some other big men, dashed toward the security guards. In a while, several security guards came under this sudden attack, and one by one fell on the ground. Soon, these bodyguards incircled these fallen security guards and started to kick them.

“What insanity you are displaying, Laozi asked you to stop, and you all still dare to lift your hand?!” Wang Li got angry at once.

After all, the leaders of the military district were still sitting inside the vehicle. Originally, several of the leaders who came today to watch the military parade had an excellent mood, but now seeing this chaotic situation in front of the gate, the beforehand happy feeling in their heart had already vanished.

Wang Li dashed to enter the crowd and taking the advantage from his momentum, he started to kick and trample those bodyguards.

Wang Li was a man of robust learning and genuine talent. These kicks of his, sent several of those bodyguards fly back a few meters. Along with those bodyguards, several other guards were also knocked down on the ground. Due to this sudden change, a large space formed around him in the middle of the crowd in an instant.

“You boor, all of a sudden, where did you come from? Looking at your such migrant worker dress, do you think it is your place to stand? Everyone beat him” Since Cai Guihua was leaning against the university gate and there was a chaotic crowd in front of her, she was yet to see those military vehicles stopped outside the crowd. That’s why she ordered her subordinates to beat Wang Li. Well, it was not like the fault lay with her after all, almost everyone in the crowd was more than one-eighty in height and CaiGuihua was only one-sixty, that’s why the only thing she could see in her surrounding was that crowd.

Well, even though she couldn’t see the other party, it didn’t mean the other also couldn’t perceive that sudden change. After hearing the order of Cai Guihua, Li Sifan at once shouted, “ Mother, order everyone to stop at once!!”

“Son, don’t be afraid. You have your mother, and no one can bully you!” Cai Guihua proudly said.

Those ten bodyguards from Tianlong security company were naturally willing to comply with the given order. After hearing her order, they at once ran toward Wang Li.

Wang Li threw a punch directly on the face of a Bodyguard to make him fall and after that leaned his body forward and heavily kicked another one to fly and drop on the ground. At the same time, he turned his body and threw another punch at another fellow who was stealthily trying to attack him from behind.

“Have the skill!” Xu Taiping was observing Wang Li while standing in a relatively safe position. The strength of the team leader of South China Tiger is indeed not something to play with. Even while being surrounded by the enemy from all sides, he can rapidly dispose of people left and right as well as can effortlessly move in the two-meter diameter around himself is not something to laugh at. Even if one is to compare this type of strength along the top ranks of the world, it’s praiseworthy.

Well naturally, in comparison to Xu Taiping, this bit of strength was still not sufficient. If it were him in the center and were allowed to use his full power, it would have been unlikely to have anyone stand inside the radius of two-meter by this time.
Wang Li was indeed someone who was very difficult to deal with. In a blink, he threw down four-five bodyguards on the ground. However, the number of men surrounding him were too many, and as the saying goes two fists is indeed hard to beat four fists or eight fists and sixteen kicks. Finally, one fist got through the defense of Wang Li and hit him on the back of the head. Due to the shock, Wang Li got distracted for a moment.

“Every one rescue Captain Wang from the danger!” Xu Taiping finally grasped the opportunity he was waiting for and at once lept toward Wang Li.

After hearing Xu Taiping’s shout, Wang Li at once looked toward him. He saw Xu Taiping was dashing toward him with a group of security guards. At once, he also ran toward him.

After a moment they were standing in front of each other. Xu Taiping suddenly held his arm and said, “ hurry, follow me. Let’s get out of here.”

“Good!” Wang Li nodded and started to run with XuTaiping toward his parked military truck. While running, Wang Li shouted, “The Cadre of South China Tiger, get down from the truck.!”

After looking at Xu Taiping running away, several other security guards from Tianlong security company, who was nearby, also started to chase them. On the other side, inside the military trucks, every soldier equipped themselves with weapons and began to jump from behind the truck. After jumping down from the truck, every one of them, at once pointed their rifle at the guards who were chasing Wang Li.

In a second, after witnessing the present scene unfold, each one of those of Tianlong security company got stupefied. For them, this was a scuffle between two groups who were expected to fight with two hands and legs, where would have they expected to see a group of people holding guns at their face? Said again, even looking at that camouflage clothing on their body, those hot minded peoples felt as if someone had poured a bucket full of ice on their head.

“What are they all foolishly standing there and looking at, why are they not hitting?! They all are really, good for nothing!” while scolding, Cai Guihua took hold of Li Sifan’s hand and started to move through the crowd.

“Mother, you, please don’t speak irresponsibly; it might lead to something major!” Li Sifan got worried and rapidly added, “those persons are The men of The Military District!!”

“Men of Military District?!” Cai Guihua thought something and then smiled to say, “Son, you don’t need to be worried, we also have acquaintance with some people in the military district. Senior Officer Lin of The Military District is your father’s good friend. He also frequently visit our security company to give pointers to our guards!”

“Mother, you don’t know, the ones standing in the front are the leaders of The Military District area! They are not someone that someone like senior official Lin could compare to. Said again, that officer Lin is again only a small rank captain!” Li Sifan said.

“What is this captain rank?” Cai Guihua unconvincingly asked.

“Mother, you won’t understand. Just don’t speak in front of them. Let me talk from now on!” Li Sifan said.

“Son, by talking like this, you are making your mother very sad. When you were bullied, your mother came with these men to help you, but now you are asking me to shut up? You really know how to hurt mother’s heart!” Cai Guihua said while being downbeat.

“Mother, everything going to occur from now on, will be of great importance! It’s not something I can joke about.” Li Sifan wiped sweat from his forehead and started to look around the crowd, very soon, his eyes stopped on Xu Taiping’s face.

There was a somewhat dark but sarcastic smile on Xu Taiping’s face. He realized that perhaps this time he was entirely defeated by Xu Taiping’s trickery and scheme, but he still couldn’t guess how this whole scheme would end.

Under the intimidation of guns, everyone present there finally stopped their hand. Well, if we were to talk about the truth, it’s not that the people of Tianlong Security Company stopped their hand, it was more like they were petrified due to fear and couldn’t even feel their hands. Li Sifan, while holding his mother Cai Guihua’s hand, finally left the crowd and stood in the foremost position.

“What is this? Huh? Fighting and scuffling at the University gate, is this the sanctity of a University? And who are these people, wearing sunglasses, black suit, are they a member of an organized crime syndicate?” Wang Li’s loud voice berated everyone present there.

“This is our mistake.” while having tears in his eyes Xu Taiping said, “Team Leader Wang don’t be angry, it is us who were weak and were unable to control these ruffians. All the fault lies with us. It is we who were not able to protect the tranquility of our university. It is our dereliction of duty!”

“Taiping, leave these empty words. I have already seen whatever happened here, a while ago. I know how you all were trying to prevent these people from entering the university even without considering for own life. It’s just that they were too many. Moreover, it looks like many of them are trained professionals. Now, I just want to know, where these ruffians come from and how did they dare to attack a university campus in broad light?” Wang Li asked.

“Team Leader Wang, I won’t say much in front of an esteemed person like you, but I think you are mistaken. They are not some ruffian or bandit!” Li Sifan took advantage of this moment, and hurriedly came in front of Wang Li and said, “All of this is a huge misunderstanding, they are professionals from our company. This all is just a bit of misunderstanding between them and our University security guards and due to which this scruffle happened. All of this is a trivial matter!”

“Professionals from your company? Who are you?!” Wang Li gave an angry look to Li Sifan and asked.

“I? I am a third-year student, specializing in mass communication, at this university. My name is Li Sifan. All of today’s matter is really a misunderstanding. They all really didn’t have any dark intention, and all these scruffles are really because of a small misunderstanding. They did such only because they thought that the guards of the security department were hitting me, and that’s why they lost their control!” With a smile on his face, Li Sifan said. Even though the background of Li Sifan was profound, there were some people he, also, didn’t dare to provoke, let alone willingly annoy and unfortunately, these officers of Military District were such people.

“ you were surrounded by these people and getting hit? Taiping, did you all, guards of the security department, were beating a single person by surrounding him?” Wang Li asked.

Even before Xu Taiping could speak, Li Sifan, without delay, said, “No, No, I wasn’t hit by any guard of the security department. I fall on the ground on my own due to misplacement of my feet. Actually, since I am the only child of my mother, she cares a great deal about my well being and due to her misunderstanding something this ugly arose.

“Can someone tell me what matter this all is?” Wang Li asked.

“Let the headmaster come first. He is already on his way!” Xu Taiping said.

After hearing Xu Taiping’s word, the expression on Li Sifan changed for a moment, but soon he controlled his emotion, and with a smile, he looked at Xu Taiping and said, “Director Xu, don’t know if you would give me a moment of your time to talk something in private with me.”

“What, do you have something you can’t say in front of Team Leader Wang? Why do you want to talk in private?” Xu Taiping asked.

Li Sifan became speechless by Xu Taiping’s word. He embarrassedly stood there for a moment, and then suddenly started to walk toward his mother,

“Hurry, ask every one of our men to go back. This time we won’t be able to contend Xu Taiping.” Li Sifan whispered.

“Cannot contend?” Even though Cai Guihua was not a very astute person, however, she could understand things by seeing and listening. After hearing Li Sifan say those two words, she, at once, understood the heaviness of matter and soon she ordered, “Let’s go. Everyone, let’s go back. This is just a misunderstanding!”

When the security guards of the Tianlong security heard their boss’s wife order, they, at once turned their body and wanted to walk away, only to find that the university gate was unexpectedly closed.

“Why is this gate close?” Cai Guihua asked in a loud voice, “ open it. We have to go!”

“Fuck, it must be that Xu Taiping’s work!” Li Sifan clenched his teeth and said, “if we try to use force, then we might create an even bigger misunderstanding, you all be there wherever you all are, don’t try to do any unnecessary movement.”

After instructing, Li Sifan quietly walked in front of Wang Li and Xu Taiping and with a smiled said, “ Team Leader Wang, Director Xu, we all acknowledge our mistake and wish you all adult will show generosity. Please forgive me!”

“No need to be anxious, wait for The Headmaster, oh.. Headmaster is already here!” Xu Taiping said.

“Xu Taiping, don’t overreach your boundary!” Li Sifan said with a scowl.

“Do you really dare to threaten someone in front of me?” Wang Li frowned to say.

“I really don’t dare; I really don’t dare!” Li Sifan immediately smiled to say, I just, am just a little bit angry, a little angry.”

“A little angry, do you really think of yourself as a cow? You got a little angry; that’s why you dare to call these many men inside the university gate?” Wang Li coldly said.

Right at this moment, Xu Youdao, with several of the universities leading figures, finally arrived at the university gate.

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