SFVSG Ch.65 Omnipontent money

This was the first time Xu Taiping had seen someone educate one’s son like this. Not only she is not correcting the mistake of her son; she is even showing him a more ruthless way of committing an error. I can’t even fathom what ridiculous things are filled in her brain?

“You, security guard, isn’t it just a simple matter of prescribing a bit of medicine? Also, it’s not like anyone have died, so was there any need to criticize in such a manner? Indeed has not seen the world. Aren’t you make such noise just because you desire money. Just tell me the number, and I will give you!” Cai Guihua looked at Xu Taiping in disdain and said.

“Do you think we did all this for your money?” Chen Wen shouted.

“Let it go.” Xu Taiping looked at Chen Wen and said, “we are really demanding payment, expenses for medicine, expenses for being absent from work, the expense for psychological damage, as well as cleaning expenses!”

“See, isn’t he demanding money? My family is wealthy, however, the money you want just open your mouth!” Cai Guihua said.

“Mother, they have beaten me!” Li Sifan anxiously said.

“Shut your mouth.” Cai Guihua glared at Li Sifan and then looked at Xu Taiping and said, “give me the number.”

“We are altogether thirty people who are prescribed medicine by your son, even if we only talk about medical cost, it is around three thousand every person.” Xu Taiping said.

“Ninety thousand and ?” Cai Guihua asked.

“One thousand per person for being absent from the work.”

“Hundred and twenty thousand, go on!” Cai Guihua said in indifference.

“Psychological damage cost, cleaning cost, per person ten thousand!” Xu Taiping said.

“Per person ten thousand? Is shameless enough, haha, however it doesn’t matter. My family is wealthy. So it’s four million and twenty thousand.” Cai Guihua said.

“Right now, I can only remember this much. If later I come across other expenses, I will let you know!” Xu Taiping said.

“Ajiu, go and withdraw the amount. I need cash.” Cai Guihua said.

“Yes, Boss!” A bodyguard nodded and then turned around to walk away.

“Son, you get up first.” Cai Guihua held Li Sifan to stand up and then in a low voice said, “tell your mother, who is the leader of this group who has beaten you?”

“that security guard, his name is Xu Taiping.” Li Sifan pointed at Xu Taiping and said.

“Hmmm, good, let me handle this matter. You put your heart at ease. I will make them pay hundred times for the humiliation you have received.” Cai Guihua said.

“Mother, you are excellent. Where is the father?” Li Sifan asked.

“Your father is busy, well not like there is a necessity for him to come and manage this matter.” Cai Guihua said.

On the other side, outside security guard room, Chen Wen asked Xu Taiping in a low voice, “Taiping, should we demand money?”

“four million and twenty thousand, even if we divide among ourselves it will be more than ten thousand. If we don’t take then it will be in vain; moreover, everyone is a victim here, it’s reasonable to use it vore a vacation!” Xu Taiping said.

“However, I don’t think that fatty woman has any good intention. Will she really give us money like that?” Chen Wen anxiously asked.

“As long as she took out the money, I guarantee that I will not let it go. When the moment comes we several brothers can go out to play!” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

“When the time comes, I will personally invite you to have a drinking party with female entertainers.” Chen Wen said.

“You this kind of person party with female entertainers? I think as long as those little girls hold you to sit down you will collapse from excitement. Now honestly tell me, are you a virgin?” Xu Taiping unequivocally asked.

Chen Wen face became red, he with somewhat awkwardness said, “Taiping, asking this type of a question to a man is somewhat insignificance.”

“I just asked because I was curious. However, I think, I might already know the answer. You don’t need to answer me.” Xu Taiping smiled in ridicule.

Chen Wen coughed twice to cover his awkwardness.

Before long, that body named Ajiu came back while holding a bag.

“Madam, four million and twenty thousand is inside.” Ajiu said.

“Good.” Cai Guihua nodded and took that bag from his hand. Then she opened that bag and turned it downward, folds and folds of money started to fell on the ground.

With this pleasant to hear sounds of money, altogether four million and twenty thousand fell on the ground. This was indeed a magnificent sight, everyone who had gathered there to watch a play, started to cry out in surprise after seeing that heap of money.

“Money is here.” Cai Guihua laughed to say, four million and twenty thousand. As long as you accept my condition, you can take it.”

“What request?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Whoever comes here to take this money, must say a sentence to my treasured son, ‘I am sorry, It was my mistake.’” Cai Guihua said.

“I am sorry, It was my mistake?” everyone looked at each other in dismay. They couldn’t understand what Cai Guihua was up to.

“It is obvious that it’s your son who is at fault here, then for what reason do we need to apologize?” Chen Wen asked.

“I also know that it’s my son who is at fault here. However, there is a saying in this world; money will make the Devil turn millstone. I just want to teach my child; money is omnipotent, money can change everything. Today, taking advantage of this seldom opportunity, I want to teach my son this lesson. I want to make him realize, right or wrong, is actually meaningless in front of money. Even if he has made a mistake, he is wealthy, that’s why he can change it into right.” Cai Guihua said while feeling pleased with herself.

Everyone was looking at Cai Guihua in astonishment. They couldn’t understand, how could Cai Guihua had such a distorted system of values. But if one were to think carefully, what Cai Guihua said was true and not without reasons. Now in this kind of society, money was indeed the most significant factor which could even reverse the tide in your favor.
“You all earn three thousand every month from your wages, but now that ten thousand yuan is knocking on your doorstep, you all are still waiting? Today, you have to say only one simple sentence, ‘I am sorry, It was my mistake’ and you can come here to take away this all money. Let me tell you all first, the first person who will come here can take three bundles i.e. thirty thousand yuan. This is equivalent to your one year salary. If you don’t take this money, then it’s equal to losing an opportunity in vain.” Cai Guihua said.

Around Xu Taiping’s side, everyone started to look at each other, the first person to apologize can unexpectedly take back thirty thousand yuan, this is a considerable sum!

Only, we have to say that sentence in apology for it. Gaining several thousand for this simple thing, is there even exist any more straightforward business transaction in this world?

Even though everyone was brainstorming, any of the security guard standing outside the security guard room didn’t take any whatsoever step toward Cai Guihua, they all were standing in situ around Xu Taiping.

“I thought you were a brainless, but now it looks like you have a bit of brain.” Xu Taiping folded his hands across chest and looked at Cai Guihua in ridicule to say, “we can take this money, as long as, we admit that this was our mistake and your child did well by prescribing that medicine in our drink. However, since the matter of your son prescribing medicine is good, that you don’t need to compensate money for us. At that time you can easily demand us to return this all money to you, this trick is indeed good, indeed exquisite!”

Cai Guihua was somewhat startled; she didn’t think that Xu Taiping would see through her intention. Today, Li Sifan was grabbed because he had prescribed medicine to these people, and these four million and twenty thousand were compensation money for members of the security department. As long as, these security guards had admitted their mistake, it would have meant that Li Sifan had not committed any error and all blame lies with these security guards. In that case, giving these four million and twenty thousand would have been meaningless. At that time, Cai Guihua would have reversed the whole aspect of the situation.

If one thinks, this trick was indeed exquisite, what a pity, Cai Guihua made a mistake in her calculation. She thought Xu Taiping all present there will find themselves in front of this omnipotent money; however, it wasn’t always like so, for some people, dignity and self-respect is more important compared to cash.
“So do no one you desire this money?’ Cai Guihua asked.

“Only if you come here in front of us and give us that money, then we can consider, otherwise forget it. Now the situation is like….oh forget it. We still care a lot about or dignity, really, our dignity is not like your son and you.” Xu Taiping said.

“You this bastard security guard, you really thinks you are carrying out some business transaction with me? Who do you think you are?” Cai Guihua angrily said, “today you asked me to come here to show how you have beaten my son black and blue?”

“I am again telling you, I have not hit your son, injury on your son’s body is because he fell on his own!” Xu Taiping said.

“Bastard!” Cai Guihua angrily shouted, “you all, teach these small security guards the immensity of heaven and earth. Make them realize the result of moving a hand against my son!! Make them clear about the difference between these nonentities and you these world best bodyguards, show them how weak they are, show them they are just an ant in front of you all!”

Four awesome and competent bodyguards at once rushed toward those security guards standing outside the security guard room.

“Let me tell you a perfect logic which will be useful in your whole life.” Xu Taiping said, “however good identity one has, in the end, a human is just a human and have no choice but to have limitations of a human. Even though Bodyguards are difficult to deal with, can only hit two people, three people, however, they absolutely can’t beat five-six or seven-eight person by oneself. They are four persons, and as long as our loftiness is not suppressed by them, we can beat the hell out of them, believe me!”

“Good!!” everyone yelled together. Due to this big sound, those bodyguards could help but somewhat shudder.

The outbreak of fight was on the verge.

Four bodyguards due to the order directly rushed to dash toward those security guards.

Thirty security guards also rushed forward toward those four bodyguards on Xu Taiping’s command.

A group will more men will hit a group of lesser men!

There was no suspense in this fight here. Those four cool bodyguards weren’t able to use their dignified manner to intimidate these security guards, and since none of these security guards retreated in fear, they could only brace them self and go forward to fight with these thirty many security guards.

“In broad daylight, there was nothing which could be concealed and borrowed from other in that situation. Although bodyguards had a stronger body and widespread skill compare to security guards, they were still helpless when being attacked from all sides by five-six security guards.

Well, it was not as if security guards had emphatically any reasonable point, they were also trained. Although not as managed as bodyguards, they still have somewhat fighting skills. Their hands were also prepared, five-six security guards attacking a bodyguard from all sides; moreover, these security guards still had that electric truncheon on their body, the strength of both sides was literally not on a scale!

Xu Taiping didn’t dispose of any of them. These four bodyguards could only run back to Cai Guihua.
“You four are a good-for-nothing.” Cai Guihua said in resentment, “you all can’t even defeat these several security guards. I can’t even understand our company invests so much in training you for what?”

Those several bodyguards lowered their head in embarrassment. They were only a human, not a god, and even if it were Xu Taiping, in front of these many peoples, without relying on any dangerous weapon, he would have also been not able to do this matter against so many people.


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