SFVSG Ch.64 is she really his biological mother?

Xu Taiping picked Li Sifan and put him on his shoulder!

“You let go of me!!” Li Sifan desperate cry rang outside the university gate. Every passerby who was going past the gate stopped their footstep and looked at Li Sifan who was being carried like a ragbag from the security guard room.

Li Sifan height was about one hundred and eighty centimeter, weight around one hundred and five, and could be considered as a strong and muscular man, however, right now he looked like a seven years old child while being carried on Xu Taiping’s shoulder. Regardless of how much he was beating Xu Taiping, he had an indifferent expression as if he was some a mountain king who was kidnapping some innocent woman back to his den.

With a massive sound, Xu Taiping threw Li Sifan outside the university gate.

Li Sifan rolled on the ground several times and came to a stop. Several of his subordinates ran to him to support.

“Bastard, Xu Taiping, you actually dared to throw me!!” Li Sifan angrily yelled, “believe it or not, I can make you regret ever being borne in this world.”

“Now, you are not inside the university campus.” Xu Taiping clapped in sarcasm.

Dozens of security guards gathered around Xu Taiping.

“Brothers, it is true that we must protect a student inside the university campus; however, we don’t need to accommodate someone outside the university. Beat him. If anything happens, it’s on me!” Xu Taiping yelled.

“You skunk!!” Chen Wen yelled and rushed toward Li Sifan. If it were beforehand him, then he would really not have the courage to behave like this, but those words Li Sifan had said before in security guard room had thoroughly provoked his anger and right now he was not able to refrain himself. The other security guards were also feeling the same emotions as him. The will of the people are always the same, to save one’s face. The security guards were ridiculed in front of so many people; this foul air didn’t go down with many of these men.

Twenty-thirty security guards rushed while roaring in a wave. Li Sifan was standing there while being stunned; he had never seen this type of unyielding attitude from these security guards before. How can it be like this, many of these security guards came here after being trained at my father’s security guards company and used to shout me young master, but now…!

What happened that now they are courageous enough to forget even my revered status and are ready to exchange blows with me?

Even before Li Sifan had the chance to ran away, he was drowned in the wave of those security guards.

After a moment, Li Sifan whole body was weakly lying on the ground. His expensive clothes looked like a rug, and everywhere on his body had black and purple marks. He looked as if he was XXX by someone hundreds of time.

Even if several of those subordinate were willing to help Li Sifan, but after looking at those twenty-thirty indignant security guards, they didn’t dare to provoke them by helping him. And only after these security guards finished their business with Li Sifan, they went forward.

“UWAA!!” Li Sifan was sitting on the ground and unexpectedly started to wail. He hadn’t received this type of grievance before. It was always him who bullied other people to this extent, but never before he was bullied by other like this.

“This concludes our lesson for looking down upon us security guards!” Xu Taiping sneered to say, “as long as it is inside the parameter of this university, we security guards are not afraid of your these so-called second generation rich children!!”

“You scoundrels, I will really make you all pay for this, I swear!” Li Sifan yelled while crying.

“Young Master Li!” one of his subordinates warned.

Li Sifan became blank, and after a moment he started to feel pain on his face!

A truncheon from somewhere came flying and hit on Li Sifan face. After a moment a red color long trace of stick appeared on the attractive face of Li Sifan.

“First see your surround situation and then only say these ruthless words.” Xu Taiping said in sarcasm while standing outside the security guard room.

Li Sifan clenched his fist to control his anger; however, he didn’t dare to say another word from his mouth.

Right at this time, a sound of car’s engine coming from distant resonated there.

Li Sifan turned his head to look toward the car. After a moment, on his face suddenly appeared a surprised smile.

Two cars were coming toward them, in the front was a white Land Rover Lansheng and behind it was a Toyota Land Cruiser!

These two vehicles were very domineering in appearance. These cars came from the distant and directly stopped in front of Li Sifan.

“Oh!, my child, who has beaten you like this!!” A plump woman came out from the driving seat of that Lansheng and shrieked to ran toward Li Sifan.

This plump woman was at least two hundred, and on her body had a skin-tight gown. This gown was one of the latest models of Milan’s fashion week; however, it looked really disgusting on the body of that woman. Due to that gown, the fat on the waist of that woman was restricted and looked as if she was wearing some sort of swim tube.

That fat woman was holding the latest bag of Channel and had a heavy diamond necklace on her neck.

This executive version Land Rover Lansheng was said to be very suitable for men to drive; however, it didn’t look out of the ordinary when that woman was driving it.

She was wearing a diamond-studded red high-heeled sandal, and the fat on her feet was protruding out from the spaces, it looked really nauseating.

“Mother, you finally came. Oh, if you didn’t come, I might have been beaten to death!” Li Sifan moved toward that woman and started to wail.

“What? Who dared to beat you?” that plump woman angrily shouted.

Along with her bellow, four robust men in black western suit and gelled hair stepped down from that Cruiser.

All of them were wearing sunglasses, a black belt, headphone and so on things and looked very professional.

After stepping down from that car, they at once ran to stop behind that plump woman’s back.

“None other than those smelly security guards!!” Li Sifan pointed his finger at Xu Taiping who was standing outside the security guard room and yelled.

“Security guard? Which nonsense security guard dare to have such audacity? Don’t they know that you are I, Cai Guihua son? Unexpectedly dare to beat you, do they want to die?” that plump woman called Cai Guihua angrily yelled such that even the face of Li Sifan was full of saliva spanked from her mouth.

“Are you the mother of Li Sifan?” Xu Taiping walked toward Cai Guihua and asked.

“I am. Is it you who beat my son?” Cai Guihua asked with a black face.

“It just a misunderstanding. I haven’t touched your son neither is anyone present here.” Xu Taiping said.

“Didn’t touch? Then how come my son is in this appearance?” Cai Guihua pointed his finger at Li Sifan to ask.

“It is like this, a moment ago your son fell outside the gate, that’s why right now he is looking like this. If you don’t believe me, that ask anyone of these colleagues of mine. It is a fact!” Xu Taiping said with an innocent face.

“Right, it is, he fell on his own!” Chen Wen at once said.

“Yes, yes, yes. He fell by himself. But now he is blaming us!” surrounding security guards one after another started to yell.

“Do you think I am a retard? Can one become like this just by falling down by oneself?” Cai Guihua made a black face and said, “he was clearly thrown down by someone!”

“Mother, I was beaten, not overthrown!” Li Sifan at once said.

“Huh? Hmmm! Yes yes yes, you are beaten!” Cai Guihua swiftly retraced her previously remark and said, “for what reason you have hit my son? Do this place have the law of the land or not? University has hired you to protect its student, then how come can you beat someone?”

“Matter is such, a moment ago, we uncover a case. Your son and some other people had mixed laxative in our drink and put in danger several peoples safety, that’s why we retained your son in the security guard room to criticise him. We didn’t think that you son unexpectedly didn’t repent, moreover, unexpectedly ran outside the university gate and threw himself on the ground. And now he is slandering us. We were just impartially handling our work that’s all. It was your son who was opposing us with harshness, and if you accuse us then we are more wronged than your son!” Xu Taiping said in the grievance.
“What mixing laxative? Sifan, you tell me what matter it is?” Cai Guihua asked.

“It is not like this.” Li Sifan at once shook his head to say, “I have not made any man mix any laxative, really, I can pledge in the name of heaven. They all are slandering me!”

“Did you hear, my son is saying that the matter is not such!!” Cai Guihua said, “how can you security guards slander someone? I, myself is clear about the nature of my child. In the ordinary time he doesn’t even dare to speak even a profane word toward someone, then how can he do that matter of corrupt morality like you are saying?”

“We have the chat record of how he had plotted all this scheme!” Xu Taiping said.

“That chat record is fake. As long as someone put my picture and name, anyone can put on my appearance. One can create as many chat record as many as one wants!” Li Sifan said.

“Right, do chat records can be used as any evidence? Honestly tell me, for what reason you all have entrapped my son. Don’t tell me just because my son is outstanding, you did this because of envy?” Cai Guihua asked.

“Let’s say chat record is fake, then what about this video?” Xu Taiping took out a cell phone from his pocket and said, “this is the video recording in which your child has acknowledged that he made someone mix that laxative. You can come here and see, or I can play it from here, in any case, his sound is thunderous. You can recognize your son’s voice after hearing it.”

“Humph, you can directly play that video. I want to hear what my son had said!” Cai Guihua sneered to say.

Li Sifan expression became ugly, a moment ago, for bragging I have said many rude things, is it possible that Xu Taiping was recording those?

Xu Taiping smiled and then turned his cell phone toward Cai Guihua and then pressed a button to play that video.

“I am telling you, Xu Taiping, don’t think that just because Xi Jinxuan loves you, then you are some extraordinary character. By giving that laxative to these security guards, I only wanted to tell you that I have plenty of methods to put you in order. If today instead of that laxative, I have given you all poison, you all would have already lying inside a hospital. As for you, do you have a face to struggle with me?”

Li Sifan’s word without even a single alteration broadcasted from Xu Taiping’s cell phone. The appearance of Li Sifan was very aggressive in that video as if he was some immortal and someone unexcelled in the world.

“Sifan, you really made someone prescribe that medicine!!” Cai Guihua looked at Li Sifan with wide open eye and said, “how can you do such a thing?”

“Mother…” Li Sifan lowered his head in shame.

“Prescribing medicine to let others have diarrhea, what prospect do you have? Don’t tell me these small-scale pranks are your limit? Your father and I have told you many times, if you want to accomplish something major, don’t restrict yourself to some trivial matters. For these kinds of small security guards, you should have directly hired some persons to beat them to directly throw inside the toilet, what nonsense medicine, really is getting foolish with time!” Cai Guihua said in dissatisfaction.

Li Sifan at once became bright, and then he laughed to say, “what you are saying is right, mother!”


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