SFVSG Ch.63 Security Guards and Bodyguards.

Li Xiaobin took out his cell phone, unlocked it and opened the gallery of his camera.

The gallery was full of chat screenshots.

Almost all of these screenshots were telling the tale of how Li Sifan and his subordinates performed the prescribing of that medicine.

Looking at these chat records, every security guard present there became enraged. At this moment, the ambulance which was gone together with Chen Wen surprisingly returned.

“This is very expensive.” Chen Wen gave three hundred yuan to that ambulance driver and then walked to reach in front of amazed Li Xiaobin.

“This, isn’t he the same person who just now…” Li Xiaobin looked at Chen Wen in astonishment and soon understood that he was swindled by these people.

“Did you all conspire together to cheat me?!” Li Xiaobin shouted in a loud voice.

“All is fair in war, you all are still a bit inexperienced to play with us security guards.” Xu Taiping coldly said.

“I, I am still not finished with you all!!” Li Xiaobin got carried away due to his rage and then raised his hand and brandished a fist toward Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping raised his legs and kicked Li Xiaobin to fly back, and with a scream, Li Xiaobin heavily fell on the ground.

“Restrain him first. Chen Wen, send some people to bring Li Sifan here!” Xu Taiping said.

“Taiping, are we really going to grab Li Sifan?” Chen Wen asked with a strange complexion and not only Chen Wen, but other security guards in the surrounding also had a somewhat peculiar expression on their face.

“How? Isn’t it already proved that the manipulator behind the scene is he? Now we have Li Xiaobin’s cellphone as well!” Xu Taiping said.

“First, chat records is emphatically not any significant evidence because Li Sifan could say that someone faked his name to chat with Li Xiaobin on that day, second, even if this matter is all planned by Li Sifan, we still can’t do anything about it.” Chen Wen said.

“Why? Because he is some bullshit four young master?” Xu Taiping asked with a frown.

“Our university has four young masters. You also know, ranked no. One, Zhao Yongliang who has the most complicated background. After him, it’s Chen Xuejun, on the third its Li Sifan and at the fourth position, it’s Chu Hao. but the most difficult to cope with is actually not Zhao Yongling, Chen Xuejun or Chu Hao, its Li Sifan!” Chen Wen said. What he was saying was not some deliberate lies to gloss over his anxiety. The expression on surrounding security guards was also saying the same thing.

“Why is it Li Sifan who is most troublesome to deal with?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Because Li Sifan’s family owns numerous business including the biggest security company of our city, Tianlong Security Guards. Let alone other things, but a good deal of people in our security guard department have come from that security guards company.” Chen Wen said.

“Then wouldn’t be they, the biggest organized crime syndicate of this city?” Xu Taiping asked.

“That is actually not true. Li Sifan’s household company is a proper security guard company and totally different from those who do wicked deeds under the banner of virtue.” Chen Wen shook his head and said, “their company has many characters who are difficult to deal with, moreover, must troublesome things is that apart from those troublesome characters, a lot of people in their company lawfully owns a gun. You understand what gun is, right. If we go out to cope with Li Sifan, then he will call some of these security guards of his company, no, he will surely call those bodyguards, then at that time what will we do? As for scuffle, do you really think that we security guards can beat those trained professional bodyguards?”

Security Guards and Bodyguards, these two words only had a difference of one word; however, the meaning they convey was entirely different. A security guard was a cheap low-end job profile, and Bodyguard was a high-end imposing job profile. Security Guards had to work in a group, whereas Bodyguards had to work in a group of two or three. However, the value of these two was much more than the value of those group of security guards. As for fighting strength, security guards were best suited for maintaining the order of a scene; however, Bodyguards were real, let alone a dozen, even a few were perfectly capable of protecting their employer.

Well, in the end, one could say that bodyguards were a more perfected version of security guards.

“Unable to defeat? Don’t tell me, you want to let these fellows who prescribed that medicine slip away in vain?” Xu Taiping with a dark face said, “now the world is under the rule of law and we are just working under these legal frameworks to catch a person. You all are saying as if we don’t have any relation with it even if Li Sifan is to burn to kill to plunder inside our university? Since he Li Sifan dared to do this matter, then I, Xu Taiping also dare to do him. Not only for myself but for you all. You all are my subordinates and if I am to cringe when someone dares to bully you all, that later how will you all believe in me and follow my orders? Later, how will we able to maintain order in our University? Security guards must have the appearance of a security guard. Let’s say, his bodyguards are a cow, but this university is our domain. He can beat a dozen, but can he beat two hundred of us? We will rely on human wave attack to defeat them! And there is no need to even think about guns, even if they carry guns, it’s impossible for them to use it! Even if he has the courage of ten-man!”

“What do you want to do?” Chen Wen asked.

“To do, not only I want to do but I am going to make him damned. Oh, that’s right, those of you who are from Tianlong Security Guards can leave first, I won’t blame you.” Xu Taiping said.

“Director, We are only trained by Tianlong Security Guards, but we don’t have any relation with them at all. Since you want to do something, then we will naturally follow you!” someone yelled.

“Good!” Xu Taiping nodded and then said, “although we security guards are weak, we are united. Inside our domain, I don’t care what identity he has, as long as he dares to break the rules of the university, we will manage him. Chen Wen, bring several of our men with this Li Xiaobin and bring here that Li Sifan! In the meantime, inform his parents that they didn’t teach his son correctly. I actually want to know, how have they taught his son, that he has grown up like this!” Xu Taiping said with a black face.

“Good!” Chen Wen responded in approval, and then he took several of his colleagues and together with Li Xiaobin he went out to look for Li Sifan.

Xu Taiping walked inside the security guard room, and then after looking all around himself, he put his cellphone in a discreet place and pressed to open its video camera.

Before long, Li Sifan was brought.

Together with Li Sifan, many of his subordinates also came. They were encircling Li Sifan in the middle as if they were afraid, afraid that these security guards would injure their boss.

With a smile, Li Sifan walked inside the security guard room and looked at Xu Taiping to say, “Taiping, didn’t expect that we will meet like this after we separated on that day.”

“No need for that mischievous smile. Sit down.” Xu Taiping said in cold voice.

“Don’t be like this. Is there need to have such serious face. I remember just now on the sports ground, even when you were defecating, you were still very handsome and elegant!” Li Sifan smiled to say.

“I called you here for that same matter.” Xu Taiping said, “Li Xiaobin have identified that it is you who asked him to mix laxative in our drink. Regarding this matter, what you have to say?”

“Li Xiaobin? Li Sifan raised his eyebrow to say, “I don’t have any deep relation with that person then how can I make him mix that laxative in your drink, moreover, aren’t you and I friends? How can I harm you!”

“Even if you don’t accept, we already have the chat record of between you two and that receipt of money transfer.” Xu Taiping said, “ We have ample proof about how you have purchased that laxative through him, moreover, how you have arranged people to divert the attention of those teachers who were responsible for our drink. We have summoned you emphatically not for acknowledging anything. We just wanted you to know that university will quickly send you a notification letter that you are to be disciplined. In the meantime, we have already notified your parents, we want to have a discussion with them about your education.”

“Hahaha, a small security guard thinks as if he is some teacher. Even asked my parents to come here.” Li Sifan laughed to say, “really don’t know what I should say to you. Xu Taiping, don’t tell me these security guards have still not informed you about who my mother and father is? Don’t tell me no one said to you, that our security guard company is the biggest security guard company of this city? My father’s temperament is not good, after a moment I might be not able to protect you if he is to do some things to you!”

“This is a matter between your parents and us!” Xu Taiping sneered to say, “you made us face such embarrassment in front of whole university’s teacher and students, regardless of it being my brothers under my hand or me, we won’t let this matter settle in vain.”

“Settle in vain? Do you think of yourself as some sort of protagonist in a novel?” Li Sifan suddenly stood up and with a cold face looked at Xu Taiping to say, “I am telling you, Xu Taiping, don’t think that just because Xi Jinxuan loves you, then you are some extraordinary character. By giving that laxative to these security guards, I only wanted to tell you that I have plenty of methods to put you in order. If today instead of that laxative, I have given you all poison, you all would have already lying inside a hospital. As for you, do you have a face to struggle with me?”

“I never think of myself as some protagonist. I am only a small security guard and nothing to speak of in front of you, four young masters. However, since the university pays me to work as a security guard, that all the matter inside the university falls under the duty and responsibility of our security department. You can prescribe medicine to target me, I won’t have any opinion, but you have pulled these twenty security guards together while prescribing that medicine, this I cannot accept. What do you think of these security guards as? Don’t you also have security guards inside that security guard company of yours?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Is being a security guard something remarkable? Do you think that my family security guard company rely on several security guards to function? We take elite route. We train high-end professional bodyguards and just to train one of these bodyguards; it takes more than ten times the amount to train several of these smelly security guards. One of these bodyguards can easily suppress several of your these so-called security guards. Our bodyguards work with big company’s presidents, celebrities and can anyone of you even dream about something like this? Do you regard security guards as what ghost? Hahaha, just thinking about this word, I can’t stop myself from laughing in ridicule, and you really consider yourself as some patron saint. I am telling you, today, Laozi is standing here and wants to see what you can do to me! In a while, my parents will come and in front of them, do you want to see if I can beat the crap out of you or not? Hmm?” Li Sifan pointed his finger at Xu Taiping’s chest and asked.

“Security guard doesn’t count for anything? Xu Taiping sneered to say, “that taking advantage of this opportunity I will show you.”

“What, you want to beat me?” Li Sifan smiled to say, “come, hit me. I am standing here, hit me. Aren’t you extremely furious right now? Hmmm? I am telling you, you are a security guard, your job is to protect us, if you dare to hit me inside the university, I will at once complain against you, hahaha!”

Looking at the madly laughing Li Sifan, Xu Taiping also laughed in ridicule and then……


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