SFVSG Ch.62 Used laxative to kill a person

“Taiping, according to our investigation, those teachers have no idea about anything related to adulteration, and since it was randomly chosen that who would distribute drink to whom, we also think that it is improbable that they have anything to do with it. However, they said that, while they were distributing drinks, a group they were assigned to, had a little bit of problem and that time they left that drink barrel inside the gymnasium for some time, and roughly after ten minutes they went back. That’s why I think; it is very likely that someone must have taken advantage of this period to put that laxative in our drink!” Chen Wen stood in front of Xu Taiping and earnestly said.

“Deputy Director, we have also paid a visit to those several pharmacies in the vicinity of our university, and last night, one of them has indeed sold two packets of laxative. And according to their sales clerk, those who went there to purchase that medicine were students. We have also obtained pictures of those students from their surveillance computer.” Another security guard said and gave that photograph to Xu Taiping.

“Now we only need to check that gymnasium surveillance footage. As long as we find out if these students had gone inside the gymnasium during that ten minutes window when those teachers were absent, we can know if it is them who have done it or not!” Xu Taiping said to the security guard in his front, “go to that gymnasium surveillance room and bring here one hour of footage around that incident.”


He very quickly brought that monitoring footage to security guard room and then played it.

In the scene, every teacher one after another went outside the gymnasium while carrying a barrel and only those teachers who were responsible for Xu Taiping’s team didn’t do such. And because of some matter, they left that gymnasium to go out without carrying that barrel with them. As soon as these teachers went out, several men showed up in the camera installed outside the gymnasium. These men very quickly walked to enter gymnasium and then directly moved toward the area where drink barrels were placed. They finally walked to reach that barrel, and someone among them came forward to open the lid. Soon, another student came forward and started to mix something inside it.

After finishing these things, these people at once departed. Several minutes later, those teachers came back and left the gymnasium while carrying that drink barrel.

“It looks like these people have some knowledge about the investigation and such, during the who process they never showed their front toward the camera!” Chen Wen said while feeling amazed.

“So what, look here.” Xu Taiping pointed his finger at a glossy glass and said, “ this is a high-definition surveillance camera of our university. See, on this glass has a reflection of someone’s face. Clean this reflection of this man.”

“Yes!” A security guard nodded and then froze that frame. After that, he zoomed in on that man’s face and then at once began to clean it like a professional.

Soon, a little fuzzy face appeared in front of everyone.

“Although it is not very clear to look at, it is not difficult to determine that he is the same guy when we compare him with this person in this photograph you have obtained from that pharmacy.” Xu Taiping picked up that photograph to say.

“Indeed, he is identical to this person in this picture. We shouldn’t delay anymore, let’s grab him!” Chen Wen said.

“Do you know who these several people are or with whom they have animosity with?” Xu Taiping asked.

“I know that person in this group.” A security guard pointed his finger at a person in that photograph and said, “ I have seen this man much time. Last year, he frequently ditched his class to buy cigarettes for Li Sifan from off campus. He must be someone who mingles with Li Sifan.”

“Mingles with Li Sifan?” Xu Taiping laughed to say, “no wonder…… this Li Sifan is really a guy with a brain, unexpectedly thought of such scheme to play with us.”

“Are you sure that it is Li Sifan?” Chen Wen cautiously asked.

“Who can be sure in this kind of matters. It’s important to grab these subordinates of his first, and then we can know if it is his doing or not.” Xu Taiping said, “grab this man inside the monitor. Oh, that’s right, help me call an ambulance after a while.”

“Call an ambulance after a while? For what?” Chen Wen asked.

“Naturally is to perform a drama. Where the mastermind behind the scene is Li Sifan or not, we will know after this drama unfolds.” Xu Taiping said.

“Good. I thought that you would go out and contact their teacher to grab these peoples!” Chen Wen said while going out of that room.

“Let other people do this work, and you stay here.” Xu Taiping called Chen Wen to his side and whispered, “I have some work for you. I think you are more appropriate to do this thing in comparison to others.”

“Good, you say!” Chen Wen said.

Li Xiaobin was finally brought to the security guard room.

Even before he was brought to the security guard room, he had already received orders from Li Sifan. Regardless of what those security guards ask, you mustn’t say that it was my plan. Just say that you were just trying to pull a prank on them, that’s all. At that time at most, you will be disciplined by the university. As long as you can close your mouth, I will give you hundred thousand yuan as gratitude after your punishment finishes.

Hundred thousand is a significant amount, and it could be used to purchase many things, to soak many girls and could be used do many things.

That’s why, when Xu Taiping stared at him with a severe face, Li Xiaobin didn’t have a shred of fear or perhaps he was a little bit happy to be grabbed by them. Since there were many people who were involved during this adulteration of drink and he already knew that who were caught and how much money they were going to get, he had already made up his mind not to betray Li Sifan even if he were to die.

Inside the security guard room, Xu Taiping with a black face was looking at Li Xiaobin to ask, “is it you who have mixed that drug in our drink?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Li Xiaobin nodded.

“Why did you mixed that drug into our drink?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Because I like to do these type of pranks!” Li Xiaobin said in the same way as it was expected, “in the foreign nations, pranks are taken with a spirit. Moreover, I have not mixed a lot of that drug into your drink. Otherwise, you all wouldn’t have been able to stand here this steadily. I simply wanted to pull a prank on you all to show off in front of my classmates, that’s all. Didn’t expect that your determination would be so strong, I really admire it.”

“Because of this nonsense prank of yours, several of our brothers lost their face in front of all teachers and students of this university. Don’t you feel any guilty conscience?” Xu Taiping clenched a fist to ask.

“Guilty conscience? Isn’t it just a prank? Please, brothers, have a little bit of sportsman spirit!” Li Xiaobin said in dissatisfaction.

“Prank? Do you understand what you have done?” Xu Taiping asked while gnashing his teeth.

“What have I done? Didn’t I just mix that laxative in your drink to make you all have diarrhea? At worst you can punish me!” Li Xiaobin said in indifference.

“Diarrhea? Do you really think that everyone can withstand the effect of that type of drug?” Xu Taiping asked with a severed face.

At this moment, a sound of an ambulance suddenly reverberated, and soon an ambulance stopped at the gate of the university.

“Where is the patient?’ the driver of that ambulance rolled down the window and asked.

“My colleagues are bringing him. Ah, come inside!” Xu Taiping said while running outside the security guard room.

Li Xiaobin was somewhat surprised, and he also went outside the security guard room.

Outside the security guard room, a group of men was running toward that ambulance. And all of them were carrying a man. Moreover, that man’s eyes were firmly tight, and his face was pale as if he was unconscious.

“Doctor, hurry, he is dying!” someone yelled inside that group.

“Hurry, put him inside the ambulance.” Doctor shouted.

Soon, that group carried that man to the back of that ambulance.

The back of the ambulance was wide open, and that unconscious man was carried inside it.

“Doctor, his breaths are shallow!” A nurse said in worry.

“Perform CPR as soon as possible!” that doctor said with a solemn expression.


With a bang, the back door of that ambulance was closed.

“According to what you have told about the situation, it is very much possible that this is a case of acute medication allergy. Now I am taking him to the hospital for rescue. You all must try to find the source of this allergy as soon as possible!” that doctor said with a grave expression.

“Yes, yes, yes. Please, Doctor, save him!” Xu Taiping said emotionally.

That doctor nodded and then turned his body to go inside that ambulance and soon that ambulance departed from Jiang Yuan University.

“This, what’s going on here?!” Li Xiaobin had open his eyes wide in fear and asked.

“You are asking what’s going on here? Do you have a face to ask me what’s going on here? My colleague Chen Wen has high fever since the military training was finished and now he is dehydrated because of that diarrhea. I had to call an ambulance, and now he is going to the hospital for rescue. You understand what’s it all about? He is because of you….!” Xu Taiping forcefully grabbed Li Xiaobin collar and scolded.

“This, how is it possible?!” Li Xiaobin shook his head in doubt. He wasn’t convinced that a laxative could affect a person like this. But that person just now appears to has a severe problem and it didn’t look like he was acting.

“I am telling you, if he has any unexpected accident, this won’t be considered as a mere prank but will be treated as a premeditated murder!” Xu Taiping nipped his teeth to say, “ do you know, in China one has to pay with his life in penance of a murder?”

“This, this is impossible, how can laxative kill anyone?” Li Xiaobin shook his head to say.

“Impossible? Didn’t you hear what that doctor has said? Medication allergy! You know what Medication Allergy is? Bastard, how can you pull a prank on other people even if you don’t know anything? You must prepare yourself for the prison.” Xu Taiping said.

“No, it cannot be like this, it’s impossible!” Li Xiaobin got frightened and yelled, “there must be some mistake!”

“You go and clear this misunderstanding in front of the police officer! Lin Yong, call the police!” Xu Taiping said to a security guard who was standing beside him.


“Don’t, don’t call the police. Requesting you all, don’t call the police.” Li Xiaobin yelled in a hurry.

“Some is dying because of you, and you don’t want us to call the police?” Xu Taiping sarcastically said, “who do you think you are? Four young masters?”

“This, I have not done this matter! Li Xiaobin yelled, “ This matter of prescribing laxative is not something I have done on my own, someone else has asked me to do!”

“Someone else has asked you to do? Didn’t you just say that it was your prank? Now, from where this other person come out from? Do you want to set up other people? You think we all are fools?” Xu Taiping berated in a stern voice.

“It is true that someone else asked me to do this. Yes, it was Li Sifan who asked me to do this. Security guard elder brother, it was Li Sifan who asked me to do this matter. He told us to buy laxative, and then he used some means to remove those teachers at that time and sent us there to mix that laxative. We just wanted you all to lose your face; we didn’t have any intention to kill anyone. Real, whatever I am saying is all real!” Li Xiaobin yelled while his face was covered in tears. He was already scared to death.

‘Aren’t you just shifting the blame onto Li Sifan? You think that I will believe you? Save this nonsense for the police!” Xu Taiping coldly said.

“Don’t. Security Guard elder brother, I have proof, I have proof!” Li Xiaobin said.

“Proof? What proof?” Xu Taiping asked.

“I have the chat record of how Li Sifan gave me the money and how he asked me to buy that laxative, really!” Li Xiaobin said.

“Right? Then show me!” Xu Taiping said in a sinking voice.

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