SFVSG Ch.61 Invincible Army

When they saw this scene of someone defecating, everyone found it really funny and ridiculous. But when they saw that the whole group had started to defecate, they became amazed. And later when they saw, how everyone was still firmly marching forward even while defecating on the ground, this amazement of their slowly turned into a shock.

If any these ordinary person present at the scene, replaced any of these security guards, then he wouldn’t have been able to continue this formation, regardless of whether he was defecating or not. After all, even if someone was not defecating and someone else was defecating beside him, then, in the same way, their stink would force him to run away. As for that person who was himself excreting, where could he have the nerve to continue to stand there in his sloppy appearance.

However, everyone in security department was going on with their walk. There wasn’t even a bit of hesitation in them, and nobody was even trying to hide. They all had their head high and chest out. They were still moving forward even if everyone who was performing square-shaped military formation, was incontinent.

Even if someone’s brain had a big problem, he would have also guessed the problem by now. These security guards who are performing this square-shaped military formation must have eaten some bad things. And that’s why every one of them is defecating. But this audience was still not clear, for what reason do these security guards even in this difficult situation, can keep their determination and confidence in themselves to incessantly walk like this?

What force is pushing them to continue to walk like this?

“This, they are indeed acting willfully and making a scene. How come these members of security department are like this!” Xu Youdao resentfully said.

“Everyone of the security department is like this. They must have eaten some bad things.” Lian Tian Huo smiled to say.

“Humiliating, indeed they have big-time humiliated us! At once ask them to leave that athletic track, hurry and ask them to take a bath!” Xu Youdao shouted.

“Headmaster, I don’t think it is necessary to do so.” A colonel ranked military officer who was sitting beside Xu Youdao said, “what is an army’s spirit? This is the spirit every soldier should have. Even if they are defecating, they are still trying to complete this mission while strictly sticking to the rules. It looks like my beforehand judgment about the members of your security department was wrong. Your university’s security department is a rare invincible army!”

“Oh? Yes, you are right. I also think they are as you have described!” Xu Youdao repeatedly nodded while Lian Tian Huo was laughing at him in disdain.

Everyone was still walking in goose-step, and now everyone in this team was defecating, even Xu Taiping who was leading in the front was also not an exception.

It was impossible for Xu Taiping to lose his body control because of this small quantity of Laxative and even if he were to eat five hundred grams of this laxative, he would have persisted and finished this whole walk without any significant problem. But right now, he was in this situation not because of incontinence, but it was all deliberate from his part.

At a time like this, Xu Taiping would rather dirty himself together with everyone. He didn’t want to be the only clean person when everyone else was covered in filth.

It was true that even if he were the single clean person present there, it would have been good, however, sometimes it was more important to lose face together with everyone compare to preserving one’s virtue alone.

No one noticed when, but someone on the sports ground suddenly began to clap, and soon one after another, many people raised their hands high and vigorously started to strike their palms against each other.

Those newly enrolled students who had entered this university for the first time, finally on the last day of military training learned about a lesson, known as ‘the omnipotent will of people’. Now they were really clear about this lesson, they were clear about what was known as unity, they were clear about what to expect from discipline.

“They are our University’s Security Guards!” Someone said with pride.

Everyone of these security guards persistently completed their walk. Moreover, they were preserving their elegant appearance throughout the whole journey, and they finally left that inspection circle.

“Thank you all. You all have given me a very practical lesson!” Wang Li saluted for the security department according to military etiquette.

“Thank you, thank you for working hard for us during this military training and thank you for standing together with us in this difficult time!” Xu Taiping looked at Wang Li while still wearing that drench trouser and saluted him in that same military etiquette.

Thud thud thud!

Everyone one after another began to salute Wang Li according to military etiquette.

“Good. Now I am commanding you all to go back and take a bath as soon as possible, including me! Dissolve!” Wang Li yelled.

“Hurry! The earlier we go, the earlier we can clean, haha!” Xu Taiping laughed and ran outside the sports ground.

“Taiping, wait for us!” Chen Wen shouted while running.

A group of men at once departed from the sports ground. As for the ranking, they were going to get according to votes, this was emphatically not important for them. They could complete this walk was their certificate of accomplishment for themselves.

Inside the public bathroom, a big group of menfolk irrespective of generation were bare naked and they were cleaning their body with cold water.

Inside the bathroom, all sort of smell was emanating from their bodies and everyone present there was indeed somewhat surprised after smelling it.

Xu Taiping was standing under a shower, and clean water was flowing along his body. After tracing along the contour of his body that cold water was falling on the ground while carrying that filth on his body. Wang Li was standing beside Xu Taiping. He was looking at his body, and his expression was somewhat solemn.

‘Taiping, you are not an ordinary person.” Wang Li said.

Xu Taiping raised his hand and softly rubbed his face several times to say, “Everyone who can continue to survive in this world is an ordinary person. Doesn’t I have two legs and two hands?

“You have these many injuries on your body, and many of them are gunshot wounds. Furthermore, these scars are not something an average man can have. You look at this knife scar on your back, and it is broad enough to cut through your whole back?” Wang Li put his finger on the Xu Taiping’s back and traced his scar from the top of his shoulder to the bottom of his waist.

“I was not sensible in my youth and ran away to mingle in society. You also know, nowadays, this society of ours is emphatically not safe and secure. Many youngsters get confused to mix in this society. Since everyone is a youngster that they will naturally not understand the severity in the beginning, and in the end, they will end up like this.” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

“I don’t have any big interest in your past.” Wang Li said, “if you want, I can recommend you so that you can go and meet with my superior. If he gives his consent, you can at once join our South China Tiger as a soldier.”

“Don’t you fear that I might be your enemy?” Xu Taiping asked with a smile.

“From your conduct and deed, I can arrive at the conclusion that you are pure and innocent like the heart of a newborn. As long as someone has this kind of heart, he will not be our enemy.” Wang Li said.

“You also know, I am someone who used to mix in this society, and I am already accustomed to life and death. That’s why now, as far as troublesome things are concerned, my feeling is a lot insipid compared to other peoples. Reputation, Authority, Money, I don’t find these thing appealing at all. I am fond of my present life and even more fond of these people around me. You look at them, and although everyone has their own shortcomings, although everyone thinks about their stomach before their heart, even so, they want to believe me, they are willing to follow me on this road, they are willing to gamble their all for the fame of our Security Department. This is something rare. I want to protect this campus together with them, naturally, while convenient I will also protect beautiful flowers of this university.” Xu Taiping said with an ambiguous smile.

“SInce it is like this, that I have no choice but to say, everyone has their own ambition.” Wang Li sighed in disappointment, but soon he smiled to say, “ later if you change your mind, I will like it if you contact me. The gate of South China Tiger will always be opened for you.”

“Really Thank You Team Leader Wang! Later I will rely on Captain Wang for introducing me to some right social connections to get rich.” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

Wang Li laughed. Inside his heart, he was more and more fond of Xu Taiping. He might look mediocre, but this man is ridiculously dedicated and has exceptional persistence. He despises worldly convention on the surface, but underneath he is earnest like a newborn child. Just knowing this kind of man, makes me feel at ease.

Wang Li was convinced that even if military training was finished, it was not his and Xu Taiping endpoint. He believed that they would again meet each other in person at some place in future.

After they finished washing, Wang Jincai came there to deliver them new security guard uniforms. Everyone wore their uniform and went outside the public washroom in high spirit.

“I have some good news to tell you all.” Wang Jincai said to them while beaming with a smile, “We won a prize!”

“Won a prize? How can we win in that kind of appearance?!” Chen Wen asked in doubt.

“What about it? We were like an ox, on the one hand, we were defecating, on the other hand, we were walking a military step. No one in this entire world has ever done something like this. At one point, after seeing your enthusiasm, I thought that later you all would suffer from excessive internal heat, hahaha. We are awarded with best military discipline award. The leader of the military district said that our body has a soldier’s temperament and they give this award to us!” Wang Jincai said with excitement.

“Best Military Discipline? To lose control to fill our trouser with feces and still Best Military Discipline award. Indeed heaven is showing concern for us, haha!” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

“Returning to the main topic, what happened with everyone of you, how come you all were defecating like that?” Wang Jincai asked.

“This is something we must inquire with those men who brought that barrel of boiled water.” Xu Taiping complexion all of a sudden became heavy, and he said, “We drunk that drink which university has prepared for us, and our situation became like that.”

“Drink which university has prepared? That is something everyone has drunk, but only you all were affected by it. Then certainly it is not a problem of that man who was carrying it. There must be someone who has mixed that laxative in that drink during the whole process of delivery, right?” Wang Jincai said in a sinking voice.

“We will know after investigating. Give this matter to us, Director Wang. You don’t need to be anxious, I swear on my integrity, I will surely bring truth into the light!” Xu Taiping said with a black face.

“We must grab that person who is playing tricks behind the scene. He must know that we security department is not good to deal with!!” Chen Wen clenched his fist and yelled.

‘Chen Wen, you take two men with yourself and look for those teachers who have delivered that drink to us and investigate them. Lin Yong, you take several men with yourself and look at several pharmacies in the vicinity, try to find if someone has bought laxative from them in last two days. And if there is someone then look at the picture in the surveillance monitor. Zhang Sen, Li Si, Wang Wu, you all will come with me to the supervising room! Everyone strive together to catch that bastard!” Xu Taiping cursed.


“Got it!”

After receiving their leader’s command, they led several men to depart from that room.

“Taiping, since you want to handle this matter, then I won’t ask a lot. But if you find that person, make him pay twice.” Wang Jincai said.

“No Problem!” Xu Taiping nodded.

The whole security department at once started to carry out a very high-speed operation under the leadership of Xu Taiping.

“Li elder brother, that Xu Taiping has already begun to inquire with our men about that matter of medical prescription.” A subordinate of Li Sifan nervously ran toward Li Sifan and said.

“Let him inquire, even he is to know that it was me who prescribed that medicine, what can he do? Is it possible that he can kill Laozi? These several small security guards just because have the support of those soldiers of the army and that Xia Jinxuan, thinks that they can touch the heaven? Actually, I want to see, what they can do after finding about me? I just wanted to make Xu Taiping lose his adult integrity in front of students, but didn’t expect that he will turn it into an accomplishment of his. His luck is really good, indeed it’s excellent.” Li Sifan said in hatred.


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