SFVSG Ch.60 Match your stride to walk!!

Under the blazing sun, every student of the university was standing with their group in a queue, and soon they gathered to arrive at the entrance of the sports ground. The members of the security guard team were also not an exception. Every student was wearing camouflage clothing, and every one of the security guard team was wearing University’s security uniform, and they still had the hat of the security guard on their head.

Xu Taiping was standing at the front of the queue, and he was in charge of leading this whole procession. He had to lead this procession of security guards from the entrance of the sports ground to the end, and then while passing through the stage, he had to assemble at the center of the sports ground.

Under the sunlight, the sharpness of Xu Taiping’s face was apparent. He was not showing any kind of laughs, jeers, anger, and invective on his face for which he was famous among his colleagues and it was all replaced by a seldom severe expression.

An impassioned musical composition echoed all around. A host from the broadcast department also started to carry out a broadcast, and along with this broadcast, every group at once began to march toward the stage. Each military instructor was leading their respective procession while shouting in a loud and clear voice as if they wanted to show their parades three energies.

[T/N: three energies according to Chinese medicine are essence, vitality, and spirit]

The eyes of men of the security department were shining. Some of them were retired soldier, and other were just a regular citizen, but irrespective of all, under the influence of this impassioned composition and after looking at the beautiful formation of other groups, everyone’s heart was unable to constrain excitement, and they all wanted to go out there without any further delay.

Xu Taiping’s team was put in the center, and next was their turn to perform. Suddenly someone covered his abdomen to shout, “My, my stomach is a little sore.”

“Mine too. I thought that there was some problem from the beginning, but now it really started to pain!” At once someone agreed.

“I am also feeling pain.” Chen Wen covered his stomach to say, “it’s not like some life taking pain, but it is still paining a bit, I think it will be good if I go to the toilet first.”

‘I also want to go to the toilet.” Someone said.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Taiping frowned to ask. If there were one-two person whose belly was hurting then it was understandable, but right now the situation was such that many people were holding their stomach and complaining about pain, that was some severe situation to ponder about.

Xu Taiping suddenly thought about that beforehand water they have drunk, should this problem is because of that beforehand water?

“My stomach has also started to pain!”

“Mine too!”

More and more men inside the procession started to yell due to pain, and in the end, unexpectedly everyone’s stomach was paining.

“What’s going with you all, how come everyone’s belly started to pain suddenly?” Wang Li asked while feeling surprised.

“It looks like someone doesn’t want us to walk this army formation or to be exact someone wants to make us a joke!” Xu Taiping said with a cold face. He was also feeling a slight pain in his stomach. However it was only faint, that’s all. His body resistance toward many medicines was really robust, for example, if others were hovering between life and death due to pain, then he would only feel slight pain.

“I am dying, my stomach, it feels like it will quickly twist inside out!” Chen Wen was tightly pressing his legs together, and his complexion was really pale.

“Me too. Inside my stomach, something is incessantly rummaging through, very, it very sore!” someone else yelled.

“Soon it is going to be our turn, and after that, there will be two other square-shaped formations, you all bear it for a while!” Wang Li clenched his feast to say, “ bear it for some moment and after our walk finishes, you all can go at once.”

“Brothers, everyone must bear it for some time and don’t lose our security department’s face!!” Chen Wen said while gritting his teeth and bearing that pain. His body and bone were weak. That’s why this pain was challenging to bear for him. His body’s lower sluice gate was already on the verge of a breakthrough, and his whole body was twisting in pain while his face was more and more changing to white.

Other people also not had any good situation in compared to him. A group of men was unceasingly twisting their lower half of the body. Someone was crouching down on the ground due to pain, and the sound of breaking wind was unceasingly reverberating in the middle of that whole troop.

“Someone should have mixed a laxative in that drink.” Xu Taiping said to Wang Li, “ the quantity of this laxative is not many, that’s why its effect started to show after such a long time. The other person clearly wants our security department to lose our face in front of students. They really need to answer the call of nature, and even if they want to bear this kind of matter, in the end, it’s all futile. Let them go to the toilet, after all, they can’t walk like this.”

‘Also can be like this!” Wang Li nodded and then said to everyone, “everyone goes to the toilet. Now there are no means to let you successfully continue this military walk.”

“No, that won’t do.” Chen Wen said while gnashing his teeth, “ we have trained like that for so many days. Every day we have taken a bath in our own sweat for precisely this day when we could make our security department famous in front of the whole university, then how can we give up at such a crucial time!”

“Right, cannot give up. Even if I have to squat down to do that in front of everyone, we will surely finish this walk!” Someone said after Chen Wen.

“If you all are to stay motionless like this then you all can feel relaxed for some time, but if you all really try to walk then it is very much possible that you all will do that in front of everyone.” Xu Taiping said in ridicule.

“There are several instances in life when I cannot give up; this is one of those moments!” Chen Wen shook his head to say.

“We cannot give up!”

“Yes, good or bad we are security guards, if we just give up after coming across a bit difficult situation, then how will we protect our university later?”

Inside the whole procession of Security department, a burst of ‘not giving up’ reverberated. Xu Taiping was also somewhat emotionally moved.

“Good, since it is like this, that we will walk this event!” Wang Li was also affected by the passion of everyone. He clenched his fist to say, “regardless of how, we will finish this military procession. Good looking, not good looking is another matter. But after this military parade finishes, I will surely find out that person who has mixed that medicine in your water. Younger brother I will fight for your justice!”

“Good!!” Everyone shouted in succession.

Everyone in their surrounding was looking at them in astonishment. Those who paid attention to how their complexion was pale and they were unceasingly twisting their body, they at once guessed about their abdomen’s problem.

Only, don’t they have to go to the toilet if their belly has a problem? How come they are still standing there?

“Next one who will walk toward us is the first-year electromechanical class, they…”

Along with that host’s voice, the electromechanical class who were before the security department team, at once started to walk on the athletic track of the sports ground and then in an order, they started to walk toward the stage.

‘Since everyone of you wants to walk this formation, that I will also not care about the situation of your abdomen. I want you all to lift your head high and throw your chest out. Even if your below is to collapse, I want you all to perform most perfect military formation on this road. Noone has held a gun to force you all to walk, it is you all who want to walk in this formation. Since you want to walk, that don’t care about your appearance. Otherwise, it’s better to give up now, instead of facing that ugly situation after a moment. Everyone hear my verbal order, Attention!!” Wang Li yelled in a loud voice.

Thump thump thump!

Everyone at one stood up in attention. Even though everyone was feeling difficulty to bear that pain in their abdomen and it looked like thing inside their stomach would come out any second, they were still standing while keeping their body straight.

“Dress Right! Dress and Ready Front! Attention! Match your stride to walk!!”

Along with the command of Wang Li, all security guards under the lead of Xu Taiping started to step by step resolutely walk toward the stage.

Outside the sports ground, inside a school building, Li Sifan was holding binoculars to look at the procession of Xu Taiping. While looking, he said in ridicule, “just wait and see, that good drama that is going to unfold, hahaha. I actually want to see how a big hero like you will look while defecating in front of every teacher and students of this whole university, hahaha!”

Thump, thump, thump!

Everyone of the Security department was lifting their leg to the most standard position and then they were stamping their leg on the ground with their all. Whenever their foot fell on the ground, a heavy sound produced due to their stamping. This sound was very steady and was in rhythm, and it was forcing everyone present on the scene to look toward them.

“Next will be our university’s security guards team who will walk toward us in square-shaped military formation. They by being on the guard at every place inside the university, protect all of our teachers and university’s property and assets….”

That host started to use a very impassioned voice to introduce the procession of Security Department. Everyone was taking goose-step during this square-shaped military formation, and they were very steadily and powerfully moving forward.

On the stage, Xu Youdao with a face full of smile was saying to a middle-aged man who was sitting beside him, “ Lao Lian, that person in front of this security department team is Xu Taiping. He is our university’s hero. I have great expectations from him since the beginning, he has really not disappointed me.”

That middle-aged man sitting beside Xu Youdao was Jiang Yuan University Party Secretary, Lian Taian Huo. His age was around fifty years, and his face was very thin. He squinted his eyes to say, “ when I was not present inside the university, indeed a lot of matters happened at our university.”

“Although some matters are not very good, the result was nevertheless good for us. To have this Xu Taiping, we can use him as a trump card during the external publicity of our university. A few days ago, I even promoted him to be a deputy-director. I think now he will be even more motivated to do his work.” Xu Youdao said.

“Regarding this kind of youngster, our university should encourage them. I am thinking about personally recommending him to enter inside a political party.” Lian Tian Huo said.

“This is a good matter. Oh, that’s right, I hear that in the next Literature and Art Week, all the directors of our university will come?” Xu Boyuan asked.

‘Lao Xu, your this news channel is really fast and abundant, haha. Our university directors will indeed come.” Lian Tian Huo nodded.

‘That we must strive with full capability, to manage this Literature and Art Week in the perfect way!” Xu Youdao said while beaming with a smile.

At that moment, suddenly a noise reverberated on the sports ground.

Xu Youdao became flabbergasted to look toward the sports ground, only, to see the someone, inside the procession Xu Taiping was leading, was having diarrhea!

Sometimes a man’s spirit could really put out matters which were far from their capability, however, that wouldn’t have any permanent effect on their body. Although everyone was enduring that unbearable pain, someone was unable to control his body, and at once, even before reaching that stage, that person couldn’t tolerate anymore, and his lower half of the body started to leak. His whole trouser in an instant became drenched. Moreover, those filthy things started to fell on the ground through his trouser leg. It was very disgusting.

This person wasn’t other but Chen Wen.

Chen Wen’s face was dyed in deep red, and he was thoroughly leaking to pour on the ground. However, he didn’t stop his footstep. His every step on the road was as before strict, and according to the standard he was taught in beforehand military training. He basically didn’t care about this incontinence problem of his and for him right now the most important thing was to finish this walk.

On the sports ground, a roar of laughter at once reverberated, after all, no one had ever seen this type of matter where someone was defecating while walking in a military formation. After a burst of long laughter, everyone suddenly stopped laughing, only, to see that inside the procession of Security Guards square-shaped military formation, everyone was one after another losing their control of the body, and was walking while leaving behind a trail of filthy thing on the ground!


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