SFVSG Ch. 59 advent of the military parade.

Xu Taiping didn’t expect that Boa Ruifeng would really give this Hechi street to him and he also didn’t think that Zhou Xiaoyu and his gang would earnestly help him in doing these all. After looking at Zhou Xiaoyu and his gang, Xu Taiping discovered that Kuang Shao, Ye Shao and even that Wang Ai was also present there.

“Oh, sister-in-law, you are also here!” Zhou Xiaoyu suddenly looked at Su Nianci in that group and at once bent down to yell.

Right now Zhou Xiaoyu had a huge difference from that Zhou Xiaoyu of several days before. His suburban hairstyle was already changed into a perfect crew cut. Kung Shao, Ye Shao, they had also changed their hairstyle to a bit standard. And that native aura around their body was really a lot weaker than before.

“Who is your sister-in-law, if you again talk drivel, believe it or not, I will really thrash you!” Su Nianci opened her eyes wide to look at Zhou Xiaoyu and asked. But suddenly she thought, this Zhou Xiaoyu was arrested before because of firing a gun in a public place, then how come he is here in front of me. Moreover, he is still doing that bad business of collecting protection money. Even if we punish him with the lowest penalty, he must have been detained for a minimum of fifteen days, then how come he got out so early!

“How did you come out so early?” Su Nianci asked.

“What comes out so early. I was never arrested in the first place. Sister-in-law, you leave making these irresponsible remarks. Oh right, Eldest child, what is going on here? How come it’s so noisy inside this Fulong restaurant? This store’s proprietor is an excellent friend with Bao elder brother.” Zhou Xiaoyu said.

“This friend of mine has drunk many and said few unpleasant to hear words to them, and now this Fulong restaurant wants to cheat us. For a single dish of Abalone, they are charging us with one hundred and eighty. We also didn’t settle our account, and now they are trying to detain us here.” Xu Taiping said helplessly.

“Zhao Dehai, is there a matter that needs to be settled?” Zhou Xiaoyu with a black face stared at that manager and asked.

“Doesn’t have, where is any matter here that needs to be settled!” That manager was also a very smooth and slick person. Before because Xu Boyuan was blabbing a lot, that why he gave a hint to that receptionist to overcharge Xu Boyuan. But now after finding that Xu Taiping who was standing beside Xu Boyuan in ordinary clothes was unexpectedly the leader of Zhou Xiaoyu, he at once knew how to manage this matter.

“Didn’t you just asked for one hundred eighty yuan for a single dish of that wild Abalone?” Su Nianci asked.

“No, no…where. It’s only eighteen….only one hundred and eight yuan for every dish. However, since tonight is our tenth anniversary, we wanted to surprise our customers, and we have randomly chosen a table whose whole bill will be exempted. Congratulation to you all, your table is chosen!!” That manager laughed to clap.

Surrounding attendants also one after other started to clap together with him.

Xu Taiping became somewhat flabbergasted. This manager’s speed of changing his attitude is indeed breakneck; moreover, in such a short time he is even able to think of such a countermeasure to deal with this situation, what randomly chosen, he is brazenly trying to curry favor with us.

“Free?” Xu Boyuan looked like he was not able to digest this sudden change in the situation and asked that manager.

“Yes, free, congratulations to you all !!” that manager smiled to say. The expression on his face was same as if he was looking at his father.

“Wouldn’t have it been good if you have said it early?” Xu Boyuan finally got some confidence, and he arrogantly groaned to say, “if you have informed us earlier, then we would have also not gone so far to make such a noisy situation, right?”

“Yes yes yes!” That manager repeatedly nodded.

“Let’s go.” Xu Taiping said, “ let’s go back, if we continue to stand here then that will affect the reputation of this place.”

“Let’s walk, let’s walk.” Everyone said in succession. Now everyone was scolding Xu Boyuan in their heart, after all, if Xu Boyuan had not said those things, then these matters wouldn’t have happened. Although there was a mistake in the restaurant, the biggest mistake still lies with Xu Boyuan. If Xu Boyuan has waited a bit to pay the bill and didn’t behave like a mad person under the influence of alcohol, then it would have been impossible for us to find ourselves in these troublesome matters. If it were not for Xu Taiping, we all would have taken a beating tonight.

“Eldest child, when will we pay respect to the heaven? Like that every proprietor of these gathering places on this street will at once recognize you.” Zhou Xiaoyu asked in a low voice.

“You chose a day and later inform me after preparation.” Xu Taiping said.

“Good, I will surely do this matter in a proper way!” Zhou Xiaoyu laughed to say.

Xu Taiping nodded and soon followed Su Nianci and others to go out of that restaurant together.

“Taiping, really thank you for just now!”

“Yes, if it weren’t for you, we would certainly have bad luck!” several teachers expressed their gratitude to Xu Taiping in succession.

“Actually, even in that kind of situation, we didn’t need to feel anxious. Even if there was no Taiping, I was there. I am telling you all, I have friends inside the city bureau, if they really dared to touch us, then surely they would have to bear consequences.” Xu Boyuan proudly said.

Everyone in the surrounding put on a gentle smile and nobody replied to Xu Boyuan.

Xu Boyuan also felt that what he was saying was somewhat lofty, that’s why he also didn’t say many after this.

One group of people entered the university and then dispersed.

Xu Boyuan originally wanted to follow Su Nianci to chat with her, only, Su Nianci was showing an exhausted look, that’s why Xu Boyuan also had no choice but to alone depart from there.

“Have you clarified those men’s bottom?” Xu Taiping was sitting outside the dormitory gate, and while playing with Erdan, he asked.

“Several of them were beforehand backbone of that Wugui gang. I think they might want to retaliate against you, or possibly retaliate against the university.” Su Nianci said.

‘It’s really a pity!” Xu Taiping sighed to say, “ if it were not for that Xu Boyuan, who suddenly created such noisy scene, we would have certainly caught those members of Wugui gang to deliver them to the police station.”

“We can’t be anxious about this kind of matter, as long as they will have any notion of retaliating, we can always look for an opportunity to carry out that operation. It is just a matter of time.” Su Nianci said.

“That is also true, after all, a dog is bound to eat feces.” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

“Aowu.” Erdan barked in a loud voice.

“You don’t eat.” Xu Taiping touched Erdan’s head to say.

“Oh right, that Xia Jinxuan, how come she has not come here for several days? Is it possible that you have already abandoned her?” Su Nianci suddenly cracked a joke to ask.

Xu Taiping looked distracted for a moment and soon smiled to say, “Yes, I have philandered in the beginning but threw her way in the end, after all, anyone will get bored after sleeping with the same person every day. Or officer Su will you take advantage of this opportunity and let me change my taste?”

‘Beast!” Su Nianci stared at Xu Taiping and at once closed her room’s door with a bang sound.

“Teacher Su, my tool is big, pulsating and really long lasting and most crucial point is it’s really ruthless, you must think it over. It will absolutely act as a vibrating tool in your empty, lonely times!” Xu Taiping shouted while being separated from the door.

“Get lost and go back to your bed to sleep.” Su Nianci voice came from inside.

Xu Taiping laughed and returned to his room with Erdan.

Next day Xu Taiping awoke at dawn. Today was the day of military parade inspection, and the inspection was going to start at eight in the morning and at the same time the most outstanding group was also going to be picked.

Xu Taiping wore his security guard uniform and in a hurry walked toward that sports ground. When he reached there, everyone who had to step in square-shaped formation, were already present there. One group of people were refining their posture and details of their movements.

One could easily see how careful these security guards were about this military inspection, after all, they had exerted a great effort for such a long time, and they were even trained personally by the Team leader of the South China Tiger special forces. Although, Xu Taiping had participated only for several days in the training, he was also able to sense the significant effect of that training. Everyone, there was feeling honor inside themselves, and today they wanted to show off their best.

Chen Wen was also in high spirit. He walked in front of Xu Taiping and said, “Taiping, it is good that you have come. We lacked a leader like you and always thought that we were missing something.”

“Today you have not forgotten to eat your breakfast, right?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Where can I miss again. Today I have eaten a lot, and I am feeling my hundred percent!!” Chen Wen proudly said.

“That is good. In a moment we must show our security department spirit. We must let these leaders of our university and military district look at our graceful bearing. We must tell them, we security guards are not a bit less than those students with higher education!” Xu Taiping yelled in a loud voice.

“Right, we security guards are not a bit different than other peoples!!” Chen Wen also tightly clenched his fist and all other security guards present there became excited as if in a moment they would go out and show their security guard’s svelte.

Right now, it was middle of the September. Although it was still eight in the morning, sunlight was already very intense. Everyone present there on the sports ground even if were training for a short time, they were still covered in sweat.

“This is water for those of you who are participating in this square-shaped formation. Hurry and drink a bit. After a moment when the inspection will start, no one is allowed to drink water again!” several school teacher came from a side while holding a barrel of water and said.

Every group who were participating in the square-shaped formation were allocated with this kind of big barrel. Inside this barrel was full of saline and glucose which was prepared by the university. It was being reported that it was all done to prevent anyone from collapsing during the military inspection so that university wouldn’t lose face.
Everyone held a cup and started to drink it. Xu Taiping was also not an exception. His body was good, but he was not some superman. Naturally, he was going to get tired and feel the heat. In fact, since he was ranked number one as a killer in the whole world, many people believed that he was someone divine, some even thought that he had either come down from heaven or up from the hades to be such omnipotent. Actually, Xu Taiping himself knew, that no matter how difficult he was to deal with, in the end, he was just a person made of flesh and bone. Being a number one killer for him was less about the strength of his body and more about his brain, his talent in observing others capability, his talent in exploiting the environment. These all together with the unyielding fundamental essence of his body had made him someone whose name was adorned with the title of world’s number one killer.

If he were to not sleep for three days, he would feel a headache, if he were to not eat for two days, he would feel hunger, if he were to be dried in intense sunlight for half a day, he would also feel the hotness and if he were to be shot at crucial point by a gun, then he would also fall down. Well, the most significant difference between the world’s first killer and an ordinary killer was that headache, hunger, scalding of body and even pain from being shot by a gun, he could bear all kind of suffering and pain.

One cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations. It was also valid for someone in the business of killers, and only by bearing pains and suffering, one could approach their enemy to gave them a fatal blow.

After they have drunk water, a person took back that empty barrel. Before long, Wang Li in his full uniform came in front of everyone.

“Today is the day when we are going to inspect the result of your half months training. Although before I have always said to strive for number one position and at all cost surpass other people, but today I want to tell you all that, whatever I have taught you, you all have learned magnificently. As for the rank, you all will obtain in the end, is emphatically not important. During the whole course of this military training, we all have invested a lot of our sweat, and whatever result you all are going to have, we don’t need to comment about it to other people. Everyone pay attention and listen to my verbal command. Everyone gather!!”


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