SFVSG Ch. 58 Failed to recognise people on one’s own side.

Inside a private room, a big drinking party was in full swing. Everyone present there was eating and drinking while laughing with each other. Xu Boyuan was also giving the impression of somewhat refined and elegant degenerate because his way of handling social intercourse was very dreadful. Anyways, many of the people present inside that private box were his good friends.

After Su Nianci returned to the room after some time, she took advantage of the time when no one was paying attention to her and looked at Xu Taiping and gave him a little nodding.

Xu Taiping laughed and picked up a wine glass to walk toward a female teacher and started to chat and drink with her.

It was already eight in the night after they finished eating and all. Since tomorrow wasn’t Sunday and there was still that military parade, everyone decided to call it a day and again planned to come here together on next weekend to play and enjoy oneself to the full.

One group of people went outside that private room and walked toward the reception to settle their account.

At the reception, another group was already settling their account. Xu Boyuan stood beside them. He hiccuped and said to Xu Taiping, “ Taiping, if you have any matter inside the university, just tell me, I will at once help you to settle it. If anyone dares to bully you, I will be the first one to retaliate against them.”

‘Many thanks, Xu elder brother.” Xu Taiping with a face flushed with excitement said, “have these words of Xu elder brother, I am really relieved.”

“Haha, should, should. Hey, who is settling the account? We are standing here for a long time!” Xu Boyuan shouted in a loud voice.

“Sir, requesting you to wait for some time, we are just settling the bill of this client who has come before you!” A receptionist said while calculating something on his calculator.

“What’s going on here, how can your efficiency of work be so low. Do you all just eat plain rice or what?” Xu Boyuan asked in dissatisfaction.

That receptionist raised his head to look at Xu Boyuan and slightly wrinkled his brows and then again lowered his head and started to press on the calculator.

Either Xu Boyuan had drunk a lot or either his alcohol capacity was not significant. Tonight the whole group had only drunk one bottle of Baijiu and two bottles of red wine. Xu Boyuan had at the most, drunk only two-three cup of Baijiu and now looking at his attitude, it appeared as if he was dead drunk.

After waiting for around one minute, Xu Boyuan suddenly raised his hand and vigorously patted his palm on the top of the counter and said, “what’s the matter with you all, can’t you calculate something in such a long time? Don’t you know that my time is very precious? Do you understand how much I would have earned if it was not wasted on you all? Hmm?”

“Sir, we must settle accounts according to the sequence in which guest are coming. Can you go there and wait for some time. When we have settled everyone’s account here, then we will at once call you and settle your account.” That receptionist said with a slight frown.

“Do you especially want me to wait for such a long time, Screw you!” Xu Boyuan scolded.

“Can’t you put your mouth a bit clean?” that receptionist also got angry. He also patted on the table to say, “if you can’t digest then don’t drink or do you think that after being drunk on a bit of wine, everyone in this world will coax you?

Xu Taiping somewhat astonishingly looked at this receptionist. He really had never before seen a receptionist with such violent temperament.

“You, what manner is this of yours?!” Xu Boyuan was also scared to jump because of this receptionist, but soon after remembering that he was a customer here, he also patted on top of the counter and angrily shouted, “you dare to behave like such with a customer, do you think of yourself as an emperor? Who is your manager? Call your manager in front of me!”

“I am here’s manager.” A man who was sitting beside them while playing with his cellphone, smiled to say, “ why are you looking for me?”


“You are here’s manager? Did you hear or not what your staff was just saying to me? Is this how you treat your customers?” Xu Boyuan asked angrily.

‘Mister, Although what our receptionist said is not pleasant to hear, it was you who have scolded him first. I think you wait for a while and after he settles everyone’s account who have come before you, at once you can go back and settle your account. Isn’t it okay if everyone behaves a bit polite and amiable?” That manager said.

“This world really doesn’t have the law of heaven; unexpectedly even receptionist are scolding their customers? What broken shop is this of yours? I think that it is a big sham!” Xu Boyuan shouted in a big voice.

That manager laughed and looked toward that receptionist who was settling someone’s account and said, “Xiao Chen, first settle this mister’s account.”

“As you say, manager.” that receptionist nodded and then lifted his hand to pick a bill from the side and again started to press keys on a calculator.

“Ha, wouldn’t it have been good if you behaved like this in the beginning. Now you know Laozi fearfulness, Laozi has come here to drink, not to be abused by someone like you!” Xu Boyuan said while feeling proud.

“Altogether three thousand one hundred and twenty-five.” That receptionist pushed a bill in front of Xu Boyuan and said.

“What? How can it be so expensive?” Xu Boyuan picked a menu from the side and shouted, “three thousand two hundred, we didn’t even order anything expensive!”

“This is here’s price. Excuse me, will you, sir pay in cash or will you pay by Wechat, Alipay? Manager asked.

“Did you make a mistake, how come the cost of an Abalone is one hundred eighty yuan?!” isn’t it just one hundred and eight yuan?” Xu Boyuan pointed at the menu to say.

[T/N: Abalone: Type of fish, google it if interested.]

“That was a wild Abalone, and it’s cost is one hundred and eighty yuan.” That manager smiled to say, “even though it might look like that this type of dish has flat rate, but it isn’t so, for example, when we wrote three hundred and sixty yuan for a lobster, that means three hundred sixty yuan for five hundred grams of lobster, not for however much you want to eat. You have consumed ten small Abalone, and its price is equal to one thousand and eight hundred, and if we were to add other dishes, it’s all come down to three thousand yuan. This is the market price!”

“You, you all are overcharging your customer!!” Xu Boyuan again patted on the table and shouted, “ last time, when last time Laozi has come to eat here then you all charged me just one hundred and eight yuan, but how come you are now charging me one hundred and eighty for the same thing!”

“Mister, even if you say like this, its still doesn’t have any meaning. We at Fulong Restaurant are doing business for such a long time. Whatever we sell have a reasonable price otherwise it would have been impossible to have so many repeat customers. If you don’t want to pay and renege on debt, that is not something good for your reputation.” that manager shook his head to say.

“You all are cheating your customer!!” Xu Boyuan shouted, “believe it or not, that Laozi will report it to the police?!”

“You can report to police.” That manager laughed and then clapped his hands.

All those attendants who were standing around, at once surrounded him, and at the same time, several fat people who in chef dress also came out from inside the kitchen. They all were holding vegetable knives, steel knives and so on things.

After being surrounded by so many people, the intoxication of Xu Boyuan at once reduced to half. He hurriedly looked toward his surrounding teacher and said, “ you all take care of it.”

If he had asked these teachers to wag their tongue to fight with them then it might have been good, but where had they fought with these many peoples before. When Xu Boyuan shouted, no one moved forward to support him. Only, after thinking that Xu Boyuan was the niece of the headmaster, they hesitatingly walked to come near him.

“How, do you want to fight with us?” that manager sarcastically said, “if you all don’t get away from here, then you all will be thrashed. Do you all, don’t want to go out of this restaurant on your leg?”

“Good, let’s all act properly.” At last Xu Taiping couldn’t bear anymore, and he frowned to say, “ This friend of mine is a little drunk and has indeed said some unpleasant to hear things, but in the end, he is a customer of yours. As for that wild Abalone of yours, we both know what that’s about. One hundred eighty for one plate is still expensive compared to other restaurants. If you still charge us this amount, then this is cheating with your customers. I think like this is not good.”

“Wasn’t he very arrogant just a while back?” that receptionist who was scolded by Xu Boyuan a while back said, “why don’t you continue that arrogance of yours? We have opened this Fulong restaurant for more than ten years, didn’t you inquire about us beforehand that what happens to those who dare to create a ruckus at our restaurant?”

“It was incorrect him to scold you, but you are cheating your customers, this is something where you are wrong, but these two are completely two different things. Please, you don’t scare us. Even if you have the ability, you can’t force us to stay inside this stores of yours because if you do so then I don’t believe that this shop of yours will continue to operate like this, after all, in front of so many people nobody is going to be scared of you!” Xu Taiping sarcastically said.

“Right, in front of so many people nobody is going to be scared of you!” Xu Boyuan at once said.

“You are thinking to dine and dash, and we are merely protecting our benefit, that’s all. Moreover, who said that we want to beat people? We simply want to stop you from running away, that’s all. As for the matter of beating someone, we don’t do those things, only, if you really don’t pay your bill, that I will have to look for other peoples who might cause some inconvenience to you.” That manager sneered to say.

“Report to the police!” Su Nianci said in a cold voice. She at once understood that getting angry was of no use, after all, all the arrangements she had done just before was going to be useless in this kind of noisy situation.

“Right right right, report to the police!” Xu Boyuan at once picked up his cellphone, but just at that time, a group of people rushed inside the restaurant.

“What are you all doing here? What are you up to? I say Zhao Dehai; you have opened this shop to do business, then why are you gathering this group of people in a conspicuous place like this, later who will come here to eat and drink!” Zhou Xiaoyu said which waking outside from the center of that crowd.

“Oh, Zhou Elder brother, you finally came!” That manager ran toward Zhou Xiaoyu, and after giving a cigarette to him, he said, “really put many troublesome to the elder brother.”

“This is something we all must do, come, tell me who is creating trouble here? Is it that group?” Zhou Xiaoyu pointed his finger toward were Xu Taiping and his group was standing, and just wanted to scold them that his face at once became severe.

“Right right right, it is these several people. First, they scolded our receptionist and now they are trying to dine and dash!” that manager said.
Zhou Xiaoyu didn’t say anything to that manager. He took three steps to rush in front of Xu Taiping.

That manager looked at Zhou Xiaoyu and thought to oneself, “this Zhou Elder brother is really worthy of his name, unexpectedly want to hit other without even knowing anything else!”

Just after thinking something like this, the next scene made that manager’s eyes fell on the ground.

Zhou Xiaoyu stopped in front of Xu Taiping and took the posture of being in attendance and bent his body in ninety degrees to bow toward Xu Taiping.

“Leader” Zhou Xiaoyu yelled in excitement.


Manager’s eyes were wide open and his brain was already turned into mud.

“Leader?” that group of teacher also stared at Xu Taiping and they were also not able to absorb whatever happening in front of them. This security guard, how come suddenly changed into some leader?

‘You all really don’t understand how to behave in different situations!” Xu Taiping helplessly rubbed his temple and then said, “is this public venue under your protection?’

“No no no.” Zhou Xiaoyu at once shook his head.

“Then how come you have come here to manage this matter?” Xu Taiping asked.

“This place is under your protection!” Zhou Xiaoyu while beaming with a smile said, “last time, didn’t you hear, that all the gathering places on this Heichi street, is given to you. This was something Bao elder brother said with his own mouth, maybe you have forgotten!”

‘My gathering place….” Xu Taiping felt it as a pain in the ass. And on the side, Xu Boyuan was staring at him with wide eyes and even after a long time he didn’t know what to say.


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