SFVSG Ch.56 Struggle

The first day of Xu Taiping’s return at University wasn’t peaceful, but next day was much more comfortable because everyone he knew had already visited him. Moreover, Xia Jinxuan also didn’t try to look for him, on the one hand, they wanted to hide their relationship, and on the other, they naturally didn’t want to anger Xia Jiang. Since Xia Jinxuan and Xu Taiping both disappeared together for a week, Xia Jiang was indeed furious, but since he didn’t order Xia Jinxuan to leave Xu Taiping and come back, it could be assumed that he might have more or less already accepted Xu Taiping in his heart.

After all, finding this type of ideal son-in-law like Xu Taiping was even more difficult than looking for a pin in a haystack.

Indeed it was all Xu Taiping’s thought. After Xia Jinxuan returned to Jiang Yuan city, she at once started to act like an obedient daughter, otherwise even if Xia Jiang had a bit of acceptance toward Xu Taiping, but if she started to forget her father, then it was very probable that he would have flipped out.

Military Parade was going to be performed next day, and that so-called military parade was naturally pleasant to hear, but in reality, this was same like the evaluation of how successful military training was, as well as, to increase the team’s feeling of honor. Although Xu Taiping didn’t participate in the military training for a week, the things he had learned in first few days were good enough to go and as far as his body essence was concerned, he could lift his leg to what height and how straight he could keep his body during walking, these were fundamentally simple things for him.

After considering about his new post of Deputy Director, Xu Taiping decided to take part in square-shaped formation of security department, after all, everyone had trained together for several days, and in these several days Xu Taiping was acting like a leader and if now he were to abandon them, then it might have some negative influence on the performance of the whole team.

As for Jiang Yuan University, right now the most important matter for them was not some so-called military parade, but ‘Literature and Art Week’ that was going to be held half a month later.

Literature and Art Week was the most important event during the entire summer semester of Jiang Yuang University. This event was organized in a very pompous manner and was like an exaggerated version of temple fair. A lot of people participate in this event to show their program or to sell things on the behalves of societies inside the university after being recruited by them. In the beginning, the whole Literature and Art Week was all about an activity where art department used to sell their self-made collections, but little by little this event slowly expanded, and now this had become a joint event for every department in Jiang Yuang University, and this was all because of a single man. Roughly five years ago, it was the president of Jiang Yuan Student council Chu Tiange who made some significant changes to this event after which not only the other department of the university but also other schools and universities teams started to participate in this event. On the one hand, it was to achieve the purpose of promoting University and on the other, was to encourage communication exchanges with different universities and schools.

That’s why during every Literature and Art Week, the security of the university was put on a tough test, after all, it was already difficult to maintain safety of thirty thousand students of the university with some odd two hundred security guards, but during the Literature and Art Week there was going to be an influx of a minimum of fifty thousand students. Since many teams from every university from nearby cities as well as a lot of city residents were going to participate in this event, that’s why the pressure on the security department was tremendous.

A day before the military parade, Wang Jincai called Xu Taiping inside Security Guard Room to attend a meeting, and the one who was in charge of this meeting was Xu Boyuan.

Xu Boyuan was the niece of Xu Youdao. Although he didn’t hold any other position apart from being an ordinary teacher, Xu Youdao used to give all of his troublesome matters to him to manage. During the next Literature and Art Week, it was not only security department who had to give it’s all for maintaining orders, but even several teachers also had to join security guard teams for keeping an eye on the situation. Xu Boyuan was the in charge of this operation, moreover, let alone Xu Taiping, the authority in his hands was even more than those of Wang Jincai.

“During the next Literature and Art Week, cancel vacation of every employee in Security Department. Doesn’t matter what private matter they have, no one is allowed to even take a half step outside of this university of mine!!” Xu Boyuan was standing in front of security guards. He had a severe expression, and his hands were behind his body.

“Did you all hear? Regardless of what private matter you have, everyone will stay inside the university!!” Wang Jincai stood up while supporting his potbelly and yelled.

“Director Wang, you don’t need to repeat after me.” Xu Boyuan raised his eyebrow to say.

“Teacher Xu, you don’t understand this group of little bastards. As long as you don’t shout in a loud voice, they won’t hear anything.” Wang Jincai said while having a smile on his face.

“If there is any problem during the next security operation then at once pack your bag and leave. Let me tell you something, taking advantage of the recent public opinion about our university; headmaster has already given us clear instructions. He wants to make this event, the best event in our University’s history. In this event not only we have invited large delegations of ‘big lantern festival performers’ to perform at our university, but our Student Council is also using their powerful connection to contact with the DSB38 group. If they are successful in their strive to invite them to perform at our university during the Literature and Art Week, then at that time to maintain order at the scene, you will have to give your all. I don’t want any type of accident during these events, are you all clear?” Xu Boyuan asked in a large voice.

‘Yes.” the whole group of security guards replied dispiritedly.

“You this group of little bastards, he is asking if you have listened clearly or not. Have you not eating your breakfast?” Wang Jincai scolded.

‘Yes!” Everyone yelled in a loud voice one in succession.

“Teacher Xu, specific details I will tell them later, this group is not accustomed to being organized and discipline, please, you don’t take any offense.” Wang Jincai smiled to say.

“Indeed they don’t have any discipline and any organization.” Xu Boyuan sarcastically said and then looked at Xu Taiping. He walked in front of Xu Taiping and smiled to say, “Taiping, I heard that you have already recovered from your injury, now I can put down my heart at ease.”

“Thank you, Teacher Xu, for your care.” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

“Many of our University’s teachers have come and asked me to invite you on a dinner. Tonight, if you have time, then have dinner together with us, you can consider it as a reception for our hero from us. Everyone really has a great deal of expectation from you; I hope you will give me this face?” Xu Boyuan asked.

“Since Teacher Xu, you are such cordial, that I also have no alternative but to obey you. Teacher Xu, I am still single, at that time please introduce me to several beautiful female teachers at our University. Say something good about me in front of them, haha.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

“Why not, sure, sure, haha. This matter is like this; I will again contact you in the evening!” Xu Boyuan laughed to say and then turned around and left the security guard room.

“Yeah right, really thinks of himself as our boss!” Wang Jincai said with disdain.

“Yes, isn’t it all because he has relation with our headmaster? Does he really think that he is our security department chief? Our security department chief is our one and only Director Wang!” A security guard said.

“You all really know how to pat someone’s flatter! It is really comfortable to hear, haha. Although we are saying so much, in the end, he is, after all, someone who is appointed by our headmaster so you all must give him a bit of face. During the whole week of Literature and Art events, no one is allowed to be absent without leave. If there is any problem, then you all will be sacked, and even I will have bad luck. Do you all clearly understand or not?” Wang Jincai yelled in a loud voice.


“Taiping, you come to my office.” Wang Jincai beckoned toward Xu Taiping and then entered his office.

Xu Taiping became somewhat flabbergasted and at once followed behind Wang Jincai to enter his office.

“Close that door.” Wang Jincai said.

“Why being so unusually mysterious, is it possible that you want to execute that famous in fable ‘unwritten rules’ with me?” Xu Taiping laughed and closed that door.

“Taiping, you are still new in our University and is still not clear about some matters. Even if you didn’t understand these before, it was nothing, but now you are already a deputy head of a department, and now it is necessary for me to tell you these matters. You first sit down.” Wang Jincai sat down on a sofa to say.

“Gook.” Xu Taiping sat down on the sofa and said, “ Director Wang, You say.

“Don’t you find it strange that from beginning till now, you have yet to see Secretary of our University’s Party Leadership Group?” Wang Jincai asked.

“Yes!” Xu Taiping noded to say, “Logically speaking, there must be someone who is Secretary of our University’s Party Leadership Group, where is he?”

“Our Party Leadership Group President has gone to the province for training since several days ago.” Wang Jincai put his one leg over the other and said, “several days later, he will come back.”

“Oh!” Xu Taiping nodded to say, “So?”

“I am someone who is promoted by our Party Leadership Group Secretary.” Wang Jincai said.

As soon as Wang Jincai put out these words from his mouth, Xu Taiping at once understood what was that all about.

Inside a University the one at the highest level in the hierarchy was Headmaster, however, the reality was emphatically not like that. For example, Jiang Yuan University had a Party Leadership Group Secretary. This person’s power was almost equal to that of the headmaster Xu, because this position of Party Leadership Group Secretary was created to oversee the management of the whole university. One could even say that relation between any two people on these posts were same as, how a secretary was to a mayor of a city. Since this university had two persons with almost equal powers, it was a given that there was a division of power and authority. Before this, I thought that every matter had Xu Youdao’s final say, but now it looked like it is emphatically not like this, moreover, this Wang Jincai has already made it clear with me that he is a person of that Secretary.

[T/N: in china, Secretary is equivalent to being the head of a department and such. in general situation, he doesn’t have much executing power but his authority tilts more on overseeing. and a mayor is more like someone who does all the development work. Generally, these two people belong to two different factions and in every meeting, they strive for supremacy. even Chinese president Xiping is known as president for the foreign world even though his actual title is Secretary or No. 1 Officer.]

Xu Taiping didn’t say anything, and without any expression on his face, he was quietly listening.

“To promote you to be a deputy director is something I wanted to do, since a long time ago.” Wang Jincai patted Xu Taiping’s shoulder to say, “but our headmaster took advantage of this situation to rush one step ahead. He himself took the initiative to raise the matter of your promotion for being Deputy Director and now other people think that you are a person of Headmaster Xu.”

“Does these all have any difference?” Xu Taiping acted stupidly and asked.

“Has, naturally it’s not some big, but there is a difference and now, even more, that you have taken up the duty as Deputy Director. Even if we say about the matter of how Xu Boyuan has invited you on a dinner tonight, it makes a difference. You know, Xu Boyuan is a person of Headmaster Xu and he has invited you on a dinner, actually is equivalent to headmaster asking you on a dinner, moreover, if we are to add how headmaster Xu has promoted you as Deputy Director, then anyone can see that headmaster Xu is planning to recruit you into his camp.” Wang Jincai ambiguously smiled to look at Xu Taiping and say, “Taiping, I know that you are very sweet taking in your everyday life; however you are clear inside your heart more than anyone else, that you are now our University’s big hero and a trump card for our external propaganda. Holding you is same as holding a good chess piece in one’s hand. Secretary has told me to tell you, during tomorrow’s Military Parade, he will come back ahead of time and at that time, he wants to invite you on food after military parade finished!”

“Really, as long as there are people in the locality, there will be schemes and games!” Xu Taiping became somewhat melancholy. He didn’t expect that after becoming a hero, he would involve in the struggle between Headmaster and Secretary.


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