SFVSG Ch.54 Heroic Deed

In a single night, Xu Taiping had become a hero for the whole of Jiang Yuan City because, in this kind era of modern technology, it was effortless to spread good deeds and misdeeds to every corner of the world. For making Xu Taiping properly rest, the city bureau had specially arranged a person to guard outside the critical care unit gate.

At dawn on the second day in that hospital, while holding a pile of medicines, nurses pushed open the door of Xu Taiping’s ward to come inside.

Xu Taiping was apparently still sleeping on the hospital bed while covering his whole body with a quilt.

“Mr. Xu, it’s time for your medicine.” A nurse said while walking toward the bed and pulled to remove that quilt from Xu Taiping’s body.

Just after removing that quilt, all the nurses present there become stupefied.

Xu Taiping who should have been plastered all over the body to lie there was unexpectedly missing!!

“AAAA!! A nurse shriek echoed inside the whole hospital, and soon doctors and police officers at once ran to come inside this room of Xu Taipings.

Police officers at once called Xu Taiping on his cellphone, and even though Xu Taiping refreshingly received their call, he said he was not going to return to that hospital, and he was going to some recuperation center for further recovery.

Even though these police officers were suspicious about how Xu Taiping was able to escape from this room which was on the sixth floor with such grave injury, but since Xu Taiping himself said that he was all right, that they were also declined to do many things to chase him again. The only problem was that when Cai Chunsheng was giving them this duty, he had specially said that “China Central News Channel is already on the road to interview Xu Taiping, and if and only if, Xu Taiping has free time and he wishes for it, coordinate with China Central Television for the interview.”

Xu Taiping couldn’t prevent that video of him saving that kid from spreading all over the internet, but now he was more than capable of hiding from the persons of Central China Television. He, on the one hand, was pretending to be very merry with Cai Chunsheng and on the other, he was planning to escape before the people of Central China Television could find him for the interview.

Right now, Xu Taiping didn’t go back to the university, more so to some recuperation center. He and Xia JInxuan had gone to some far away county named Chi Shui town in the countryside of Jiang Yuan City.

Chu Shui town was like any typical town of whole Jiang Nan. Towering mountains and sharp ridges were surrounding it and everything was covered in lush green.

[T/N: Jiang Nan: whole south of Yangtze River ]

This place was yet to be overexploited, and everything here still had that tradition smell and color.

“Are you certain that you want to recuperate here?” Xia Jinxuan looked all around that dense forest and doubtfully asked.

“There is a mountain here called Jiu Xianshan and in the center of that mountain have a mountain village surrounded by green hills and clear waters. That place is really suitable for recuperating. Moreover, no one will come here to disturb us.” Xu Taiping said.

[T/N: Jiu Xianshan= Nine+ Mountain of immortals= Transliteration::nine mountain of Immortals]

“How do you know these things?” Xia Jinxuan curiously asked.

“Because my father was from this Chishui town, and I used to live here during my childhood.” Xu Taiping smiled to say.

“What? Then your uncles must still be living inside this Chishui Town?” Xia Jinxuan curiously asked.

“there is no one here.” Xu Taiping shook his head to say, “they all left together with my parents.”

[T/N: I don’t know if they are dead or just left for someplace else. but even though I am ninety percent sure that he is thinking of them as dead but since the author has written in this way I translated it like this.]

“I am really sorry.” Xia Jinxuan said in apology.

“It’s all right. Now nobody lives here, but sometimes tourists do come here during holidays. We will be staying here for some time, and after all the commotion dies down there, we will go back.” Xu Taiping said.

“Hmmm!” Xia Jinxuan nodded and drove Xu Taiping to go toward that Jiu Xianshan’s holiday villa which was situated in the middle of these mountain series.

This mountain village wasn’t something grand to the level of those private villages that Xia Jinxian had visited before, only, this place was densely covered in lush green, and one could find flowers, plants and trees everywhere.

They opened an independent Villa and then went inside to make themselves comfortable.

They stayed here for a week.

And as for the various news media institution of Jiang Yuan City, it was a miserable week because they wanted to take advantage of this short-lived enthusiasm to increase their TRP by interviewing everyone’s hero, Xu Taiping, but to the end, they were not able to find Xu Taiping. Let alone they, even the leading figures of Jiang Yuan university couldn’t contact Xu Taiping. Even when they tried to call Xu Taiping on his cell phone the only thing they heard was that the cell phone is switched off, please call after sometime. If it weren’t for Xia Jinxuan who was occasionally informing the University about Xu Taiping’s safety, then the leading figures of University would have already reported about him to the police.

In this whole week, Xu Taiping unexpectedly did only two things; one was to take a walk around the village and second was to have sex with Xia Jinxuan.

After every walk, Xia Jinxuan was feeling that Xu Taiping’s body was unexpectedly recovering very fast, and after every succulent night, she felt that the person before her own eyes was even more of a pervert than she had imagined.

His body is broken in so many places, but just after a few days, he can already perform these many different patterns that an average person couldn’t achieve even with a healthy body. On the seventh day of their stay, Xia Jinxuan was finally able to clear her doubt; she felt that she was indeed incapable of satisfying this man. For her, he was like an ox, who never got tired and incessantly plowed the land and regardless of how cultivated this land already was, he was digging it again and again. Even without any regard to how muddy the soil of ground was, he had plowed it dedicatedly and untiringly.

It was said that, only if Ox is dead, will the ground be left unplowed. But in case of Xu Taiping, this was completely irrelevant because Xia Jinxuan felt that she was really going to die because of this ox.

[T/N: funny picture if someone doesn’t understand what we are talking about.]

On the eighth day, Xu Taiping already felt that his body was as good as before. Although he was still walking lamely, he didn’t have that same kind of pain and discontentedness when he was injured. Right now, even the military training inside the Jiang Yuan University was also about to end. Xu Taiping and Xia Jinxuan, both packed their suitcase and drove back to Jiang Yuan university from Jiu Xianshan mountain.

Right now, there wasn’t any whatsoever difference inside Jiang Yuan University from the time he had left. It was already ten days since military training was started and two days from now on when military training was going to end, there was going to be a military parade for training participants.

Even though Xu Taiping was able to return to his dormitory by oneself quietly, he was not able to successfully enter his apartment. A group of peoples led by Xu Youdao finally blocked him outside his dormitory building.

Fortunately Xia Jinxuan had already gone back for military training; otherwise, he would have really stimulated a lot of people who were fond of wild and fanciful thoughts, after all, the matter of two persons disappearing for a week was a suitable material for these peoples.

It was also natural, after all, if a man had come to know that these two were together for last one week, then he would not think that Xu Taiping had gone along with her in a deserted place to look at the moon in the sky and count stars.

“Xu Taiping, we several leaders have discussed a proposal to pass it. It has been decided that you will be promoted as our university’s security department’s deputy director. Double salary and Saturday will be off.” Xu Youdao patted Xu Taiping’s shoulder to say.

“Thank you lead for this belief.” Xu Taiping nodded and bowed his head to say, “From now on, I will work even harder to repay leadership.”

“This is something you deserve. After whatever you have done for the university, every one of us has already engraved it in our heart. I have also ordered a sculpture to make of that moment when you were diving down to save that student, and in about half a year they will finish it to deliver, and when the moment comes, your sculpture will be put in the university’s most conspicuous place so that every student can admire.” Xu Youdao said.

“This….headmaster, is this something necessary?” Xu Taiping somewhat embarrassedly asked.

“For a hero like you, whatever we do is not enough.” Xu Youdao shook his head to say. Xu Taiping’s matter had not only alarmed mayor Zhou Weiye but had also alarmed the center. The Head of Ministry of Education at center even mentioned his name in a meeting to say that what Xu Taiping had done had not only showed the positivity of society but had also shown the magnificent image of an educator. Although Xu Youdao was not clear, how a security guard was changed into an educator, he couldn’t reveal the reality, after all, this matter was not something which could be stopped at this point. Ministry of Education mentioned someone by name to praise him, this matter layer on layer passed on to all the members of the education department. From provincial education department to city education bureau, the gist of the meeting was already spread. And not only it was asked for the whole education system to learn from this ‘to see what is right and act courageously’ attitude of Xu Taiping’s, but the provincial and city government was also planning to carry out campaigns with each other.

Under such a significant pressure, Xu Youdao promoted Xu Taiping as a deputy director, naturally, was to show their spirit to center and as for that sculpture, it was to even more appropriately propagate the heroic spirit. He had already reported this matter to City Education Bureau, and City Education Bureau had reported it to Deputy mayor who was in-charge of Education department. Everyone was praised and lauded by their leaders.

In those years when Xu Taiping was yet to take killing as his profession, he wanted to become really famous, but when he later really became famous he had to hide in the myriads of the world. But he didn’t expect that due to this matter he was again going to be pushed there where the wind and the waves are the fiercest.

This was a prevalent heroic act for a just cause, and frequently these types of matters were being telecasted in every part of the country. However, since the video was very clear and had captured every minute details of how Xu Taiping jumped from the high building and how he saved that student, this matter was far more soul-shaking than any other case of a same heroic act for a just cause. And now if one were to consider how the center was also using this matter to promote the noble spirit, therefore because of this chain reaction, this matter became such influential.

This was really not something Xu Taiping wanted to see. Although he was already retired and his camouflage was very seamless, but if a tree is separated from the forest, it will surely be spotted to cut down. Nowadays, his name was really resounding, and it was tough to escape from many concerned persons. If and only if, someone really found any gap in his camouflage to identify him, then that matter was really not going to be any good for him.

On the one hand, Xu Taiping and these leaders of the University agreed and on the other side, he was already running his brain to scheme about how to stop this matter from further fermenting and stop it right here.

‘Oh right, what about Xiao Lin?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Xiao Lin is all right, and since he is on suspension right now, he has gone back to visit his family for some days. As for the matter of campus violence, we have already carried out a deep investigation to collect a lot of evidence. We are more than sure that we will very quickly scoop up the whole lot who are harming the safety of students on the campus!” Xu Youdao said.

“Did we find out about the person who stimulated Xiao Lin to jump? who yelled at him?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Yes, a first-year student of Chinese Literature Department. We have unanimously decided to punish him by expelling him from the university.” Xu Youdao replied.

Xu Taiping nodded. Although that person could have shouted only for amusement or for showing off, since it could have taken the life of Xiao Lin, then even if he had to be imprisoned it was nothing, let alone right now he was only expelled from the university, it was nothing excessive.

“ If it weren’t for the members of security department then that day when we found that person, he would have been already beaten to death.” Xu Youdao said.

“By whom?” Xu Taiping asked.

“By several members of South China Tiger Special Force as well as some students. It was good that their mood was appeased, otherwise.” Xu Youdao said.

“South China Tiger Special Force….” After hearing this, Xu Taiping frowned.

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