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Jiang Yuan City Hospital

Xu Taiping was carried to the operation room, and some leaders of the University, some colleagues of his security department as well as few members of South China Tiger were waiting outside the ICU.

Xia Jinxuan was standing outside the gate of ICU and was incessantly looking inside through the small window. Although she couldn’t see anything, she couldn’t stop herself from looking inside.

“Student Xia, Taiping won’t have anything! See even his name Taiping means peace and security, really has a metaphorical meaning! Wang Jincan said to Xia Jinxuan while smiling.

Xia Jinxuan didn’t pay any attention to him and as before was looking inside that small window.

Wang Li with a severe expression was holding a telephone to say, “Regardless of anything I must save that person’s life. Even if I have to invite the best specialist from the provincial capital, I will do so. If a suitable person is found then inform me, I will apply for permission to use a military helicopter for that person in provincial capital so that he can come to the Jiang Yuan city hospital as soon as possible.”

“Headmaster, local television stations are incessantly calling to our university, they want to interview Xu Taiping regarding this matter.” Vice-president walked to Xu Youdao and whispered.

“Right now, we don’t have time for this.” Xu Youdao shook his head to say, “we don’t even know if he will live through it or not, what interview they want to do.”

“But local television station’s car is already rushing toward the city hospital, do we say this matter with Team Leader Wang Li?” Vice-president asked.

“I will go and tell him.” Xu Youdao walked to reach in front of Wang Li and said the matter of local television station in simple words.

“I have already informed Jiang Yuan city police headquarters, in a moment police officers will come here to maintain this place order and won’t allow those reporters and so on things to enter this premise.” Wang Li said.

“Oh, Captain is really attentive!” Xu Youdao said.

Treatment was continuing inside the ICU, and it was already more than half-an-hour since Xu Taiping was carried inside, but still, there wasn’t any whatsoever news from inside that operating room. At this moment several people in police uniform suddenly came out from an elevator, and it was surprising for everyone present there that City Office Bureau Chief Cai Chunsheng was personally heading this team.

“Team Leader Wang.” Cai Chunsheng took the initiative to greet Wang Li and walked to his side to say, “in a moment mayor will reach here, here’s situation is how?”

“Don’t have any news yet, but Xu Taiping’s luck and fate is excellent. I believe that he will surely overcome this situation!” Wang Li said.

“In a moment mayor and city news stations will be coming here, at that time, you and you men should avoid this place as much as possible, after all, you all are from South China Tiger Special Force, it won’t be good to appear in front of a camera!” Cai Chunsheng said.

“I am clear.” Wang Li nodded.

About ten minutes later, a big group of people in western suits entered the building and at once started to rapidly walk toward the upstairs using staircase. It was difficult to count them, but if one were to guess then they were a group of ten to twenty people and they were led by the city mayor, Zhou Weiye together with deputy mayor who was also in charge of city education as well as some leaders of education bureau. Apart from these, a good deal of reporters from city television station was also present in that group.

“Mayor Zhou, that hero who has saved that child is still inside.” Cai Chunsheng walked to arrive in front of Zhou Weiye and said, “it’s already an hour, but there is still no news.”

“Bureau Chief Cai, regardless of any price, that hero’s life must be saved!” Zhou Weiye with a serious expression across the whole face said, “ We can’t lose this type of hero.”

“Hospital is already utilizing every resource at their disposal, and right now they are doing their best to carry on his treatment!” Cai Chunsheng said.

Just after he said that at once the door of the operating room opened with thump sound, then several nurses and doctors came out while pushing a wheeled stretcher.

A big group of people at once ran toward that stretcher. Naturally, Xia Jinxuan who was waiting outside the door was the first one to reach that stretcher; she nervously looked at doctors to ask, “Doctor, how is the situation of Taiping?”

“There is nothing major. It was fortunate that the basic essence of the victim’s body is good. Otherwise, it would have been a complicated situation, after all, he has received very heavy injuries due to the impact. Moreover, dozens of bones inside his body is also fractured.” Doctor Zhuzhi said.

“It’s good that nothing major happened, its good!” Xia Jinxuan excitedly said. Only, even before she could carefully look at Xu Taiping’s body, she was pushed aside by a group of people.

“Doctor, how is the situation of our hero now?” Zhou Weiye asked in a heavy voice.

“He is already out of any life and death situation and only needs to be hospitalized for a while!” Doctor Zhuzhi said.

“Very Good!” Zhou Weiye emotionally clenched his fist to say, “thank you for your hard work, thank you for saving our hero’s life.”

“This is something we all must do!”

Xu Taiping was then carried to deliver inside a critical care unit so that he could be under the continuous monitor for next few days so that he wouldn’t develop an infection in his wound and if doctors couldn’t find any problem at that time, then he would be shifted to a regular ward.

Even though Zhou Weiye gave a cordial visit to Xu Taiping, Xu Taiping had a dizzy appearance as if he was still under the effect of anesthetic, that’s why he wasn’t able to entertain these surrounding leading figures of the city. Zhou Weiye and all, also didn’t find it appropriate to bother him any further and they at once went back after paying Xu Taiping a visit.

Doctor Zhuzhi was standing beside Xu Taiping and was looking at him with a very odd expression because he was still not able to believe that the whole operation he did just now was without using any anesthetic.

Apparently, this was Xu Taiping’s request. When that time Doctor Zhuzhi and all, heard this request they became furious, after all, you have more than ten fracture, and we might even need to use steel plates, and you are saying that we mustn’t inject you with anesthetic. This was the most ridiculous request, they had ever heard in their career, only, at that time Xu Taiping said to them that if they tried to give him anesthetic then he won’t undergo any treatment.

Because of this matter, both parties involved reached a deadlock, and in the end, doctor’s had to concede.

This was one of the most complex operations these doctors had done in his whole lifetime, after all, they had to operate to fit tens of metal plate in the body of a person who had more than tens of fracture in his body and all without using anesthetic. However, what made him very complicated was that during the whole period he unexpectedly didn’t even let out a groan from his mouth. He was lying down on the bed like a sculpture and let these doctors cut open his flesh to correct his bones.

Just by thinking about something like this, all doctors become muddle-headed, just what frightening control this person has that he can even accomplish such unimaginable feat?

Also precisely because of this, Doctor Zhuzhi was looking at Xu Taiping with that strange expression. He didn’t have any anesthetic, then how come he pretending as if he is still under the effect of it.

After several of the city Leader’s went back, Xu Youdao and Wang Li also went inside the ward to pay a visit to Xu Taiping, only, Xu Taiping was as before pretending to be muddle-headed, they didn’t talk many, and after chatting simple useless things, they turned around to leave.

Xia Jinxuan was the last person to go inside the ward. Her eyes were somewhat inflamed because of all the crying she was doing till now.

Right now only Xia Jinxuan and Xu Taiping, two-person were inside that ward. Xu Taiping was lying on the bed, and his eyes were closed as if he was fast asleep.

“You really scared me to death.” Xia Jinxuan sat down near the bedside and looked at Xu Taiping to say, “Before jumping, did you even consider about me? Though that what would happen to me, if you were to die?”

Xu Taiping lifted his hand a little bit. Right now this hand was thoroughly plastered and being able even to lift it right now was really difficult, to such as extent that if any doctor were to see it, then they would have been scared.

Xia Jinxuan looked at Xu Taiping’s hand in astonishment when he lifted it slowly to touch her breast and then started to press it.

“You, what are doing?” Xia Jinxuan asked in doubt.

Xu Taiping opened his eyes to smile then used his inflamed fingertips to hold a button on Xia Jinxuan’s chest only to effortlessly open it.

This two fingers of his were inflamed, yet he was effortlessly able to undo buttons off her clothes, and the manipulation technique of Xu Taiping’s hand could be considered as exceptional. After this Xu Taiping extended his hand to enter that gap in her clothes.

“You!!” Xia Jinxuan at once started to blush; However, she didn’t shove it to push aside.

“Go and close that door.” Xu Taiping said.

“Lock? Lock the door to do what?” Xia Jinxuan asked while her face was flushed due excitement.

“Asking you to go, so go.” Xu Taiping said.

Xia Jinxuan stood up with hesitation and went toward the gate, and after locking that gate, she once again came back to his bed.

“I can’t move, you come up on your own.” Xu Taiping said.

“Come up? Xia Jinxuan asked.

“You guess?” Xu Taiping gave a vulgar smile to say, “today I won’t move, you will do everything on your own.”

“You….you are in this situation, and even, even now you are still thinking about this matter?” Xia Jinxuan opened her eyes wide and looked at Xu Taiping while feeling unbelievable.

“By doing this, it will immediately bring relief to my body; otherwise, it’s really hurting.” Xu Taiping said while grimacing. His body had more than ten fracture, and the pain he was showing right now was really not any acting. Even though his tolerating capability was significant, but this pain was real.

“This, this is critical care unit!” Xia Jinxuan said while looking around herself.

“Rest assured. I have asked doctors to change the orientation of the camera to that adjacent side.” Xu Taiping said.

“Do you real….really wants me to?” Xia Jinxuan asked with a red face.

“Wants!” Xu Taiping nodded.

“Then, then what about these injuries of yours?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“Don’t worry, I can bear, you come.” Xu Taiping said.

Xia Jinxuan hesitated a bit, but soon she climbed up on the bed.

This was an interesting question. Was there someone else apart from Xu Taiping, who would dare to have sex with a woman inside a critical care unit just after undergoing surgery and could bear this kind of pain and pleasure simultaneously.

From now on, this was going to be a legend of critical care unit.

The matter of Xu Taiping saving a person’s life was spread inside the whole Jiang Yuan city by City News channel at evening. Even few channels broadcasted in entire China, moreover, a video of the incident recorded by a student became even more viral because of it.

Inside the video, it was recorded that how Xu Taiping jumped down from top of the building and how he held that student in his embrace and how he heavily fell on that sedan car’s rooftop.

Countless people after watching this video became really shocked, and soon they emotionally moved because of this selfless action of Xu Taiping and few even started to cry. Many people also recognized that this Xu Taiping was the same person who was involved in a murder of some student.

Someone who can even jump down from a building to save a student, can he really kill a student?

The answer is obvious. He must have been framed by someone in that beforehand case.

Countless citizens came outside the Jiang Yuan city hospital while carrying flowers and presents for Xu Taiping to wish him to get as soon as possible. Well, they wouldn’t have even thought in their dream, that right now, their hero and the most beautiful girl of Jiang Yuan University was doing some indescribable matter inside the critical care unit.


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