SFVSG Ch.52 You have harmed me

The atmosphere around the scene wasn’t as strained as it should have been, after all, majority of students downstairs were really relaxed to such an extent that they were looking at Xiao Lin, who was standing on the top of the building, in ridicule as if he was just standing there for enjoying the soft breeze after being exhausted by military training.

Right now many of the teachers and instructor finally came back from the nearby dormitories while carrying several beddings, to spread on the ground and police was still on the road and that air cushion was still not placed. Although the beddings have limited effect to absorb the impact, good or bad something was still better than nothing.

Lin Yubin cautiously walked toward Xiao Lin to say, “Xiao Lin, We have the same family name ‘Lin’, and if we trace back our lineage for around five hundred years then we might even find someone common between us two. You can tell me any of your difficulties and even if someone is bullying you, that just tell me and I will at once go out help you vent your anger!”

“What use will it have? You all will walk away from here after military practice is over, after that what will I do? I will still have to stay here to face their torture and even if the university does expel some of them, there is also no use, after all, there are a lot of members in their group and I will surely be retaliated against by them. I really don’t want to experience these exhausting and painful things again, every day I am afraid to see their faces in front of me, I am even afraid to hear their name, it’s really scary.” Xiao Lin wept to say.

“Campus violence will surely be dealt with severity according to the law and all of the students who have bullied you will surely pay price for their silly actions. Xiao Lin, you don’t need to be impulsive, come back, if you have anything to say, come here and say it properly. You must think about your family members. They have to bear a lot of difficulties to foster you to be so big, the future of your whole family is entrusted to your body. If you jump down from here then your parent’s life will also end just like you. Is it worthy of you to treat them, who have nurtured you to be so big, like this?” Lin Yubin asked.

“My family?” Xiao Lin appeared as if he had suddenly remembered something and at once stopped crying.

“Yes, your family, your family members.” Lin Yubin said, “think about them, think how hard they have worked day and night so that you can pass this university entrance exam to have a successful future. But now if you jump down from this building for that so-called ending your suffering in one step, then what will happen to them? From now on they would have to live their whole life in suffering and humiliation, your father is paralyzed, and you are your mother’s everything, just tell me why did your mother has worked so hard till now? Isn’t it all for you?” Lin Yubin said.

Xiao Lin stood up in hesitation, after all, his natural disposition was cowardly otherwise it would also have been impossible for him to get bullied. And even if he was courageous enough to attempt a suicide that was also because he got impulsive due to being suppressed to his limits. But now that Lin Yubin made him remember about his father and mother, he at once started to get worried about his parent and slowly overcame his pessimistic mood.

Xiao Lin slowly stood up and said, “can you help me?”

“Can, I always keep my promise!” Li Yubin said, “I am an employee of South China Tiger special force and our duty is to protect our country and its citizen, we will never let a person harm other, you just come here.”

Xiao Lin stared at Lin Yubin to say, “ I ….I believe you, I….”

“Are you going to jump down from there or not? If you don’t have any intention to jump down then please can you not waste our precious time!!” someone shouted in ridicule from downstairs.

The face of just pacified Xiao Lin suddenly became red from humiliation and then he turned round to take a step forward.

“Since you asked me to jump, then here I am jumping!! Xiao Lin yelled.

Everyone’s complexion present there suddenly changed and Lin Yubin at once dashed toward Xiao Lin, but it was already too late.

Xiao Lin’s body in an instant disappeared from their eyes and right at this time, a silhouette of someone ran past Lin Yubin’s body and with a whooshing sound that person rushed to the edge and at once propelled himself down using the leverage of the edge to go down toward Xiao Lin.

“Taiping!” Wang Jincai yelled.

The person who rushed out was naturally Xu Taiping!

When Xiao Lin was just taking a step to jump down, Xu Taiping had already started to dash toward him, and taking the advantage of the gap due to Xiao Lin’s hesitation, he had already increased his speed to his limit and in a blink of eye, he was already in close proximity to Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin was falling toward the ground with a very high speed. His eyes were closed and countless humiliating scenes were flashing through his mind and ultimately the frame froze on a picture of his mother, who was smiling at him while brimming with love toward him.

“I don’t want to die.” Even though he had started to regret this impulsive action of his, it was already too late. He already knew that now no person could save him from his certain demise.

Of course, Xu Taiping was an exception.

Xu Taiping and Xiao Lin, both jumped at almost same time and there was a very small different in their timing, moreover, when Xiao Lin jumped down he started to fell with his body spread, that’s why because of air drag, his speed was a little bit slow and Xu Taiping jumped down head first with a perfect body position, that why finally at the third floor, Xu Taiping overtook Xiao Lin. And right at this moment, he extended his hand to grab Xiao Lin’s arm and then forcefully pulled Xiao Lin’s body in his embrace.

When he finished these all actions, Xu Taiping body was just a few feet above the ground. In this few short moments, Xu Taiping suddenly rolled his body in the air to turn his back towards the ground to cushion Xiao Lin’s body.


Rather than falling on those bedding spreads on the ground for cushion, Xu Taiping directly fell on the top of a nearby parked sedan car.

Due to the momentum at which he fell, this sedan car’s roof was through smashed and Xu Taiping was trapped in this car roof.

Everything happened right now was really too sudden and even before surrounding people could shriek, Xu Taiping and Xiao Lin, both fell down on that sedan’s roof. At this time, all the people present of the rooftop of the building were running to the edge to look down.

“Wuaaaa!!” Xiao Lin at once started to cry. Because of Xu Taiping’s body which was acting like a buffer to disseminate the impact from the car’s roof, he didn’t receive any big injury. He was only scared right now, that’s all.

“Taiping!!!” Xia Jinxuan shouted in a loud voice. She at once dashed to that sedan and at the same time, several other security guards also dashed together with her.

Someone climbed on top of that car and in a flurry hold Xiao Lin to lift from that car and then they looked at the Xu Taiping whose whole body was embedded in the car.

There was a blood stain on the corner of the mouth of Xu Taiping and his hand and foot all were twisted in a strange pattern and looked like they were thoroughly broken due to this fall.

Actually, if Xu Taiping had landed on his two legs and then rolled on the ground to disperse the momentum, then he wouldn’t have suffered anything major just because of jumping from a mere five-story building. But since he didn’t have any choice but had to fell down with his back first, moreover, had to support a person in his bosom like this so that when they fell he wanted to bear all the impact on his own body.

Xu Taiping was not some god, he was only a killer, that’s all. Although the strength of his muscles and bone was much more than that of a normal human, he still suffered heavy injuries due to the huge impact of this fall and not only his limbs were broken, he also had several fractures in his ribcage.

The only consoling thing was that these broken bones of his ribcage didn’t pierce any of his internal organs during this whole commotion, otherwise, even if he was Xu Taiping, he would have also died!

“Taiping, you are ok, right. Don’t scare me like this!” Xia Jinxuan kneeled before that sedan to cry.

Xu Taiping with very much difficulty pulled his corner of the mouth in ridicule to say, “just, just now, which idiot shouted him to jump, for me, grab him for me.”

Xu Taiping started to spill blood while saying. Since his internal organs had also received a huge shock, that they were also more or less somewhat injured.

“You don’t need to speak right now, the ambulance will come in a moment. You don’t need to be anxious, you won’t have any matter!” Xia Jinxuan said.

Xu Taiping smiled with difficulty and wanted to raise his hand, only to find that his hands were already broken. He said, “I, didn’t I told you, not, not to show any intimacy in front of others.”

“I don’t care. You can’t have an accident. You promise me that you will surely get better, will surely get better!” Xia Jinxuan wailed.

Xu Taiping laughed then closed his eyes to faint.

An ambulance quickly came. Even though this ambulance was originally called for Xiao Lin, nobody expected that it would be used to save Xu Taiping.

Several men lifted Xu Taiping to put on a stretcher and then very rapidly they drove away from the scene.

“Just now, who yelled that sentence, who!!” Wang Li with a face full of murderous spirit looked at these hundreds of students in front of him.

Nobody replied, because in this type of situation, rarely someone pays attention to any ones shouting.

“You know because of that single sentence, you might have killed a person, a living person!! I, Wang Li is pledging here, if I don’t find that person, then Laozi will at once leave South China Tiger special force. Chen Sanbao!” Wang Li yelled.

“Reporting!” Chen Sanbao whose face was red through and through responded in a loud voice. Right now whole blood inside his body was boiling. Just now on the rooftop at that moment, he was not able to put out any whatsoever reaction but that small security guard could dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety in order to save that student who jumped down from the top. Thinking about that kind of imposing attitude, that kind of ability, he somehow felt one kind of manly spirit spreading inside his whole body.

Before Chen Sanbao didn’t have any consideration for Xu Taiping, but now, Xu Taiping was already turned into an insurmountable being to look up to inside his heart! As for the competition toward Xu Taiping, it already vanished into thin air.

“Everyone present here is not allowed to go anywhere,” Wang Li said in a loud voice.


“Lin Yubin!”


“Your ear is our special force natural tape recorder, did you remember the voice of that man who has yelled that sentence?” Wang Li asked.

“Remembered, Commanding Officer!” Lin Yubin said in a loud voice.

“Good, after a moment, carefully screen every student present here and hold that person to bring in front of Laozi. If today we can’t find him then you all won’t be going back home, if tomorrow we again can’t find him then you all will not go back to your home. You all are students and we know that we shouldn’t do something like this, however, just now that sentence has already touched Laozi’s bottom line! No person who doesn’t hold others life in high regard would be treated as a person.” Wang Li after saying turned around to depart while making a black face.

“All teachers and trainers hurry and join your class. Whoever has yelled that sentence a moment ago, if come out on his own then good, we will leniently deal with him, otherwise, if we find him, that consequences will be really grave!” Xu Youdao said with a serious look.

Inside the crowd, when Song Jialing looked at that caved-in blood-covered car roof, she became completely speechless.

She was in doubt that, what kind of force can compel that small security guard to commit this kind of action. Don’t tell me he didn’t know that by doing that kind of action, he is putting his life in serious danger?


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