SFVSG Ch.51 Attempting suicide to seek life.

In the sky Sun is shining;
On the ground, flowers are smiling.

But regarding those who were participating in the military training, this sunshine was emphatically not any good matter. In the morning everyone was happy inside the air-conditioned stadium and now in the afternoon, they were running on the sports ground in an army formation under this sultry humid weather.

In the morning Xu Taiping and Xia Jinxuan, both faked their absence so it was very difficult to again asked for leave in the afternoon. They separately left dormitory to go toward sports ground.

On the sports ground, many groups of students were shedding their sweat. This military training in this type of humid weather was much more painful than the training under the simple hot weather, luckily their military instructors were sensible enough to consider that this was just a drill for smooth-skinned senior high school graduate students, therefore at three in the afternoon everyone was given a block of time for rest.

“Jinxuan, in the morning you didn’t come, were you feeling sick at that time?” Chen Sanbao took advantage of this rest time to walk toward Xia Jinxuan and asked while feeling deeply concerned.

“Yes.” Xia Jinxuan nodded. Even if she had princess temperament, she wasn’t some moron. If at this time she had said that she was not ill and she was just feeling tired due to having sex all night, that even if Chen Sanbao was really fond of her, it would still have been hard for him to accept that just because she was perfecting her sex techniques, she didn’t come to the practice.

“You must pay attention to your body, after all, it’s very easy to fall ill in this type of weather. You all students body and bone is really weak, it is good that there is this military training, at least it will increase you all students collective sense of honour and basic essence of the body.” Chen Sanbao smiled to say.

“Hmm!” Xia Jinxuan also smiled to nod.

It was very obvious, that even if he was dying to chat with Xia Jinxuan, Chen Sanbao was not very good at talking with girls, therefore after saying these empty things he didn’t have anything else to chat with her and he had to disappointedly walk from there.

“Sanbao, I am telling you, you can’t pick girls like this!” Crafty head Lin Yubin came there while running from the distant and after drawing Chen Sanbao’s shoulder he jokingly said, “if you behave such inarticulate, then which girl will even look at you, hear me, tonight invite her to watch any movie and by chance right now there is a new movie in the theatre ‘Sudu Yu Ji Qing 8’(Fast and Furious 8), it’s really good.”

“To watch a movie? Will she agree?” Chen Sanbao asked in hesitation.

“Agree not agree, it is her matter, but to know, first you have to ask her? Otherwise, how will she know that you like her? This Xia Jinxuan is the most beautiful girl of this whole Jiang Yuan University, either you invite her on dinner or asked her for a movie, but if you two don’t have some private moments, then there is a very high chance that you won’t get many opportunities!” Lin Yubin said.

“That, that I will think about it after our afternoon military training .” Chen Sanbao said.

“If you are not daring enough to ask on your own, then after military training I will help you in asking her!” Lin Yubin said.

“No, I will go on my own!” Chen Sanbao promptly said.

“Ok, as you say! Cheer up! As for that some young security guard you don’t need to think many. You are an elite of our South China Tiger special force, how can that small security guard compare with you!” Lin Yubin patted Chen Sanbao’s shoulder and then turned around to depart.

“Right, I am an elite, how can that small security guard compares to me?!” Chen Sanbao thought aloud.

Because of the intense sunlight, many people were hiding under trees, Xia Jinxuan was also not any exception, she was gossiping while being surrounded by a group of girl, however, she couldn’t help herself from watching at Xu Taiping in the distant while laughing foolishly from time to time.

“What are you looking at?” Song Jialing came from the side and raised her hand to wave in front of Xia Jinxuan’s face.

“Where I am looking at anything.” Xia Jinxuan shook her head.

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you are looking at, I am telling you, now he every day holds that water kettle I have given him, you know? And before long, I, your older sister will make him dance on my palm!” Song Jialing said while being pleased with herself.

“Yeah right, like how it was enjoyable for you when you used to hold it? I am telling you, this Xu Taiping is like narcotic, you shouldn’t try it rashly otherwise just one try and you will fall into a bottomless pit!” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Yeah right. I, your older sister for so many years has been moving unhindered in this path of mutual relationship to soak innumerable numbers of men. My vision for evaluating a man is much more sophisticated than that of yours, this Xu Taiping won’t be able to escape from my palm!” Song Jialing said.

“That is something I will wait and see.” Xia Jinxuan sarcastically said. She knew the disposition of Xu Taiping, she knew that emotionally moving Xu Taiping was really not easy, moreover, this man had no integrity and lower limit and even though Song Jialing was just going to fool around with him, in the end, it would be just like losing another army on top of the first one.

If it was beforehand her, then it would have been impossible for Xia Jinxuan to just wait there without doing anything, even after seeing another girl ganging up with her own man, let alone her man was fond of sowing his wild oats everywhere. However, now after experiencing last night’s matter, Xi Jinxuan had thoroughly accepted the situation and had moved on and so long as Xu Taiping accepted her, then even if he went out to sow his wild oats everywhere, it was nothing big for her. Right now inside Xia Jinxuan’s eye Xu Taiping was like a god and he was just doing everything to conceal himself, otherwise, if he is just an ordinary person then how could he have a gun in his bed head cabinet? And from this, it is clear that the womanizing habit of Xu Taiping is only a charade.

After thinking this, Xia Jinxuan was even more sure that Xu Taiping beforehand conduct was only a facade, well, in any case, it was not like she could give up her feelings for Xu Taiping.

Women are actually this kind of creature, either they like to think good about things or think bad about things and if in case they start to think about certain aspects, then their action would start to go in the direction of compromises.

And right now Xia Jinxuan was a remarkable example of this same phenomenon. She had to overcome a lot of difficulties to progress her relationship with Xu Taiping and even though she couldn’t tolerate the beforehand action of Xu Taiping, now that she had an excuse to use as a proper justification, she at once started to rely on these reasons to convince herself to change her principles.

For example if a man, from his childhood, always wanted a virgin for his wife, then later he fell in with a woman and after pursuing her for a long time he finally married her, only to know that the other person was not a virgin, then he at once would look for various sort of reasons to convince himself, to make himself accept the present reality.

Therefore there was nothing to say about that so-called ‘principles doesn’t change’. The important question was at what price you would change your principle, after all, if the price was enough, then those principles could naturally be abandoned.

“Quickly look over there, what is that person up to?” Someone pointed his finger toward distant to yell.

Everyone followed that voice only to see a man dressed in camouflage clothing standing on the edge on top of a nearby university building outside the sports ground.

“Damn, is it possible that he is trying to jump from that building?” Song Jialing asked in astonishment.

“Jump from building?!”

Actually, someone was really trying to jump from that building!

Everyone started to run toward that building and since right now it was break time therefore even the military instructors couldn’t stop them without enough time and a majority of students were already running outside the sports ground.

The nearest university building outside the sports ground was multi-storied and a skinny and shrivelled man was standing on top of that edge of that building. His face was full of teardrops and it looked like now any second he was going to jump down from there.

This building had altogether five floors and even though it was not very high, but it was also not very short and if someone jumped down from this height and touched the ground with brain first then he would die without a burial site and if his body touches the ground first then perhaps he could keep his breath till the ambulance comes.

A large group of students finally gathered at the base of that building. Xu Taiping and his group of people also reached there and then several security guards at once pulled open a police cordon so as to avoid other students getting in any sort of accident in the case that student really jumped down from that building.

The first thing the men of South China Tiger special force did after reaching here was to dash toward the top of the building, and someone from university had also contacted police to inform about the situation here, only it was going to take a minimum of five-six minutes for police to come here.

“For what reason does this man behaving so muddle-headed? Can’t he see that life is such a wonderful thing!” Song Jialing was standing inside the crowd and looked toward that man to say.

“If it is not for being compelled by circumstances, who would want to die? Xia Jinxuan shook her head to nervously look at the top of the building.

“I am going up to take a look, you all support from here!” Xu Taiping said to Chen Wen and others.

“You are going up to do what, the members of South China Tiger special force are already on the roof.” Chen Wen said.

“They are soldiers and the job of a soldier is to kill people and they might not necessarily be professional at saving others. I am going up to look at the situation.” Xu Taiping said and then entered that university building and in a split second reach on the top of it.

There were many persons on the top of the building and even several leading figures of the university were also rushed there to manage the scene, furthermore a big group of military instructors was also there and that beforehand student who was standing on the edge of the building was already sitting on the ground and his both leg was hanging outside in the air.

“Xiao Lin?!” Xu Taiping looked in astonishment at that man who wanted to jump. From downstairs he didn’t clearly see but now that he was seeing again, he discovered that this man was the same person who was saved by him just a few days ago and after which he had tried to help Wugui gang in framing him with the matter of protection money. He was Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin was incessantly sobbing but after hearing his name he at once looked at Xu Taiping. He pointed his finger at Xu Taiping to say, “all is because of you, all is because of you that they are beating me to vent their anger. If it were not for you, then it would have been impossible that they would have beaten me like this, you this bastard!”

Everyone present there at once looked toward Xu Taiping, they were unclear that for what reason Xiao Lin was saying such things to Xu Taiping.

“I have already said to you, if you show your weakness to them then they will try to reach for a yard after taking an inch.” Xu Taiping stared at Xiao Lin to say, “if you have courageously stood up when I saved you that day, then it would have been impossible for them to again bully you, but these things are now past matter, now don’t be impulsive and properly say anything you have to say, but first get down from there!”

“I really have no money, my father is paralyzed at home and cannot earn and my whole family rely on my mother who cleans and sweep at others home to make a living. If I have already given thousand yuan to them that they have asked for, then for what reason they are again demanding money from me. I really don’t have any money……don’t have any money. Why don’t they just let me off, why do they want to beat me, why do they press my head inside the toilet hole, do they want me to die?” Xiao Lin wailed.

“President Xu, what matter this is?” Wang Li asked with a black face.

“This is something I am also not clear about.” Xu Youdao wiped the sweat from his head to say, “might be some kind of a joke these students are playing between themselves.”

“Do a person press others head inside the toilet hole as a joke? Or look for other to demand several thousand yuan?” Wang Li asked.

“this…Taiping, hurry, hold that person to save him, it’s most important to save this person!” Xu Youdao said to Xu Taiping without delay.

“Give us this matter of saving him. Headmaster Xu, Today’s matter I will surely report to the department!” Wang Li said to turn his body toward Lin Yubin and said, “crafty head, you can talk really well, you go and try to placate this person, at least try to buy us some time so that we could spread air cushion!”

“Yes!” Lin Yubin nodded and then cautiously walked toward Xiao Lin.


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