SFVSG Ch.50 Four Points.


A clear sound of someone’s leather shoes taping on the ground suddenly echoes in this cold and desolate darkness of the night.


A sound of rubbing of flint echoed and soon a wisp of light appeared in the darkness of the night.

“Blood Wolf, he is only a child.” A man dressed in black suit with a pair of shiny leather shoe in his foot said. That man walked in front of Xu Taiping while holding a lit cigarette in his mouth and raised his hand to gently press on the hand of Xu Taiping which was full of the scar.

The killing intention inside the eyes of Xu Taiping slightly reduced and soon that bloodshot eyes of his, regained its white colour.

“If for this kind of youngster you can run here to look for me, Lao Z,  then it looks like you really regard him as someone very important.” Xu Taiping expressionlessly said.

“Don’t you think that his body has a lot of similarities, like you had in those years? The organization has already lost you, and it cannot lose again someone, who could be like you in future.” That man who was standing behind Xu Taiping said. He was wearing a cap on his head and due to the light from the streetlamp falling on top of the cap, he face was shrouded in darkness.

“If a wolf bites its prey, then even if he is to die, he won’t release it from his mouth.” Xu Taiping said.

“You know, for a long time I have not undertaken a task.” Lao Z said while holding a cigarette in his mouth, “I don’t think you would like if I am to do it right now.”

Xu Taiping pupil slightly shrank and soon he suddenly smiled to say, “I have also not seriously fought against you since a long time ago.”

“Good, lets everyone retreat one step back.” Lao Z raised his hand to say, “you release him and I will help you in getting rid of all your material inside the organisation.”

“Can you get rid of all materials?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Sure. I will thoroughly disappear you from inside the organisation as if you were never a part of it.” Lao Z said.

Xu Taiping loosens his hand and at once Xuanyuan Tianci body slide along the tree trunk to fell down and finally two feet of his again touched the ground.

“If it is not for Lao Z, today you would have died.” Xu Taiping coldly glanced toward Xuanyuan Tiacni and at once turned around to go toward Jiang Yuan University.

“Everyone says that youngster to have dynamism is a good thing, but this same dynamism can place oneself in a life and death situation.” Lao Z insipidly said.

“Every man has a weak point, if I can grab his weak point, then there will be a day when I can kill him.” Xuanyuan Tianci said.

“But before that, you will already be killed countless times by him. You can’t again go out to provoke that man. The friendship between me and him has already, weaken a lot due you and I still have plans to rely on his friendship in the future to save this feeble life on mine.” Lao Z said to turn around and leave there.

Xuanyuan Tianci was coldly looking toward the direction in which Xu Taiping had disappeared, for him getting killed was emphatically not a fearful thing, therefore it was impossible for him to give up his dream of hunting Xu Taiping, only right now disparity between them was really very big, therefore he had decided to increase his power than after becoming sufficient strong, he again wanted to hunt Xu Taiping.

Killer’s life was always like this, apart from killing anyone for their employers, they all would sometimes go out to hunt other formidable killers because only by confronting more formidable killers, they could become more strong. Today during this fight Xuanyuan Tianci had simultaneously learned many things, that’s why tomorrow he was bound to become stronger than today.

With a creaking sound, the door of the dormitory opened.

The light inside the dorm room was close.

Xu Taiping was standing at the door and Xia Jinxuan with a slightly trembling body had pointed a gun at him.

Due to the moonlight coming from the back of Xu Taiping, Xia Jinxuan was not able to clearly see Xu Taiping appearances and since Erdan was able to more clearly see Xu Taiping, she at once jumped from the body of Xia Jinxuan and smugly ran toward the foot of Xu Taiping and incessantly started to rub his feet.

Xu Taiping came inside the dorm room, then put his hand behind his back to close the door.

The room was once again shrouded in darkness.

“Ah!” Xia Jinxuan sudden shriek echoed in the room, which was followed by a bang sound, which was apparently produced because something was thrown on the bed.

“You, what are you doing?!” Xia Jinxuan became frightened to yell, right now everything around her was covered in black and she was not able to see anything.

Suddenly she heard rough sound of someone’s heavy breath near her ear.

“Don’t you want to be together with me in the same place? Tonight, be with me.”


Xia Jinxuan’s body clothes were pulled open in an instant and a scorching rough palm started to gently caress her body. In this scorching heat, the whole body of Xia Jinxuan melted.

This whole night was bounded to be sleepless. When Xia Jinxuan first time ran into Xu Taiping, she was in semi-conscious state, that’s why she had forgotten any whatsoever feeling of that sexual intercourse, but tonight, she was fully sober, moreover because of the darkness, she was feeling even more sensitive and under the unceasing attack of Xu Taiping, she finally fell into enemy hands.

Su Nianci was also not asleep and since her room was adjacent to the room of Xu Taiping and the wall between the rooms of this dormitory was not thick enough, the sound of collision of body against body, the sound of gasping for breath and as well as the high pitched sound which was hard to suppress when one reaches climax, all was making the body of this virgin young girl dry and soon her body flushed with excitement.

She was embarrassed to go out and knock on the door of Xu Taiping to tell them to lower their voice. that’s why she had no alternative but use her quilt to cover the head, but even then that sound which was loud and clear,  couldn’t be stopped by that quilt.

The creaking of bed continued till the early morning and only then Su Nianci was able to take advantage of this rare silence to close her eyes to take a nap.

Before sleeping, Su Nianci had a doubt in her heart.

How can a man do that thing from night till morning? Can they really last so long?

Inside the room, Xia Jinxuan like a kitten was curled up in Xu Taiping’s bosom without having a shred of cloth on her whole body. Her body was bright red and she had a smile on her face as if she was fully content.

Xu Taiping tightened his brow to recline on the bed and then closed his eyes and it looked like that finally both were finally asleep.

They didn’t even sleep for long to even call it a nap that both awoke due to an urgent knocking on the door.

“I will go, you again sleep for a while.” Xia Jinxuan rubbed her eyes to sat on the bed and then after putting on her undergarments, she wore Xu Taiping’s T-shirt to cover her body and soon while showing her two beautiful thighs, she walked to the door and opened it.

“Xu Taiping, military training has already started, how come you still haven’t….., how is it you?!” Wang Jincai who had came to urge Xu Taiping to attend military training unexpectedly found Xia Jinxuan behind the gate, and all of a sudden he became flabbergasted after looking at that big T-shirt on her body, that more than half naked two beautiful thighs, after all, even a fool could guess what had happened here inside this dorm room last night.

“He is still asleep. Today he won’t attend it in the early morning, you help us to apply for a request leave of absence.” Xia Jinxuan after saying at once closed that door. Although she was very meek in front of Xu Taiping, in front of other people it was impossible for her to show any good disposition, after all, she indeed had the temperament of a princess.

Wang Jincai was standing outside the gate and his complexion was incessantly changing and after a long time, he sighed to say to himself, “this Xu Taiping is really not an ordinary person!”

After saying, Wang Jincai turned his body to go out from there. Since Xia Jinxuan had opened her mouth, that he would naturally go to request leave of absence for Xu Taiping. Otherwise, if Xia family’s eldest daughter became angry that was not some good matter.

Around eight in the morning, Su Nianci washed her face and rinsed her mouth to close her dorm room’s gate after that when she saw that the gate of Xu Taiping’s room was still closed, she made a very strange expression on the face. She stealthily walked to that door and then looked around herself and after finding that no one was there, she pressed her ear on that gate to hear, only to find that there wasn’t any sound coming out from inside the room. Su Nianci became somewhat disappointed and then turned around to get away from there.

Inside the room, Xu Taiping and Xia Jinxuan, both were sleeping while embracing each other.

“Team Leader, save me!!”

“Team Leader, run fast, don’t care about us!!”

Sounds of mournful screaming, again and again, reverberated around Xu Taiping.

“No, Don’t!” Xu Taiping shrieked in fear to sat up on the bed.

Outside the window, the sky was still somewhat dark and gloomy, Erdan was lying inside her kennel in a low spirit as if she was also not able to sleep due to the disturbance created by Xu Taiping, and now she was dying from insomnia.
“What happened?!” Xia Jinxuan opened her eyes and looked at Xu Taiping in doubt.

“Nothing.” Xu Taiping shook his head and then looked at Xia Jinxuan who was sleeping beside him and somewhat helplessly rubbed his temple to say, “it would have been better If you haven’t stayed here.

“Do you really find me so bothersome?” Xia Jinxuan looked at Xu Taiping while feeling somewhat wronged.

“Yes….” Actually, Xu Taiping really wanted to say yes, but just after saying this ’yes’ word, he was not able to say anything else. His cold-blooded ruthless heart even without him knowing slowly started to become warm because of the attachment and courage of this young beautiful girl sleeping in front of him.

“If you really find me so troublesome, that, that at worst from now on I won’t bother you….if you want to meet me then good otherwise from now on I won’t come to find you on my own.” Xia Jinxuan smiled to say.

“First you sit up.” Xu Taiping said to Xia Jinxuan.

Xia Jinxuan at once got up to sit on the bed. She was still wearing that T-shirt of Xu Taiping and her expression was somewhat languid and it looked really captivating.

“First, I will never recognize you as my girlfriend.” Xu Taiping earnestly said, “ outside this room, I don’t want others to know that we have any sort of male-female friendship.”

“Then?” Xia Jinxuan looked at Xu Taiping while feeling a sense of loss and asked.

“Second, from now on you can’t have any whatsoever physical relationship with any man!” Xu Taiping said.

“Why? You won’t even acknowledge me as your girlfriend, but you also don’t want me to look for another man for myself?” Xia Jinxuan asked in annoyance.

Xu Taiping gave her a supercilious look to say, “Third, It is impossible to show any intimacy with you in front of other public. For me you will be just like a girl to get off with, it will be almost impossible for me to have any whatsoever feeling for you.”

“You, how can you be like this?!” Xia Jinxuan firmly clenched her fist to say, “you are really being unfair to me.”

“You don’t need to get angry.” Xu Taiping said, “fourth, it is most important point, I am doing this all to protect you, if anyone comes to know that I have feelings for you, then even if you are daughter of Xia Jiang, you can still find yourself in dangerous situations, although last night I have already dissimilated these dangers to minimum level, I as before can’t guarantee that your everyday life would be safe and secure, therefore, even I fall in love with you, I won’t ever admit.”

“You, what are you trying to say?” Xia Jinxuan opened her eyes in wide to look at Xu Taiping and asked.

“It will be first and last time and I won’t say it again. if you didn’t hear it clearly, then I am also sorry.” Xu Taiping said to step down from the bed and then walked to the door to open it.

Sunlight was falling on the ground after penetrating the heavy cloud in the sky.

After being gloomy for a long time, the weather finally cleared up.


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