SFVSG Ch.49 Frightening wild beast roaming outside!

Xuanyuan Tianci was the name of the newest emerging super killer and it took him only a short time to occupy the position of the first rank in newcomers list, moreover, he had remarkably accomplished many assignments for the organization.

Inside the organization, there was no one who had doubt about his strength, and due to the provision inside the organization, rarely anyone knew each other’s appearance.

Xu Taiping was the first person who had seen Xuanyuan Tianci appearance and even he was scared after seeing the real face of this fellow, if he put on a woman’s clothes and pad his chest, then he will absolutely look like a very high-level beautiful girl.

So high that he could even surpass the beauty of Xia Jinxuan!

This Xuanyuan Tianci appearance had already succeeded the beauty of Xia Jinxuan inside the eyes of Xu Taiping in just a single glance, this kind of beautiful man is unexpectedly a killer, this is absolutely unexpected for majority of peoples to guess, it’s no wonder that he such rapidly rose to become ranked one in newcomer’s list.

“Many newcomers inside the organization has tried to challenge me.” Xu Taiping indifferently said, “but no one has been successful, moreover, their life became even more wretched compared to hell.”

“When I planned to hunt you down, I already knew about this.” Xuanyuan Tianci said, “you are Blood Wolf, who has always been ranked one in the killers ranking list. Everyone treated me as someone secondary as compared to you, however, I think to make myself number one and to prove that I am not someone who is beneath you, I have decided to kill you, after all,  that way I can succeed in becoming absolute number one.

“That’s why now you are going to bring about your own destruction?” Xu Taiping asked.

Xuanyuan Tianci shook his head, then lifted his hand to grab that black coin like thing from his body and threw it in distant.

That thing fell on the ground and after bouncing few times came to a standstill.

“If this thing was real, I would have already died. It’s in Blood Wolf nature to not talk so much rubbish and even if he is curious about my identity, he would first kill me then he would try to break the secret of my identity.” Xuanyuan Tianci said.

Xu Taiping became a little bit surprised, then at once started to laugh heartily.

“Hahaha, your this youngster, really has a bit of brain, hahaha!”

Xuanyuan Tianci was expressionlessly looking at Xu Taiping, he was not fond of laughs, jeers, anger and invective. In his twenty years of life, he had never shown an expression to anyone else and all the major visible feeling on his face came from the design of the mask.

“Leave behind your finger, then I can let you go from here.” Xu Taiping suddenly stopped his laughing and then looked at Xuanyuan Tianci to say.

“That depends if you have this capacity or not?” Xuanyuan Tianci coldly looked at Xu Taiping to say.

Both were standing opposite each other with an approximately one-meter distance between them, but nobody tried to have any whatsoever movement. They were just standing there while looking at the opposite party as if wanted to see through the plan of other, through the face.

That lid covered iron cooking pot suddenly started to produce big bubbles inside it and soon these bubbles started to go against the lid of this pot to uncover it.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Tianci finally had a movement, he ferociously grabbed this saucepan lid and directly smashed toward the front of Xu Taiping.

Xu Taiping also raised his hand to smash against it. With a bang, the hot scalding water on the top of that saucepan lid fell on the body of Xu Taiping’s. However, Xu Taiping without any whatsoever reaction was still raising his hand to receive that saucepan lid.

With a ping sound, a dagger pricked to enter inside that saucepan lid. Xuanyuan Tianci ferociously started to twist that saucepan lid.

Kakaka, a burst of brittle sound echoed. That dagger directly cut through that saucepan lid to carve a circle, and it was clear from this that how sharp that dagger of Xu Taiping’s was.

After seeing that, the saucepan lid was so thoroughly cut that it didn’t have anything to jam that dagger, Xuanyuan Tianci violently pressed that saucepan lid against the hand of Xu Taiping and then hurriedly retreated half a meter from that dagger which was inch by inch closing toward him.

Xuanyuan Tianci next picked up the beforehand iron plate from the table which he was using to peel the meat and then threw it toward Xu Taiping’s hand.

This iron plate which was used to peel meat slice was really sharp, Xu Taiping twisted his wrist to directly cut through this iron plate using that dagger.


With a loud sound, a slit was carved open in that iron plate, and right at this moment, Xuanyuan Tianci raised his foot to hook a chair beside his body and at once swung his leg to smash that chair toward Xu Taiping’s body.

Xu Taiping had no choice but to raise his other hand to obstruct this chair.

With a loud crash sound, that chair was directly smashed to crush. Xuanyuan Tianci violently moved forward by taking big strides and kicked his foot towards Xu Taiping’s crotch.

Xu Taiping gave a devil’s smile and suddenly jumped in his original place and soon opened his both legs only to press it from both sides.

Xuanyuan Tianci’s this foot not only didn’t kicked Xu Taiping, but right now it was pressed to stop between Xu Taiping’s leg and even with the huge force, Xuanyuan was not able to pull it even an inch from Xu Taiping clutches.

Xu Taiping raised his hand’s dagger and swung it to cut open the Achilles tendon of Xuanyuan’s ankle. If this knife really had cut opened his tendon, then even with his intact leg, Xuanyuan Tianci would never have been able to walk in his whole life.

However, Xuanyuan Tianci responded really quickly to raise his other leg to high kick Xu Taiping’s head.

If Xu Taiping did continue to cut his tendon, then this kick would have connected with his head and since this kick was really powerful so even if it was Xu Taiping, it would have still made him muddle-headed.

Although by cutting the other’s party Achilles tendon, it would have robbed his leg, however, the price was that he had to lose his consciousness for a short amount of time. And since this was not a profitable business for Xu Taiping, therefore he at once chose to evade that kick. He released Xuanyuan Tianci foot and then he flipped to the side. His whole body after somersaulting in the air stopped after three-four meters from the beforehand place.

“It looked like Blood Wolf is also so-so.” Xuanyuan Tianci sneered.

“Warm up is almost complete.” Xu Taiping moved his hands and feet as if he was exercising and then suddenly lifted his clothes.

A black strip of cloth wrapped around the waist of Xu Taiping appeared in front of Xuanyuan Tianci’s eyes.

Xu Taiping pulled open that black cloth which was wrapped on his waist from behind his back and then took it in his hand to threw on the ground.

That waist wrapper heavily fell on the ground to produce a stuffy loud sound. Then, Xu Taiping bent down to lift his trouser.

He was wrapping a ring of unknown black material on each of his ankles of his feet. He pulled open that ring and threw it to the side.

Both rings fell on the ground and like before they once again produced two stuffy sound.

“Were you carrying these weights to fight with me?” Xuanyuan Tianci frowned to ask.

“It not heavy.” Xu Taiping said.

“How heavy it is?” Xuanyuan Tianci asked.

“Around sixty kg.” Xu Taiping said.

“Sixty kg?” Xuanyuan Tianci pupil shrank. According to experts, every half kg difference was enough to create a huge impact on one’s performance, if one was carrying one kg weight to go out to do boxing, it was estimated that he could only display ninety percent of his ability, but right now Xu Taiping was carrying cumulative weight of more than sixty kg on his body, in other words, right now when Xu Taiping was fighting with him, he was only using less thirty percent of his original ability.

How can it be possible? Even with less than thirty per cent of his ability, how is he able to fight with me, neck to neck?

Xuanyuan Tianci was emphatically not convinced of what Xu Taiping was saying because this was a really outrageous thing to even imagine.

Right at this moment, Xu Taiping, who was moving his limbs in front of Xuanyuan Tianci as if he was exercising, suddenly moved his figure and at once disappeared from Xuanyuan Tianci’s front.

Xuanyuan Tianci made a serious face only to hear the sound of a kick’ coming from his side.

Even though he was trying to coagulate the power to obstruct this kick, suddenly with a loud sound, his whole body was hit to fly in the air and heavily smashed against a tree on the side.

Xu Taiping was standing at the beforehand position of Xuanyuan Tianci and his leg was still raised high due to the follow up of the beforehand kick.

“Really fast!” Xuanyuan Tianci stood up from the ground and then spit out a mouthful of blood to look at Xu Taiping.

Just now, the speed of Xu Taiping had already exceeded the limit of his reaction timing and even though he could feel the attack, however, even before he could defend against it, it had already descended on his body!

This is completely on a different level from beforehand fight. If the basic inner quality of my body hasn’t reached the level of Xu Taiping’s, then it would have been impossible for me to withstand this attack of his! And even if the disparity between us is not big and it is only around 0.1 seconds, but this 0.1 second is almost impossible to transcend even for a top-notch killer like me.

It was same as how someone, who could never complete even a hundred meter sprint in ten seconds, could never in his life caught up with someone, who all year round had a record of completing his sprint in nine seconds.

Even if this disparity was small in appearance, this gap was something which could never be surmounted even if one tried for his whole life.

“Before I only wanted to have your finger, but now I want your life.” Xu Taiping looked with a sinister expression toward Xuanyuan Tianci to say, “Just to think about killing a rising supernova who have a boundless prospect, it makes me really excited. You must be glad, that you have proved a killing intention inside me.”

Xuanyuan Tianci with a grave and stern expression looked at Xu Taiping and he was unceasing testing each and every plan inside his heart, however, he sorrowfully discovered that regardless of any scheme, while facing this type of Xu Taiping he didn’t have any chance of success.


A bridge of air blew around him.

Even if Xuanyuan Tianci wanted to retreat back, he discovered that behind him was a tree.


With a loud sound, Xu Taiping violently raised his hand to hold Xuanyuan Tianci’s neck and then he pushed his body to lift along the trunk of that tree.

Even if Xuanyuan Tianci tried to inflict pain on Xu Taiping’s hand, even if he tried to use his fingernails to scratch skin and flesh of Xu Taiping’s hand, however, even if he was successful in trying to cut open a wound on Xu Taiping’s hand and even if Xu Taiping’s hand started to bleed, Xu Taiping didn’t show any reaction in the slightest.

Xu Taiping’s both eyes become bloodshot, and his corner of mouth was raised in a strange terrifying curve. In addition to this, he was holding a dagger in his other hand which was reflecting silver due to the moonlight.

Xu Taiping licked his lips and his face started to twist because of the sheer excitement.

“For a long time, I haven’t killed a newcomer like you, this feeling is even more pleasurable than the pleasure from ten women. Every inch of your skin, your every breath, your every drop of blood makes me fascinated. You don’t need to be anxious, I will bit by bit rip apart this skin of yours, will slowly make your breath shallow, will slowly wring out every drop of blood from your body. Oh, how beautiful is this feeling, this anticipation of killing!” Xu Taiping started to unceasingly talk with oneself like a neuropathic and his breathing also became heavier with passing time.

In the empty sky, the moon was at its peak.

Inside the dormitory of Xu Taiping, Erdan suddenly raised her head and vigilantly looked toward outside.

Although she was separated by a distant, it looked like as if she could still clearly feel, that outside the university gate, some frightening wild beast was roaming!


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