SFVSG Ch.48 Xuanyuan Tianci

That Santana finally stopped at the gate of Jiang Yuan University. Right now the university gate looked really desolate and there were only a few paddlers who still hadn’t closed their stalls.

When Zhou Nuo invited Xu Taiping to eat at a barbecue, Xu Taiping declined and then parked that car beside a small lane inside the university gate to walk toward his dormitory.

Xia Jinxuan was closely following behind his body and somehow she knew that Xu Taiping was not happy right now, that’s why she also didn’t try to talk many.

Both were silently going toward Xu Taiping’s dormitory and by chance, this was one of the rare days, when Xu Taiping’s adjacent room’s light was on.

After hearing the footstep from outside, Su Nianci wanted to open the gate to greet Xu Taiping, but she didn’t expect that she would find Xia Jinxuan outside.

“You….” Su Nianci became somewhat flabbergasted and didn’t know why Xu Taiping came back together with Xia Jinxuan.

Xu Taiping didn’t justify his action to Su Nianci and then opened his room gate and went inside it.

Erdan at once ran toward Xu Taiping and started to rub her body on his foot while shouting.

Xia Jinxuan also followed Xu Taiping to enter his room and then sat down on a chair with a bewildered feeling.

Although she was together with Xu Taiping, right now when she and Xu Taiping were together with each other in the same room, Xia Jinxuan without any particular reason started to feel very nervous.

Even though both had already crossed the most intimate line with each other, for some reason while sitting here she looked at the stature of Xu Taiping’s, her body involuntarily shuddered.

Xia Jinxuan became somewhat muddleheaded.

“Don’t sit here with a blank expression, I am going out to handle some matter and I can open the gate from outside, so don’t open this gate for anyone else even if someone knocks.” Xu Taiping said to Xia Jinxuan.

“what matter you have to do in such late night?” Xia Jinxuan asked while feeling nervous.

“That you don’t need to care about.” Xu Taiping said to pull open the bedhead drawer to pick a gun and then he put it in the hand of Xia Jinxuan to say, “if someone tried to break open the door, then without caring anything just fire it at the gate.”

“You, why do you have this kind of thing?” Xia Jinxuan hand started to shiver, “in the end where are you going to do what?”

“don’t ask many questions about my things.” Xu Taiping shook his head to say, “you can be at ease here. If I don’t come back before dawn, then trouble you to take care of Erdan from now on.”


“Remember, if someone tried to break open the gate, at once fire!” Xu Taiping repeatedly urged.

“Ok, good!” Xia Jinxuan nodded and then after seeing that Xu Taiping had turned around to go out of the gate, she at once stood up to lock the door.

Xia Jinxuan’s was at her wits’ end. She crouched down to hold Erdan from the ground as if she wanted to get some courage by being with Erdan.

Xu Taiping stopped outside the gate and from his pocket took out a cigarette packet to draw one with his mouth and then he lighted it.

Su Nianci also curiously opened the gate to ask, “what are you doing here?”

“I am going out to do some work.” Xu Taiping laughed to say, “Teacher Su, how come you have the mood to come here to stay the night?”

“It’s really expensive to live outside.” Su Nianci said.

“That is natural, after all, nowadays, anyone who has a place to live will naturally say that it is not worth the money spent.” Xu Taiping laughed then directly went outside and in a flash disappeared from Su Nianci’s eyes.

“How come it feels like there is something wrong with him today?” Su Nianci looked with doubt toward the direction where Xu Taiping went to and secretly said to herself.

Xu Taiping easily crossed that dim-lighted road and finally reached the university gate.

Right now there were even fewer people than before when he had parked his car here and only two booths were open right now.

Xu Taiping walked to a meat slice shop and then laughed to say, “Boss, give me one plate of meat slice.

“Good! That proprietor laughed to nod and then picked up a plank of iron plate, then switched on the stove to warm a pot and then he started to peel a grey coloured meat on top of that iron plate to put slices in the pot to boil.

Slowly these meat slices changed their colour from grey to white. This meat slice stores boss appeared to be around fifty years old and he was wearing black clothes on his body. He hair was somewhat grey and his stature was above average. He always had a tint of a smile on his face.

After meat slice was cooked, that proprietor fished up these slices from the pot and then put on a small plastic bowl, then he put on it some flavoured roasted seaweed, celery, five spices powder and in the last pored a scoop of stock soup in it.

At once the fragrance from this meat slice bowl spread around it.

“Good!” that proprietor carried that meat slice bowl in front of Xu Taiping and then put in on a table to say, “chopstick, spoon you can take oneself from there and if you want to add hot pepper or chilli you can add it yourself according to your taste.”

“Thank you, boss.” Xu Taiping laughed to say, then he picked up a chopstick and spoon from the table and then ate a big mouthful of that meat slice.

Before long, one plate of meat slice was devoured by Xu Taiping. Xu Taiping rubbed his belly in satisfaction and then took out ten yuan to give that proprietor and said, “ Boss, keep the change.”

“Good!” that proprietor raised his hand to take that ten yuan note from Xu Taiping, however, just after he took that note, Xu Taiping suddenly moved his hand forward to grab the wrist of that proprietor.

“Boss, you hand is really strong.” Xu Taiping said while smiling.

“Maybe. After all, even if after working like this every day, it is not like this then won’t it be strange?” that proprietor laughed to say.

Xu Taiping laughed, then suddenly ferociously swung his other hand toward that simple and honest proprietor.

Together with a cold silver flash in the air, a sharp dagger appeared in the hand of Xu Taiping and he moved this hand toward the heart of that proprietor.

This was the first time after entering the Jiang Yuan University, Xu Taiping was using a weapon he was expert at.

That proprietor still had a tint of smiling on his face. He at once violently twisted the wrist which was grabbed by Xu Taiping and shook free his hand from his clutches. Then in an instant withdraw his body three meters back.

“There is a bomb under your chair which is connected through a wire to sense your body. You can try to stand up. Although it is not very strong, to explode your bottom to bloom, it has more than enough explosive.” that proprietor laughed to say.

“Your clothes also have a micro-bomb and as long as I wish, it can make a bloody hole in your stomach.” Xu Taiping, in the same way, laughed to say.

Proprietor complexion changed and at once looked toward his own stomach, as expected, he found a coin like thing unexpectedly sticking on his stomach.

“Originally, just now that attack of yours was to camouflage this toy!” that Proprietor suddenly realized.

“If I really expect that I can kill you in just one attack, that would be a bit far-fetched from reality.” Xu Taiping said.

“Then how did you look through my identity?” that proprietor asked.

“In these past few days, you have appeared thirty-two times in front of me in various sort of camouflage. Let alone as a teacher, you even came to me as my colleague, although every time you appeared like a stranger and in a different appearance, you were still incapable of changing minute details of your body, like whenever you walk you have a habit of swinging your left arm without even any whatsoever movement from right arm. I could see it, to understand that you have been given special training and you hold your right hand always down so that in the unexpected emergency you can pull out the gun from your waist.” Xu Taiping said.

“Every day you come across so many people, then how can you remember the details of each person’s movement?” that proprietor asked doubtfully.

“My memory is very good, don’t tell me, no one informed you before sending you here?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Hahaha, someone indeed said that your memory is good, but haven’t said that you can even remember even insignificant details inside that brain of yours, killer’s king Blood Wolf, even if you have discovered me today, is there any value in it? Today the only thing you can do is to end this in a draw, that’s all.” that proprietor said while being pleased with oneself.

“Do you think it is a draw?” Xu Taiping laughed then suddenly picked up an electric truncheon.

That proprietor became somewhat flabbergasted, difficult to be adequate does this Xu Taiping intended to throw that electric truncheon at me?

Xu Taiping didn’t try to throw that electric truncheon, instead, he pressed the button of the power source on that truncheon and then at once pressed it on his body to give an electric shock to oneself.

A strong electric current started to flow inside the body of Xu Taiping and his body started to shudder involuntarily and that hand which was holding that electric truncheon also became loose.


With a sound, that electric truncheon fell down on the ground, and soon Xu Taiping stood up from the chair.

“Electric current is the biggest weakness of a bomb and if it came across a strong electric current, then the delicate circuit of these bombs will be destroyed and will start to work differently from its intended purpose.” Xu Taiping laughed to look at that proprietor to say.

“But it is still possible that the explosive will prematurely explode due to the electric shock!” that proprietor narrowed his eyes to say.

“That is just one possibility, I can live till now, naturally not by just relying fully on my ability, but the major significance is my luck. I believe that my luck in similar circumstances is many times better than the majority of the peoples.” Xu Taiping laughed to walk toward that proprietor and then raised the hand and softly pressed dagger against the face of that proprietor and bit by bit started to insert it in his flesh.

A crevice appeared in the face of that proprietor and soon this crevice became really big and then even if it was vague, a white skin started to appear inside that crevice.

“You have a very big flaw that you still don’t know.” Xu Taiping said.

“What flaw?” That proprietor asked.

“Even though the method of your camouflage change is very difficult to deal with, but in those years when I was still staying inside the organization, I already had learned every method of the appearance changing and my understanding is a lot more comprehensive than that of yours. Looking at this mask of yours, this must be done by Ai Wen right?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Really worthy of the title of Killer’s king Blood Wolf, really nobody can conceal anything whatsoever, from your eyes.” That proprietor nodded and then said, “indeed it is made by Ai Wan for me.”

“What is your name?” Xu Taiping asked while pulling off that mask from the other person’s face.

“My name is Xuanyuan Tianci.” that Proprietor said.

“Xuanyuan Tianci? Are you the one who is first ranked in newcomer’s list of the organization?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Yes, that’s me.” that Proprietor whose name was Xuanyuan Tianci nodded to say.

“You racked your brain to conceal yourself around me, then for what reason did you put that slip of paper in my room? Unless those higher-ups inside the organization are willing to take a risk, it is impossible that they will send only one person to kill me, therefore it is impossible that you are sent by the organization.” Xu Taiping asked.

“Because you are the legend inside the organization and my life’s biggest goal is to break this legend.” Xuanyuan Tianci both eyes became bright from excitement.

In the darkness of the night, Xuanyuan Tianci face was finally revealed and even though his face was beautiful enough to make any woman go weak in her knee, there was a kind of killer’s aura on it.

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