SFVSG Ch.47 the difference between the efforts of second-generation and dead end job persons.

“I, I am the younger brother of elder brother Xu, do you understand what younger brother means or not? You are insulting my Xu elder brother like this as if you, you don’t have any existence in your eyes? Huh?” Zhou Nuo shouted while being under the effect of intoxication.
After listening to him, Li Sifan at once tried to search this ‘Zhou Nuo’ word in his memory, but after thinking for a long time he finally concluded that he didn’t know anyone with this name, and after looking at the fake brands merchandise on his body, Li Sifan realized that this Zhou Nuo with Xu Taiping was bird of the same feather.

“Zhou Nuo, are you also a student of Jiang Yuan University?” Li Sifan asked in ridicule. He thought that, If Zhou Nuo was also a student of Jiang Yuan university then he would surely make him pay the price, after all, he dared to throw a wine cup toward him as well as now he was shouting and screaming at him in front so such a big crowd, he had really touched his nerve.

“Laozhi, Laozi is Jiang Yuan University……have a protective glass kiosk outside the gate of Jiang Yuan University, I am the small king of protective glass!” Zhou Nuo proudly shouted.

“Hahaha! Protective glass, I am going to die from laughing!”

“A Rotten protective glass seller, unexpectedly dares to behave atrociously here?!” surrounding persons one after another started to laugh at him.

“What are you all laughing at? What is it if I sell protective glass? I earn my money on my own by selling protective glass, every month my earning is several tens of thousands, can you all earn it? You all these nonsense second-generation or so on things, has to rely on your family to be like this, can anyone of you maintain life like this on your own?” Zhou Nuo shouted as if he was trying to vent his anger due to the insult of those courtesans.

A moment ago, when Zhou Nuo was trying to exchange pleasantries with those courtesans, his fake clothes were identified by them, then he was heavily mocked and ridiculed and that’s why he started to incessantly drink by oneself to drown his sorrow in alcohol to such an extent that when he saw that Xu Taiping was being ridiculed by someone, he at once stood up to fight for him.

“Zhou Nuo, When I was six years old, I already had a casual job, and in just a month, my initial profit from that economic endeavour was eight thousand yuan. Then I used those eight thousand to invest in the stock market during a short-term hype and it took me just two months to change these eight thousand to twenty thousand. Then I again used these twenty thousand to invest in a family skewer store, which was not performing at that time but in my eyes, it was something with unlimited possibilities. When I was just eighteen years old and graduated from the high school, this store already had five branches in Jiang Yuan city. When I sold my shares in these five skewer stores, I got one million and two hundred thousand yuan. Then when I was in my second year of university, I once again invested these 1.2 million at twenty times financial leverage to buy stocks worth twenty-four million and last month were I sold these stock, I got thirteen million. Then I have used this thirteen million of my own money to buy a car. All these money are something that I have earned by relying on my own hand. As for you all lowest rung of this society, you think that all the money of our second-generation come from our family. Is your view such shallow that you all think, we can’t undertake any endeavour independently? Don’t tell me, us second-generation are not permitted to succeed on our own?” Li Sifan sneered to say.

“Good answer, young master Li!”

“Right, what he said is true, these dead-end job peoples always thinks that they cannot succeed because of their background relation, but they don’t know that when they are grumbling and complaining like that, even at that time we try to strive hard to succeed at our profession, and this is the main difference between them and us!”

Everyone present there started to clap one after another.

“If I am not wrong, your initial profit from your first economic endeavour was given to you by your mother, and you were holding an office at your mother’s business. And it was said that you were given those eight thousand as a salary for just one month of work and those eight thousand  that you invested for short term was actually used to buy your own home company stocks and if I remember correctly then at that time the value of your company insanely rose in just a two months period and that’s why you were able to effortlessly change those eight thousand to twenty thousand. As for that twenty thousand you invested in skewer store, I heard that its major shareholder was your own uncle, and that time even if he had invested millions and you had just invested twenty thousand, you still got thirty percent of the shares and after two years, you sold those so-called stocks for 1.2 million, it would have been better if your uncle has directly given this money to you as present on new year. As for investing this 1.2 million at twenty times financial leverage, I remembered that you have a certain sister-in-law, who works in a private equity fund and this twenty million were coordinated by her to be leveraged so that you could invest this twenty million in that so-called ‘Kechuang Weilai Science and Technology Company’, and half a month after you investment, this company was listed in the nation’s emerging industries which was going to be helped by the government, that’s why this companies stock price suddenly rose to touch the sky in a single leap and in the end you sold these shares to gain around a million yuan, am I right?” Xu Taiping asked while smiling.

Li Sifan’s complexion was somewhat ugly, he didn’t expect that Xu Taiping had investigated him so clearly.

“Actually, what you said is right, second generation rich are also capable of independently taking an ownership, and they are more than capable enough to succeed on their own, however, but I don’t believe that the success of these second generations could be all attributed to their hard work, after all, without those family resources, without those insiders information, without the help of so many relations, you think that you can still succeed like this? One can think to earn tens of millions by using millions, it is very simple, but can you easily earn millions by your own effort while starting from zero, the difficulty will be like crossing the turbulent sea. Well, this society is unfair, in comparison to the starting point Zhou Nuo, you all are on different scale, that’s why I think, if he can use some thousands of yuan which he had saved from his monthly allowances to earn few thousands of yuan monthly, then it is in no way inferior then your all earning of several millions. Quite many people say that to finance his college, Wang Mile had taken his first job in a newspaper company as an unskilled worker, but step by step he grew to become the boss of that same newspaper company, however not many people know, Mile’s father was that companies biggest shareholder. Let’s not talk this high sounding pompous rumours, but are you all confident enough, that everyone present on the scene can have the same success as Zhou Nuo if you all have the same starting point?”

Zhou Nuo stared at Li Sifan to ask.

“What’s use in saying these all things, we have come tonight to enjoy a party!” Li Sifan suddenly laughed to say, “ to get high and ecstatic in this party, then why should we waste this night by talking these kinds of dry matters?”

“I don’t have any interest in this party, everyone is an arrogant and snobbish fellow, Xu elder brother, I am going first!” Zhou Nuo said.

“Let’s go together, I also don’t have any interest.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

“I will also go with you two!” Xia Jinxuan shook to get rid of Li Sifan’s hand and then walked toward Xu Taiping.

“Where do you want to follow us to go?” Xu Taiping frowned to ask.

“I think what you said right now is really true and I am also that second-generation in your mouth and someone who rely on my family support, now that I heard you, I think that I can really respect you without any doubt in my heart and I think you have all the qualities I want in my boyfriend. So what do you think?” Xia Jinxuan pulled Xu Taiping’s hand and asked while impatiently waiting for him to go out from that villa together.

“You….” Xu Taiping didn’t expect that Xia Jinxuan will confess to him in the public and this was totally different from what he had expected when he came here.

“Just accept my confession right now so that Li Sifan’s doesn’t dream about me again, he is really nauseating!” Xia Jinxuan said in low voice.

Xu Taiping just wanted to open his mouth, but he suddenly understood that tonight, when she was with Li Sifan, all was just an act by Xia Jinxuan!

All said and done, Xu Taiping didn’t say anything disparaging. Well, it’s not like he didn’t dare to make Xia Jinxuan lose her face in the public, it was just that, sometimes the act of Xia Jin Xuan’s really makes him move emotionally, like tonight, in presence of so many people, even after being fully aware of his security guard status, she still brazenly in this was declared her love for him, this was really courageous. Well, Xu Taiping also didn’t have any whatsoever reason to make her fall her face.

Xia Jinxuan was pulling Xu Taiping’s hand to go out to leave behind a group of those so-called second-generation. Everyone was looking at each other in dismay, and no one knew why the whole thing happened like this.

“Good, this was only a play, everyone continues to enjoy. I am going to the bathroom!” Li SIfan laughed to greet everyone on the scene and then went to a toilet in the villa. After a short while, a courtesan also entered that toilet and soon a vague bang bang bang, sound started to come from inside that toilet.

As if someone was slapping one’s flesh on the other!

Outside this rich person area. Zhou Nuo was looking at an infringement notice on his car and was thoroughly dumbfounded.

“Beforehand I said to you, if you stop your car here, then you will have to pay fine!” A security guard said.

“Security guard brother….your, your words are really auspicious.” Zhou Nuo helplessly said.

“Is this fourth one? Not bad, not bad.”

Zhou Nuo finally took that bill with a heavy mood, then suddenly looked toward Xu Taiping to say, “this, elder brother Xu, it was you who was driving this car, then what about this infringement notice?”

“Can’t you spend a little bit, every month your earning is more than tens of thousand and you can’t even pay one hundred for this violation ticket?” Xu Taiping laughed to scold.

“It is not a question of my spending, this is a question of every penny that I have earned bit by bit meticulously. If like this, I spend one hundred on this violation ticket, that I will have to sell twenty-five books to cover it!” Zhou Nuo said.

“So you are saying that I don’t earn my money by doing hard work?” Xu Taiping asked.

“In the worst case scenario, I will invite you on a dinner!” Zhou Nuo said while clenching his teeth.

“To eat where?”

“Shaxian Snacks corner!”

“Get lost!”

Xu Taiping and Xia Jinxuan finally boarded that shabby car to go out from there. Xia Jin Xuan’s car was still parked at the gate of that villa, but she didn’t say anything because this was one of those rare days when she could force her opinion on Xu Taiping, that naturally, she was going to do everything to stay with him as long as possible.

“Where is your home?” Xu Taiping asked Xia Jinxuan.

“I? Tonight I will live in your dormitory.” Xia Jinxuan bashfully said.

“Don’t make trouble.” Xu Taiping made a serious face to say, “good or bad, I am a security guard of the university and you are a chrysanthemum unmarried woman, what will other think if you sleep in my dormitory?”

[T/N: chrysanthemum: slang for vigin]

“I am no longer any chrysanthemum unmarried woman, don’t you already know?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“Cough cough cough.” Xu Taiping started to cough from choking, then said, “ or I can deliver you to go to that Huanqui No.1 pub?”

“Ok, but right now everyone there would be already dead drunk, if I also get forced to drink with them to get bully, then later don’t blame me if you wear a green hat on your head!” Xia Jinxuan indifferently said.
[T/N: Green hat: sort of like cheating. If a female is sexually cheating on the male then it was said in China that he was capped a green hat by her woman’s lover]

“Why are you like this!” Xu Taiping resentfully said, “wherever you want to go back go back, but why do you tangle with me like this? Just now I didn’t hit to lose your face in front of them, but now you are behaving like this?”

“That you can now hit my face, hit it!” Xia Jinxuan moved her face in front of Xu Taiping to say, “you can hit my face at will!”

“Fuck.” Xu Taiping helplessly cursed himself.

“Requesting you two, can’t you not flirt like this with each other in front of a single person like me?” Zhou Nuo who was sitting in the back helplessly said.

“From which eyes you find that we are flirting with each other?’ Xu Taiping asked.

“If it wasn’t a flirtatious banter then what should I call it? Actually, I think that you two are really a match!” Zhou Nuo said.

“Really, later I will come to your protective glass kiosk!” Xia Jinxuan said while feeling satisfied.

“Shut up or later I will smash that booth of yours!” Xu Taiping cursed

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