SFVSG Ch.46 Was looking to get oppressed

Every villa in the center of this rich man’s area was distantly separated from each other, so that, like this, they could maintain the highest possible level of privacy, that’s why even if Li Sifan was playing loud music in his house, not even a single neighbor came to him for complaining.

Xu Taiping and Zhou Nuo might have been the only guest who had reached this villa on feet and even if it was those courtesans they had also came here by driving BMW Z4, Audi TT, these kinds of racing cars, as for those genuine second-generation rich, they all came here in top-notch cars, like AC Martin, Roll-Royce and so on luxurious cars.

After looking at all sort of luxurious cars, parked in the small parking lot outside the gate of the villa, Zhou Nuo became overwhelmed.

“Damn, This is BMW, this is Benz, this is what, Porsche?” Zhou Nuo asked.

“Ferrari, the background color of Ferrari’s logo is yellow.” Xu Taiping said.

“Originally it is like this, oh, how come here to have a Ford Mondeo, I thought that every car here is luxurious! Hahaha!” Zhou Nuo said while touching its chassis and started to laugh.

“This is AC Martin, price approximately in eight digits.” Xu Taiping helplessly rolled his eyes. This was his first time seeing someone who could mistake Ac Martin as Mondeo.

“Fuck, eight-digit? That is how much….” Zhou Nuo removed his hand in surprise and after thinking for a long time, he said, “is it hundred million?”

“Eight digits are counted in ten million, can’t you calculate it in your mind?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Originally is ten million, I was just too excited for properly calculating it, after all, this figure is more than enough to scare someone to death. Damn, I will have to sell three million copies of that ranking handbook on the university campus with four yuan profit on each book, even then I will have, bare enough to afford this car. Well, it will be like having each person buying more than a hundred copies!” Zhou Nuo emotionally said.

“Let’s go inside.” Xu Taiping pushed Zhou Nuo toward the entrance of the Villa. There were two security guards standing at the door of the entrance and they blocked Xu Taiping and Zhou Nuo at the gate.

“Ask you to show your invitation letter.” A security guard said.

“Invitation letter?” Xu Taiping became blank. That Li Sifan has not said anything about invitation letter to me.

“I am invited by Li Sifan.” Xu Taiping said.

“Young master Li is inside, let me inform him. May I ask what your name is?” the security guard asked.

“Xu Taiping!”


“Elder brother Xu, are you sure about this thing? How come he didn’t give you an invitation letter?” Zhou Nuo cautiously asked.

“I have come here so that he could demean me in front of other, it is expected that he will not give me an invitation card.” Xu Taiping said with a smile.

“To demean by him? Do you have masochism tendency or what?” Zhou Nuo asked.

“You guess?” Xu Taiping asked a question in reply.

Hearing this, the whole body of Zhou Nuo at once shivered.

From time to time, all sorts of cars were stopping in front of that door, and from these cars, handsome men and beautiful women were coming out while putting on different sorts of nobel air. Xu Taiping and Zhou Nuo, both were standing at the gate, Xu Taiping was wearing ‘Adiwang’ branded clothes from head to toe and although Zhou Nuo was wearing Louis Vuitton, Armani and Hermes brands merchandise on his body, but an expert can look to say that these are fake products, therefore many people walking past these two who were standing beside the gate, couldn’t help but smile while looking at them.

After waiting for around ten minutes, finally, that security guard returned and asked them to go inside the villa.

“This is my first time attending this type of high-end party, regardless of how, I must soak some courtesans!” Zhou Nuo eyes became bright and he said.

“As long as you can pretend good enough, it won’t be a problem to enchant few of them, after all, many of them have come here with the intention to look for a wealthy person for support. You have my support.” Xu Taiping laughed to pat Zhou Nuo shoulder. Zhou Nuo was already attentively looking at the swaying delicate big buttock of these girls, and his breathing had already become heavy.

Just inside the door was a huge courtyard and that courtyard was decorated with various sort of colorful lights. Adjacent to the courtyard was a huge swimming pool and many people were standing on the ream of it. Some were wearing a bikini, some were wearing short pants, which was as good as them being naked. Some of them were holding a cell phone to take a selfie and some were having a chat with people around them.

A lot of people were swimming in the swimming pool and irrespective of male-female, their stature was very good.

“Remember my word, more beautiful the stature of these girls are, the more easy it will be to obtain their recognition and it will be very tough to woe those regular girls because most of the beautiful girls here are courtesans and internet celebrities and they all will be competing to hunt rich, therefore they will easily accept you, but those with ordinary face are mostly from well off and powerful family, even if they try to look for a man, they will look for a good looking man, so it will be hard, to get in many of such girls eyes for someone like you.” Xu Taiping said.

“Xu Elder brother, are you trying to say that I am ugly?” Zhou Nuo said with a grievance.

“Don’t feel hurt, you are just slightly ugly.” Xu Taiping said to pacify.

“That I am going to find a younger sister, whenever you want to go back, call me.” Zhou Nuo turned his body to depart while feeling heartbroken.

Xu Taiping raised his hand to receive a glass of champagne from a waiter and then started to look around himself while drinking it.

There were specialist DJs and singers invited for this party and on the whole, the atmosphere of the party was really rocking.

Xu Taiping who was wearing Adiwang brand on his body looked really out of place in this high-end party and he was standing while leaning against the wall by himself and he didn’t have any whatsoever interest in having any chat with his surrounding peoples.

At this moment, two-person came from inside the interior of that villa.

As for these two, the man’s face was only so-so, but he had adorned his body with very luxurious merchandise. He was wearing a European custom-made private brand on his body and the belt on his waist didn’t have any whatsoever brand name, however, just by looking at the leather wrinkle on this belt, one could guess that its cost wasn’t less than tens of thousands of yuan, the shoes on his feet were made of very high-quality animal skin and was befitting for this occasion.

And As for that woman, her beauty was peerless and she was wearing a black color skin-tight gown which was accentuating her perfect figure. Apart from a necklace on her neck, she had not worn any jewelry, however, this necklace was adorned with a big blue diamond, and its value was more than the cumulative price of all the jewelry everyone was wearing in this party.

After they came out, everyone’s attention was drawn to them. Naturally, the man was Li Sifan, and the female was Xia Jinxuan.

Xia Jinxian was holding Li Sifan’s hand and it looked as if she was the female companion of Li Sifan. She had a smiling expression on her face and instead of any princess delicateness, she had a calm aura around her, on the whole, she was looking graceful to the extremity.

Although they were not interlocking their arms, the act of holding hands was still enough to make other recognize their relationship as of someone very close and at once someone said to make fun, “when did you two decide to be in the same place with each other? Also didn’t say anything to us?”

“Where, we are just ordinary friends, that’s all.” Li Sifan laughed to shook his head in denial. But whoever looked at the smiling expression on his face, they still thought that he was in a relationship with Xia Jinxuan.

The smiling expression on Xia Jinxuan became somewhat stiff because whatever she was doing right now, was only an ant and this whole act was to arouse the jealousy of Xu Taiping.

On that day, Li Sifan had told Xia Jinxuan that, even if you are persistently chasing the man you are fond of, it is very probable that you won’t get your desired outcome and in that case, one must use emergency measures. The so-called emergency measure I am talking about is known as ‘reverse psychology’, the more you chase someone, the more he will not appreciate you and if you don’t chase him, even better if you coldly treat him, then it is highly probable that this person will start noticing you.

Whatever means Xia Jinxuan had used to pursue Xu Taiping till now, it was all for naught, but when Li Sifan told a somewhat reasonable idea, she didn’t think a lot and at once agreed, but what she didn’t expect that, she would start regretting it just after leaving her dorm room to come here in the evening, moreover, right now, when she looked toward Xu Taiping who was standing nearby and saw how indifferently he was looking at her, she started to even more regret her hasty decision.

“Tonight is such a rare pleasurable weather, everyone play to your heart content, after a moment I will open my good quality wine cellar for you all, everyone we must empty that wine cellar before this party ends, haha!” Li Sifan heartily laughed to say.

“Yeyyyyy!” Surrounding persons at once started to create a disturbance and after that Li Sifan slowly led Xia Jinxuan toward Xu Taiping.

“Look who has come to our party?” Li Sifan looked at Xu Taiping in ridicule and said, “isn’t he our university’s security guard, elder brother Xu?”

After hearing this sentence of Li Sifan, one after another everyone in their surrounding, looked at Xu Taiping, I was thinking that how come someone who is wearing this type of Adiwang clothes, has appeared in this high-end private party, originally this person is a security guard of Li Sifan’s university, is it possible that Li Sifan has invited him to act as a security guard for this party?

“You two are indeed looking like a match made in heaven.” Xu Taiping smiled to say and wasn’t angry in the slightest because of Li Sifan’s ridicule.

“How did you come here?!” Xia Jinxuan feigned ignorance and asked him in surprise.

“Sifan invited me for a drink, so I at once agreed!” Xu Taiping said.

“Here you can drink as much as you want. Here, any bottle of wine is more costly than your monthly wages and you might not be able to buy any of the dress someone wearing at this party for your whole years worth of salary. So drink as much as you can and enjoy looking at these luxurious dresses of everyone!” Li Sifan said in loud voice.

“It looked like this small security guard have committed some offense against Li Sifan!”

“Indeed, can’t you listen, he is hitting the face of this small security guard to humiliate him, well this young security guard is also really a fool, can’t he understand the status of his own? Does he have the face to attend this kind of party?”

Surrounding persons at once started to look at Xu Taiping in disdain.

‘Li Sifan you are courting death!” Someone suddenly scolded Li Sifan and then a wine cup came flying toward Li Sifan from distant.

With a loud sound, that wine cup fall in front of Li Sifan’s feet and due to some mistake in throw was not able to hit Li Sifan’s body.

“Damn, how come this fatty is so heroic in such a time?!” Xu Taiping looked at Zhou Nuo who was running toward him in rage, he became somewhat flabbergasted and only when Zhou Nuo reached in front of him, he could smell the alcoholic breath from his mouth. He finally understood the reason why Zhou Nuo was so brave and fierce right now, it looks like so-called ‘wine can make a coward brave’ is really true.

Although Zhou Nuo had drunk a little bit of beer, cocktail and so on things before, but tonight to pick up girls, he also picked up a cup to look good, but when he took a mouthful of that drink, he found the taste of that alcohol very much fruity as if there was no alcohol in it, that’s why he started to drink one cup after another and till now he had already he had already drunk more than ten cups and right now he was under the effect of the alcohol.

“Who are you?!” Li Sifan draws back a step, cautiously looked at Zhou Nuo.

Xia Jinxuan who was standing beside Li Sifan slightly wrinkled her eyebrows, after all, Li Sifan had drawn back like that, while leaving her in front of himself!


    • Well, the author introduced Erdan as a bitch who is being fostered by Chinese for breast milk. but later when Xu Taiping was suspended, then he said that he would adopt other bitches so that Erdan could give some puppies to him. Later, when Xu Taiping first time went to that female dormitory when Erdan got really excited, he cursed her in the derogatory word used for a loose woman. So all in all, till now I think of Erdan as a female who has an inclination toward females like his master.

      Well the biggest problemis that, apart from situations where Erdan name is used, the author has used the pronoun which is very ambiguous and changed its gender based on whether we are talking about female or male. So even I have some doubt, It doesn’t have any effect on the story and later when author clears it up and if I am wrong then I will change it.

      Till then stay tuned and be with me to the end. 😛

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