SFVSG Ch.45 Intention to kill two bird with one stone

Xu Taiping was carrying Su Nainci on his back and using one hand, he was pulling Erdan’s leash while going down the mountain. Su Nianci body was very hot as if she was being boiled like an egg and it could be assumed that reason behind her high temperature was the cold air on top of the mountain apart from those insects, who had nipped her.

Xu Taiping was not like Su Nainci who didn’t even know the path and since Su Nianci was already unconscious, Xu Taiping was moving down the mountain very rapidly. His speed of descent was very fast and if one were to consider the terrains of the mountain, then it looked as if he was running a hundred meters sprint.

Well, it was certainly a bitter experience for Erdan. Although Erdan has grown very rapidly in past few days, her stride was as before short. And Since Xu Taiping was running like that, Erdan looked as if she was on a crazy chase.

After great difficulty, they finally reached to the base of the mountain. Xu Taiping then closed Erdan inside the dorm room and once again run toward University infirmary while carrying Su Nianci on his back.

On the top floor of female students dormitory, Xia Jinxuan was lying on the bed and had a facial mask on her face.

At this moment, the cell phone of Xia Jinxuan suddenly started to vibrate.

On the screen had a picture of Xu Taiping who was carrying Su Nianci on his back while walking on the street of University, moreover, Su Nianci body looked very languid while leaning against Xu Taiping’s back as if she was asleep.

“Sinister.” Xia Jinxuan sent this word in reply to Li Sifan as if she very much despised this action of stealthily taking pictures of Xu Taiping.

“This was sent to me by my friend, it is not me who have taken it.” Li Sifan justified.

“Doesn’t matter, you are a sinister fellow.” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Let’s not talk about this, Jinxuan, there is a party at my villa and many high profile second general masters will be attending it, I have even invited several internet celebrities and I want us to go there together!” Li Sifan said.

“ Won’t go, now I, your older sister have started to practice spiritual cultivation, now I don’t have any whatsoever interest in these so-called parties and so on things.” Xia Jinxuan replied.

“Don’t, I am even planning to invite that Xu Taiping fellow in this party!” Li Sifan replied, “just consider it for a moment, aren’t you chasing after this Xu Taiping? I have an exquisite idea, I am sure that you can find success after using it!”

“Have you ever heard, ’beware of suspicious folk bearing gifts, they are sure to be ill-intentioned’ this phrase, so what bad intention you have? Xia JInxuan replied.

“I am telling the truth, when I saw that you are not just playing with him and you only have him at your heart, from then on, I wanted to create an opportunity for you to be together with him. So that when you two really get together, you would come to understand that how unsuitable you two are with each other. So what do you think?” Li Sifan said.

“That depends on how you are going to help me?” Xia Jinxuan replied.

“We at once like this….”

Inside the Jiang Yuan University’s infirmary, an intravenous drip was hanging beside Su Nianci body, and she had already regained her consciousness.

“I, where I am?” Su Nianci asked in doubt.

“Infirmary.” Xu Taiping who was sitting beside her said, “according to the doctor, you are infected by some kind of nonsense virus, and needed to be on infusion bag.”

“Virus?!” Su Nianci made a tense expression and asked, “is it critical?”

“You have fever and diarrhea.” Xu Taiping said.

“That’s good!” Su Nianci relaxed, then looked at Xu Taiping to say, “ really thank you, Taiping.”

“Don’t need to thank, I haven’t done any favor on you.” Xu Taiping laughed to say, “ I am a dreg of society, I went to save you on that hilltop because you have saved me before, from now on we are even. From now on don’t look for me for any kind of matter.”

After saying, Xu Taiping turned around to leave.

“Taiping…..” Su Nianci wanted to shout and stop Xu Taiping, but in the end, Xu Taiping didn’t pay her any attention.

Su Nianci sighed, originally I thought that my relationship with Xu Taiping had relaxed a bit, but now it looked like I have misunderstood.

Xu Taiping left the University Infirmary to return to his dormitory. But now that the effect of wine was already gone, it made Xu Taping somewhat helpless and he was obliged to once again go to a kiosk to buy a bottle of liquor, and after he returned to his dormitory, he finished that bottle in one mouthful to become dizzy to sleep.

Next day the sky was clean, Xu Taiping originally wanted to go back to his room to sleep after military training, but he didn’t expect that Li Sifan would look for him at this time.

“Party?” Xu Taiping looked at Li Sifan in ridicule to say, “ you are inviting me to a party? Real party?”

“Naturally is real!” Li Sifan laughed to say, “to be frank, Xia Jinxuan is also coming to the party and I have heard that you are not very much interested in putting up with Xia Jinxuan’s action, moreover, I happen to be very much fond of her, so I thought we can work as a unit and at this party you can break the heart of Xia Jinxuan and I can at once took this opportunity to seize Xia Jinxuan’s love!”

“You are actually a true man!” Xu Taiping laughed to say, “but it depends on how you want me to work as a unit?”

“It actually very simple, I have invited many internet celebrities in my party, so when they come, at that time I will give them a hint about your status, naturally not about your security guard status, but I will introduce you as a second-generation rich. Although you are not a genuine second-generation rich, the credibility of my words are very high and those internet celebrities will deliberately approach you, at that time I want you to flirt with the women in that group, so that many upper-class young generations of Jiang Yuan city could witness it. And from then on, even if Xia Jinxuan genuinely wants to be together with you in the same place, it would be impossible because if she really tried to be like that with you then she would be scorned by others.” Li Sifan said.

“In other words, by demeaning my existence, you want to achieve your purpose of making Xia Jinxuan giving up on me, right?” Xu Taiping asked.

“More or less this is my plan, naturally, I have other methods as well, but you will receive a bit of grievance!” Li Sifan said.

“I would like to hear the details.” Xu Taiping asked with laughing.

“In this method, I won’t introduce you as some second-generation rich, but as a small security guard, so when the time comes everyone will know your status. Xia Jinxuan is very sensitive about how she is being regarded by others and if everyone comes to know that you are just a small security guard, then it would be improbable even for her to overcome her shame and be with you in the same place, and like this she will have to give up on you!” Li Sifan said.

“Actually this is a good idea!” Xu Taiping nodded to say, “you only need to organize this party, so that you can eliminate me, this love rival of yours. It is also possible that in this whole charade you might even gain Xia Jinxuan’s favorable expression. Well with this type of brain, it really unfortunate that you are ranked second from bottom in the ranking of four young masters.”

“You are flattering me, this is for our mutual benefit!” Li Sifan laughed to say.

“Ok, in this matter I will support you!” Xu Taiping nodded and said, “frankly speaking, I don’t have any whatsoever interest in Xia Jinxuan, she is basically not the type of girl that I like.”

“Well to each his own, I really like girls like her!” Li Sifan said with a smile.

“Then at the time when matter succeeds, I will thank you!” Xu Taiping laughed to pat Li Sifan shoulder and said while feeling satisfied.

“I will also express my gratitude!” Li Sifan smiled to say.

After both reached an agreement on party-related matters they went their separate ways. Xu Taiping went toward the University gate to chat with Zhou Nuo about the today’s matter and then returned to the university with Chen Wen to patrol, and time rapid flew in the past.

Finally, it was Saturday and Li Sifan’s party was in the evening.

Party was at Li Sifan’s villa and his villa was located in a rich persons residential area in the city center.

There were many villas in this area, but only wealthy and respectable people were capable of affording it and Li Sifan’s villa was at the center of this type of residential area.

It was said that the family of Li Sifan was engaged in many types of business, they had many jewelry store chain as well as a lot of internet cafes. It was said that they had also established a professional battle for king’s glory, all in all, they were really successful. Moreover Li Sifan, himself had a very vast social network and basically, every one of those second generation in Jiang Yuan city who had even a bit of prestige knew him, that’s why this, party of his, attracted a lot of peoples attention.

After having a heavy rainfall for several days, finally, the sky was clear tonight.

And at eight in the evening, many luxurious cars, one after another started to stop in front of Li Sifan’s villa door.

Many second-generation rich had come to attend this party of Li Sifan’s, along with quite many internet celebrities and * courtesans.

[T/N: the author has used * but I am changing it to courtesans like Japanese geisha to make it more concrete.]

Li Sifan had invited both male and female internet celebrities. According to the rumors, those who were in internet circle, they were very difficult to deal with, but regarding Li Sifan, this type of genuine second-generation rich, internet celebrities was just like high-end toys. The several million yearly earning of these internet celebrities was nothing in front of Li Sifan, after all, just the yearly pocket money of his was more than several million.

The courtesans were of very high quality and were hired to act as mood maker in the party and to wander between these influential bigwigs to chat some interesting topics with each other.

When Xu Taiping came to the party he was emphatically not alone, he came together with Zhou Nuo.

Zhou Nuo had arranged a Santana from somewhere to put of air, but since he didn’t have the driving license, he had to give that Santana to Xu Taiping to drive.

After that Santana reached the gate of that high-end Villa region, they came across a difficult problem. Basically, the security guard on the gate stopped them from entering this area. Moreover, Xu Taiping thought that because of this type of matter if he looked for Li Sifan, then even if he would come here to brought him to enter the gate, that would make his value fell short in front of Li Sifan, that’s why Xu Taiping was forced to park his car beside the gate.

“Young man, it will be towed if you park here.” A security guard kindly said.

“Even if this broken car is towed, I won’t feel grieved.” Zhou Nuo said in indifferent manner and then he and Xu Taiping entered this rich man area.

“I am confused, the space around here is so big, and even though a lot of buildings can be built here, then why are they planting trees in this empty space!” Zhou Nuo asked in astonishment.

“The reason why this area has highest house price in the whole Jiang Yuan city is that of these green plants. You think that if they don’t build more house then they will be in loss, but when these villas are sold, the cost of these green trees are already included in it, and they don’t suffer even a bit of loss!” Xu Taiping explained.

“fuck, then how many millions will be the price of these house in this area?” Zhou Nuo asked.

“The cost of Li Sifan’s house is around eighty million and the cheapest of the house in this area will be around thirty million.” Xu Taiping said.

“Dam, everything that’s evil is capitalist!!” Zhou Nuo said while gnashing his teeth.

“Let’s go, and experience the capitalist’s pleasure.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

“Good!” Zhou Nuo hurriedly pulled his trousers and tucked his shirt inside it to show he especially brought three hundred yuan belt and soon started to walk with Xu Taiping toward the center.

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