SFVSG Ch.44 Lost Police Flower

Although Xu Taiping was already retired and was very serious about living as an ordinary person, the premise was that other people also don’t disturb him.

Now, Xu Taiping was already separated from the organization and he didn’t have the access to the organization’s large intelligence network and he also couldn’t use his relationship with Nightingale every time, that’s why it was necessary for him to create an intelligence network specially for himself. Even if he had assigned the job to monitor University gate to Zhou Nuo, but since Zhou Nuo was a student, so it was natural that he won’t be able to do this job after university opens and in such a situation an opportunity in form of Zhou Xiaoyu and his group fall in his lap and now he had the option to replace Zhou Nuo with them.

Zhou Xiaoyu and his group were mingling on this street for many years and were really familiar with the dishonest practices. Had them to work for him, it was same as if Xu Taiping had many eyes to monitor on this street, and at the time when there is an undercurrent in the water, Xu Taiping would immediately know.

Only by making situation around his residence safe and secure, Xu Taiping would have been able to genuinely blend into the life of an ordinary man, otherwise, if he had to be anxious about others coming there to kill him, it would have been as far from an ordinary life as it could be.

One should exploit whatever was front of them to the best of their ability, this was also one of the basic criteria for being a killer in Killer’s Norm.

Thinking about the Killer’s Norm, Xu Taiping at once remembered that young killer who had tried to kill him before. Don’t know what type of situation, she is facing right now, well it won’t be long for her to get caught since the whole nation’s police are searching for her.

University gate matter finally sorted out and Xu Taiping also profited from it by receiving these four little brothers. Well Xu Taiping was declined to remember the name of everyone and he only paid attention to the name and number of Zhou Xiaoyu, after all, others were naturally going to report to Zhou Xiaoyu, so it was more efficient to be in touch with him who was at the peak.

Zhou Xiaoyu had personally seen the tyranny of Xu Taiping with his own eyes, and now that he had become the subordinate of Xu Taiping, he was feeling every ecstatic about his future prospect while comparing with the time when he was subordinate of Bao Ruifeng. Bao Ruifeng was very greedy, and his manner for doing things was also very ugly, otherwise, it would have been impossible for Zhou Xiaoyu to ran to the university gate to collect two-three hundred yuan from these small peddlers. But he didn’t find Xu Taiping particularly interested in these things, which might have given the signal of a more significant future prospect to Zhou Xiaoyu.

For what reason, a lot of people wanted to mingle in this type of work? First was to show their prestige and strength, but the most important was to get rich.

In the night, Xu Taiping had a casual dinner and then he took out Erdan to go on a stroll inside the university campus and gradually, it was late into the night.

Xu Taiping returned to his dormitory while pulling Erdan’s leash and after taking a bath he opened a beforehand bought bottle of liquor, only to finish it in two-three mouthfuls and then he lay down on the bed and started to wait for drowsiness.

While being in the daze, Xu Taiping suddenly heard the vibration of his cell phone.

Xu Taiping frowned to open his eyes and then picked up the cell phone to look, only to discover that it was Su Nianci’s call.

Xu Taiping pressed down the button to receive the call, but he didn’t say anything. Beforehand Su Nianci had already shown a loathing to his idle talk, that why he also thought that there was no meaning in saying many things to Su Nianci.

‘I, right now I am on Houshan mountain and I have twisted…twisted my foot and have also..also lost my way here. You……can you come here to carry….carry me down from this mountain?” Su Nianci said in a very low voice as if she was very embarrassed right now.

Xu Taiping became blank for a long time and then suddenly started to laugh loudly, “ Police Officer Su, are you trying to play with me? You are a police officer, how can you lose your way? And even so in that kind of primitive and simple mountain?!”

“Right now my flashlight is dead and my cell phone is also showing ‘low battery’ signal. Here have only a small street light and I don’t know which path goes to which side, if I take a wrong path then that would be really awful.” Su Nianci embarrassedly said.

“If even you don’t know where you are, then how can I find you? Xu Taiping asked.

“Don’t you have Erdan……” Su Nianci said, “ there are many things inside my room, you make Erdan smell it, then come and look for me….”

“Are you foolish or what, Erdan is a domestic dog, not some trained police dog. How can he know to find someone relying on the smell? Oh, you stay there without moving and wait for me, I will look for several security guards for help to save you.” Xu Taiping said.

“Don’t, this matter cannot be exposed to other people!” Su Nianci hurriedly said.

“Are you afraid that you will lose face?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Hmm.” Su Nianci nodded but didn’t say anything else.

“Good, I am coming to the Houshan mountain to look for you, can you send me your location?” Xu Taiping asked.

“If I am able to send you my location then I would have already used the navigation system to walk away from here…..I can make a call from here but the 4G connection is so weak that I can’t even open my navigation system!” Su Nianci said.

“Ok, you stay there and don’t move. Now tell me is there any sign or building around you!” Xu Taiping asked.

“Here only have a small street light like we always see on the road, and there is a Y intersection on the road in me of me….” Su Nianci said.

“Anything else?”

“No, doesn’t have!”

“ you are really not making any sense, I can’t understand how did you graduate from the police school.” Xu Taiping helplessly hung up the call and then changed his clothes and while convenient he also shouted Erdan. In the one hand, he was holding the leash of Erdan and in the other a flashlight, to enter the Houshan mountain.

It was Xu Taiping’s first time climbing on this Houshan Mountain after coming to this university.

Houshan Mountain was very big and it was said that on the top had many laboratories and some retired professors lived inside them to carry out experiments inside these labs and were living a secluded life from the outside world to wholeheartedly do their research. This was also one of the main reason, that Jiang Yuan university was able to be foremost runner among the other universities and colleges of the whole nation when it comes to research. This was the region Jiang Yuan University had solely created for these old professors so that they could single-mindedly focus on their research without any distraction and these professors were also old enough for not being able to take regular classes so they were more than happy to live here and conduct their own research.

Xu Taiping stood upon the highest peak of the Houshan mountain to carefully look at every street on it.

Many asphalt roads were spread on the surface of Houshan Mountain and it looked very tangled and complicated. Xu Taiping was carefully watching to memorize each and every intersection which was branched into three roads.

Erdan was not a trained police dog and naturally, Xu Taiping had to look at each and every Y intersection on this mountain to find Su Nianci. But the reason why he also brought Erdan with himself because the hearing and smelling capability of Erdan was a little bit stronger than compared to humans and in case when they got close to Su Nianci and if Xu Taiping was not able to detect the presence of hers due to some camouflage then Erdan might be able to detect her.

Houshan mountain was really big and even Xu Taiping was not confident that he would be able to find Su Nianci in a short amount of time and it was very much possible for him to chose a wrong path and winding up in a very distant place.

Xu Taiping was not anxious, for a killer, it was sort of like a taboo for one to get impatient, after all, an impatient killer not only not get to eat hot tofu but also might expose themselves.

[T/N: an impatient not get to eat hot tofu::: haste will ruin everything]

When Xu Taiping was walking on a small street between the mountain gaps, he suddenly heard a rumbling sound of a motor from a nearby place and then a van came from the distant and stopped while passing through Xu Taiping side and soon the side window of this van’s window was rolled down.

“What are you doing here on this mountain?” A skinny weak person stared at Xu Taiping to ask.

“Can’t you see the security guard uniform on my body? I have come here for patrolling.” Xu Taiping said.

“Patrolling? Isn’t it the responsibility of Director Wang to patrol in this area? How can it be changed to you?” That man asked.

“Actually my residence is at the base of this mountain since I was not able to sleep, I came here to patrol.” Xu Taiping said and pretended to break an alcoholic belch to look like a dead drunk person.

“Are you going to patrol while being such drunk? Get down from this mountain at once, and refrain from coming on this mountain again. Can you bear the responsibility if professors get disturbed while doing their research?” That skinny and shriveled youngster after speaking at once pulled up his van’s window.

Xu Taiping squinted his eye to look at the license plate of that vehicle, only to discover that the license plate number of this van was ‘Jiang C56773’ and was same with the number Zhou Nuo said to him.

That van slowly faded into the dark while Xu Taiping was staring at that Van’s back. Although the back window of that van was black, Xu Taiping could vaguely sense that someone was watching him through that back window.

Xu Taiping indifferently laughed, after all, whatever the big secret this Houshan mountain was hiding, it didn’t have any big relation with him and as long as other didn’t come to disturb him, he was not going to do anything about it.

After searching for many hours, Xu Taiping finally found Su Nianci.

When Xu Taiping found Su Nianci, she looked really pitiful and maybe because she was afraid of darkness, she was still sitting under a street light, however as everyone knows, there are a lot of mosquitoes in the summer and they have tendency to gather around the source of light, so it was natural that there were a lot of mosquitoes under this street lamp and since Su Nianci was wearing a sleeveless shirt and short pant, therefore there were a lot of small red swellings on her arm and leg.

“You finally came!” Su Nianci looked at Xu Taiping and at once stood up from excitement as if she had discovered her long-lost relative, but since her foot was sprained, her body stumbled and she had no choice but to take the support of that street light.

“For what reason, you have climbed this mountaintop in this deep night? And even if you have to climb to this top hill, you must have brought a companion with yourself!” Xu Taiping said.

“I, how would I have known that the uphill of this Houshan mountain is so complicated.” Su Nianci dispiritedly said.

Xu Taiping frowned to walk to the front of Su Nianci and then touched the forehead of Su Nianci.

“You are hot?!” Xu Taiping asked in astonishment.

“You, you are really lecherous!” Su Nianci said angrily, “ do you have to always open your mouth to take advantage of other people.”

“ I am saying that you have a fever, it feels like someone has put fire on you, here touch yourself to feel it.” Xu Taiping said.

“Well, It looks like I have a bit of fever!” Su Nianci touched her forehead and then dispiritedly said, “ I also thought that how can I feel this weak all of a sudden!”

“You have been nipped by some insect.” Xu Taiping looked at those small red swellings on Su Nianci’s body and said, “You could have gone all the way to the mountaintop or possible to the base, but why on earth you foolishly stayed here?”

“I…I am afraid of darkness.” Su Nianci said.

“How can you be so afraid? Even if so many mosquitoes were biting you, you still stayed here to guard this street life and didn’t dare to walk away?. Xu Taiping asked.

“You don’t understand.” Su Nianci shook her head and said, “ since childhood, I am very much afraid of darkness because every day in my childhood, my parents were quarreling with each other and whenever they quarreled, they used to lock me into the wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe was really dark, and there wasn’t even a single ray of light inside it. And every time my parents were quarreling to fight with each other, I got really scared and gradually I developed a phobia of darkness.”

“Ok, you don’t need to recall your past, let’s go down.” Xu Taiping supported Su Nianci to say.

“Good, let’s go.” Su Nanci nodded and then she barely even took a step, that her eyes closed on its own and she fainted.


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