SFVSG Ch.43 To kick a benefactor in the teeth.

“Xiao Lin, you have our support, you don’t need to feel afraid anymore, fearlessly say whatever you want to say!” Lao Yao said while pulling the shoulder of that Xiao Lin.

“Ye….Yes.” Xiao Lin nodded and took a glance toward Xu Taiping. When he looked at the sarcastic smile on Xu Taiping face, his heart trembled and at once he lowered his head to say, “a few days ago, this, this security guard caught me when I was secretly smoking, then he demanded three thousand yuan from me, even though my monthly living expenses are one thousand yuan and finally after military training finished before yesterday afternoon, he asked me to come to the agreed place. When I gave him one thousand yuan, he became dissatisfied and started to beat me and asked me to arrange the remaining two thousand yuan within two days.”

“Did you all hear. Fellow students, look, look at the face of Xiao Lin and the injury on his body, this is all because he is beaten by this security guard!” Lao Yao shouted while pointing his finger at Xu Taiping.

Around them had many students who were standing in a circle and watching. When they saw that black and blue face of Xiao Lin, and as one say ‘the first expression is the strongest’ they at once believed that what Lao Yao was saying was the truth of the matter. Everyone at once started to look at Xu Taiping with resentment as if they wanted to eat him alive.

The important factor was everyone present there was newly enrolled first-year students, so they still didn’t know the real identity of Lao Yao, and it was highly probable that if they actually knew who Lao Yao was it would have been very difficult for any person to believe his words.

“Our university is a place where we are taught to be an educated person and it is the duty of these security guards to protect us inside this campus, but now the situation is such bad that this type of degenerate is being hired as a security guard. I strongly urge the university to expel this degenerate from here!” Lao Yao said.

“Expel the degenerate!!” the group of Lao Yao at once started to shout.

“What nonsense you are talking about, it was clearly your men who were extorting protection money from this person, yesterday. At that time I was together with Taiping to help him, then how come you are saying that it was Taiping who asked for protection money?” Chen Wen excitedly shouted.

“Xiao Lin, he says that it is us who asked for protection money, is it true?” Lao Yao asked.

“No, it is not true!” Xiao Lin shook his head.

“Did you hear, the victim is denying this on his own, then why are you quibbling such things?” Lao Yao asked in a loud voice.

“Xiao Lin, how can you be like this? It was us who saved you yesterday, but unexpectedly right now, you are trying to bite the hand that had fed you!” Chen Wen asked while still being shocked.

Xiao Lin lowered his head even more and didn’t dare to say or look at Chen Wen and Xu Taiping again.

“Forget it, after all, humans are this kind of character.” Xu Taiping laughed to pat Chen Wen shoulder and said, “if they, themselves don’t want to save their self, then even if we work hard for it, that is also futile. Since he himself want to descend into this pit, that he himself want to turn into other person’s toy, then we also have nothing to say. As for the accusation on me, to beat him to demand protection money, what can I say apart from, if it is possible to convict a man just because of a statement of a single person alone than this world wouldn’t need police forces and judges.”

“How? Dare to do but doesn’t dare to acknowledge?” Lao Yao provokingly looked at Xu Taiping.

“what ‘dare to do but doesn’t dare to acknowledge?” Xu Taiping smiled to look at Lao Yao and said, “ just how bad you mix in this society, that you have to demand a meager two-three thousand yuan?”

“Are you trying to frame me?” Lao Yao coldly said, “ I am Taekwondo society president and our society have more than tens of men, if I just start charging them for teaching, I will easily earn a lot, then what need I have to exhort protection money?”

“But what about others, can you guarantee that those tens of members of your society have not exhorted other?” Xu Taiping asked.

“You are just maliciously slandering us!” Lao Yao said, “today if you don’t leave this university then we will take this matter in front of the headmaster, and if even he doesn’t expel you, we will take this matter to education bureau and television station. I don’t believe that a small security guard of this university is capable enough to hoodwink the whole sky.”

“All of you give the path to Laozhi, move, move hurry, why are you all making a human wall in front of the gate?” suddenly an impatient voice came from outside the crowd and soon a group of men shoved open the Wugui gang members to directly come in front of security guard room.

After looking at these several men, the complexion of Lao Yao suddenly changed.

“Boss Bao, why have you come here?!” Lao Yao asked while frowning.

“Lao Yao, these men who are blocking the gate, really have imposing manner. For one second I even though that the true leader of this Fenglin area is you.” Bao Ruifeng who came here with a group of his subordinates said with a sneer.

“Whatever we do inside the Jiang Yuan University have no relation to you, Boss Bao. But now that Boss Bao you have come here with so many men, can I ask for the reason?” Lao Yao was emphatically not afraid of this Boss Bao because even if the number of men under his hand were fewer than that of Boss Bao, but every one of Boss Bao subordinates were a member of the society and they couldn’t use ruthless method against these students, and if situation really arrived at the point where both of them have to fight in a life and death situation, that would have been bad for Lao Yao, that’s why a long time ago, they had already divided their domain. Inside the University was Lao Yao domain and outside the university, the whole of Fenglin region was Boss Bao domain.

“I have just come here to look at the surrounding area, that’s all. Oh right, Lao Yao, how are you managing the business of collecting protection money in your university? I heard that you have already collected more than tens of thousands?” Bao Ruifeng looked at Lao Yao to say.

“Boss Bao, what are you saying? When did I ask for any protection money from someone?” Lao Yao asked with an ugly complexion. He was somewhat muddle-headed, that for what reason Boss Bao had appeared in front of him at that time.

“Hmm, is it possible that I have made a mistake? I clearly remember that a few days ago in Suhe pub when you went there to play, said to me that, this year’s newly enrolled student in your university is really coward and it is really simple to collect protection money from them. But now, you are refusing to acknowledge? Don’t tell me that you have already left that business?” Bao Ruifeng asked in astonishment.

“I don’t know what you are saying, Boss Bao, the one who has collected protection money is this person, then how can I have any relationship with it?” Lao Yao said while pointing his finger at Xu Taiping.

“How can this be possible, this younger brother Xu is a very good person.” Bao Ruifeng looked toward Xu Taiping and made an expression on his face like he was trying to curry favor to said, “ if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have realized that the work of collecting protection money, I do is illegal.”

Xu Taiping looked with a face full of a smile at Bao Ruifeng and Zhou Xiaoyu who was standing behind Bao Ruifeng. Although he still didn’t know, for what reason Bao Ruifeng had come here to help him, at least right now he was on Xu Taiping’s side, therefore Xu Taiping also didn’t open his mouth to refute Bao Ruifeng.

“Boss Bao, what are you thinking?” Lao Yao asked with a black face.

“Several days ago, my these unsensible men came here in front of your university gate to look for people to collect protection money, but they were stopped by this younger brother Xu. This younger brother Xu didn’t even hesitate to fight with my subordinates to protect these small peddlers outside the gate. By seeing this heroic action I was truly moved, that’s why today I have come here with my subordinates to apologize to younger brother Xu, furthermore, to promise him that from now on, in this street outside the university gate, my men will not collect any whatsoever money. And to stop others from polluting this street, these few subordinates of mine will from now on follow younger brother Xu. From now on they will help younger brother Xu in maintaining order on this street!” Bao Ruifeng laughed to say.

By this ‘soul changing speech’ of Bao Ruifeng, the surround persons were emotionally moved. Oh, originally beforehand rumor, that a few days ago someone has beaten these hooligans while they were collecting protection money is actually true! Only, instead of some woman, it looks like must be this security guard who has thrashed them.

It looks like this security guard is really a good person, then how can someone like him go out to demand any protection money from other? Moreover, it looks like this Lao Yao is very much familiar with this something Boss Bao, after all, they even went out together to play in some bar, is it possible that he is not a good person?

Those surrounding persons who were originally leaning toward Lao Yao, in this short while started to lean toward Xu Taiping.

“Boss Bao, since you are covering for him, that I have nothing else to say. I will properly chat today’s matter with Boss Bao if the opportunity arises in the future. We are going back.” Lao Yao said with a black face.

“Leave behind that Xiao Lin.” Xu Taiping said.

“I have not kidnapped him, so why are you asking me to leave him here? Lao Yao after saying at once turned around to depart from there with his group of men.

That Xiao Lin actually wanted to run away together with them, but now that he was abandoned by those people, he didn’t have any choice but to stay there without moving and look bewilderingly at Xu Taiping.

“Yesterday, you were saved by me, is it true or false?” Xu Taiping stared at Xiao Lin to ask.

“True….true.” Xiao Lin nodded with great difficulty.

“Right now, you were slandering me, is it true or false?” Xu Taiping asked.

“True….true. But I have no alternative, I…”

“Now, you can go.” Xu Taiping waved his hand.

“Really?” Xiao Lin looked at Xu Taiping in astonishment, he actually thought that Xu Taiping would beat him, but he didn’t expect that he would release him so easily!

Xu Taiping didn’t pay any attention to Xiao Lin, and by himself returned inside the security guard room.

Xiao Lin was uncertain if Xu Taiping would revenge on his words that why he hurriedly turned around to walk from there.

It was just that, when he was leaving from there, he heard many derogatory terms for himself from surrounding persons.

“This domestic animal can even kick a benefactor in the teeth!”

“Exactly, we don’t need to help him again, otherwise he will even slander us. How can this type of person be a student of Jiang Yuan University? He really loses the face of Jiang Yuan University.”

“If it was me, then I would have committed suicide, after all, what value there is even if I live like this?”

Xiao Lin complexion was sometimes changing red from embarrassment and sometimes white from fear, he at once increased his speed and hurriedly departed from University gate.

Just After Xu Taiping returned to the Security Guard Room, Bao Ruifeng followed him to enter the security guard room.

“Younger Brother Xu….”

“Spit it out. Leave being trying to be friendly.” Xu Taiping said.

“Yes yes yes.” Bao Ruifeng nodded and said, “matter is this, a few days ago, my subordinates have a little misunderstanding with you. They all have come from the countryside and are somewhat retard, that’s why they cannot differentiate between those people, they can commit an offense against and those they cannot. Today I have special bring them in front of you to apologize and at the same time, they also want to express their loyalty toward you. From now on this street is yours to manage, from now on my subordinates will never set their feet on this street again!”

“Are you trying to pull me to join your criminal underworld?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Absolutely not, this is just my regard for you. Everything on this street is purely legal, here have a small pub and two internet cafe, one billiard room and different sort of stores. And furthermore, each months earning from protection money is also around thirty-forty thousand, these all can be treated as my present for you, I would really like if you kindly accept it.” Bao Ruifeng said with a smiling face.

“Did Xia Jiang asked you to come here?” Xu Taiping asked.

“It is not Boss Xia who have sent me here, he only said us to not provoke you again in the future.” Bao Ruifeng said with a smile.

“Ok, you can go back now.” Xu Taiping waved his hand.

“That my regard for you?” Bao Ruifeng cautiously asked.

“I will accept it.” Xu Taiping insipidly said, “ As soon as possible send them to repair this shitty haircut they have, asked everyone to have a crew cut.”

“Yes yes yes!” Bao Ruifeng at once nodded, and soon said to Zhou Xiaoyu and all, “ at once go back and get a haircut, and after cutting your hair at once come back to acknowledge your leader!”

“Yes yes yes!” Zhou Xiaoyu and all at once responded.

Looking at these men, Xu Taiping ambiguously smiled, he didn’t accept Bao Ruifeng regard because he had any greed for money, but he had taken a fancy to the intelligence power of these men who were mingling with the lowest rung of the society.

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