SFVSG Ch.42 Wugui Gang’s visit.

“You are being unreasonable!” Xu Taiping resentfully said, “we helped you by teaching a lesson to those who were bullying you, then why are you asking us to get lost from here?”

“Don’t you know that I have to live inside this university for next four years? Don’t you understand how powerful Wugui gang is? Right now you have protected me, but are you capable of protecting me every time? Can you be by my side every day from now on? Cannot right. After you leave my side, I will in the same way as before be beaten by them, they will as before exhort protect protection money from me and now that you have hit their men, from now on they will treat me even more viciously, can’t you understand something so simple? Get away from me, please I am requesting you!” that student who was lying on the ground said.

“If others are bullying you, then why don’t you fight against them?” Xu Taiping said with a black face, “is the members of your family have born a child like you so that you could get bullied by others?”

“Would there be any difference even if I fight against them? They are so many and I am a single person, what use there is to resist against them?”

“ Indeed, a pathetic man really lives a regretful life.” Xu Taiping coldly said and then patted on the shoulder of Chen Wen to say, “Let’s go.”

“Hmm!” Chen Wen nodded and then walked outside that toilet together with Xu Taiping, but soon they once again heard the voice of that man from inside that toilet.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you all? Just now it was not me, who have beaten you all, it was that young security guard. If you all want to look for trouble then go out and find that young security guard, I can find other methods to give you protection money one more time…..”

“Bastard.” Xu Taiping couldn’t help but cursed. After a long time, Xu Taiping had gotten so angry, I just wanted to help that person, but unexpectedly he is asking me to roll away, moreover, right now he is bending and scraping to curry favor from those guys who were bullying him. This world is changing into what thing?

“Pathetic person have a regretful life, in those days….I was also living this kind of life, therefore I can understand his way of thinking.” Chen Wen said.

“Oh.” Xu Taiping sighed in melancholy and said, “I can also understand, for a weak person who doesn’t have someone to rely on, will naturally be afraid of other persons, however, when you are dealing with person like these, if you show your weak side they will reach out for a yard after taking an inch. Have you ever thought, that for what reasons they don’t bully others but only bully you? It is because they know that you are weak. Campus violence is always like this, since they know that you won’t dare to resist their bullying, that’s why they can bully you to death, but if they bully you for the first time and you resist it, if they again bully you and you again resist it, then it is highly improbable that they will again bully you. But a majority of people can resist first time, a second time and maybe third and fourth time, but then they will all give up and in the end, they can only be stepped on under the feet of other peoples.”

“Before, I was also bullied by others in the same way.” Chen Wen sighed to say, “ I complained to their teacher and informed to the university so that the name of University doesn’t get damaged. Then those men who were bullying me were criticised, but later their bullying became even more severe towards me. It is not as simple as you are saying, one can resist first time and even second time, but in this young age, who has the tenacity to resist these bully after being thrashed so many times?”

“This is a question of individual’s disposition.” Xu Taiping said while laughing. The reason why, today his mood changed in such a big way, due to this incident was because, in the past, he was also a target of this same kind of campus violence, but every time he crossed path with any of these types of campus violence, he always used his fist to confront it, although, he was frequently beaten black and blue, every time when someone tried to bully him, he would use everything he had to resist them.

This was also one of the major reason why Lao Z in those days had taken a liking to him. Lao Z had once said, “ on the body of Xu Taiping has an unyielding spirit, and this type of spirit can by itself regardless of time and matter, will make one persist in oneself belief to the end.”

“After classes formally start in the university, we need to properly meet with the members of this Wugui gang.” Xu Taiping said while smiling.

“Taiping, I am urging you to not do such things.” Chen Wen said, “these men of Wugui gang is very united and they are very hard to deal with.”

“University is our Domain.” Xu Taiping picked that truncheon from his waist and then said while pointing it around himself, “Everyone here all must listen to us and not some four young master or some Wugui gang. Do you clearly understand what I am saying or not?”


“If it’s about the number, then we have more than two hundred members, if it’s about the background, then we have the support of this whole university, the is there any reason to be afraid of them? Some men have a low opinion about their own ability, that why they will be seen as pathetic to other people.” Xu Taiping patted Chen Wen shoulder to say, “ mark my word, as long as what you are doing is in the scope of your’s duty and obligation toward your work, you must hold your head high and stick your chest out.”

“Yes!” Chen Wen stuck his chest out and even he didn’t know, why he was feeling an ineffable power spreading inside his whole body without any reason.

Originally Xu Taiping wanted to go and look for Wugui gang after the military training, but he didn’t expect that next day at noon when he was on duty in the security guard room, the members of Wugui gang will come to his door on their own.

Xu Taiping was holding that water kettle which was delivered by Song Jialing in his hand and was standing inside the security guard room while looking outside the window.

Roughly twenty-thirty men were gathering outside the security guard room. It looked like these men were really smart, after all, all of them were standing outside the University gate and no one came inside the university. All of them were wearing a white shirt and black trousers. And some of them were holding wooden sticks and some of them were holding wooden stool and so on things.

“Oh, it looks like they are not a complete fool.” Xu Taiping nodded in satisfaction. This Wugui gang is many times more intelligent than that of Zhou Nuo. Even if wooden stick, wooden stool these type of things have destructive power, they are not illegal things and even if I report them to the police, they won’t be able to grab them. From this point alone, I can see that the leader of this Wugui gang has a little brain in his skull.

Well, it is also natural that these students have still not arrived on that level to do things like those domestic animals.

Right now, there were around twenty-thirty students standing outside the university gate and they were neither quarreling nor making any noise and it looked to others as if they were waiting for something. Occasionally any two random persons were walking to the front of that window of security guard room and were hitting it with their wooden stick while looking at Xu Taiping to provoke him.

“Taiping, what should we do about this matter?” Chen Wen asked while trembling with fear.

“What is there to do, they won’t even dare to come inside to create a ruckus, then why are you afraid?” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “ and even if they dare to come inside the campus, don’t forget that those men of South China Tiger special force are still on the campus, when the time comes let ask the members of South China Tiger special force to manage it, and then we will see if these twenty-thirty persons are enough for their entertainment or not.”

“Director Wang is also something, at this time he even refuses to confront this problem. I asked him to bring another group of security guards but he refused!” Chen Wen resentfully said.

“If he really bring someone here, then those people would be someone who doesn’t have any relation with our gratitude and grudges with Wugui gang, moreover, I think since the matter of Wugui gang is already spread inside the whole campus, Director Wang must have already guessed that the members of Wugui gang don’t dare to do anything to us inside this campus, that must be why he has not sent anyone here.” Xu Taiping said.

“Taiping, can’t you understand something so simple?” suddenly someone’s voice reverberated inside the security guard room.

It was the voice of Zhao Bigan.

“Old man Zhao, why did you come here? If in a moment a fight breaks out here, then this body of yours would be unable to withstand the beating you will get!” Xu Taiping said while laughing.

“Screw you, even though my age is more than fifty years old, I am still short of sixty years landmark and I am still more than capable enough to fight. Do you really think that I will be afraid of these two-three small brats? Are you trying to look down on me? I was still planning to introduce my young unmarried daughter to you, but you really let me down, humph!” Zhao Bigan said angrily.

“Don’t!” Xu Taiping at once said, “ Old man Zhao, I have already taken you for my father-in-law and if you renege then you are not a man.”

“Fuck off…….Xiao Xu, I think you are still young, can’t you really understand why Director Wang didn’t come here? Zhao Bigan asked.

“He knew that you, Lao Ren Jia, is still here, therefore he must have thought that there is no need to send other people, after all, you, Lao Ren Jia, by oneself is capable of thrashing these twenty-something person standing outside the gate.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

“Even if you are trying to pat my flatter, I am not feeling any comfortable. Let me explain it to you when I was coming here, I saw Director Wang coming toward the security guard room with thirty-fifty people, moreover here already have a dozen. When he will reach here, then at that time we would easily tidy up these members of Wugui gang!” Zhao Bigan said.

“Originally Director Wang has such intention and here I was thinking that now he is incapable of doing this type of hot-blooded things.” Xu Taiping said in astonishment.

“Nowadays, whose body doesn’t have hot blood flowing through their veins, moreover, this Wugui gang is acting unreasonably for a long time, now we have the opportunity to repair them!” Zhao Bigan said.

“Or I and Chen Wen can go out to provoke them? Otherwise, after a moment, they might refuse to create disturbance after seeing so many men at once.” Xu Taiping asked.

“Don’t force me to go out, I am afraid that I won’t be able to come back after provoking them!” Chen Wen at once said.

“Yesterday when I was beating them, you also jumped on that bandwagon!” Xu Taiping said.

“That… I was just helping you.” Chen Wen said.

While they were talking with each other, those men outside the gate suddenly started to move and at once entered inside the University campus to surround that security guard room.

“Security guards had beaten a person to receive protection money, the university should explain it!!” someone yelled.

“Security guards had beaten a person to receive protection money, university shout explain it!” Every one of these men yelled together in a loud voice.

“Fuck, this man is really intelligent, unexpectedly knows that it is always beneficial to throw dirty water on other as soon as possible!” This time Xu Taiping was truly surprised.

Thump Thump Thump Thump!

Those people standing outside the security guard room started to hit wooden stick, chair and so on things on the gate of the university as well as the window of security guard room to produce a high pitched sound. Those people who were crossing through the road outside the Jiang Yuang university once again after seeing the same kind of drama unfolding inside the Jiang Yuan university as they have witnessed a few days ago started to gather in front of University gate and everyone once again put out their cell phones.

Xu Taiping who was holding a truncheon in his hand, together with Chen Wen and Zhao Bigan went outside the gate of Security guard room to confront that excited group of students and said, “in this afternoon peak, don’t you all find it too hot outside?”

“Xu Taiping, you by relying on your university security guard status, have collected the protection money from a newly enrolled student. As for me, I am the president of Taekwondo society of this university, and I am basically incapable of just watching and not doing anything if this type of things happens inside the university. If today you don’t explain it to us, then our Taekwondo society will not let you off!” a thin person said to Xu Taiping after making a black face.

“This man is Lao Yao.” Chen Wen said in low voice.

“You are saying that I have collected protection money, do you have any evidence?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Evidence? Naturally, have, Xiao Lin, come here!” Lao Yao shouted.

A thin and weak man came in front of Xu Taiping from inside that crowd and after looking at the face of this man, Xu Taiping gave a sarcastic smile.

This person was that same newly enrolled student, they had saved yesterday!

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