SFVSG Ch.41 Security Guard’s duty

The afternoon session of military training quickly came to an end and then later it was decided that the further session was going to be held in several gymnasiums inside the Jiang Yuan University. After latest military training session was finished in the evening, it was natural, to clean the gymnasium and close it so that no one could steal the expensive pieces of equipment from inside the gymnasium.

Tonight it was the responsibility of Xu Taiping to check if every gymnasium was properly closed or not. Altogether there were four gymnasiums and since all were in the near vicinity of each other, therefore Xu Taiping also didn’t return to take a bath after military training was terminated for the day and at once he and Chen Wen together went to other gymnasiums to carry out their inspection.

“Inside this gymnasium really have a lot of valuable things.” Xu Taiping was walking on the passage and said while looking at every door around himself.

“It is only natural, after all, this year a provincial level sports competition is going to be held, our university has also prepared several stadiums for this.” Chen Wen said.

“Being wealthy is really good. No one is here, let’s go back.” Xu Taiping said. He was just going to turn around, but he suddenly heard a ‘thump thump thump’ noise and a person’s painful cry from the toilet which was situated on the end of that passage ahead.

“Let’s go and see.” without any delay Xu Taiping ran toward that toilet and Chen Wen also picked up his intercom to call other guards if they were to meet some abnormal situations.

After a short while, Xu Taiping finally reached outside that toilet, and the sound coming from that toilet became even more clear.

“Just one thousand yuan, do you think we are beggars?”

“We want three thousand yuan if you can’t put out three thousand, then leave thinking that you will able to have a peaceful life inside this university, you destitute!”

“I am requesting you all. I don’t have any more money, even this is my living expenses for this whole month, I really don’t have any money.”

“If you don’t have any money on you, then why don’t you try to look for your relatives? I am telling you, if I don’t get three thousand yuan before military training finishes, then you will be responsible for consequences!”

Xu Taiping and Chen Wen looked at each other face and in a low voice Xu Taiping said, “ it’s extortion!”

“We don’t need to care about this matter.” Chen Wen said with somewhat strange complexion, “let’s go back!”

“Is extortion justified?” Xu Taiping complexion sank. He raised his leg and directly kicked open that toilet gate.

BANG, that entire gate was kicked to fly and heavily fell onto the ground with a loud sound.

The people inside that toilet got really scared due to that sudden loud sound. Xu Taiping walked into that toilet and saw four men inside it. Among them, three were standing and one was lying down on the ground. His body was full of shoe marks and he was still wearing that camouflage clothing of military training. From his appearance, he looked like a newly enrolled first-year student.

“What is going on here?!” Xu Taiping asked with a black face.

“Young security guard, don’t bring misfortune on oneself. Don’t you know who we are? One who was wearing a sleeveless vest among those men sneered and said.

“I don’t care whoever you are, don’t you know this is University. You, this dreg of the society dare to come to our university to exhort our students, do you really think that us security guards are useless?” Xu Taiping asked.

“Hahaha, are you that newly hired security guard in this university? No wonder, you don’t know us. Hello, whoever you are don’t stand there like a mute and tell your colleague about us.” A man with sleeveless vest said.

“Taiping, we don’t need to take care of this matter. They all are Lao Yao’s men.” Chen Wen made an ugly face and said.

“Lao Yao? Then I am Laozi. Do they really think of us as their toy or what?” Xu Taiping frowned to ask. If he was a still a killer, it would have been very improbable for him to go to such a length to manage this kind of matters, but right now he was a security guard and this was his duty and obligation toward his post. Since now he was working as security guard, he always believed in performing his duty honestly and right now a student was being exhorted by someone inside the university, it was impossible for him to just stand there and do nothing.

[T/N: here is a wordplay. Lao Yao means youngest, Laozhi means father]

“Lao Yao is a fourth-year student in our university and these several men are his followers. He is gang leader of our university’s Wugui gang and this gang have tens of members inside our university.” Chen Wen said.

“What? Inside our university have a gang?!” Xu Taiping was truly shocked. Although he had investigated Jiang Yuan university, he had not heard that Jiang Yuan university had a gang.

“Well everybody says its name is Wugui gang, but in reallity, this gangs member worked under the pretense of  Taekwondo society. Lao Yao is President of this Taekwondo Society and these men are also members of that same Taekwondo Society. Their influence is really big and almost equal to the four young masters of this university. It is only that the four young masters walk on the top echelon of this society and they walk on the bottom of the society and they don’t cross each other’s road. I have also heard that Lao Yao have many connections with high profile peoples of the society and it is not good to commit an offense against him. Let’s go back, this type of thing is common for them.” Chen Wen anxiously said.

“Did you hear, young security guard, this type of matter is not you can take care, if you again said a word, believe it or not, we will also tidy you up.” That man with sleeveless vest said.

“Chen Wen, you know the significance of that dress you are wearing on your body? Xu Taiping pointed his finger at Chen Wen chest and asked.

“This….this signifies that I am this university’s security guard.” Chen Wen said with embarrassment.

“And what is the work of a security guard?” Xu Taiping asked.

“That is…..is….” Chen Wen was unable to say anything.

“Let me tell you, security guards ensure security and are responsible for protecting other people peace. And if we can’t even protect the student of our own university, then what face do we have to wear this uniform on our body? Chen Wen, since you were thin and weak, therefore I have protected you in the past, but do you know why? Because I thought, I thought that you are a security guard who will protect here’s students, will protect every person inside this university, but in the end, this was all misconception about you. After seeing a student being bullied by someone, the first thing you wants to do is run away from here, I think it’s not your body which is weak, but it is your heart which is weak. If you don’t dare to manage today’s matter then you can walk, but I will take care of this.” Xu Taiping said to Chen Wen while waving his hands.

“Taiping, they are really vicious and merciless! It is very dangerous for you.” Chen Wen anxiously said.

“If as a security guard I don’t even dare to face this type of danger, then with what shameless face can I go out there and ask for my salary?” After saying Xu Taiping looked toward that sleeveless man and said to him, “Since you all are students from this university, I am giving you all one last chance. At once tell me the name, grade, class and cell phone number of your class in charge!”

“Hahaha, looks like this young security guard is really insane!” that sleeveless man howled with laughter and said, “ It looks like he thinks himself as the protector of this University, hahaha, Brothers go and thoroughly thrash this young security guard, today we are going to exhort a lot of protection money from him as well, haha!”

“Fuck you!” Everyone standing around that sleeveless man, at once ran toward Xu Taiping to attack him.

Xu Taiping was standing still with a cold face and soon after those two reached in his attack range, he at once raised his leg to kick the belly of one man amongst them.

Nowadays majority of street fighters were not professionals, they were like a pig who was fond of yelling about killing someone and so on things, but in the end when they fight, they would immaturely lift their hand very high to create a big gap between their bottom and midsection, that’s why in these type of situations, even a single kick from Xu Taiping was more than enough to settle this kind of fights.

With a bang sound, the foremost person who was running toward Xu Taiping was kicked in the belly, but what amazed Xu Taiping most was, that he felt as if his kick was connected on a metal plate.

That man didn’t even retreat even after taking that kick from Xu Taiping, instead he nastily laughed and raised his hand to hold that ferocious leg of Xu Taiping and started to incline toward his back as if he wanted to hold Xu Taiping’s leg to pull apart from his body. Xu Taiping lost his balance, but what other’s didn’t expect that right now Xu Taiping unexpectedly due to this pulling, looked like a horse which what being pulled by some merciless master!

And even before other could get shocked by what was happening in front of them, that other man also dashed in front of Xu Taiping to throw a kick toward the crotch of Xu Taiping’s pants.

With a bang sound, an electric truncheon directly smashed against the leg of that man and the owner of that smashed foot at once with a loud shout fell on the ground and started to cry in pain while holding his foot.

Chen Wen was standing beside Xu Taiping while holding an electric truncheon in his hand. With a pale expression, he said, “you, you really have big courage, dare to attack, attack campus security guard!”

“That’s my boy.” Xu Taiping laughed and suddenly exerted some force in his legs.

That person who was grabbing his foot at once came in his front due to momentum.

Xu Taiping grabbed his collar and then moved his hand toward his stomach to feel it.

“Oh, you really have put on an iron plate here, not bad.” Xu Taiping put his hand above the iron plate, he said, “ but have you ever heard about a technique where you can hit someone through anything?”

“Ge, Geshandaniu (Beat a Bull away from the hill)?” that man opened his eyes wide in shock.

With a bang sound, Xu Taiping knocked that man’s nose with his forehead due to which two line of blood violently started from that man’s nose.

“It is really a pity, that you can’t witness this ‘Geshandaniu’.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

With an expression which was shouting ‘this is cheating’, he looked at Xu Taiping and then slowly fell to the ground.

After seeing that both of his bandits had fallen to the ground, that sleeveless man’s expression became cloudy. He didn’t expect that these subordinates of his would be this useless, and in an instant would be thrashed to fell on the ground by these two dogs of Security guards squad.
For the members of Wugui gang, security guards were like security dogs because every member of this Wugui gang had ordinary background and if not for them being a member of Wugui gang, it would have been a common situation for them to be bullied by those bigwigs inside this university and it was improbable that these security guards were going to care for them, that was the reason why they called security guards as security dogs.

Jiang Yuan University was really big and it had a clear hierarchy, in the topmost position, those four young masters were representative of all the bigwigs and members of Wugui Gang were representative of low-level people.

“Security dog, I am telling you, today you have turned a simple thing into such a big matter, We, Wugui gang…..”

Even before that sleeveless man could finish what he was saying, Xu Taiping smashed his truncheon in his mouth to break two teeth.

“It’s useless, even if you say these ruthless words in front of me.” Xu Taiping said while stirring his truncheon inside this sleeveless man’s mouth, “ You all say that you are an ordinary people, but would an ordinary person instead of confronting four young masters of this campus, will run here to bully other ordinary people like himself. If it is so, then I really feel pity for such ordinary people.”

“Huhuhu!” That sleeveless man was not able to speak anything.

Xu Taiping raised his foot and kicked that sleeveless man to fly. He heavily knocked against the wall behind his body and finally lost his consciousness.

“OK, it’s all good, now you can stand up.” Xu Taiping said to that student who was lying on the ground.

That student’s whole body shuddered and he yelled, “ get lost, you all get the hell out from here.”

“They all have run away from here, you don’t need to be afraid anymore.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

“I am telling you two to get the hell out of here, who asked you two to come and save me?” that student who was lying on the ground angrily stared at Xu Taiping and yelled, “You all have just prepared the material for my death!”

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