SFVSG Ch.40 Xu Taiping’s Warning

Yunding Private Clubhouse.

This was one of the most covert and luxurious private clubhouse in whole Jiang Yuan city. It was situated in the suburb of Jiang Yuan city and the whole mountaintop surrounding this Club House was renovated by its boss. Here inside the campus of this Clubhouse had a hot spring, a golf course as well as a small scale arena for horse riding.

Many prestigious personalities of Jiang Yuan cities were members of this clubhouse and Xia Jiang was this clubhouse’s super VIP member.

Xia Jiang was really fond of horses, that’s why especially for him, a group of Ferghana horses from Turkmenistan, was being raised there. This type of thing like Ferghana horse was simply just a hype and apart from its relation with genes, that makes it perspire somewhat red sweat only after a little movement which looked really beautiful under the sunlight, it had no comparison with Mongolian horses when it comes to running, in short, it was just a lifeform whose whole value depended on its good look.

Xia Jiang had spent more than tens of thousands on a single pair of such horse and he often came to this clubhouse to enjoy riding around on this horse, after which he liked to go back to eat tasty food in the evening and in the night had a chat with friends to play mahjong and so on things.

Today after playing mahjong, Xia Jiang had gone with his friends to have a Tuina massage and after which he alone went back to his room.

[T/N: Tuina is a Chinese massage technique with medical benefits.]

Inside the Yunding Private Clubhouse, there was a room exclusively reserved for him. This room was near a manmade lake and had a very fine scenery around it and after waking up from sleep, one could frequently enjoy the view of water birds gliding above the water surface.

A rare incense was fumigating inside that dimly lighted room of Xia Jiang.

And a beautiful Russian woman was lying down on a huge bed inside that room, moreover, this woman’s height was about one hundred eighty centimeters, her figure was very good and had a charming face.

Xia Jiang walked to the bed and sat down while facing his back toward that woman and soon started to roll his neck due to the lingering effect of the beforehand massage.

In any ordinary days that woman would have come to help him open the clothes on his body, but today even after waiting for a long time Xia Jiang could even see any whatsoever reaction from her.

Xia Jiang slightly wrinkled his eyebrows and turned his head to look behind.

That Russian woman’s body was somewhat red and she was lying there motionless. Her eyes were wide open and had a vague trace of fear in it.

Xia Jiang at once took a step to arrive at the bedside cabinet and pulled open a drawer and pulled out a very delicate pistol from inside.


That hand which was holding the pistol was grasped by someone and soon that gun along with the hand of Xia Jiang was pressed down on the top of that bedside cabinet.

“Whatever you want, I will give it to you.” Xia Jiang was looking at his hand and didn’t even raised his head to look at the man standing in front of him.

As an experienced person in the myriads of this world, he knew that many kidnapped persons had to suffer a lot of pain because they always looked at the things they shouldn’t look at, that’s why he always believed that it was in best interest of everyone to see as less as possible, furthermore, he always felt that one shouldn’t ask about the identity of the other person because this question didn’t have any whatsoever significance, moreover, one should directly show his desire to pay whatever the other party wants from him, like this other party could have a bit of balance in his mood and it would be improbale to get killed just because of others mood swing.

“I don’t want anything whatsoever.” Xu Taiping coldly looked at Xia Jiang and said, “ I have not come here to kill you, otherwise you would have been already dead.”

Xia Jiang body slightly trembled. He was slightly familiar with this voice, but even though he couldn’t remember when he has heard this voice, his was still lowering his head to look at his hand and didn’t dare to raise it as before.

“Then what do you want to do?” Xia Jiang asked.

“I don’t want to do anything at all!” Xu Taiping said.

After this second sentence, Xia Jiang finally remembered the master of this voice. He raised his head to look in front of himself and saw Xu Taiping standing in front of him and his face looked really terrifying in the dusky light of that room.

“How can it be you?” Xia Jiang couldn’t believe what he was seeing and asked.

“Even after sending peoples to tidy me up, if you thought that I will not come to look for you, then you are also really looking down on me.” Xu Taiping said.

“Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun?” Xia Jiang asked.

“They are inside a van parked at this clubhouse’s parking lot.” Xu Taiping said, “relax, nothing major happened to them, they have just fainted.”

“Then why have you come here to look for me? Do you want my daughter? Let me tell you, this is something impossible, I will never give my daughter to you.” Xia Jiang said while making a black face.

“It seems like you really treasure Xia Jinxuan.” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “Actually I have not come here for any big matter, I just want to tell you something, if I really want your life, I can take it whenever I want to, these Zhezhi Shan, Honghua Gun and so on things are like a joke in front of me. If I really want to kill you then I guarantee that none of them will be able to save you, however right now I don’t have any intention of killing you. Every day I am repeatedly being disturbed by these insects, that’s why this time I have come here to warn you, don’t send these bandits in front of me again, otherwise which day my mood is not good, they will suffer a calamity. Do you clearly understand?”

While saying ‘do you clearly understand’ these four words, the killer’s aura of Xu Taiping at once enveloped the body of Xia Jiang. This killer’s aura was really strong and terrifying, even if it was Xia Jiang who was already well versed in life and death situations of Jiang Yuan Underground Society, the color of his face still changed.

“In the end, what type of person you are?” Xia Jiang with a cautious expression looked at Xu Taiping. It is impossible for an ordinary person to have this type of killer’s aura, even if it was those so-called trump card killers, I have hired before, they also didn’t emit this kind of killer’s aura from their body.

“My identity doesn’t have any whatsoever relation with you, you just remember, that I don’t have any thought about your daughter. She has a young lady temperament and after some time she will naturally lose her interest in me. I just don’t want others to disturb my everyday life from now on, I hope you understand what I am saying to you?” Xu Taiping asked.

“I understand.” Xia Jiang nodded. There were two reasons why he tried to cope with Xu Taiping, first was, he thought that her daughter was swindled and second was because of Bao Ruifeng. But since Xu Taiping himself had said, that he didn’t have any whatsoever feeling for her daughter, so it was improbable for him to have a life and death situation with Xu Taiping just for Bao Ruifeng, after all, for him in this case gain was not equal to the loss.

“If you are clear then good.” Xu Taiping lifted his hand which was pressing Xia Jiang’s hand and said while looking at that Russian woman behind Xia Jiang body, “ well, at least the woman you look for yourself can be considered awesome. That woman who was standing behind you that day as well as this woman lying there today, all are really good looking.”

“Are you talking about Guan He?” Xia Jiang asked while knitting his brows.

“That person name is Guan He?” Xu Taiping asked.

“She is not my woman.” Xia Jiang shook his head.

Xu Taiping raised his eyebrows and started to laugh and without saying anything else, turned around and left.

After seeing that Xu Taiping had disappeared from his vision, Xia Jiang became silent for a long time. Then he picked up his cell phone and dialed to say, “go to the parking lot and look if there is any van parked there or not?”


After a short while, Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun both came in front of Xia Jiang.

And right now both were kneeling in front of Xia Jiang’s body.

“Eldest Child, this is my mistake, I didn’t expect that Xu Taiping will use such shady trick. He has set up a mechanism to emit poisonous gas inside his room, which we failed to pay attention to. Eldest Child, asking you to give us one more chance, this time I will surely come back with Xu Taiping’s limb!” Honghua Gun said while clenching his fist.

“Forget about this matter.” Xia Jiang waved his hand and said, “ this Xu Taiping is not simple, and also there isn’t any enmity between us. It will be good if we don’t go out to casually provoke him.”

“But, Eldest Child, if I go there with real weapons, I am sure that I will be able to teach him a lesson!” Honghua Gun anxiously said.

“What real weapons? Can that poisonous gas also be considered as a real weapon? I have many time said to you all, you can defeat an opponent in many ways, but the most stupid way is to meet force with force. He was able to use that poisonous gas because of his ability. You two don’t need to again look for an excuse, go back to think about why you were defeated by this poisonous gas.” Xia Jiang waved his hand to say.

“Yes Eldest Child.” Honghua Gun clenched his teeth to nod.

“You all can go back.” Xia Jiang said.

‘Yes!!” one by one everyone left that room.

“In the end, who is this Xu Taiping and for what reason he has approached Jinxuan…is it really possible that he really doesn’t have any whatsoever feeling for Jinxuan?” Xia Jing though while wrinkling his eyebrows.

Today was a good day for those students who were participating in military training because it was raining whole day and according to the weather forecast, there was even a high chance for rain during the next three days.

In other words, for next few days, the military training was going to be held inside the indoor gymnasium and the gymnasium had central Air Conditioner installed, moreover there was little chance of having the sun in the sky, in short, this whole situation was really too beautiful for them.
After military training was canceled for the day at noon, Xu Taiping and his group were sitting in the stand of the gymnasium and at the center of that gymnasium, a group of men was playing basketball.

“Nevertheless youngsters really have a lot of energy. Although there is no sun since early morning, I think they have gotten really powerful after the training and unexpectedly still have the energy to play basketball!” Chen Wen said while sighing.

“You are talking like an old man.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

“Oh.” Chen Wen grumbled after suddenly looking toward his lateral side.

Xu Taiping also looked toward the direction where grumbling Chen Wen was looking, only to find Song Jialing in a short skirt and white shirt, walking toward him while holding a water kettle.

‘We won’t disturb you!” That group of security guards at once ambiguously laughed to go toward a vacant side.

“Tai, Uncle Taiping, I am really sorry about yesterday. I had to go outside the university due to some sudden urgent matters and when I came back, I was not able to find you inside the security guard room.” Song Jialing said in a regretful manner to Xu Taiping.

“It’s not a big deal, and there is no need for any apology, after all, who doesn’t have some sudden urgent matters, you don’t need to mind it.” Xu Taiping said.

“I am feeling very apologetic.” Song Jialing said and walked beside Xu Taiping to sit down.

That skirt she was wearing was already short and when she sat down, that skirt of hers almost pulled to the root of her thigh.

Xu Taiping secretly looked toward her thigh, this thigh is indeed beautiful. Although it is a little slender, it is also really straight and I think it will feel really pleasurable to have this thigh on one’s shoulder during bed fight.

“You don’t need to take it to your heart, it really doesn’t matter.” Xu Taiping said.

“In order to express my apology, today I have specially prepared a special water refreshment in this kettle for you. This is a mixture of ice crystal sugar and wolfberry water. Taiping Uncle this is my favorite kettle and I am giving it to you as a present.” Song Jialing shyly handed that water kettle to Xu Taiping.

“I think this is not a good idea.” Xu Taiping said while scratching his head, “ after all, this is a beloved object of yours.”

“Taiping Uncle, I am giving this to you as a present and like this, I can also express my apology, moreover I want you, Taiping Uncle to remember me whenever you look at this cup in the future. Good, Taiping Uncle, I am going back now.” Song Jialing said to turn around and departed from there with a red face.

After waiting for Song Jialing to go back, that group of Security Guards at once returned.

“You really have a good fortune in love affairs!” Chen Wen sighed to say, “I finally understand, why that day you sent me back. This is really a good young woman!”

“This water is really tasty.” Xu Taiping drank a mouth full to say while laughing.

“Well as for her being a good woman, that is something even I can’t say right now.” Xu Taiping secretly thought inside his heart.


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