SFVSG Ch.39 Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun

For this one meal, Xu Taiping waited from six in the evening till eight, but there wasn’t even a bit of information from Song Jialing. And Finally while waiting for Song Jialing, Xu Taiping fell asleep inside the Security Guard room for several hours. After Xu Taiping awoke, he left the Security Guard room while yawning to go to a vendor’s stand outside the university gate who were selling stir-fry noodles. He ordered from that stall a plate of stir-fry noodle and from the adjacent vendor, he took a bottle of cola.

“Xu elder brother.” Zhou Nuo moved a small stool and sat beside Xu Taiping body and curiously asked, “how come you are eating here, this late in the night?”

“I was stood up by a person.” Xu Taiping laughed to say.

“Who dares to not show himself in front of my Xu Elder brother?!” Zhou Nuo said, “ does this person really doesn’t want to mingle inside this university? Just tell me who is that person, I will at once go out to tidy him up.”

“It’s all right, what bullshit you are talking about trying to tidy up someone?” Xu Taiping laughed to tap Zhou Nuo head and said, “did you carefully watch university gate after I asked you to, did you see any unusual thing?”

“Have seen!” Zhou Nuo nodded and with a mysterious expression he moved near Xu Taiping’s ear and said, “ for last two days, every day a van departs from our university gate at three in the noon.”

“Van?” Xu Taiping raised his eyebrows and said, “what type of van it was? Who was driving it?”

“Who was driving it, that I don’t know, but I have remembered the license plate number of that van, ‘Jiang C56773’.” Zhou Nuo said.

“Good, it can be regarded as you boy doing a bit of important matter.” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “continue to assist me with watching that van and try to understand the pattern of its movement. Later I will take you to enjoy heaven.”

“Xu elder brother without your help, my business idea wouldn’t have succeeded. So heaven not heaven, don’t say these things again.” Zhou Nuo laughed to scratch his head and said, “ it is just that, the military training is almost over and in few days new term will start in our university and when that time comes, I won’t be able to help you look at the gate.”

“After new term starts in the university, I will give you other matters to do, after all, it would be really improbable to let you have free time.” Xu Taiping after finished speaking, eat whole plate of stir-fry noodles in three-four mouthful and then turned around to return toward the university gate.

Right now it was already nine in the night and was really peaceful inside the university. Since the second year student still didn’t return to the university for their next term curriculum, therefore the big campus of the university looked really spacious and empty.

The caress of light wind was also relieving the heat in the atmosphere.

Xu Taiping was holding a cigarette in his mouth and was unhurriedly walking toward his dormitory.

The dorm room of Su Nianci which was adjacent to the room of Xu Taiping was already closed and it was reported that she had moved to a guest room outside the campus and it looked like she really felt loathing toward Xu Taiping to the extremity.

Well it was not like Xu Taiping was feeling grieved or anything, after all, most of the people in one’s life are a passerby and if one really grieved for everyone then it would be really hard for one to live his life.

Although there wasn’t anyone in his adjacent room, there was a presence of someone inside his own room.

His dorm room was lighted and the door of his room was open.

Xu Taiping clearly remembered that he had closed his room when he was going out, but right now it was open. Naturally, it was impossible for Erdan to open it on her own that’s why he had no choice but consider the possibility of a presence of other people inside his room.

Xu Taiping walked to go inside the gate and saw two men sitting in his room. One person was sitting on Xu Taiping’s bed and had very effeminate white color skin. So white instead of natural skin color that it appeared as if he didn’t have blood flowing through his veins, also he was very thin and his chin was pointed and it was even strange to think that a man could have that kind of chin.

The other man was sitting on a stool, this person stature was very thick and robust, especially his neck was very thick and short. His head was shaved and the muscles of his body were really protruding. He was wearing a white shirt and it was easy to see the muscle of this body bulging inside that shirt. This man was right now teasing Erdan and Erdan without any conscience was happily playing with him.

“Erdan, if you are going to guard this house like this, then I am sure that in the near future I will find this house empty!” Xu Taiping helplessly said.

After hearing Erdan this name, the body of Erdan at once quivered to look toward Xu Taiping and soon she happily ran toward Xu Taiping to incessantly rub his leg.

“Is your name Xu Taiping?” that effeminate person who was sitting on the bed, reclined his body using the support of his both hand and smiled to look at Xu Taiping.

“One effeminate-looking person and other one has a big head and thick neck, if I am not mistaken then you two should be Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun?” Xu Taiping asked while smiling.

“Oh, you unexpectedly know us?” the man who was sitting on the bed said while having a face full of smile, “ I am Honghua Gun and he is Zhezhi Shan.”

“Oh I though you were Zhezhi Shan and he was Honghua Gun, after all, your face is so effeminate, it doesn’t match up with the name of Honghua Gun.” Xu Taiping laughed and said.
“How do you know us two?” Honghua Gun curiously asked.

“This is actually simple, I have a relationship with Xia Jiang’s daughter and in the past, I had a life and death situation with the men of Jia Jiang. If I am not even capable enough to find about the characteristics of the two most prominent figures inside the Xia Jiang’s gang then I would have already died many times.” Xu Taiping smiled and said.

“It looks like you are not someone as simple as a security guard.” Honghua Gun said.

“Why is it that the only one who is doing all the talk is you, how come this tall man is not saying anything?” Xu Taiping pointed his finger at Zhezhi Shan and asked.

“He can’t speak, he is mute.” Honghua Gun laughed and said, “ naturally even if he can’t speak, whenever I say is also his voice.”

“Can’t speak? This indeed is a pity.” Xu Taiping said.

“Sometimes not able to say anything is a good thing.” Honghua Gun laughed to step down from the bed and looked at Xu Taiping to say, “ regardless of any status of yours, today you are out of luck.”

“Did Xia Jiang asked you two to kill me? If it is true then it really makes a man feel disappointed. It was just matter of time that his daughter was going to sleep with someone, so it doesn’t matter as long as whoever slept with her had Xia Jinxuan consent. But now that I have slept with her daughter, he wants to kill me. It feels like he really doesn’t have any value for human life in his eyes.” Xu Taiping shook his head to say.

“Our being here doesn’t have any relation with the young lady. This Fenglin region is under the control of Bao Ruifeng and Zhou Xiaoyu is Bao Ruifeng’s subordinate. You held Zhou Xiaoyu to deliver him to the prison as well as spoiled here’s established standards and rules, that’s why we two have come here to teach you a lesson, oh we will only teach you a lesson that’s all, we won’t kill you. We just want one hand and one leg of your’s and that will be sufficient for us.” Honghua Gun said.

“Those few words you have spoken before are really true.” Xu Taiping walked inside the gate to close it and said while laughing.

“What few words?” Honghua Gun asked.

“That sometimes being not able to speak is a good thing. At least that tall person who can’t speak will be less miserable than you in a while.” Xu Taiping said.

“Then I actually want to see how miserable I can be.” Honghua Gun said in a low voice and then suddenly grabbed the quilt above the bed and threw it in front of Xu Taiping. Then he reached behind the quilt in a step and threw a kick to that quilt in order to trample Xu Taiping.

Along with this move of Honghua Gun, that mute Zhezhi Shan, who was sitting on that chair directly leaped toward that quilt like an artillery shell and banged more than a dozen of fist on it.


That quilt due to the sudden huge impact was ripped apart into pieces in the air and the leg of Honghua Gun and the fist of Zhezhi Shan finally passed through that quilt, however, each punch and kick of these two couldn’t even scratch the body of Xu Taiping.

Because Xu Taiping who was standing in front of them, suddenly disappeared from there!

A bust of white smoke suddenly roused inside that room.

“So many superfluous words really gave me an opportunity to prepare for this trick.” Xu Taiping reverberated behind these two men’s back.

“How is it possible?!” when these two turned their head to look behind them they found that Xu Taiping was standing there while wearing an anti-poison mask, moreover what was most astonishing for them was, that Erdan who was standing on the ground was also wearing that same anti-poison mask.

This Xu Taiping unexpectedly took advantage of the gap when we were attacking him to move behind us, moreover let alone he put on a mask on himself in such a short time, he is even able to put a gas mask on his dog as well, just how agile he is?

In an instant whole room was covered by that gas and every window and so on things of this room was also close.

“Bastard!” Honghua Gun charged toward Xu Taiping while clenching his teeth, but even before he could move half a meter, a weakness spread inside his whole body and finally he fell down on the ground with face first. In the same way Zhezhi Shan also slowly fell down on the ground.

Xu Taiping raised his foot to step on Honghua Gun’s face and said, “nowadays, without clearly understanding the situation and characteristics of your enemy and rashly exposing oneself in front of your enemy is not a sensible thing to do, moreover, without grasping victory in your palm, one should talk as little as possible, after all, majority of villains do die because of their excess crappy talk.”

After saying, Xu Taiping at once kicked the face of Honghua Gun.

Two lines of blood started to violently flow from the nose of Honghua Gun and soon he closed his eyes to lose consciousness.

Xu Taiping walked in front of Zhezhi Shan and looked at the glaring Zhezhi Shan. He laughed and said, “you should be grateful to me of the present time, if it was me of the past, you two would have been already killed.”

Zhezhi Shan was still angrily glaring at Xu Taiping, but he didn’t even have any intention to converse with Xu Taiping. Xu Taiping laughed and raised his leg to kick his face and Zhezhi Shan also lost his consciousness.

Right now both men were already in a stupor and Xu Taiping had also taken down that anti-poison mask from his face.

The white smoke inside this room was still not scattered and as before shrouding the whole room, however, this same smoke which was sufficient to make Honghua Gun and Zhezhi Shan powerless, unexpectedly didn’t have any effect on Xu Taiping.

“The reason why I wore this mask because I don’t want you all to consider me a monster.” Xu Taiping took a deep breath to talk to himself loudly. As for what he said, it was just that, that white smoke was fundamentally incapable of harming his body, back then in those years when he was receiving his special training, every day he had to practice taking a bath in poisonous substances and due to which the effect on his body increased to such an extent that now these poisonous materials including this white smoke, didn’t even have any effect on Xu Taiping’s body.

“This Jia Jiang is really annoying!” Xu Taiping looked at these two men who were lying on the ground and slightly wrinkled his eyebrows. Enemies are something which will incessantly come one after another, and everyone will be stronger than the last one. This time Jia Jiang has sent these two to teach me a lesson, but let’s say, if he again looks for a more stronger enemy to teach me, then for me who just want to live an ordinary life, is really not a good thing. Although it doesn’t have any big danger, if next time other person chose to confront me in front of the public then my skills will surely be exposed and at that time, others will be more vigilant toward me.

I just want to live my life in peace and security, however, if even as a security guard I have to face these sort of fights and killing schemes every day then I might as well return to be a killer, at least it would make me more money.


























































































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