SFVSG Ch.38 In order to capture one must lose

The drizzle moistens my gown with wet apricot
The wind caressing my face with willows chills me not.

Stopped the coach to enjoy the late maple woods.

A spray of red apricot blossom has already reached over the wall.

[T/N: there are excerpts from three poems used here, first two line are from one poem, third line from another and fourth line from another.]

Moist and wet.

Xu Taiping fell into that pool and his whole body was submerged into the beforehand used bathe water of Song Jialing. On the other hand, Song Jialing’s whole body was still being embraced by Xu Taiping and her clothes were also drench from the sudden incident.

Since it was summer, therefore the clothes she wore was very thin and one could clearly see her skin through her clothes.

It was clear by looking at her clothes that her favorite color was indeed pink, after all, being drenched in the water, one could easily see that all the private part of her body was covered by pink color underwears.

Xu Taiping was not some vegetarian dog, he took the advantage of this opportunity to loosen his hands, he was using to embrace her and put it on the buttock of Song Jialing.

“Haiii!” Song Jialing shrieked and started to struggle in the pool to escape from the hands of Xu Taiping, due to which her whole body submerged into the pool.

The world can learn here something, Song Jialing had really planned every thing really good, even that final act of slipping into Xu Taiping to fell into that pool as well as how Xu Taiping would take advantage to hold her, she had considered every thing, but what she was unable to take into account was, the high water level inside the pool and that was the reason, when she struggled to turn around in Xu Taiping to shove open his hand, her upper body inclined to enter inside the water surface and that water which was mixture of, shower gel and water, at once enter inside her open mouth and nose.

If it was just water then it wouldn’t have anything major, but due to shower gel, the water texture had become somewhat soapy so it was very bad for the body if someone drank this water. When this water entered inside the mouth of Song Jialing’s mouth and nose, her first thought was to vomit this water, but her whole body was already submerged into the water, that’s why she was not able to vomit out of her mouth. Even though the water outflux from the stomach was easily able to move to her throat, but since she was not able to open her mouth to throw it out, she finally choked on it.

This pond was roughly half-meter deep and Song Jialing knew swimming. In any ordinary day even if she had stood up in this pool, it wouldn’t have reached above the pit of her stomach, but right now since she had choked on the water, she panicked and started to flap her hands on the water surface and in the whole confusion she unconsciously drank a lot of water.

Xu Taiping didn’t expect that Song Jialing would drown in this situation, but after seeing the flapping of Song Jialing, he at once carried her out from that pool and put her on the ground.

Although only a few seconds had passed from the beginning, right now Song Jialing face was already very red and although the water was flowing out from the corner of her mouth, it was clear that the nose, ear, and throat of Song Jialing were full of water.

“Crap, if you really die like this, then it will be really misfortunate for me!” Xu Taiping blamed her and raised his hand and intertwined his fingers together to put on Song Jialing chest and started to press on her in a pattern. After that, he raised his hand to pinch Song Jialing’s nose and then stooped down toward her mouth to blow air inside her mouth.

This was the most basic method to make one spill water from their lungs and stomach. Since Song Jialing stomach was full of water, she at once started to spill water from her mouth, after Xu Taiping performed this whole set of a method on her.

“Cough cough cough!” Song Jialing started to fiercely cough and Xu Taiping at once supported her body and started to pat her back.

“Cough cough cough, I thought, I will really drown this time.” Song Jialing was coughing while holding tears in her eyes.

“Well, it is all good now. Since you have drunk a lot of water, it might be possible that your belly would hurt in the night.” Xu Taiping said.

“Thanks, really thank you.” Song Jialing turned her head to look toward Xu Taiping, and gratefully said, “if it wasn’t for you, I might have died.”

“Isn’t us security guards responsibility is to protect you all from all kind of suffering and injury?” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “ This is something we must do.”

“Now I am feeling much better.” After spitting out everything she had swallowed before, she stood up and after thinking something she bashfully said, “You, did you just now kissed me?”

“That was simple artificial respiration, so you don’t need to care about that.” Xu Taiping said.

“Oh….that, that was others first kiss.” Song Jialing at once blushed like a ripened apple and with her appearance which didn’t have many differences from being naked, was painting an astonishingly destructive scene in front of Xu Taiping.

“Wu Wu!” Erdan started to bark in this delicate moment.

“I, I am going to change my clothes. Just now, just now I must have misinterpreted what I saw, there mustn’t be any pervert and my things are also safe. Really thank you. Let’s do this, how about I ask you to have food with me tomorrow?’ Song Jialing said while wrapping a bath towel around herself.

“This is a simple matter, it is not even worth mentioning.” Xu Taiping shook his head and said, “you don’t need to invite me to any dinner and so on things.”

“This is out of the question, I believe that the so-called ‘favor of receiving a drop of water of someone must be returned with a fountain’, let alone you have saved my life. We will settle it like this, after tomorrow’s military practice, we will go back to take a bath and then we will go to the city center to have a meal, this is my treat!” Song Jialing said.

“Also good.” Xu Taiping laughed and said, “ tomorrow you can come to Security guard room to look for me, oh, by the way, my surname is Xu, and my name is Xu Taiping.”

“That can’t I just call you security guard uncle?” Song Jialing laughed and asked.

“You can call me elder brother, after all, uncle makes me somewhat old, well it is not important. If you don’t have anything important then I am going back now, if you have any matter in the future you can call our security department from the downstairs dorm manager’s room.” Xu Taiping said and turned around to walk toward Erdan to open her leash and then after saying goodbye to Song Jialing, he left her room.

“It is really repulsive that my first kiss is stolen by this kind of man!” After Xu Taiping went outside her room, Song Jialing made a black face. She raised her hand and started to wipe her lips, although just now it was a simple artificial respiration, there was no denying that their lips overlapped on each other! Although Song Jialing was very fond of seducing other’s boyfriends, in these many years, every time she was capable of escaping unscathed. Before today, she had never paid whatsoever using her body, and right now this was indeed her first kiss.

“I must wash myself once again!” Song Jialing went to the door and closed it and then shed her clothes on her body to enter the pool.


Ground Floor of Female Students Dormitory.

Xu Taiping while holding Erdan’s leash finally walked to the front of a group of Security guards which was led by Chen Wen.

“Taiping, what happened? Did you grasp that man or not?” Chen Wen said while panting.

“Even if I asked you go out to all men, do you really have to call them?” Xu Taiping looked at Chen Wen and with an ambiguous smile said, “ honestly tell me, you really don’t have any girlfriend right?”

“This….why are you asking something like this, Well I really don’t have any girlfriend.” Chen Wen embarrassingly said.

“No wonder.” Xu Taiping laughed to pat Chen Wen’s Shoulder and said, “it doesn’t matter, let’s go back.”

“That pervert?” Chen Wen asked.

“Where is any pervert here? You must have misheard.” Xu Taiping said.


“There is no but, you have misheard, that’s all.” Xu Taiping said with a face beaming with a smile, “I am going back to change my clothes, I am giving you the responsibility to patrol on this campus, you also go back and rest after some time.”

After saying, Xu Taiping pulled Erdan to go toward his dormitory.

“I can’t even understand, what’s it all about?” Chen Wen was standing at the same place for a long time and was trying to ponder over the beforehand incident.

Next day after military training, Xu Taiping at once returned to his dormitory to take a bath and then to make oneself alluring, he sprayed a bit of perfume over his clothes.

After putting on an appropriate appearance, when he reached the security guard room and looked at his watch, it was already six in the evening.

Xu Taiping was blowing whistle while sitting on a chair and his mood was really good.

Outside the University, inside a small leisure station named ‘Shuishui Pujing’, Song Jialing was sitting while holding a cup of milk tea and Xia Jinxuan was sitting beside her. She proudly said, “ can you see it or not, I merely asked him to have food with me and look how happy he is right now? If you are not successful even after pursuing this kind of man for so many days, then I can only say that the disparity between me and you is very big.”

“You really don’t understand that person.” Xia Jinxuan said, “he is that kind of person who won’t eat the same food time. He will be eagerly attentive with you till he is able to eat you, but after eating he at once wipe the mouth and refuses to even recognize the person!”

“Then isn’t this man just a dreg of the society?” Song Jialing rolled her eyes and said, “ Xia Jinxuan, are your eyes getting more worse with each passing day such that right now you can’t even differentiate between a dreg and a treasured object?”

“I don’t know why, but I always feel that he is just trying to act like a scum, but in reality, he is not a dreg! I am very convinced of my sixth sense!” Xia Jinxuan seriously said.

“What bullshit sixth sense you are talking about, this kind of man is a model playboy. It is only because you this kind of money and riches eldest daughter of an affluent family haven’t run into this kind of man till now, therefore you have forgotten that this kind of thing is like a game for that kind of man, you are still inexperienced and very far from the level of your Song elder sister, let me tell you, if someday he started to follow me like some kind of dog, you must not get angry with me.” Song Jialing said.

“Hehe, if he really started to follow you like a dog, that I at once start to call you Song Older sister, moreover from then on, I will start to follow you blindly!” Xia Jinxuan laughed sarcastically.

“Good, this matter such settled!” Song Jialing clicked her finger and happily said.

“What if you lose?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“Let alone it is impossible, but if I really lose then I will start calling you Xia Older sister and I will start listening to you in every matter, ok?” Song Jialing asked.

“That’s settled then!” Xia Jinxuan laughed while feeling pleased with herself and said, “ I am waiting for you to call me older sister.”

“And I am waiting for you to shout me older sister. Ok, let’s not say this, I am going back to have a meal.” Song Jialing said and turned around to go away from there.

“Where are you all going to eat?” Xia Jinxuan curiously asked.

“What ‘you all’ are you talking about? I am going to eat by myself alone, it doesn’t have any relation with him.” Song Jialing gave a supercilious look and said.

“Didn’t you have an appointment with him to eat in the same place?” Xia Jinxuan asked in doubt.

“Little sister Xia Jinxuan, don’t you know what is called ‘in order to capture one must lose’? Song Jialing proudly raised her small beautiful chin and said, “by making him lose hope to make him feel a setback, then if you behave with him in a good manner then only, will he at once follow you like a dog while shaking his tail and beg you for your love. As for finding a man for myself, my criteria is, even more, higher than you, humph.”

After saying, Song Jialing turned around to leave.

“Humph, I don’t believe that he won’t fall for me, but will take a fancy to you. Wait till the day when you are also harmed by him, then I will look how will you cry at that time!!: Xia Jinxuan nipped her teeth in resentment and said.


















































































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