SFVSg Ch.37 Who is the pervert?

“Hiyaa!!” A shriek suddenly came from the eighth floor and soon came the sound of someone rapidly walking down the stairs.

Xu Taiping flabbergastingly looked at Chen Wen and both were baffled due to that sudden shriek.

With a ‘CHRR’ sound, the gate opened and a young girl who was without a doubt nine points or higher came dashing from that door. She had a flustered expression and although she just wanted to run down the stairs, in the end, she found Xu Taiping standing behind that door. She at once stopped her feet and nervously said, “ Security guard uncle, up..upstairs have a pervert.”1

“Pervert?” Xu Taiping eyes started to sparkle and he said, “What’s the matter?!”

“I…when I just came out from the washroom after taking a bath, I saw….saw a black shadow running outside my dormitory gate, after…after that I discover that..my…my underwear cabinet was unexpectedly opened by someone and inside..inside the drawer has some of my underwears missing.” That little young girl excitedly said. Her both eyes were deep red as if she was crying before coming out of that gate.

“What? In this broad daylight unexpectedly have such matter! Chen Wen, You at once go to the security guard room and bring some people to assist me, I am going upstairs to look at the situation!” Xu Taiping said while making a solemn face.

“Don’t we have the intercom, just use it to ask our brothers to come here!” Chen Wen said while pointing at the intercom hanging around Xu Taiping’s waist.

“Oh right, I really forgot!” Xu Taiping picked the intercom and turned his body to face away from that frightened young girl.

But if one had looked carefully, they would have seen those cracks which had started to appear on that intercom due to the excess strength Xu Taiping was exerting with his fingers while he was holding that intercom.

“Really is a pity that this intercom is not working!” Xu Taiping all of a sudden said in a helpless voice.

“Indeed, really is a pity.” Chen Wen had personally seen how Xu Taiping had spoiled that intercom and even if he was slow-witted, he was still not to that level where he couldn’t understand Xu Taiping’s intention.

“I am going out to look for some people for help!” Chen Wen seriously nodded and soon dashed down the stairs.

“Little girl, take me upstairs to look at the crime scene. After all, only after checking the crime scene, I can arrive at a preliminary judgment. And I think that pervert should still be above and since this path in front of us is the only path to go down from the eighth story, I think it would be safer for you to grab my arms in case there are some unexpected accidents! And look you should only grab my hand so that this doesn’t create any misunderstanding to other people!” Xu Taiping earnestly said.

“Yes Yes of course.” That little girl really looked frightened and at once grabbed Xu Taiping’s arm.

Even though her small hand was ice-cold due to being really frightened, her palm was really soft and tender. When she held the arm of Xu Taiping, he felt really good.

“Oh right, little girl, what is your name?” Xu Taiping asked.

“My? My name is Song Jialing.” That little girl said while having a somewhat nervous expression on his face.

‘Song Jialing? Really good name! Let’s go upstairs, Jialing!” Xu Taiping said and walked toward upper floor. And Song Jialing was following him while grabbing his arm as if she was afraid that Xu Taiping would leave her there to go upstairs alone.

Xu Taiping’s one arm was grabbed by Song Jialing and on the other hand, he was holding the leash of Erdan. They finally reached the eighth-story.

The eighth story was really spacious and didn’t have undergarment or so on things hanging in the corridor like the lower stories and it looked really clean.

There were only four dorm room on the eighth-story and were allocated separately to four different students. Right now only one room still had its lights on and naturally, it was Song Jialing’s room.

“You said that you just saw a black shadow here, tell me where it was?” Xu Taiping walked to the gate to Song Jialing’s dormitory and looked inside her room to ask.

After looking at the scenes, at once Xu Taiping got really surprised.

Even though his own dorm room had a bed, a table and even if the carpet area of his room was more than twenty meters, the disparity with Song Jialing’s room was like heaven and earth. Her whole room was decorated as if it was a princess room and in the center of the room had a huge princess bed, moreover on the bed had a huge mosquito net!

Well, maybe it was only Xu Taiping in this whole world who could make a mistake to think of an Italian made bedspread as a mosquito net.

The whole room was congested with all kind of pink stuff. This room had a dressing table, desk, computer table, wardrobe and so on things but the most incomprehensible thing for Xu Taiping was that huge water pool situated at the most interior of the room, and it looked like that this was the place to take a bath.

“Just after I came out of the washroom after taking a bath, I saw a black shadow which flint by that door. Then I saw that my undergarment cabin was open and everything inside was rummaged!” Song Jialing pointed her finger at the nearby opened cabinet and said.

Even though the distance between that cabinet and Xu Taiping was three-four meters, he was still able to see some black and pink thing inside that cabinet.

Inside that cabinet were the dream and one of the biggest desires of countless men.

“This matter requires serious investigation. Unexpectedly a pervert dared to come to the female dormitory, really is a bastard!” Xu Taiping said and moved toward that undergarment wardrobe.

The closer Xu Taiping was to that cabinet the more rapid his heartbeat was getting and finally, when he stopped in front of that undergarment cabinet, his adrenaline level was already many times higher than that of a normal person.

“Oh my god, this wardrobe is full of summer collection of Victoria Secret!” Xu Taiping looked at the neatly arranged undergarments and sighed with emotion.

As for why Xu Taiping knew about the collections of Victoria Secret, there was a high chance that this had something to do with the video collection of models and their fashion show, he had inside his computer.

Xu Taiping crouched down to tie the leash of Erdan and then he raised his trembling hands to put inside that wardrobe and righteously said, “ Classmate Song, these things are one of the evidences present at the scene, I have to inspect them. Can you confirm which type of underwear you have lost?”

“I, I also don’t know. I just know that before this incident my cabinet was fully cramped, but now it appears to suddenly have some room there. I feel that someone must have stolen some of my underwears. Security Guard Uncle, can you help me inspect to find out how many pairs are missing from my cabinet?” Song Jialing asked in a pleading way.

“Actually I can help, but I don’t know how many pairs of underwear for each color, you originally had, so it is somewhat hard for me to inspect!” Xu Taiping said to pick a piece and while looking at it up and down, he said, “ Do you still remember how many of these pairs you had for each color?”

“This, I am also not very clear, but we can do like this, security guard uncle, you one by one take out every piece of underwear inside that cabinet, I might be able to remember which of the pair I am short of, after looking at them!” Song Jialing asked.

“I think this is not good, after all, these are your private things.” Xu Taiping tried to be reserved and said.

“But right now what is most important is to find if my underwears are stolen or not.” Song Jialing bashfully said, “Let’s forget about these things for now and if we don’t find it before the arrival of those security guards then I would have to show all of these private things in front of them. And instead of showing these things to so many men, I would rather have you….you security guard uncle to see them right now, at least… at least I think this is something I can accept.”

“I will follow your kind request rather than sticking to courteous rules!!” Xu Taiping cupped one fist in the other hand and soon started to take out one by one every underwear of Song Jialing.

Each and every piece of this underwear still had the remnant of young maiden’s fragrance on them and whenever Xu Taiping was taking out each piece he was feigning to casually take a deep breath to have his senses assaulted by the fragrance on those underwears and each time his feeling were thrown into the confusion.

Song Jialing was anxiously looking at Xu Taiping and when finally he had practically rummaged through every pair of her underwears in that cabinet, she frowned and said, “It seems like, It seems like I have not lost anything at all.”

“This, Classmate Song, aren’t you just trying to play with me.” Xu Taiping somewhat discontentedly said.

“No, there is something missing, I am missing my black color underwear!” Song Jianling said with certainty, “ I am unable to find my black brassiere!”

“Was it really stollen? Really hateful, in this broad daylight there is really someone daring enough to steal an underwear!” Xu Taiping resentfully stood up and said, “I must find him and there is still a high chance that he is still hiding somewhere in this room. Classmate Song, you go and close the door, so that I can carefully examine your room!”

“Ok, Security Guard Uncle. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you must catch that pervert to teach him a lesson, best of luck!” Song Jialing clenched her small fist and said.

Xu Taiping showed a charming smile on his face and soon lit the flashlight in his hand and started to search surrounding wardrobe and so on things.

Song Jialing was leaning against the door and with a ridicule, she was looking at Xu Taiping.

“Ao Ao!” Erdan barked as if she was not happy being tied by that leash.

Xu Taiping as if he hadn’t even heard the voice of Erdan, he continued to search around the room and after examining few things he finally walked to the side of that huge water pool.

At that moment, the pool was still full of water and a lot of flower petals were floating on the water surface, moreover, there was a black damp thing lying around the rim of that water pool.

Xu Taiping eyes got bright, he stooped down and picked that black thing.

That black thing was still wet and water drops were dripping from it.

Xu Taiping opened that black thing to examine and at once his eyes started to shine.

Clearly, it was the same stollen thing of Song Jialing and it appeared as if she had forgotten, that she had left if here after taking a bath. Now it was very difficult for Xu Taiping to decide his next action, after all, if he took out the thing he was holding in his hand, then it will naturally prove that there wasn’t any pervert here and he would have to return it, however, the thing he was holding still had the sweat of a young beautiful girl which still wasn’t washed and a strong unadulterated smell was still coming out from it.

One could even consider it as a treasure of all treasure and for any sentimental Chinese it was an opportunity one shouldn’t miss even for the world.

Xu Taiping was having an inside struggle and the complexion of his face was rapidly changing as if it was really difficult for him to make his choice.

Even in his old days, when he had to kill his military instructor, he didn’t have such internal struggle!

After a long time, Xu Taiping finally decided something to calmly breath out and he put out a saint like a smile on his face and said while shaking that black thing in his hand, “I found it. There wasn’t any pervert, that was just your imagination.”

“Ah!!” Song Jialing cried out in fear and at once ran toward Xu Taiping, as if she wanted to snatch that thing as soon as possible from Xu Taiping’s hand.

Xu Taiping was standing where he was while waiting to Song Jialing, but he didn’t expect that the feet of Song Jialing would slip to collide with him when she was running like her life depends on it.

Xu Taiping was a very righteous person, so it was almost impossible for him to see other in a problem and not do anything, that’s why at that time he naturally spread his both arms and embraced Song Jialing to stop her.

But due to the large inertia of Song Jialing, both directly fell into that fragrant water pool.

And with a splash sound, in an instant, both were fully drenched.


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