SFVSG Ch.36 Female Student Dormitory

At that moment Xu Taiping didn’t know that even before he could settle his matters with Xia Jinxuan, he was already being stared by the childhood friend of her, who was much more cunning and Shrewd than Xia Jinxuan. Being stared at by this kind of woman, nobody knew if it was his good luck or bad luck. But one point was certain, that the future of Xu Taiping was surely going to be much more colorful.

These men of Security Guard department who were participating in military training were having a very rough time since they had to do military training in the day and in the night they had to work in shifts.

Tonight it was Xu Taiping shift, he was wearing a neat and tidy security guard uniform and was partnered with Chen Wen to patrol around the whole campus.

Jiang Yuan university didn’t have the rule to guard their entrance gates and didn’t have any restriction on timing. Everyone was allowed to return to their dormitory whenever they wanted since Jiang Yuan University had many sons of entrepreneurs and second-generation young masters. These people frequently went out only to return in the late night after getting exhilarated and it was not difficult to imagine that if the university really placed a guard on the gates to restrict their movements they would have surely pounded these gates and by doing so, on the one hand, it would have affected the surrounding students who would have already slept in their room and on the other hand it would also have harmed the peaceful and harmonic image the University, therefore University had decided let the gate of every dormitory open 27*7 for students. Naturally, ID card was a must to enter the dormitory building, moreover, it was mandatory to have a security guard outside every University Dormitory.

Xu Taiping was hanging an intercom on his waist and in addition to a flashlight in his hand, he was also holding a leash which was tied around Erdan’s neck.

Erdan seldom strolled like this inside the University because whenever Xu Taiping went outside, he usually locked him inside his dormitory, after all, with Erdan being such energetic animal, she would have surely gone outside to find him after he went to his job and since the University was so big and had so many students, it would have been a bad thing if he was picked by someone.

Erdan was curiously looking around herself because she had never stepped her feet outside the Dormitory after being picked by Xu Taiping. And right now, she was very curious and everything around her was totally new for her.

“ Taiping, you really have the guts, how daring of you to provoke those soldiers of South China Tiger Special Force like that, if it was me, I would have died from heart attack. Let alone that even just being in their presence make my heart go thump!” Chen Wen admiringly said while walking with Xu Taiping.

“Anyone can have the guts, the premise is the situation must be under your control.” Xu Taiping while looking around himself to check if anyone else was present there or not, he said, “ I knew that it would be almost impossible for the men of South China Tiger to beat me in front of so many peoples, let alone they were trying to come onto me as a group. But all said and done, It is just that I am capable of observing my surroundings and since I could understand the situation I was in there, I was able to show such courageous appearance. If later you ever run into such matters, first observe and find, who are fierce but not necessarily have skills, who are weak but are fierce masters. Only if you are capable of distinguishing these clearly, you can become capable of showing your courage.”

“I don’t have such eyesight.” Chen Wen shook his head and while pointing his finger at his eyes he said, “My eyes are not really good, my body posture is also weak, let alone those army officers, I can’t even hit an ordinary person.”

“Then how did you become a security guard?” Xu Taiping curiously asked.

“To be frank, I just spent money to get myself recruited.” Chen Wen somewhat embarrassedly rubbed his head and said, “I just paid to Director Want to squeeze me in somehow.”

“So it is like this!” Xu Taiping finally understood and then stopped his feet.

Finally, he reached in front of an eight-story high building and seeing the three words written on that building, Xu Taiping was emotionally moved.

“Female Students Dormitory!”

Xu Taiping eyes were on fire and he said, “ Chen Wen, let’s inspect this female student dormitory.”

“I think this is somewhat inappropriate?” Chen Wen bashfully laughed and said, “ After all, we are respectful adult men.”

“Although your mouth is saying it is not good, I can understand what you are thinking in your heart. And since our desires are same, then we shouldn’t kill it and at once go inside!” Xu Taiping walked toward the gate of Female Students dormitory while pretending like a mind reader.

“Where am I thinking anything like this. Aren’t you just trying to fill my head with what you are thinking!” Chen Wen anxiously grabbed Xu Taiping’s hand to stop him, but since the strength of Xu Taiping was really big, he was also dragged to walk along with him and in a moment both were standing in front of that door.

Xu Taiping raised his hand to hold the card he was handing on his neck to swipe in a machine beside the door and with a beep, the door opened.

Apparently, it seemed like as if Erdan had also smelled the feminine perfume of the dormitory and she started to excitedly jump to tightly pull the choker.

“You this trollop, even before I could smile, you started to celebrate? Let me tell you something, Erdan, When in a moment, I will loosen your leash, then you will pull me to dash with you to any of those bedrooms, you got it ?!” Xu Taiping pulled Erdan in his front and squatted down to earnestly say.

“Wu Wu!” Erdan barked two times and adorably stuck her tongue out.

“Let’s go, Chen Wen.” Xu Taiping while pulling the leash of Erdan, turned his head toward Chen Wen to say and then started to walk toward the corridor.

Right now it was around eight in the evening and since due to being tired because of military training, the majority of the female students were inside their AC bedroom while playing with their cell phone and there was no one in the corridor.

Xu Taiping was pulling Erdan and Chen Wen was shyly following after him as if he was walking inside the chambers of imperial concubines.

Any female student who came out and saw Xu Taiping, she became really frightened and only after seeing that security uniform on his body, she was able to somewhat calm herself. But when these same female students saw Erdan, they became really frantic.

“Wow, such an adorable dog!”

“Is she from Alaska? She is so adorable, so shaggy!”

Each and every one of these pretty school girls first shouted to come in front of Xu Taiping and then squat down to play with Erdan.

Xu Taiping was standing without any movements and was silently looking at these female students breast.

These female students didn’t have any vigilance toward Xu Taiping when they were asking question to him, moreover, since these female students were inside the dormitory, they were wearing loose casual clothes, so when they were squatting down and leaning forward to play with Erdan, Xu Taiping could clearly see the beautiful scenery of their chest.

“Please be careful, otherwise my Erdan will get hurt.” Xu Taiping said while trying to guess, the cup size of these eighteen-nineteen years little girls who were squatting in front of him, to grade them based on the cumulative score of their faces and figure.

“Taiping is really Taiping!” After looking at the lecherous face of Xu Taiping, Chen Wen couldn’t help but admire him in his heart. It was really clear that main reason Xu Taiping bought his magical weapon Erdan to this female students dormitory was to pick up little girls and when they were patrolling, even if it looked like he was casually strolling but when one think it was preplanned, after all, he directly came from security guard room to this female students dormitory.

Chen Wen thought that tonight was another casual patrolling, but he didn’t expect that Xu Taiping will play such lecherous tricks.

These unwary little girls are really big and beautiful.

Chen Wen couldn’t help but at once lowered his blushing face down, but since he was also a man he couldn’t help but raised his eyes a bit to again look at them.

“Good, Good, now you girls should go upstairs and sleep, after all, tomorrow you still have to participate in that cruel military training!” Xu Taiping after determining that all these girls present there were all below nine-points, he at once picked up stupid Erdan from the confinement of these young girls group and mercilessly turned around to walk away.

He didn’t have a lot of time, after all, this university had many dormitory buildings and basically everyone in these dormitories usually went to bed around ten in the night, moreover there was nothing to see in those girls he was surrounded with, therefore, for maximum utilisation of this time he hurriedly went toward several places, but still couldn’t find someone whose score was equal to nine points or more.

As for which type of girl was nine points or higher for Xu Taiping, then it could be someone a little beneath the level of Xia Jinxuan. Xia Jinxuan could be regarded as a girl with perfect ten points, naturally, Su Nianci could also be considered as perfect ten, if she didn’t have that expression on her face when she thought about saving every common people.

Thinking about Su Nianci, Xu Taiping got somewhat dejected. It looks like she really doesn’t intend to pay any respect to me, really I can’t even think just what type of man will be able to get on intimate term with her, anyway whoever it is, It’s not me for sure.

Using Erdan, Xu Taiping successfully without any hurdle swept across from the first floor to the seventh floor.

Erdan was really adorable, after all, with the assistance of Erdan, Xu Taiping was successfully able to look at almost majority of the girls’ beautiful scenery from the first storey to the seventh storey of the building and was even able to learn the present trend of underwear these eighteen-nineteen years old girls were fond of. All in all, he found that these modern eighteen-nineteen years old girls were very opened compared to the girls during his college time and they preferred less cotton material and more enticing patterns and designs.

Xu Taiping sometime found it strange, if these girls had come to the university to read a book to gain knowledge or came to reach their adulthood here.

Well, the so-called adulthood here was naturally to have sex.

Well, it was natural that Xu Taiping was emphatically not against this type open-mindedness. He was even emotionally moved after seeing such careless female students, after all, if these little young girls were not open-minded, then how would he have the opportunity?

But later whenever I am picking my target, I must choose someone really open-minded, otherwise, if she also comes to me like Xia Jinxuan, then it will be really troublesome.

In the whole Journey, Xu Taiping was able to find four-five nine-point girls and he was even to have an agreement with two little young girls, that they are free to go to his dormitory to look after the dog.

Naturally, even if they are saying that they will come to look at that dog, but god knows when the time comes, what will they be looking at, it is even possible that they will have to look at my pipi? This is something even I can’t say at all.

The eighth floor was naturally the area of riches and honor. Since the Boys and Girls dormitory had the same layout, the topmost floor of both dormitories was really luxurious and only a few people were allotted these rooms. There was an additional gate between the seventh floor and the eighth floor so that the students on the eighth floor were not able to disturb students of lower floors.

These type of arrangement was something Xu Taiping didn’t like from bottom of his heart, after all, student life was such a pure and fresh time of one’s life, but if in the end they are shown this type of clear class hierarchy, then what would it convey, that those living upstairs are higher class people and below such as you all are lower class?

Well, It was not like Xu Taiping couldn’t understand why University had to handle things in this way after all, Money and Authority is this world best thing and those who hold these things will naturally enjoy the treatment totally different of ordinary people.

Xu Taiping looked at the lock on that door but he didn’t have any intention to open that door. He was really not fond of girls from riches and honors, and specially eighteen years girls from such family because he always felt that since young age their life was revolving around the money and under such an environment anyone would have a problem in their personality.

Certainly, nothing was absolute, but for Xu Taiping, he always felt that less contact he had with rich peoples, better it was for him. Well, the main reason was rich girls were comparably more fond of occupying the top position to ride on the saddle, but he was not fond of such postures.


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