SFVSG Ch.35 Xia Jinxuan’s arch rival

“Xia Jinxuan, you are a graceful woman, you can’t get angry, getting angry is not good for your beauty!” Xia Jinxuan was hiding inside the bathroom while smoking a cigarette, and even in the obscurity of smoke, she was exhaling, one could still see her eyes full of tears.

Finally, she was unable to stop her teardrops from rolling down her face and she forcefully sucked another mouthful of smoke to fiercely cough.

“Bastard, you really dare to bully me, to infuriate me!” Xia Jinxuan resentfully threw the cigarette inside the open toilet bowl and took a deep breath to say to herself, “ Don’t be angry, there is no need to be angry, you will surely be successful, you will certainly!”

After saying, Xia Jinxuan extended her hand to open the gate of the washroom, but she found that the gate of the washroom was locked.

“What the hell is going on?!” Xia Jinxuan surprising tried to push and pull the gate to open it but it was all futile.

“Xia Jinxuan, your appearance of crying while talking with yourself is really lovable, hahaha. After all, who can think, that your dad can have such a daughter who loved crying, hahaha!” A woman’s laughter came from outside the door.

“So it’s you!!” after hearing that familiar voice, Xia Jinxuan at once recognizes the master of that female voice.

“Yes, it’s me. I didn’t really expect that you will come to this Jiang Yuan University. It was really a trouble for me to convince my father to use his numerous connections to make me transfer here in Jiang Yuan University, haha. Xia Jingxuan, we will settle out gratitude and grudges inside this university, haha!!” that woman outside the gate said.

“Song Jialing, do you have some sort problem in your brain. Didn’t you already have taken admission in Beijing University, then how come you changed your university to come here?” Xia Jinxuan annoyingly asked.

“Didn’t you once said to your friend that you will take admission in the Peking University, that’s why I also at once took the test to enter there, but I didn’t expect that you were just bluffing and would secretly change your plan. And in the end, I had to go to the Peking University and you came to Jing Yuan University. Did you really think that like this you would be able to hide from me? Impossible, the injury you have given me, I will never forget in this lifetime, I will slowly repay you, but right now, let me make you enjoy what is called cold water shower! Hahaha!” The woman named Song Jiajing laughed outside the gate and stretched a water pipe toward Xia Jinxuan’s head from outside the gate.

Si Si Si Si!

The ice-cold water spurted out from that water pipe on the body of Xia Jinxuan and in an instant she was drenched from head to toe!

“Song Jiajing, you this foolish pervert. Just wait till I come out, I will make sure that you don’t laugh anymore!!” Xia Jinxuan clenched her fist and said.

“First come out to say again, hahaha!” Song Jiajing laughed happily outside the gate.

When the person whom Xia Jinxuan called to open her door came, Song Jiajing was already nowhere in sight and right now, the whole body of Xia Jinxuan was drenched and she looked like a drowned cat.

“What happened, Jinxuan?” someone asked her with a deep concern.

“Nothing.” Xia Jinxuan shook her head and then left the washroom.

Outside the washroom, a girl was leaning against the wall, wearing a black skintight leather trouser which was accentuating the perfect contour of her lower half of the body. She was wearing a white T-shirt on her upper part of the body, but one couldn’t tell what brand it was.

The collar of her T-shirt was loose and one could clearly see a bit of the upper half of her breasts. Although it was not difficult to determine that her breasts were emphatically not big, she couldn’t be considered as small at all and it was perfect to say they were those type of breast which one could use one hand to fiddle with.

Woman’s hair was dyed brown and they were naturally straight with the hair end being curled and it was giving her a very attractive sex appeal. Her face was small, but her five sense organs were very exquisite, her chin was pointed and her eyebrows were trimmed, all in all, she was very beautiful.

She was holding a Marlboro cigarette in her mouth and had a contemptuous smile on her lips.

Xia Jinxuan finally came out from the washroom and looked at this woman.

“Song Jialing!” Xia Jinxuan angrily stared at this woman who was leaning against the wall and said, “ your shamelessness had really no bound, unexpectedly you are even able to secretly track me to come here!”

“If I didn’t secretly track you, then wouldn’t it have been impossible to record such a good thing?” Song Jialing picked out her cell phone and pressed the video player key.

“Xia Jinxuan, you are a graceful woman, you cannot get angry, getting angry won’t be good for your beauty!”

Inside the video, Xia Jinxuan whole face was full of tears and she was consoling herself while repeatedly trying to stop her tears and from the angle of the footage one could clearly see that Song Jialing must have recorded it stealthily by extending her hand inside the washroom stall and recorded it from Xia Jinxuan’s head position.

“Give that cellphone to me!” Xia Jinxuan yelled and extended her hand to grab that cell phone from Song Jialing’s hand.

“In your dreams.” Song Jialing received her cellphone and then said, “in the third year of high school when you bullied me, didn’t you expect that I will take my revenge?”

“Didn’t you also bullied me when we were in the third year of high school?” Xia Jinxuan asked.

“But in the second year of high school, it was you who bullied me.”

“But it was you, who bullied me during kindergarten!”

Two beautiful women were quarreling while standing outside the washroom and finally recounted there grievance from kindergarten to senior high school.

“Xia Jinxuan, didn’t you used to think that oneself is a goddess? But this time it looks like the name of your this goddess is of no use at all, after all, even if you are chasing that person, apparently he doesn’t have a bit of interest in you.” Song Jialing mocked her.

“What are you thinking about?” Xia Jinxuan vigilantly looked at Song Jialing. This Song Jialing was her childhood friend and they knew each other from the kindergarten. Their fathers were each other best friends who have fought together against the myriad of this world to reach here. But it was a shame that their friendship couldn’t continue to Song Jialing and Xia Jinxuan, this generation. Xia Jinxuan was treated as a little princess from childhood and she really liked when others person pampered her in childhood, and when someone tried to make her laugh and did everything thing whatever she wanted. And on the other hand, this Song Jialing was really fond of wrecking everything in her path. These two were very beautiful and always confuses the members of opposite sex, therefore this was also one of the reasons that made them not like each other.

During Kindergarten, Xia Jinxuan and Song Jianling, these two would compare with each other to see whose toys were more or whose friends were more, during junior high, these two would compare who has the more man chasing after them, in short, both liked to compete with each other to mutually spoil other party plans and so on. But since their family had a relationship with each other from a long time, therefore, their fathers also didn’t pay any attention to this matter and this was also the reason that even if Xia Jinxuan wanted to use her background to bully Song Jialing, she didn’t have any means.

What made her most helpless was that, Since she and Song Jialing both had good grades in their school, she herself started a rumor to get rid of Song Jialing, that she will be taking a test to get admission in the most difficult Peking University and well, even if in the end, she was successful in deceiving Song Jialing to take a test of Peking university, she didn’t expect that, during the military training Song Jialing would unexpectedly transfer to Jiang Yuan University from peking University, moreover she was even able to find her and worst was that she even heard that she was chasing after Xu Taiping.

The biggest reason why Xia Jinxuan was so vigilant toward Song Jialing because Song Jialing had a very perverted hobby.

Every woman who had offended her, she would use the most nerve-wracking way to retaliate against that person. She would snatch that woman’s boyfriend.

Young, beautiful and good figure, she used this weaponry of her’s to provoke anyone she liked and there was no man who could escape from her palm. And since she frequently used this type of provoking techniques, therefore the skill of Song Jialing to chase after a male was very fierce. Up till now, she had more than 20 boyfriends, well naturally after making a new boyfriend she would dump the previous one, after all, her main purpose was only to destroy other person’s relationship and she was emphatically not interested in having any interest in dating anyone.

That’s the reason why Song Jialing also had a nickname called Love Crusher!

Before it was improbable for Xia Jinxuan to fear Song Jialing, after all, she didn’t have any whatsoever boyfriend, or she wasn’t even interested in any man, but now it was different. Xu Taiping was already inside her heart and it was impossible for her to get rid of this feeling and if Song Jialing went after Xu Taiping to retaliate against her, then it was natural that, for a pervert like Xu Taiping, it was very difficult to escape from the palm of Song Jialing.

‘Song Jialing!!” Xia Jinxuan solemnly stared at Song Jialing and said, “ from childhood to our adulthood, regardless of anything we always have strived for higher altitude and tried to compare who is weaker or stronger among each other, but now I am indifferent to these matters, because then we were child, moreover those matters emphatically never affected our life, we were just showing off who was more outstanding between us two that’s all and all said and done we can still be considered as good friends because you understand me and I understand you.  And even now, I don’t want our relationship to change into something like life and death animosity, but Xu Taiping in my bottom line, You can’t……”

“Shhh.” Song Jialing extended her finger to softly press against Xia Jinxuan’s lips and put her mouth near Xia Jinxuan’s ear and softly blow a mouthful of smoke to say, “Only if you admit that you are inferior to me, I will not have any idea toward that Xu Taiping, remember, at this year’s family gathering in front of mine and your’s father and mother and those uncles of our family you must say that you are inferior to me!”

“Good!” Xia Jinxuan nodded and said, “I accept your condition!”

“Hmmm!?” Song Jialing opened her beautiful eyes wide and stared at Xia Jinxuan and said, “ Xia Jinxuan, how can you be like this? Didn’t you use to look down upon men? Didn’t you used to think that every man in this world approaches you because of your good look and your family background?”

“You can’t understand this kind of feeling.’ Xia Jinxuan shook her head and said, “Although I don’t have many contacts with him, I know that he is something I have received from the heaven. He is already everything for me inside my heart. I always wanted someone like him, cold, ruthless, strong, but someone capable….”

“Yeah right, a small security guard, right. Cold my foot, capable my fart, also didn’t he just loosen the reins only to grasp them better and your this small coquettish wench’s amorous feelings started to ripple? I am telling you, a man is not a good thing, really, and I am telling you this from having the experience with more than 20 boyfriends. All men are hypocritical, they will you every stratagem to pursue you, but all of these are superficial and what they really want is to sleep with you. You are still really simple and pure, haven’t come across ‘in order to capture, one must lose, this type of things. Since we have such long friendship, if I won’t go to soak this Xu Taiping and don’t expose his true colors in front of you, then it is really unworthy of our friendship. This matter such settles, In this one week, I will let you take a look at Xu Taiping true color, and prove it to you that every man, in the end, is a hypocrite. Ha, you still don’t know how to chase a man, you sit there and applaud while watching me how I play with him!” Song Jialing loftily said.


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