SFVSG Ch.34 Thankless Wretch

“Little young woman tell me, what is it that you like about me?” Xu Taiping teasingly looked at Xia Jinxuan and asked.

“What I like about you…….Do I have any need to tell you something like this?” Xia Jinxuan while being a little dissatisfied with Xu Taiping appearance, proudly said.

“Actually I am a dreg of the society.” Xu Taiping seriously said, “And if we really get together, then every day of your life will be filled with various kinds of grief and sadness. I like to chase after girls, various kind of girls. I am not particularly fond of going back to my house, moreover I also really like to drink to soak up at nightclubs, in brief, I am through and through a dreg of the society.”

“I think I am capable of changing you!” Xia Jinxuan earnestly said, “When you will have me, naturally other women won’t enter your eyes, then you won’t need to chase after other girls every day. When I will affectionately wait for you at home while wearing different kinds of uniforms you are fond of, then how can you not want to return to our home? To drink to soak up at nightclubs, this is something I also like, we can together go to nightclubs. With my beauty and dressing sense, you will even be in limelight inside the nightclubs, after all, not everyone’s girlfriend can be as good looking as me.”

“You really have a lot of confidence in yourself!” Xu Taiping smiled to pull Xia Jinxuan’s shoulder toward himself.

Feeling this kind of unexpected affection from Xu Taiping, Xia Jinxuan’s whole body became stiff. Before this, he had directly refused me, but right now he is taking the initiative to embrace my shoulder, is it possible that he is responding to my feelings?

“Actually there is a huge secret I have never told you about!” Xu Taiping very earnestly said, “Even though I have retired to come to your University to be a little security guard, I am still world’s no. 1 killer and if we together have a close relationship with each other, then my enemies can use you as a handle to control me and when that time comes you will surely have danger to your life. This is the reason why I am reluctant to accept your love!”

Xia Jinxuan flabbergastingly looked at Xia Jinxuan and after a long time, she suddenly started to laugh.

“Don’t laugh, it would be embarrassing if other see it!”Xu Taiping said.

“Originally…..originally you like to play this type of role-playing….then, then how about I also act as a woman hostage to coordinate with you? Xia Jinxuan winked adorably to ask.

“See, even if I try to say the truth, no one believes me.” Xu Taiping helplessly shrugged his shoulder. The most absurd thing in this world is that, when your earnestly try to tell truth to other, others will think you are joking and when you are joking with other, other would think you are telling the truth.

This might also be the reason that, on the April’s Fool Day, many people try to reveal their thoughts and feeling, after all, even if they were deadpan serious other would still think he was joking.

“If you are world’s number one killer, then, then I am worlds most powerful person.” Xia Jinxuan said, “you don’t need to treat me like a child. Even if you want to scare me, you should come up with a bit more reasonable story, what world’s number one killer, are you trying to kill me from laughter?”

“Then I can only tell you one last time, it is impossible for us to be together. If you want to chat about sentiments with me then no thank you, but if you are willing to have a chat with my body, then I can reluctantly accept you!” Xu Taiping said.

“But I want to have a both sentimental as well as body chat!” Xia Jinxuan said.

“Then there is nothing to chat at all.” Xu Taiping deliberately made a serious face and said.

“Don’t, Taiping older brother.” Xia Jinxuan grabbed Xu Taiping’s hand and while acting like a spoiled kid said, “ Taiping older brother, we can have sentimental as well as body chat simultaneously. In the day mua, mua and in the night bang, bang. It will be too good!”
[T/L: mua mua- kissing sound/ sorry I like the structure that’s why I translated it word for word]

“Good my foot, you really don’t understand anything.” Xu Taiping angrily said. Actually, he was not angry because of what Xia Jinxuan had said, rather he suddenly discovered that right now, when he was looking at her, he had a strong feeling to kiss her lips.

Feeling this type of indescribable feeling, Xu Taiping got somewhat panicked. It was not like he was totally oblivious to this type of feelings, after all, there was a woman in the past for whom he felt exactly same like he was feeling right now. But in the end, that woman along with all of her companion’s on the battlefield, turned into an ice-cold dead body.

Xu Taiping personally dug each and every one’s grave and buried them, after that he took all of their nameplates and left the organization while being determined to cut off every relation he had. And having that kind of feeling again, was emphatically not something, Xu Taiping would have hoped for.

Xia Jinxuan was impatiently looking at Xu Taiping and was still thinking that Xu Taiping might be playing another of his joke.

“Get the hell out from my face.” Xu Taiping suddenly pushed away Xia Jinxuan.

Xia Jinxuan body falls back few steps and after hearing Xu Taiping shout everyone around them looked with a surprised expression toward them.

Xia Jinxuan while holding tears in her eyes, she tightly clenched her tiny little hand and while feeling grieved, she looked at Xu Taiping.

“I am telling you one more time, stay away from me as far as you can.” Xu Taiping said while knitting his brows.

“You are a bastard!!” suddenly someone scolded, but instead of Xia Jinxuan, it was Chen Sanbao.

When Chen Sanbao turned his head to look at this side, just at that time, Xu Taiping shoved Xia Jinxuan and asked her to roll away. Seeing this he at once got so angry that he didn’t even care about some craft plans of Lin Yubin and at once he shouted to dash in front of Xu Taiping and threw a kick toward him.

Even though Chen Sanbao’s kick was executed very skillfully and had a considerable amount of strength behind it, it was still not enough to critically injure someone and at most one would only get kicked to fly from it, that’s all.

Right now, Xu Taiping was very angry and when he saw someone he didn’t even know suddenly throwing a kick toward him, he just sneered and at once caught his leg to fling him into the air.

Chen Sanbao whole body drew an arc into the air and with 3-4 times somersaults he landed with his knees on the ground.

“This can be also considered as a good time to play the role of a hero saving a beauty. Right now my mood is very bad, don’t try to be so arbitrary in front of me.” Xu Taiping coldly looked at Chen Sanbao and said.

“Are you a human or what?” Chen Sanbao angrily stood up and yelled at Xu Taiping, “Xia Jinxuan is so good to you, then why are you behaving like a thankless wretch toward her? How can you tell her to rolls away from you?”

“This is exactly as you have said because I am a thankless wretch.” Xu Taiping sneered and said, “What can’t accept, OK, don’t you want to play the hero who saves the beauty? I will give you the chance.”

“Scoundrel!” Suddenly a fire started to burn inside the heart of Chen Sanbao and he took a step to arrive in the front of Xu Taiping and threw a beautiful high kick toward Xu Taiping’s chin.

Xu Taiping raised his hand in front of his chin and with a bang caught the feet of Xu Taiping and violently yanked it toward the ground.

Due to the formidable force, Chen Sanbao feet fell on the ground and his upper body tilted toward Xu Taiping. Taking advantage of this opportunity Xu Taiping threw a punch toward Chen Sanbao face.

Good or bad, Chen Sanbao was also a member of South China Tiger special force, his reflexes were also really fast and just before Xu Taiping punch could touch his face, he deliberately swayed his body and in the end, he was able to dodge it. He then turned around and tried to smash Xu Taiping’s face with his head.

Xu Taiping without any whatsoever expression on his face, he unhurriedly drooped his head a little bit and smashed it toward the head of Chen Sanbao.

It is said that when you fight, the most useful body part in your body to use is not your feet or hands, it is your forehead.

A human’s forehead is many times harder compare to fist and so on things. Chen Sanbao’s head smashed against the forehead of Xu Taiping and a bang echoed in that area. The surrounding people couldn’t help but suck a mouthful of cold air, after all, this powerful collision of the head looked really painful even for onlookers.

The blood started to come out from the head of Chen Sanbao and even though Xu Taiping face also had been colored in red of the blood, he didn’t even have a single scratch.

Well, it was naturally, since the hardness of forehead easily surpasses the hardness of the top of the head.

Xu Taiping didn’t wait for Chen Sanbao next attack and directly through a kick toward the lower legs of Chen Sanbao.

Chen Sanbao body staggered and retreated few steps.

The blood from his face was oozing very rapidly.

“Fuck, You dare to hit our team member!”

“Brothers let’s teach him!!”

Those members of South China Tiger special force, who were originally just watching the play from the distance, suddenly started to yell and dashed toward Xu Taiping.

Altogether, a dozen or so, South China Tiger members in an instant surrounded Xu Taiping. Even though every one of them was like a soldier king on the battlefield, right now they had lost their control and were looking at Xu Taiping while seething with the anger. Xu Taiping was standing with both his naturally hanging down and had a gloomy and cold complexion.

“You all don’t touch him.” Chen Sanbao wiped the blood on his head and looked at Xu Taiping to say, “this is something between us two. Xu Taiping, I want you to fight with me.”

“You should book a bed in a good hospital in advance.” Xu Taiping sneered and said, “ so that when that moment comes, they don’t have an intensive care unit in the hospital, after all, that won’t be good for you.”

“I think it’s you who needs to think about having an advance booking in hospital.” Chen Sanbao said while clenching his teeth, “ Don’t think that you have won even before the fight have started.”

“I think you all should fight with me together, after all, alone you might not be challenging enough for me.” Xu Taiping said.

“Xu Taiping, stop while you are ahead!” Wang Li who was watching the whole drama from the distant, from the beginning to the end finally said, “Although you are strong, you still lack the experience of hand-to-hand combat compare to us. Just now you were able to injure Sanbao only because he was careless. Let alone you are not even a match for three of our members and you want to fight with a dozen or so of these people. I think you are really fond of watching movies a lot.”

“I will just do as you have said.” Xu Taiping shrugged his shoulder and said, “ I will just go to that shed under that big tree to cool down.”

After saying, Xu Taiping turned his body to go toward that large tree.

The surrounding members of South China Tiger special force were looking at Xu Taiping while gnashing their teeth as if they wanted to eat him alive.

“Disciple? Did you all forget our Discipline?” Wang Li walked to the front of that crowd of those soldiers and with a black face said, “You all have come here to cultivate motherland’s future torchbearer, but what were you all thinking just now? To scuffle? Even if you all have helped him to hit that University security guard and thrashed him, would you have a face to brag about it later? And you Sanbao, even if you fought it must be you who must hit not the other way around, but now look at your bleeding, what do you have to say about it? Hmm? All of you roll away from here, if I again found anyone who forgot the Discipline, I will punish him according to the martial law!”

“After Military Training concludes, Will you dare to have, a just and honorable fight, with me?!” Chen Sanbao stared at Xu Taiping in the distance and yelled.

“If you are don’t care about your death, then sure. Oh, you can pick the place.” Xu Taiping who was sitting under a big tree indifferently said.

“Good, after military training concludes, we will fight. If I win, you will apologize to Xia Jinxuan and if I lose, I will give you my medal!” After saying Chen Sanbao wanted to go and confront Xia Jinxuan, but when he tried to look for her he couldn’t find her.


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