SFVSG Ch.33 Heart of Military Instructor

In the evening on that day, when the Jiang Yuan City police released the case details, it basically put out the truth about the whole matter in the light. They said, a killer was hired by Chen Weichang to kill a person but in the end, it was him who was killed by that killer instead of that guy. Moreover, that killer was roughly twenty years old woman. As for Chen Zhiyong, since he was deeply hurt due to the loss of his only son, therefore he was hoodwinked by the lard for some time, that’s why he had run to go the University gate to create a scene. But since Chen Zhiyong had already realized that he had made a mistake, police had also released him to go back.

Well, if what Chen Zhiyong had done was done by some ordinary person, he would have been already detained to pay the fine, but good or bad, Chen Zhiyong was also one of the city’s leading figure as well he had good connections with many other leaders of the city. He casually found himself a person to help and was naturally exempted from getting detained.

Finally, Chen Zhiyong also recognized his mistake in front of public and as for what he was thinking in his heart and if he wanted to carry out any secret movements, that no one knew. Well, it was not like Xu Taiping was afraid of any of his secret retaliation.

Chen Xuejun was killed but there was no evidence against Xu Taiping and If Chen Zhiyong tried to do anything with him,he can still go against him in the pretext of self-defense.

As for that pitiful young killer who was being blamed in place of Xu Taiping, what can one say. Xu Taiping was still not so kindhearted to just let her ran away that easily. When he had released her Xu Taiping had already put a tracking device on her body, then he had used this tracking device to find Chen Xuejun and in the end killed Chen Xuejun with the spike, that was left behind by that pathetic killer, when she had used it as a concealed weapon to kill Xu Taiping. Moreover, there was also Su Nianci who was sleeping in his room to act as his testimony for his innocence.

Without any loophole, this was a perfect ending for Xu Taiping.

It could be estimated that right now, that little killer would be very busy while trying to hide from the police chase. As for Xu Taiping, he had already moved back to his dormitory. Even though Headmaster had asked him to leave the university and next moment wanted him to continue his job, he still didn’t have any whatsoever resentment toward the Headmaster. He was not some proud and arrogant person. After all, nowadays, one of the basic quality one required to be a killer is, to get over unpleasant things. One must be capable of not getting negatively influenced just because of others so that he doesn’t lose his ability to judge.

Finally, the order was restored at the University gate and small peddlers again came out to set up their stalls.

After Xu Taiping reorganized his room, he was called to the sports ground to continue his practice in military training.

On the sports ground, every newly enrolled student was shedding their sweat and their uniforms were already drenched and it looked like whatever happened at the University gate earlier had whatsoever no relation with them. Military training was going to continue for 15 days and these 15 days were sufficient to completely change these immature children into a new person.

“I am gonna die from exhaustion.” Xia Jinxuan was looking for a big tree to rest during the break. Right now the temperature of Jiang Yuan city was already touching 37 degrees and it was unusually blistering hot. Moreover, Since Jiang Yuan city was situated at the bank of a sea, the humidity was also very high. So the combination of these two was making the atmosphere very sultry and It was very difficult to bear.

“Classmate Xia, you have performed really good in military training.” Xia Jinxuan’s group’s military instructor, Chen Shanbao walked in front of her and said with a smiled.

“Thank you for your praise, Military Instructor.” Xia Jinxuan with a face beaming with a smile said, “This is all because Military Instructor, you are very good at teaching.”

“Where….” Chen Sanbao somewhat frantically waved his hand in modesty while looking at the sweet smile on Xia Jinxuan face. His face was somewhat red and if it was not for that black complexion of his face, it would have been very easy for others to notice.

Chen Sanbao age was just twenty-five years and he was also the youngest team member of South China Tiger special force and was at most 5-6 years older than Xia Jinxuan. He walked to the front of Xia Jinxuan and sat beside her to say, “Jinxuan, why did you not volunteered to be the team leader? Like that you could have assisted me in leading the team, and would have won University’s military training model honor certificate at the military training concluding ceremony.

“Ha, please forget it. I can’t do it. Let alone I am already tired to death, it would have also offended a lot of people. After all, there are many girls in our group who want to be in limelight and are very malevolent. Have you not seen how those people have unpleasant talks about our team leader behind his back?” Xia Jinxuan shook her head and said.

“Also right, after all, you all are from Media department.” Chen Sanbao nodded and soon said, “Today evening, after military training finishes, I want to invite….”

“Jinxuan, here is the cold drink you asked me to buy.” Even before Chen Sanbao was able to complete what he was saying, suddenly a woman’s voice came from his side.

“Thank you, Qinai.” Xia Jinxuan stood up and took that cold drink from that girl’s hand, then said to Chen Sanbao, “Military Instructor, I have bought some beverage, will you drink?”

“This….good, I will have one, Thank you Jinxuan.” Chen Sanbao somewhat excitedly said.

“Here,” Xia Jinxuan gave a cola to Chen Sanbao and said, “Military Instructor, now if you please excuse me, I have to go and look for my prince charming. Please don’t start early, I will come as soon as possible after having some words with my prince charming.”

“Your Prince charming?” Chen Sanbao complexion slightly changed, soon with a sense of loss in his voice, he asked, “You, you have a boyfriend?”

“Doesn’t have.” Xia Jinxuan shook her head.

Chen Sanbao with a tint of happiness asked, “Which prince charming you are talking about?”

“Actually it is one-sided love from my side but, he has basically refused to accept me. Well, chasing after Mr. Perfect, this kind of matter is like walking on the endless journey. Even if there is this so-called endless road in front of me and he is still very far from me, I will still get him even if I have to use the Thirty-Six Stratagems. Military Instructor, I will take my leave.” Xia Jinxuan said and went toward the direction of Security Guard team while carrying that plastic bag of cold beverages with several of her girlfriends.

“To….to chase…” Chen Sanbao was somewhat in a daze while looking at Xia Jinxuan. In these last few days, Chen Sanbao had already fallen in love with Xia Jinxuan after seeing that beautiful appearance of her and that outgoing personality. At the age of eighteen, Chen Sanbao had joined the military service as a soldier and then after working hard, he was able to enter the team of South China Tiger force. Since in these years he didn’t have the opportunity to even get to know any girls, that’s why he didn’t even know how to express his love for Xia Jinxuan. This was also the reason why he every time ignored the non-standard movement and bad posture and stealthy actions of Xia Jinxuan during military training.

Chen Sanbao was also satisfied from just secretly watching Xia Jinxuan. He really liked to watch her, when she was secretly scratching her nose or when she was secretly making funny eyes toward other school girls in different rows.

All of it was making Chen Sanbao felt like he was living a beautiful dream, but he didn’t expect that this beautiful dream of his would suddenly break apart like this. He didn’t expect that the other was already in love with a man!

Chen Sanbao was not like Zhong Yongliang who would rack his brain to obtain anything he was fond of and won’t even hesitate even if he had to do bad things. He was a soldier of China, so naturally, he had an honest and kind heart, that was why when Xia Jinxuan told him that she is already in love with someone else, he didn’t show his sadness on the face and didn’t even think about trying to obstruct her or so on.
“Yo, Sanbao!” Lin Yubin who was also a member of South China Tiger fiercely patted Chen Sanbao body from behind and said, “she is already gone. What you are still looking at?”

“Lin elder brother.” Chen Sanbao without getting startled, he respectfully nodded to greet Lin Yubin. This Lin Yubin was twenty-five years old and could be considered as the old man of South China Tiger special force. He was very active and had many sly ideas, therefore inside the South China Tiger special force, other called him crafty Lin.

“What, can’t you bear after seeing the beauty of that young girl?” Lin Yubin smiled to sit beside Chen Sanbao and said.

“No, it is not like that, Lin elder brother what are you saying. We have our disciple and rule!” Chen Sanbao shook his head and said.

“Hahaha, do you think that your thoughts, I, your crafty elder brother can’t understand? To be frank, Sanbao, this little young woman is really good looking, I have seen many groups, but haven’t seen anyone having a more beautiful smile than her. If this kind of girl you don’t pursue then it is indeed an intolerable behavior. Not only you are one of the youngest members of our South China Tiger special force, you are also the face of this force. In the future when you will be discharged from military services, then every top-level security guard companies will surely fight over you. Even if you want to change your profession to be a civil officer, the lowest post you will get would also be the position of a section-level official. You have more than enough qualification to match that little beautiful woman. Then what are you waiting for?” Li Yubin pulled Chen Sanbao shoulder to say.

“That………..that because other have already someone she is fond of.” Chen Sanbao disappointedly said, “Moreover it is her who is pursuing that…..”

“Pursuing, so what about it? Just because she is pursuing someone you are going to give up on her. Since she is pursuing someone that means she is passive in this relationship. Also isn’t it possible that she changes her feeling for you if you stay beside her to console when she will feel heartbroken due to being rejected by that person? Sanbao, have some confidence in yourself. Nowadays, let alone she was just pursuing someone, even if she was already someone’s else’ girlfriend, that is also only because others have not tried enough in the right way. Remember what is the slogan of our South China Tiger special force? Be unafraid of hardship and perils, be brave enough to climb the summit! You don’t need to be so anxious!” Lin Yubin encouraged.

“Lin Elder brother, is it possible that you have made any bet with team members on me?” Chen Sanbao vigilantly looked at Li Yubin and asked.

“cough, this, a small gamble just for fun, even after winning I will get only enough to buy few cigarettes. I have said them that you will win that little young woman’s heart before the end of this military training. You must, by all means, do everything to not let me lose my face in front of them. Don’t worry I have ideas to push you in fame light in front of that little young woman. You just do what I tell you..…” Lin Yubin put his mouth near Chen Sanbao and whispered something.

“I think it is not good to demean other to raise one’s worth…” Chen Sanbao couldn’t help but say.

“You are foolish, everything is fair in love and war, and other thing doesn’t matter!” Lin Yubin patted Chen Sanbo shoulder and said, “We will play the role of villain for you, you only need to be the hero. You just wait a moment and watch!”

After saying, Lin Yubin stood up and walked toward the team of Security Guards.


Right now the team of Security Guard was also taking rest during the break and since because of those beforehand matters, Xu Taiping was very highly evaluated by the people of Security Guard department, therefore everyone was sitting in a circle around him. Well, Xu Taiping was also involuntarily chosen as the leader of Security Guard team in this military training.

“Taiping, I bought beverages for you all.” Xia Jinxuan came while carrying that bag of beverage and yelled while standing outside that group circle.

Xu Taiping raised brows, but even before he could say anything, the surrounding group of men started to create a disturbance, “Yo, sister-in-law has come to give us beverages. She is really considerate!”

“Yes, Yes, let alone sister-in-law is so good looking, she is even so virtuous, Taiping, you really have a good luck!”

“Don’t talk foolish and drink your beverage.” Xu Taiping scolded and said, “whoever says anything else, will not get any bottle.”

“Hahaha!” everyone started to laugh incessantly. Xu Taiping walked to the front of Xia Jinxuan and strangely looked at Xia Jinxuan.

Xia Jinxuan somewhat nervously grabbed her hem of the jacket, she didn’t know why Xu Taiping was looking at her like that.


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