SFVSG Ch.32 Public sentiment was roused

“Taiping, You hurry to go out and explain them!” Xu Youdao after seeing thousands of people gathering outside the university gate, he said to Xu Taiping.

“Is explanation useful? With so many speculations already circulating outside, even if someone goes out to say something, who will listen?” Xu Taiping smiled and said.

“But someone has to go out, to tell the truth!” Xu Youdao frowned and said, “ Do you want to let this matter ferment?”

“People are always ready to believe what they think as truth.” Xu Taiping smiled and said, “When everyone firmly believes that there are some dirty tricks, then even if there are none, they would still find the trick inside a matter, after all, the first impression is the strongest, and their first notion is, this matter has some dirty tricks. Naturally, whatever explanation we give them now will be simply turned into a quibble for them. Now whatever we say has no use, after all this is an age where people can find entertainment even in the death of someone. To expose dirty trick, to provoke influential family, to upload these matters, they will say, they are doing to expose some hidden dirty tricks.

“A person should not live there life so earnestly. Let them spread whatever they want to spread. Inevitably there will always be someone who will immerse inside their own fabricated truth, but how can you shout to awake someone who is pretending to be sleeping. Is it possible that someone says ‘you are not a man’ then you at once will get determined to take off your pant to show him? And even if say you showed him, he can still doubt if your that thing is real or not. Cheer up a bit, there are not many such matters that one is unable to make it through.” XU Taiping smiled and said.

“Taiping, I, Lao Zhao have never in my life has admired anyone, but your this broadmindedness, your this bearing, really makes me admire you!” Zhao Bigan said with a sigh.

“What bullshit is broad-mindedness and bearing. All of these are empty words. Lao Zhao, what matters is you must introduce me to your daughter!” Xu Taiping winked toward Zhao Bigan.

“Good, lets all end this matter here. Isn’t today the military training? Xu Taiping go back to your dormitory to put your luggage, then immediately come and join the military training.” Xu Youdao after saying, turned around to leave Security Guard Room.

“But it looks like I have not done anything.” Xu Taiping embarrassedly scratched his head.

“Frankly speaking, just now by seeing that scene on the University gate my leg has become soft from fear. But you, this youngster doesn’t even have a change in expression, you are really a character. Maybe headmaster also has a change of heart after seeing this.” Wang Jincai said.

“To hell with character, My leg is also soft, otherwise wouldn’t I have stood even once after sitting down!” Xu Taiping awkwardly said.

“Yeh right!” Everyone inside the security guard room at one by one gave Xu Taiping their middle finger. Xu Taiping smiled and turned his head to look out of the window.

The weather was as before clear and there wasn’t even a bit of black cloud in the sky.


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