SFVSG Ch.31 University Gate was Blocked

Wang Li was excited from the bottom of his heart.  Last time when Xu Taiping had declined his offer, he had used the excuse of being a University Security Guard, but now Xu Taiping was fired which as same as being unemployed. In this situation, he had the opportunity to force Xu Taiping to join armed forces.

South China Tiger special force wouldn’t deny a person just because his age had already crossed the bar for serving as a military personnel. As long as that person had the ability, South China Tiger would easily absorb him. Inside the special forces, many of those talented people who depend more on their technique to fight had even crossed the age of Fifty.

Xu Youdao became flabbergasted and looked at Wang Li. He was not clear, why a person of South China Tiger had come to his office like this, he asked while hesitating, “Captain Wang, this, Although I have already dismissed this man, I can’t force him to go to your armed forces. He has his freedom of choice.

“I am just anxious that you will renege. Since you have fired him, that don’t try to go back on your words. For this matter, you have my full support!” Wang Li said.

“No, how can he not renege? Military Instructor, Xu Taiping has properly done his job as a Security guard, then for what reason he was being dismissed?” Xia Jinxuan said in dissatisfaction.

Wang Li looked at Xia Jinxuan and said, “does a job of security guard has any future? A man should be on the battlefield to defend their country, that is important!”

“What’s important is that every individual should do their job earnestly, a cleaned should sweep to maintain hygiene, we students should read the book to learn, Security Guards should maintain order on the campus. I know that these jobs have no significant up and down like your jobs, but as long as one is doing his job earnestly, he is already contributing to the most important cause of the country. I feel Xu Taiping should not be dismissed.” Xia Jinxuan said.

“What is going on here, why have they all come here for that young security guard!” Xu Youdao had a headache, he didn’t expect that Xu Taiping in these past few days has gathered the attention of so many people. But now it was also difficult for him to stop halfway.

“In any case, this matter regardless of what one says, I have decided. Headmaster, we agree to do like this and now I am going back to the team.” Wang Li said and turned his body to walk outside.

“Then I also don’t care, as long as Xu Taiping go out of this University, I will make sure that this university doesn’t have an easy time in the future.” Xia Jinxuan said and coldly humphed to turn her body and walked out

“I also don’t care, as long as Xu Taiping……..”

“No person here cares about your ‘Don’t Care’. You can do whatever you want to do.” Xu Youdao glared at Chen Wen and made a black face to say.

Chen Wen somewhat embarrassedly turned his body to go outside.

“This really became somewhat troublesome!” Xu Youdao wrinkled his eyebrows and didn’t know what he should do.

At this moment, Wang Jincai suddenly pushed open the office gate to run inside.

“Headmaster, it is not good. Our university gate is blocked!” Wang Jincai anxiously said.
“What? Is Xia Jinxuan movement so quick?” Xu Youdao body quivered and at once he stood up to ask.

“It is not a person of Xia Jinxuan. It seems like they are the person of Chen Weichang family. They have stopped three trucks in front of our University gate, altogether there are at least to 70-80 worker, it appears very threatening!” Wang Jincai excitedly said.

“You at once assemble your men and take them there, I am going to the gate.” Xu Youdao said.

“Yes, Headmaster!”

“Oh right, also call that Xu Taiping.” Xu Youdao said, “this matter might be related to him so also take him along. He might be able to play an effective role in this. You also tell him, if he is capable of solving this problem, then I will let him continue here.”

“Yes yes yes, Headmaster, I am going!” Wang Jincai while nodding he moved his body to step aside. And after waiting for Xu Youdao to leave the office, he also ran outside.

Right now Xu Taiping had already packed his things. Originally he didn’t have many things so it was very easy to pack. If it was not for all those persons who were one by one coming here to see him off, he would have already left the Jiang Yuan University. After putting everything in order, Xu Taiping locked his gate, then he put Erdan on his one shoulder and on another shoulder he hanged his bag.

Inside the bag had his old clothes, his computer and apart from these, he had few old photographs and a nameplate. This was Xu Taiping’s whole belongings.

“Ao wu!” Erdan while lying on his shoulder howled toward the sky to show her reluctance as if she knew that Xu Taiping was leaving this area.

Xu Taiping raised his hand to touch that dog’s head and said, “I am thinking about buying a flat in Jiang Yuan City to live in this city, what do you say, Erdan?”

“Ao Ao!” Erdan continued to howl toward the sky.

“Later I will again bring you several female dogs so that you all can bear children and at that time It would be difficult for me to get bored.” Xu Taiping smiled and said. It looked like, he was not feeling any sadness because of being dismissed from the university.

“Xu Taiping, What are you doing here?” Wang Jincai ran to come in front of him and while panting for breath he asked.

“Am I not dismissed? I am just leaving!” Xu Taiping said.

“Put those things back, you don’t have to care about that. Hurry follow me to go to the University gate. Our University gate is blocked by some people!” Wang Jincai said.

“Don’t have to care about that?” Xu Taiping astonishingly asked.

“Certainly, now hurry and follow me to go to the gate.” Wang Jincai said.

“I won’t go.” Xu Taiping shook his head and said, “this is a dangerous matter and you want me to go there to carry that thunder. I am not foolish, now I don’t have any relation with Jiang Yuan University, for this matter, you can look for other people. Lao Zhao, Chen Wen, they are pretty good cannon fodder, don’t ask me.”

“Can’t you so easily sell your friends, let me tell you, this matter if you can properly handle, later deputy director post is your!” Wang Jincai said.

“Really?” Xu Taiping suddenly got bright and he asked.

“Certainly, do you think that I will cheat you? Now hurry!” Wang Jincai said.

“Now if I go back to put my things then it will waste time. I will carry these things to go to the gate!” Xu Taiping said.

“That run!”

These two rapidly ran toward the University gate and after few minutes, finally reached the University gate.

Right now outside the University gate, three truck was stopped and basically, they were blocking the whole university gate. And also tens of peoples were standing between the gap of two adjacent trucks. These men were wearing worn-out tattered clothes and some even had a helmet on their head and one could know by just a glance that they had been forced to come here directly from a construction site.

“Jiang Yuan University is acting with total disregard for the life. They are covering up a murderer, a killer. I want the government to give justice to my son!!” these type of banners were being hosted outside the University gate and at the same time, one person inside a car was unceasingly tweeting to circulate this matter.

Several people who were wearing suit were distributing a leaflet to every passerby. Naturally, the leaflet was not an advertisement for selling flats but was related to Jiang Yuan University campus murder case.

On this leaflet, Xu Taiping was described as wealthy powerful official’s descendant who was working in the university as a security guard purely to pick up girls and due to this matter it incurred the hatred of Chen Juexun and matter got such big that in the end, he had dealt a deadly blow to Chen Juexun to kill him. And since there was an issue of the special background of Xu Taiping, police also tried to cover up for him to the extent that even if this case had no result, Xu Taiping was released to go back to the University.

“In this peaceful world, in the middle of the day, this is really lawless. Don’t tell me that official descendants are allowed to kill anyone as they wish? My pitiful son has died! I want justice to my son. Every one of you who have Wechat must record a video to send it to many people to show this dirty trick of government!” Chen Zhiyong loudly yelled.

There was already a crowd of more than few hundreds of people outside the University gate. Nowadays everyone liked news related to hidden secret and dirty tricks and regardless of even caring if that news was true and bogus, as long as it had something to do with dirty tricks, they all would get excited like they were on drugs.

These people who didn’t dare to utter a word when they saw some thief trying to steal something, but when the matter involves something spicy hidden secrets and dirty tricks, they all would behave like some keyboard heroes. These people hormones would get so excited as if they all at once wanted to have a life and death fight with those dark secrets.

“Really is shocking, a campus security guard killed a student!”

“For a woman, an official descendent has killed a university student in anger, and even police are not taking care of it, I want to ask if there is any heaven’s law or not?”

Each and every one on the scene was recording a video to post it online. The videos of all those banners were also circulated on the internet. Many of these people who didn’t even know that so-called security guard and his circumstance, they also became a keyboard hero and already used their rich imagination to post online. Some said Security guard is Jiang Yuan City leader’s elder brother’s son, some said security guard is young master of a local gang, in short, they wrote every kind of rumors they could think of and started to spread around along with these videos. With time more and more of these local citizens of Jiang Yuan city started to crowd around the gate of the Jiang Yuan University. They all were very excited to see this battle of this influential figure. Even if they don’t know who was that so-called children of official, children of the entrepreneur, they all came to expose him.

It was already half an hour when this all drama started to unfold. Xu Taiping finally reached the security gate. Actually, Police car had already reached the scene but due to such a large crowd gathering outside the university gate, they had no means to enter the University.

Chen Zhiyong was indifferently looking at the front of Jiang Yuan University. His only child was dead and he already knew that his son was killed by the killer he himself has hired, but so what? If Xu Taiping has not bullied my son then it was improbable to think that my son would have hired a person to kill Xu Taiping and it would also have been impossible to get himself killed by that killer. Regardless of how, even If Xu Taiping has not directly killed my son, but he is the main cause of my son’s death.

Right now Chen Juexun was same as other numerous parents, he also put all his child’s mistakes on the body of other. Moreover to do this matter he had put out such a big stratagem, first, he completely swept away Xu Taiping’s reputation, second, he had also tainted the reputation of Jiang Yuan University, after all, who asked them to recruit someone like Xu Taiping? third, naturally, he defamed Jiang Yuan City police, after all, who asked them to detain him?

Now Chen Zhiying was already behaving like a crazy person. His only son was dead, his biggest reason to live his life had disappeared, he had already stopped dreading anything. He even looked for someone to promote this on the internet, his main purpose was to spread this matter in every corner of the world.

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