SFVSG Ch.30 Dismissed

Finally, Xu Taiping was released and then he alone went back to the University.

“Every day some strange matters occurs in this world, such as ‘a person with a broken neck and four limbs committed suicide’, ‘a person got killed by the killer he himself has hired’. Even though these matters are strange they are true. After all, this world is far more mysterious than our imagination. Well, our brain is already confined in the shackles of our lives daily necessities. Oh! It is really lamentable.”

Xu Taiping was sitting beside the Zhou Nuo booth and was saying his feelings.

Zhou Nuo didn’t know the reason why Xu Taiping was saying all this. Well, he was also declined to even think about these. After all, right now the most important matter for him was to amend the latest version of Jian Yuan University ranking list. Because of Chen Juexun death, he had to once again typeset those booklets.

“Xu elder brother, do you know how many of these booklets I have sold in these past few days?” Zhou Nuo asked in a low voice.

“How many?” Xu Taiping somewhat curiously asked.

“Twenty thousand!” Zhuo Nuo excitedly said, “From every book, my profit is 4 yuan and in these past few days I have made a profit of eighty thousand yuan, hahaha!”

“Then Director Wang must have earned a lot as well!” Xu Taiping said.

“I have given him sixty thousand yuan, can’t you see that smile on his face, haha.  Xu Elder Brother, this matter has such success because of you, please accept, this money is my regard.  You can also consider it as something to hold a dinner reception to wash and play later, after all, you have already arrested twice to go inside the police station.” Zhou Nuo said and then from his pocket took out a thick red bundle of ten thousand yuan.

“This money you can keep with yourself.” Xu Taiping returned that money to Zhuo Nuo and said with a smile, “ later you can ask me to eat skewer barbecue.”

“This is also good, asking you to eat skewer for the whole year is also not a problem. Well let alone I have to only invite you to eat skewer barbecue, I can even invite you to masturbate together.” Zhou Nuo said something vulgar.

[T/N: 撸串 (Lu Chuan) it means to eat skewer barbecue and 撸管 (Lu Guan) it means to masturbate, as you can see the first character are same and second character’s pronunciation have a similar sound, so the author has tried to play with words here ]

“Do you really think that I will go there again?” Xu Taiping rolled his eyes.

“Hahaha, we will go to  someplace more secretive!”

Xu Taiping smiled and then stood up to pat Zhou Nuo shoulder and started to walk toward University gate.

Wang Jincai while standing at the University gate beckoned to Xu Taiping.

“Director Wang. “ Xu Taiping ran few steps to came in front of Wang Jincai and asked, “Are you looking for me?”

“ Hurry headmaster is looking for you.” Wang Jincai with a strange complexion said, “You follow me.”

“Good.” Xu Taiping nodded, then followed after Wang Jincai to walk together toward Headmaster’s office.

Inside headmaster’s office, Xu Youdao was sitting behind his work desk and with a gloomy face he looked at Xu Taiping in his front and said, “Xiao Xu, Since this time such a big matter has happened inside the university, my pressure is really big.”

“Yes, who would have thought that Chen Juexun will be killed by someone.” Xu Taiping nodded.

“Our Jiang Yuang university is actually a common university, from establishment till now,  hit to kill this kind of things has never occurred inside our university. Who would have thought that, only a few days after your joining, one of our students would die. Although this matter has no relation to you, after all, you had some beforehand enmity with that Chen Juexun and moreover today you were also taken away to the police station.” Xu Youdao said.

“Therefore?” Xu Taiping after anticipating something he smiled and asked.

‘Your conduct and deeds are obvious to all of us. After being employed for these few days you can be considered cautious and conscientious, you have really done your work earnestly. Only after considering the problem of influence, we held a meeting to decide that you will be dismissed from public security department. Naturally, we will repay you this whole month salary,  you can consider it as our regard for your hard work.” Xu Youdao said.

“Good!” Xu Taiping smiled and nodded while saying, ‘I will go back to pack my things, thank you, Headmaster, also thank you, Director Wang. I will always remember this beautiful time.”

“If you can think like this is very good, although you have to go, we can still be in touch with each other. I have many friends, if they have a suitable job, I can recommend you!” Xu Youdao said.

“Thank you, Headmaster, now I must go back to pack my thing and after packing I will leave this university. You can transfer my wages inside my card.” Xu Taiping said and nodded toward Xu Youdao and Wang Jincai, then went out of headmaster’s office.

After Xu Taiping went outside, Wang Jincai couldn’t help and ask, “Headmaster, this Xiao Xu is very capable, letting him go like this is really a pity. I originally thought about cultivating him to be my assistant.”

“He has a lot of problems, it is easy for him to create trouble.” Xu Youdao shook his head.

“He is not that murderer, Police side has also given their conclusion, ha!, he is really pitiful.” Wang Jincai couldn’t help but sigh and then turned his body to went out.

Xu Youdao leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes, no one knew what he was thinking.

Xu Taiping returned to his dormitory and found that Erdan was chewing his sleepers to play.

Although she was adopted just a few days ago, Erdan’s body was a lot bigger than that day he had first seen her and that exclusive simple silly voice of this sled dog’s had also become a lot heavy.

Xu Taiping walked to the front of Erdan and bent his body to tease her for a moment then began to pack his things.

“Taiping, I heard from Director Wang that you are dismissed?!”  Chen Wen ran to the gate of Xu Taiping’s dormitory and while roughly panting for breath he asked.

“You really got this new very fast. Yes, I am dismissed. I can’t do anything about it.” Xu Taiping helplessly shrugged his shoulder.

“How can it be like this, you are such a good person!” Chen Wen excitedly said, “are University leader’s foolish?”

“University has such a big matter, there must be someone to carry that blame.” Xu Taiping smiled and said, “It is not important, Even if I don’t work here, we can still be in touch with each other, right?”

“To be honest, Taiping, you are the first person inside this Security Guard department who is willing to talk with me, really, that day when you helped me speak in front of those many people, I have already bear in my mind for my whole lifetime. You don’t need to such anxiously leave here, I am going to find headmaster. You are such a good person, we cannot let someone dismiss you like this!” Chen Wen said then turned his body to run outside.

Just after Chen Wen walked away, Zhao Bigan came while holding a bag.

“I heard the matter of your dismissal.”  Zhao Bigan walked in front of Xu Taiping to put down that bag and said,” I am a small rotten old man who is not worth mentioning about anything. I can’t even influence other people. I know that you are fond of Lao Qiang, so I bring you fundamental musical score. It is my care for you. Inside has hundreds of years of history, you must cherish it.” Zhao Bigan earnestly said.

[Lao Qiang: traditional music of China, is hundreds of years old. Here Hundreds of years of history is basically the changes of the Lao Qiang music in the past and its journey]

“Thanks, Lao Zhao.” Xu Taiping gratefully said, “this is the most precious gift I have ever received.”

“After going out if you really have nowhere to go then call me, My daughter is good or bad is an actress in our theatrical troupe. I won’t say a lot, but when the moment comes she may be able to arrange some work for you. Actually, I always thought that sooner or later, one day you will become a big person, perhaps after going from the university, maybe you will get a big opportunity!” Zhao Bigan earnestly said.

“Or you can make me your son-in-law?” Xu Taiping made a virtuous face and said.

“If you are really willing, then I can arrange a meeting of my daughter with you in the afternoon. Although, I, Old Pen, have no status and capability, whatever I say I do it. Naturally, if my young girl doesn’t like you, then there is also nothing I can do about it!” Zhao Bigan earnestly said.

“I am joking with you, look at your earnest appearance.” Xu Taiping smiled and said, “I am not even wise enough to know myself and my destiny. If by any chance your daughter really took a fancy to me, that will be a calamity for your daughter. I am only changing my job, it not like I am going to die. We will be in touch with each other.”

“Hah, you can think like this is good. Later at weekend, I will invite you to have food with me!” Zhao Bigan said.

“Don’t talk about later, we will eat tonight.” Xu Taiping bashfully said.

“I was just being polite, you really took it seriously. How can an old man like me have money. If you really want to eat then we can go to the food stall outside the University gate.” Zhao Bigan said.

“I have no control over my mouth, you also don’t take it seriously. I am going now, Erdan will also go will me. Later if you want to see her, you can look for me.” Xu Taiping said.

“Good, that’s settled then.”

After Zhao Bigan returned, several other individuals from security guard department also came. After all, they were human beings and had sympathy. Everyone had already considered Xu Taiping as their good co-worker inside their mind. Since right now he was dismissed because of something he had not done, everyone was feeling somewhat sorry for him, therefore they came to say goodbye to Xu Taiping. Soon this small dormitory of Xu Taiping was already packed with people.

On the other hand, there were also quite a few people inside the Headmaster’s office.

“Regardless of anything, if you dare to dismiss Xu Taiping, then don’t think that any person will be able to come inside the Jiang Yuan University gate.”  Xia Jinxuan while standing in front of Xu Youdao coldly said. Although that person in front of her eyes was her Headmaster, Xia Jinxuan had not regarded him as anything at all.

“You, how can you behave like this. I such did is also because of the betterment of the University!” Xu Youdao knew the identity of Xia Jinxuan, so it was natural, that he didn’t dare to berate Xia Jinxuan and tried to persuade her in a friendly tone.

“Good, Since it is for the betterment of University, then I, this university’s scourge also don’t need to stay at this university, I will also quit the university. Well naturally, when my father will ask me then I will say that you forced me to quit my University.”  Xia Jinxuan said.

“Jinxuan, you are a student, I am a headmaster. You can not threaten your headmaster like this!” Xu Youdao scowled miserably from this unspeakable bitter suffering. To be this something broken Headmaster, every day he had to confront influential officials descendants. He was indeed feeling wronged.

Xia Jinxuan was holding her both hand in front of her breast and was having an expression which said: “You can do whatever you find appropriate”.

“Headmaster, I also feel that you can not dismiss Xu Taiping like this. He has also not committed any mistake. Police have also acknowledged that Xu Taiping is innocent if we really dismiss him, that naturally imply that we have bad intentions inside our heart?” Chen Wen said in a singing voice.

“Do you think you are big enough to argue with my decision?” Xu Youdao angrily rebuked and after all he didn’t need to treat Chen Wen like how he was treating Xia Jinxuan.

“What I am saying is logical, after all ‘popular feeling is the truth’. If you, Headmaster is determined to do like this, then I can only feel bad. We also have a heart in our chest. We are university security guard who is responsible for the university safety, but we also need support from the university. Now, when it is time for the university to support us, University isn’t only not supporting us but also kicking our back to throw us into the river, isn’t is really unreasonable!” Chen Wen said.

“Did University has requested you to come here to give your opinion on something? If you can’t accept it then you can also go!” Xu Youdao said.

“Good I am also going!” Chen Wen said in a powerful and resonating voice, “Taiping is going, I am also going, I don’t want to stay in this disgusting place.

“You…”  Xiao Youdao just wanted to scold him, that sudden someone exerted force to push open the gate and then Wang Li rushed inside the room from the door and excitedly said, “Headmaster Xu, is it true that your University has dismissed Xu Taiping? That I am certainly going to make this man a member of my South China Tiger special force! Haha!”


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