SFVSG Ch.29 Went to jail for second offense

In the wake of an increase in Central Authorities unceasing crackdown on illegal activities, no one in entire China could come out in open and say that they are running a gang.

But since there are rules then naturally there would be countermeasures to deal with these rules. Thing like gang and factions can never be wiped out of the society. Now the person who runs a gang would also have an upright and frank honorable identity in public, for example, Baoquan Company, Chaiqian Company, Daikuan company and so on, in short, names which are pleasing to listen in public. Under these kinds of names, they are also allowed to gather their troops, well, of course, their identity in the public would be that of a company’s employee. But even with this all, they still the have same old gang culture and rules inside the company.

Jiang Yuan city was one of the biggest economic markets in the South China region and one can not say that the whole Jiang Yuan city’s underground world as well as the whole Jiang Yuan city, was the domain of a single person, Xia Jiang. It was just that Xia Jiang was Jiang Yuan city most powerful person and a good deal of small gang leader’s were his subordinates, like this Bao Ruifeng who was standing in front of him right now.

Naturally, Xia Jiang relationship and power was also strongest compared to others. For Xia Jiang, there was no difference between these small gang leaders and his subordinates. If one talk about the area outside the Jiang Yuan city then the majority of the gangs in the South China geographical region was at least as strong as the gang of Xia Jiang. These gangs would contest with each other for the domain to expand their industries and behind these gangs also had the protective umbrella of someone very powerful. But right now there is no need to say much about these.

Military training was as usually being carried out inside the Jiang Yuan University. Right now it was just short of noon and suddenly a news came from outside the campus.

One of the four princes of University, Chen Juexun was killed!

This news swept the whole university like a storm and no one was able to digest, that the person who was healthy and active just a few days ago, was actually killed last night by someone in his own suite.

As for the killer who had killed Chen Juexun, he was still not under the grasp of the law. Everyone was speculating the identity of the killer, some said it must be someone whom Chen Juexun have bullied in the past, some said it must be the work of Chen Juexun’s father’s enemy. Well, the most terrible rumor to pass on the campus was, Chen Juexun is killed by his rival in love Xu Taiping.

No one knew from where this rumor started to circulate, but many newly enrolled students had already seen on the first day of their university that how menacing Chen Juexun was toward Xu Taiping, moreover they also heard, that how next day Xu Taiping had almost hit to throw Chen Juexun out of the Security Guard Room.

Since these all things were witnessed by a lot of persons, therefore Xu Taiping was the most suspicious person in this murder case. That’s why in the afternoon many police officers entered the university to carry off Xu Taiping, which also acted like a sort of confirmation for the rumor circulating inside the university.

This was the second time Xu Taiping was carried to the Police station, first time was because of that small health care incident and this time because of Chen Juexun.

This matter really exposes a simple law of the world i.e Law of Homicide. We all know that a small region has small Police department, big region have big police department, furthermore international boundaries have Interpol but what we don’t know is,  A killer does not only need to be capable of killing his enemy, but he also needs to be well versed in able to hide from every small and large police force chasing after him.

The trouble of these matters easily outclasses the trouble of killing a person.

That was the reason why Xu Taiping never killed a person under impulsion because it might have exposed his identity as killer in front of police force and if his identity as killer ever got exposed in front of police, then only choice he was going to have would be to conceal his identity to go to the mountain to live his remaining life in the forest.

After all, even if you had used modern science and technology to change your face, there was already enough advancement in technology that they could easily restore your original appearance. What one read in a fiction novel about those kinds of people who were capable of evading retribution after killing someone in public place with numerous people,  those were just utter craps.

To carry out a murder assignment one needed to follow many complicated steps, number one ‘Investigate’, number two ‘disguise’, number three ‘approaching the target’, number four ‘hit to kill’, number five ‘eliminate your traces’, number six to go into hiding’, number seven ‘flee to distance’, number eight ‘to deal with the aftermath’. One must carry out each of these steps flawlessly, then only one could be qualified enough to become a killer. Those type of frequent cases where someone killed someone on the street, these people had either left there brains inside a freezer at home to keep it fresh or either they are a dim-witted mercenary or they were those who had never gone through any training and were totally newbie.

Using the alias of Blood Wolf, Xu Taiping had left behind many criminal records in all over the world, but till now not a single police officer was able to find his real identity. This was the main reason why Xu Taiping was still safe and sound and was such openly fooling around in all over China.

Xu Taiping was summoned inside the police department in the name of providing assistance for the investigation. Since he had some sort of enmity with Chen Juexun, therefore it was concluded that he had some sort of motive for homicide and there was a chance that he might be the killer.

But homicide motive can never be a principal element to conclude a judgment, there must be some sort of evidence like the tool used for committing crime or testimony of someone present at the scene and so on. The most crucial point is evidence and Xu Taiping had a lot of these pieces of evidence.

Actually, Jiang Yuan police bureau had also not thought that Xu Taiping would be the killer because according to the oral account of those two subordinates of Chen Juexun who were present on the crime scene, they knew the killer was a woman. However the possibility that Xu Taiping could have hired a killer was not ruled out, therefore after the trial of Xu Taiping, his cell phone, computer and so on things were all seized for investigating.

The police were going to investigate Xu Taiping’s recent social connections to determine if Xu Taiping had enough motive and capability to kill a person or not.

Xu Taiping was sitting inside the trial room and also no one knew that was it because of his relation with Su Nianci or what, he was not handcuffed by these police officers. Well, it was also true that only if one had big evidence against him then only he could be considered a murderer, otherwise, it was also improbable to handcuff a suspect.

Inside the trial room, had a huge unidirectional mirror and many people were standing behind that mirror.

“Regardless of he is the killer or not, My son has died because someone has pierced his head with a weapon. Before the real murderer was found out, someone must have to pay the price of my son’s death!” A man with very fierce face said while gnashing his teeth in front of Jiang Yuan police station Bureau Chief Cai Chunsheng.

“We are police officers, not some local ruffians, we do everything based on evidence and in this situation when there is no evidence how can we implement our measure on a suspect?” Cai Chunsheng said with a black face. If it was not for that, this person in front of his eyes was Chen Juexun father Chen Zhiyong, if it was not for that he was a famous real estate bigshot in Jiang Yuan city and if it was not for that he also had very good relationship with city top leaders, then Cai Chunsheng would have already thrown him outside the bureau. The police station is such a solemn place, although I can understand your mood since who died is your son, I can not let you create an unreasonable scene here.

“Evidence? My son was killed last night and it is already many hours since you are trying to find evidence. Tell me apart from finding that the killer is a woman, what other evidences you all are able to find till now? Is this how you all squanders the money we taxpayers give to the country?” Chen Zhiyong roared in anger.

“Mister Cheng, we can understand your mood, but I can testify that this Xu Taiping is not your son’s murderer.” Yuan Jun pushed open the gate to came inside and said to Chen Zhiyong.

“Who are you? How can you testify?’ Chen Zhiyong asked.

“A sports teacher in Jiang Yuan University has testified that last night she and Xu Taiping were sleeping together. As for who am I, could it be that you can’t comprehend, even after seeing this uniform on my body?” Yuan Jun asked.

“Who can say if that sports teacher’s testimony isn’t fake? Anyway let me tell you all something here, even if this Xu Taiping is not my son’s murderer, I will still make him pay. After he goes out from here, I will still manage him. You all police officers need evidence, but I don’t. I only believe in my intuition.” Chen Zhiyong said and started to walk outside.

“Arrest him.” Cai Chunsheng with a black face said.

Several police officers at once dashed to grab Chen Zhiyong.

“What are you all doing?!” Chen Zhiyong angrily asked.

“You are a suspect for threatening a Chinese citizen’s personal safety. I have the right to arrest you. Mr.Chen be the guest in our Police station for some time to get your head cool, so that in this sad time your both eyes don’t get hoodwinked by the anger. Take him.” Cai Chunsheng waved his hand after saying.

“You are really good Cai Chusheng, you bastard, I am someone who can have dinner with your head of provincial PRC government department and you dare to grab me, you…..” Chen Zhiyong was taken away by a person while he was roaring.

“This Chen Zhiyong is eighty percent insane.” Yuan Jun said in sinking voice, “ I have investigated, Chen Weichang was his only son, moreover three years ago he has also discovered that he is unable to have children again in future. After his death, no one will be left in his family line.

“He dares to behave such ruthlessly in front of police officers if he is not insane then I don’t know what he is? Just because he has several dinners with the head of provincial PRC government department he forget his own weight, this is a police station, not his construction site. Close him here for some time and let him cool his head, so that when the time comes he doesn’t bite in confusion like a mad dog.” Cai Chunsheng said.

“This Xu Taiping also has bad luck, who asked him to have animosity with that Chen Weichang, this time Chen Zhiyong has borne a grudge against him, it would really be a little troublesome for him in the future. Yuan Jun said.

“Really is a headache. That sports teacher you said earlier, is it probably Xiao Su?” Cai Chunsheng suddenly thought something and asked in a low voice.

“This, yes, it is her!” Yuan Jun with embarrassment nodded.

“Last night did Xiao Su slept together with him in the same room?” Cai Chunsheng asked in surprise.

“Matter is not such as you are thinking.” Yuan Jun explained, “yesterday there was a power failure, Xiao Su is really afraid of darkness, therefore whole night she was together with Xu Taiping. Xiao Su has said that nothing happened between them.”

“Oh, I also thought, Xiao Su vision will not be bad to this degree.” Cai Chunsheng took a glance at Xu Taiping who was sitting behind the mirror and said, “as soon as possible,  finish the trial of Xu Taiping, if there is nothing important you can dig from his mouth then put him. Try to focus on that female killer, clearly, investigate why that female killer has killed Chen Xuejun.”

“Chief, the matter has already begun to take shape!!” One police officer excitedly walked to the front of Cai Chunsheng.

“Hmm? Say clearly.” Cai Chunsheng asked.

“We through investigating Chen Juexun’s recent communication as well as his telephone and personal computer, have basically determined that yesterday Chen Juexun sent a hired killer to kill Xu Taiping, and that killer is the same criminal suspect we already know about. By investigating the scene, we discovered that killer and Chen Juexun had a short fight and then that killer has killed Chen Juexun. As for what reason that killer has killed her employer, we also have some doubt. By investigating the bank account of Chen Weichang we found that he had paid twenty thousand money to someone, Moreover, that money was returned to his account last night. Our initial speculation is, this should be the money used for hiring, as for what reason this money was returned, we doubt that since that killer abandoned the mission or perhaps assassination was a failure, therefore she had returned the money to employer, and Chen Juexun perhaps because of this matter got really infuriated with the killer and incurred the wrath of that killer and in the end he got himself killed!” That police officer said.

“So in other words, it is very likely that Chen Juexun got killed by the same killer he has hired, right?” Cai Chunsheng asked.



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