SFVSG Ch.28 Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun

“Really infuriates me, Xu Taiping that bastard, that son of a bitch, how can he be like this, I am also not ugly, my figure is also not any different from her, then how can he choose that woman!” Xia Jinxuan was very angry and on the one hand, she was cursing Xu Taiping and on the other hand, she was walking toward the sports ground and apparently looked like she was trying to vent her anger.

“First thing in the morning, why are you mumbling with yourself, I think you have already completed three laps around this sports ground!” Zhou Yongliang walked to the front of Xia Jinxuan while holding a book in his side, then smiled to ask her.

“Nothing, Let me tell you, you don’t try to tease me or you will be responsible for the consequences!” Xia Jinxuan with a serious face gave a fleeting glance at Zhou Yongliang.

“You, this eldest daughter of an affluent family, your temperament is indeed a bit difficult to change.” Zhou Yongliang gave the book he was holding to Xia Jinxuan and said, “let me introduce you to a good book to read, so as to avoid harming your body from too much sulking .”

“What broken book, I don’t want to read.” Xia Jinxuan shook her head. As Xia Jiang’s daughter, there were already many people around her who pampered her since childhood, therefore her temperament was emphatically not good. Only during the time she was in front of Xu Taiping she behaved obediently, as for that other person, she was basically too lazy to even pay attention.

“Then forget it, by the way, the name of the book is ‘Magnificent Xia Dynasty’, written by  someone called Lao Zhao, whenever you have time you can go online and check.” Zhao Yongliang received that book and said, “So have you decided which society you are joining?”

“What society?” Xia Jinxuan asked while frowning.

“Inside Jiang Yuan university to have all sorts of societies, some Social Intercourse Dance Society, Taekwondo society, furthermore here also have some amateur astronomy society, naturally, our student union can also be considered as a society. I think you should come and join our student union. Student Union has the same type of people like us and everyone can know each other to increase our personal connections. After all, in the future, it will be us who will become the part of the upper layer of this society!” Zhou Yongliang said with a smile.

“Zhao Yongliang, you know what I find most unbearable inside you?” Xia Jinxuan stared at Zhao Yongliang and asked.

“Eh? What?” Zhao Yongliang curiously asked.

“Is your this type of indifference attitude. You unconsciously give others the feeling of how your father is an upper-class public figure. Although it is not vulgar like Li Sifan and Chen Xuejun who always behaves like they are biggest under the sky, you make me feel even sicker than those two because good or bad, they always show whatever they feel, and you, you are someone who will not come out in open to show your true nature. If I have to say the same thing in a crude way than, you are someone who is actually a loser but pretending to be a winner. Oh, you don’t need to be angry, after all, My father and mother got divorced when I was a child and since then I have been following my father, therefore my temperament is a bit like that of my father. If you think I have said something wrong then you are welcome to correct me, but I can only smile, after all, I think what I said is all true.” Xia Jinxuan after speaking helplessly shrugged her shoulder to Zhao Yongliang.

“Originally is like this!” Zhao Yongliang didn’t get angry. He smiled and said, “It might be because our family circumstances are different. My father since childhood has taught me to firmly believe in the system of values. He taught me that the society will always have the social class and people like us belongs to the upper layer of that social class. We are bound to be different from those people on the bottom layer and this is a fact.

“You know what is it about Xu Taiping, that most attracts me?” Xia Jinxuan asked.


“That he doesn’t try to be a wolf in lamb’s clothing. Never in my life, I have ever seen a man acting so crude, so shameless in front of me. So what if there is a big difference between our status? I am looking for a boyfriend, not some big supporter. I, myself am capable of acting like a supporter for my boyfriend. Naturally, even if am saying so much, in the end, Xu Taiping is a son of a bitch, scoundrel, and hoodlum. Good, now I have said what I had to say, if there is nothing important then I am going back.” Xia Jinxuan said and turned her body to walk toward the sports ground.

“You can be other people’s benefactor? Ha, I really don’t know what I say to this.” Zhao Yongliang smiled in ridicule while shaking his head and then said, “Wait till my plan over that side starts and I remove that mountain sitting behind you. Then I will see, how can you again became someone’s supporter. At that time I will also see, who is qualified enough to become your benefactor again, haha.”

Xia Jinxuan didn’t know that a conspiracy to target her in view of her father was already started to brew.

At the top Huanqiu Nightclub.

Xia Jiang was sitting on a sofa inside a private room and his complexion was really ugly.

“I have told you many times, I, Xia Jiang will do any business but will never do anything related to poisonous drugs. I can’t control what other people are doing, but in my area, there won’t be anything related to drugs. Playing with this stuff will surely damage our country and cause suffering to the people. Even in the past, foreigners have used this stuff to open our country’s gate. How many times, I have already said this to you? Xia Jiang with a black face asked.

A man in a western suit kneeled in front of Xia Jiang like a dog and said in trembling voice, “ Boss Xia, I, I also have no other choice in front of me. Now the business of pubs are very difficult to do, if I don’t provide even a bit of MDMA and so on things at my gathering place, then really very few people will come. Boss Xia, I guarantee you, this is the last time you will find drugs inside my gathering places. I hope Boss Xia, you, will give me an opportunity!”

[T/L: MDMD also known as ecstasy(E) is a name of a drug used to increased empathy, euphoria, and heightened sensations ]

“Are you going to touch my bottom line just because your business is difficult to do? Then in the future if your Pub goes bankrupt, you will also not hesitate to fight with me for my domain, right? When I gave you the Fenglin town to take care of, you remembered what you had said to me that time? Now that you have a weapon in your hand to have several subordinates and few connections, you even dare to stop paying attention to me. Bao Ruifeng, your courage is indeed getting bigger and bigger, and now it has gotten big enough to make you even forget what is the family name of the big boss of the underworld of this Jiang Yuan City ” Xia Jiang said.

“Boss Xia, I ask you to give me one last chance, I will certainly destroy every bit of drugs from my gathering place!” Bao Ruifeng while incessantly kowtowing, he pleaded.

“Since you are one of the first few people to follow me in those days, I will not haggle with you for this matter. You go and expel all those foreigners who are doing child trafficking from Jiang Yuan City. I don’t want to see those people again inside the boundary of Jiang Yuan City. I also don’t want to see even a bit of that something bullshit MDMA or so on things again in your gathering place again. Although what we do is shameful and shady business, we have out the bottom line. After all, if we don’t have any bottom line then what is the difference between us and those stray dogs of Jiangbei district?” Xia Jiang said with a steady face.

“Yes yes yes, Boss Xia, it is as you are saying! Boss Xia, thank you for forgiving me.” Bao Ruifeng was, again and again, nodding in front of Xia Jiang.

“I heard that two days ago, your subordinate Zhou Xiaoyu and his men were arrested?” Xia Jiang asked.

“Yes, Boss Xia, the matter was big and it even involved a gun. Boss Xia, you also know, that Xiaoyu is my oldest subordinate and he is also quick-witted,  but this time he is arrested because he has created a very big scene. I think he would surely sit inside the prison for five-six years. But it is also possible that they can come out after being detained for few days if they have Boss Xia, your attention. You, Lao Ren Jia, your network is covering the whole of Jiang Yuan city. I request, Boss Xia, to speak few words with someone so that they can come out from the prison a bit early. It would also be good that they will be able to serve You, Lao Ren Jia, a bit early!” Bao Ruifeng said while smiling.

[T/N: Lao Ren Jia: polite term for old men or woman]

“I heard that they were trying to teach a lesson to a female sports teacher of Jiang Yuan University, but in the end, it was them who were taught? Even though they had guns, they were still  taught by other, your this group of subordinates can really make your face attractive…..as for your matter, I will try to find someone.” Xia Jiang said.

“Many thanks, Boss Xia. By the way, Boss Xia, actually when I visited Xiaoyu, they said to me that the one who thrashed them was actually not that female sports teacher, but a security guard in Jiang Yuan University and his name is Xu Taiping. His skills are very difficult to deal with, after all, even the whole gang of Xiaoyu was not able to defeat him.” Bao Ruifeng said.

“Xu Taiping?!” Xia Jiang pupil slightly shrunken and soon he said with a sneer, “ indeed the influence of this man still lingers on. I originally thought that this young security guard is trying to climb a big branch but unexpectedly he has this kind of skills. Apparently, it looks like he has other plans.”

After saying this Xia Jiang became silent for a moment and then said to the person beside him, “Xiao Mao, has Zhezhi Shan, and Honghua Gun, returned or not?”

“They are on their way back.” That youngster standing beside the body of Xia Jiang said.

“After they come back, send them out to teach that Xu Taiping a lesson and while convenient ask them to dig out a bit of information from his mouth.” Xia Jiang insipidly said.

“Boss Xia, to send Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun, these two experts at the same time, it looks like this time Xu Taiping is really finished,” Bao Ruifeng excitedly said. He knew that these two were biggest battle experts under the hand of Xia Jiang. Their name was not known by anyone, but they knew that these two were subordinates of Xia Jiang and one is called Zhezhi Shan and other is called Honghua Gun.

[T/N: Zhenzhi means origami and Honghua means safflower]

Actually Zhenzhu Shan and Honghua Gun wasn’t really a name, rather it was the name of two positions.

Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun were really powerful enough to have a big influence on other members of the gang. Zhezhi Shan was in charge of maintaining gang’s rules and regulations. If someone violated any rule then teaching a lesson to that person was the work of Zhezhi Shan, that was also why, the person who was posted to the position of Zhezhi Shan was almost the most vicious and merciless person of the entire gang, so that, he could ruthlessly kill the persons of their own side. This was also the reason that Zhezhi Shan never had any friend inside the gang.

Honghua Gun was in charge of affairs related to war with outsider’s gang. In the ordinary times, the one who was in the forefront during these gang wars was always Honghua Gun. naturally, If one wanted to work as Honghua Gun, the first criteria was to have strong skills.

Therefore in ordinary circumstance, Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun were this gangs two most powerful individuals.

It could be seen, how much importance Xia Jiang was attaching to Xu Taiping, after all, what he was sending out this time was these two individuals together. Before he was not thinking of him worthy enough to get such importance, after all, what he did was just getting involved with his daughter. But now that,  Xu Taiping has thrashed the subordinates of Bao Ruifeng, even if he had sent Zhezhi Shan and Honghua Gun in this way, it was also justifiable and right now even if it’s Xia Jinxuan, she also would not be able to prevent them, after all, this involves the issue of gang’s prestige.

Since the law of the country didn’t allow the existence of such organization, it was natural that Xia Jiang never accepted that he was running a gang. What he was running was his self-established Baiying security guard company, but in reality, this Baiyun company was actually Baiyun gang and Xia Jiang was this gang’s leader.

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